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At our custom garment bags manufacturer, we believe that accessories should never be an afterthought – custom-designed garment bags are essential for every wardrobe. In addition to being stylish and attractive, custom pieces from us are also crafted from exceptional materials, guaranteeing quality and longevity so you can look your best for years to come. Through consistent innovation, we strive to bring customers the best custom designs with the finest attention to detail that simply can’t be beat. Visit us today to get started on your custom order!

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We are Garment Bags Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. Garment bag is a kind of bag used to store clothes in convenient bags or portable clothing bags when going out. 

According to different materials, it can be divided into non-woven garment bags, PEVA garment bags, Oxford cloth garment bags, PVC garment bags, bamboo fiber garment bags, special TYVEK clothing bags, shoulder cover, dance garment bags, etc. 

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These materials have their own different characteristics, including waterproof, breathable , strong, and so on. And can be configured with various different packaging methods to meet customer bag needs. Some garment bags are provided to supermarket , some are provided to shopping malls, some are provided to garment manufacturing factories, and some are dealer customers and some retail customers.

We can supply screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery for our logo printed garment bags.

Manufactured Styles for Garment Bags

Zippered Garment Bags

Material:PEVA, non woven, vinyl, or others

Size:24*54 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Suit Garment Bags

Material:PEVA, non woven, vinyl, or others

Size:24*54 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Clear Garment Bags

Material: Clear PVC or PEVA

Size:24*54 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Non woven Garment Bag

Material:PEVA, non woven, vinyl, or others

Size:24*54 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Bridal Garment Bags

Material: Clear PVC or PEVA

Size:24*72 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Non woven Garment Bags With Plastic Handles

Suit Carrier Garment Bags

Material:PEVA, non woven, vinyl, or others

Size:24*54 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Nylon Garment Bags

Material: Nylon Polyester

Size:24*72 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

PVC Vinyl Garment Bags

Material:PVC Vinyl

Size:24*40 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Dance Garment Bags

Material: Nylon Polyester or Clear Vinyl

Size:24*72 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

Custom Garment Bag Styles

Material:custom garment bag

Size:24*40 inch or other size

Accept custom printed logo

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You can count on our garment bags to keep your items safe and secure. You may be placing a business suit in one for an interview or taking along your wedding dress for the big day! It can be a way to travel with your attire and not have to iron anything when you arrive. No matter what your needs may be, as a garment bag factory, THE ONE offers amazing garment bags you will be thrilled with.

We only use the best quality materials for our garment bags. You can use them often and they will still look new. The durability allows you to get a great return on the cost you pay for one. Even though we keep the prices low, you won’t have to replace your garment bags any time soon. They aren’t going to show signs of wear, get ripped, or tear easily. The zippers aren’t going to break or get stuck either. This is the reason for you to choose us for your garment bags supplier.

The design has been carefully created, ensuring all the details work together. A garment bag is something consumers take for granted until it tears or the zipper doesn’t work. These are common problems that can leave them disappointed and frustrated. When you purchase yours from THE ONE, you won’t have any of those worries!

We proudly offer amazing garment bag options and work with our customers to create what they had in mind. We strive to offer you the perfect solution for your needs. After all, these garment bags will be promoting your business. You can put your business name and logo on them. They are an extension of what you offer at that business, and you want everyone using them to be thrilled. This includes your employees and customers you gave the garment bags to.

We have learned in our decade of experience quality and customer satisfaction are worth the effort. THE ONE is the only place to get your customized garment bags created. You will love what they look like and how well they work. The more people use them, the more the message and branding for your company get out there too. This is a fun and unique way to market your business without spending lots of money to do so.

We encourage you to contact us by email to see what we can do for you. We will be happy to answer questions, get you a quote for the garment bags you have in mind, and help you create the ideal information on them. You can’t go wrong working with THE ONE- The Best Garment Bags Company for your garment bags!

