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We are Garment Bags Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. Garment bag is a kind of bag used to store clothes in convenient bags or portable clothing bags when going out. 

According to different materials, it can be divided into non-woven garment bags, PEVA garment bags, Oxford cloth garment bags, PVC garment bags, bamboo fiber garment bags, special TYVEK clothing bags, shoulder cover, dance garment bags, etc. 

See More Styles Here.We can supply screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery for our garment bags for customer’s brands.

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We are your trustworthy custom garment bags manufacturer in China, ready to help you get projects in various industries. Our services include customs clearance, logistics and trade-related tasks. Our advisors will provide ongoing updates throughout the transaction process.

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We are the leader in the production of professional protective bags for various garments, from suit bags, dance garment bags, wedding dress bags, jacket garment bags, coat garment bags and other garment fields. We have provided our branded suit bags to thousands of customers , mainly provides OEM services, but can also support ODM services.

Additionally, all of our garment bags are made of environmentally friendly materials, so feel free to use our bags.

The materials of our bags include lightweight, breathable, durable, easy to display and other properties for our customers to choose from. Factory flexibility to meet a variety of customer needs.

Choosing us as your garment bag manufacturer ensures you receive top-quality, durable products tailored to your needs. 


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