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Fabric Garment Covers

The One manufactures and supply Fabric Garment Covers. Here are some styles for your reference,  if you want custom or other styles, you can ask for catalog.


24*40", 24*54", 24*72".Accept custom-made size


Non woven




Black, white, red, navy, yellow, etc. in stock.
Accept custom-made color.


Made in China

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T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

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Fabric Garment Covers

At Fabric Garment Covers, we offer custom garment covers that have been expertly crafted to last a lifetime. All of our fabric covers come with a waterproof lining for durability and protection from dirt, dust and other environmental factors. Our superior fabrics are lightweight yet highly resistant to tears, snags and abrasion, allowing you to move your garments with ease without worrying about them being damaged. Our covers also feature reinforced seams that make them even more durable.

Whether it is for professional or personal use, our custom garment covers can meet all of your needs. Each cover is designed and handmade in order to fit your garments perfectly and give you the best protection available for your apparel. We take pride in creating one-of-a-kind products that will keep your clothing safe no matter where they are stored. Whether you’re wanting something special and unique or just something simple and practical, our personalized fabric garment covers provide the perfect solution.

With Fabric Garment Covers on hand, you can feel confident knowing that your garments are protected every time they need to be moved or stored away. So put away those ugly plastic suitcases or bags – now there’s something better!

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