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Whether you are planning to attend a fancy dinner, a wedding, or a professional seminar, there are different types of garment bags that are worth considering. Even when you are having a regular day at work, you may need to change into something more comfortable when you leave the office, which is why it is important to have a garment bag in your collection.

Making the right first impression is essential in a business setting because of your image determines how people perceive you. Going to an event with a crumpled dress or suit indicates that you are not concerned about how you look or present yourself.

Fortunately, you can maintain a neat and clean appearance while traveling, especially when you hardly have any time to freshen up and prepare your clothes for the occasion. Several people, including business owners and various professionals invest in quality bags from a garment bags supplier that help them take care of their shirts, dresses, suits and other forms of clothing.

There are a number of key features that you should keep in mind to ensure that you choose the best garment bag for your needs.

Let Us- One Of The Garment Bags Manufacturers and Suppliers in China to tell you some knowledge for garment bags.

What is a Garment Bag?

A garment bag is a type of bag that consists of a handle at the top and long zipper that is specifically designed for the purpose of storing items such as coats, dresses and suits when you are traveling or are on the move. It is typically made of nylon or plastic and may feature a hook that is situated along the handle in order for you to be able to hang it up. 

This kind of bag is useful for protecting clothes by making sure they are not exposed to external elements and remain free from stains and creases. 

Garment bags are often used by VIPs, staff members, corporate executives, officials and businessmen during trips to keep the clothes that they want to wear in the best condition possible when they attend major gatherings and social events. 

These bags are also widely used by diverse groups of people who travel frequently. Modern garment bag designs are easy to move around with because most of them can fold multiple times, which makes it possible to compress and carry them with you on the plane or any other form of transportation without hassles.

Why do I need a Garment Bag?

Anyone who travels frequently should own a garment bag. Many trips that require you to change into special attire or dress up for an event are usually for shorter periods of time but they tend to occur more often such as a weekend trip to tour another city, traveling for business or going for a wedding. An organized traveler should ideally have a weekender bag on their shoulder and a garment bag in their hand for short trips.

A garment bag is mainly used for transporting and keeping valuable clothing items without creasing them or exposing them to the risk of damage. However, garment bags are also useful for ensuring that you maximize on the amount of carry space you have when you travel.

When you carry a garment bag you are able to increase the space in your luggage and create more room for other things such as your casual dress, wedding present or workout clothes along with saving additional space for shopping.

Some airlines may not classify your garment bag as a carry-on as long as you place a few items inside it instead of filling it up like a regular bag. Also, if you ask the airline, they might be willing to hang it up for you during the flight but you should always verify this possibility before you travel.

What are Garment Bags Materials?

PEVA Garment Bags  

These environmentally friendly bags made from polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) are useful for storing and protecting garments from dust and can be kept in storage areas such as closets. The plastic makes it possible to clearly see the items you store inside the bag.

Nylon Polyester Garment Bags 

Garment bags made of nylon material provide a protective, compact and neat storage solution for your clothes when you travel. The bags are water resistant, lightweight and durable.

PVC/Vinyl Garment Bags 

A PVC/Vinyl garment bag is a high quality reusable and durable product that ensures maximum protection from moisture, dust and moths to keep your gowns, dresses, costs and suits looking newer for longer.

Non-Woven Fabric Garment Bags 

Non-woven fabric garment bags help to protect your clothes and suits against dirt, moisture, heat and moths. These
bags are soft and made of breathable polypropylene fiber that prevents your garments from aging.

Canvas&Cotton Garment Bags.

Canvas&cotton garment bags are made by heavy-duty material. They can be put heavy weight coats, jackets, sweaters, etc.

How To Personalized Garment Bags?

It is a good way to choose us The One- Professional garment bags manufacturer for personalized your garment bags. 
You just tell us what clothes needed to pack with garment bags. We will give you bulk options for you to choose garment bags styles, colors, sizes, logo positions, etc.

What type of Garment Bag should I get? 

One of the important questions to ask yourself when you are shopping for a garment bag is the type of bag that will be most suitable for your situation. This is based on factors such as how long your trip will be and the activities that you plan to participate when you are away from home.

Many people who look for these kinds of bags are likely to be professionals from different industries because most of their trips are for business purposes. However, if you are not traveling for business, you may want to choose something different or more affordable.

Options for traveling with your clothing include buying a garment bag that you can put inside a bigger suitcase. These usually have a lower price tag than having a separate bag and it will enable you to carry it with the rest of your personal belongings.

Shoppers also have the option of choosing a separate garment bag that they will mainly use to ensure that their essential clothes are safe and secure throughout. This garment bag will typically be part of your carryon luggage.

What features should I consider for a Garment Bag? 


There are various important features that you should lookout for when buying a garment bag. These include space because you need a bag that can accommodate a sufficient quantity of items.

Depending on how many clothes you want to be able to carry at the same time, you should ensure that you bag has the right capacity. However, you should avoid trying to fill it u with excessive clothes because you might end up loosening the stitches or tearing the bag.


Another worthwhile feature is a bag that is easy to carry around with you. Some garment bags are bigger with a bi-fold design that allows you to pack more clothes. They also come with wheels that make it easier to take them anywhere.

If you seek a lightweight and compact option, you can opt for a tri-fold bag that fits easily into the overhead spaces in airplanes. Tri-fold garment bags have a limited capacity in comparison to bi-fold bags as they can only accommodate one or two items.

Water Resistance 

Waterproof garment bags are great for protecting your clothing from moisture and keeping them fresh.

What Garment Bags You Supply For  Storage?

Suit Bag(Garment Bags for Suits, Menswear, Formalwear)

Our Suit Bag manufactured by PEVA, Non woven, Nylon etc. use well for formal wear, uniform, suits, etc. They could be made handled style, velcro styles, zipper straight style or other fashion styles you want.

Dress Bags (Garment Bags for Dresses)

These bags are specially made by The One which are professional dress bags manufacturer for carrying long dresses such as wedding gowns. We provide a lightweight and cost-effective way to preserve longer garments but they need to be handled carefully. Since the bag is lengthy, you have to hang it properly and it is only suitable for this specific type of clothing.

Coat Bag(Garment Bags for Coats or Sweaters or Jackets)

Our Coat garment bag be supplied non woven coat garment bag or heavy duty canvas garment bags and nylon polyester garment bags etc.

Hanging Garment Bags For Storage

Hanging garment bags are a good option if you do not require a garment bag frequently or prefer a minimalistic approach to packing your clothes. These garment bags are lightweight and you can easily compress them and store them anywhere. As the name of the bag suggests, you need to have somewhere you can hang the bag. This is a popular choice for protecting your coats.

How To Make Garment Bags?

First Step, you should choose materials you want, want breathable, you can choose non woven; want waterproof, you can choose vinyl or PEVA; want strength,  you can choose polyester or cotton, etc.

Second step, you can check if you need to make garment bags with logo. If need, then choose screen printing, heat transfer printing or embroidered for logos.

Third Step, after prepared all details for garment bags, workers will begin to cutting materials then print the garment bags.

Finally, workers will make the whole garment bags with zipper and handles which customers want to add.

What factors should I consider when I choose a Garment Bag? 

 Check-In vs. Carry-On 

One of the convenient aspects of a good garment bag is being able to have it with you as part of your carry-on luggage. This is because you will cut out the expense of checking in a big suitcase as well as saving much more space.

Many garment bags are within carry-on luggage restrictions but it is important to confirm this as some might be slightly too big. Popular garment bags also tend to provide space for smaller items like accessories, which means that you can use these bags to carry more things aside from your clothes.

If you usually travel for business or go for shorter trips, this would be a convenient choice that can help to save you both money and time.

Carry vs. Wheels 

In general, garment bags that are used during trips have wheels and high quality bags often consist of 2 or 4 wheels that are multi-directional to make turning them around easier. However, there are also some great
carry bags without wheels and your choice will ultimately be based on what you prefer and the number of
items you are planning to place inside your bag. If you want to use your bag frequently, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality garment bag that is strong
and durable. A tri-fold bag with wheels give you access to more room and will be easy to carry.


Garment bags have different capacities and you need to determine which bag is most ideal for your circumstances. Whether you want to carry extra long dresses or shoes, such considerations will influence the capacity you require. In addition, you need to think about how many items the bag can accommodate as well as the number of compartments and hooks that are available because more are usually preferable.

A good garment bag for travel usually has hooks that you can use with your personal hangers in order to make it easier for you to move your garments to the closet when you arrive at your destination. Compartments give you a convenient way to store smaller things.

Different Options

While you may think that all garment bags are suitable for all travelers, in reality, people have particular needs when it comes to choosing a bag. For instance, a person who travels on a regular basis for business reasons will consider certain types of luggage options while someone else who is attending a special
occasion such as a wedding may opt for something else. This is why it is important to check on the options available in advance to ensure that your bag is appropriate
for you, Choices include picking a bigger bag or having a bag with wheels instead of one that you need to carry.

What to look for in a garment bag?

Zippers and Handles

Economic garments often have smaller and fragile zippers that can easily be broken. If you choose this kind of bag for long-term storage or you want to use it for some time, it is advisable to make sure that you handle the bag gently when you open and close it.

Larger zippers are generally better for garment bags that are mainly used for traveling. Consider how smooth the zipper is along with the quality of its teeth to ensure that your luggage is secure.

Ensure that the zipper enables you to pack easily. For example, diagonal zippers make it easier for you to pack when you lay the bag flat or hang it up.

Pick a bag that has comfortable and stable handles that will allow you to carry it in your hand instead of on your shoulder because draping the bag over your body may result in your clothes becoming wrinkled.


Select a bag that matches the rest of your luggage. Since you will probably be carrying your garment bag with another bag, it looks better when they have similar colors or prints.


It is a good idea to ensure that your garment bag features a low profile and slender hanging loop in addition to the handles. This will make it easier for you to hang your bag inside your hotel room in different places such as the door of the bathroom or in a closet. Since some handles might be too big for small hooks, having
a loop on your bag is essential for making sure you can hang your bag anywhere, especially when your options are limited.


Exterior pockets give you a simpler way to access your personal items when you fold your bag up. It is convenient to have accessible pockets when you are using your garment bag as a carry-on with things such as your headphones, wallet, keys and boarding pass.

Shoes usually require a lot of space and a bag with separate pockets is useful for not only storing your footwear but also providing additional protection for your garments by preventing wrinkling and bending. This is an important feature if you do not want to keep your clean clothes and shoes in the same area.


A garment bag that is made from high quality materials is designed to last for a long time and ensure that it serves its purpose efficiently while looking amazing. 

What Are The Best Garment Bags For Storage?

1. Foldable Garment Bags

Foldable garment bags is easily to take, you can make it small and put garment bags with your clothes in the luggage.

2. Hanging Garment Bags

If you want to put your garments in the wardrobe, you shoulder use a hanger to take the garment bags. So garment bags with hanging hole is a best choice for you.

3.Garment Carrier Bags

 Garment carrier bags is easily carried, you can take suits or dresses when you are traveling.  

4.Zippered Garment Bags

Garment bags with zipper is to open it easily, usually it has a oval window or square window which can be seen inside. This is also a popular style.


Is a travel bag and garment bag the same thing? 

No. A garment bag is a convenient accessory that is popular among frequent travelers. It is a soft sided form of luggage that is made to carry clothing items that are typically kept on hangers. If you do not want to squeeze your clothes or fold them inside your suitcase, a garment bag is an instant solution.

Garment bags are well known for being stylish and practical additions that always look good when you travel with them. When you see them at an event or at the airport, they stand out due to their sleek and contemporary designs.

With these types of bags you can travel extensively with the assurance that your favorite clothes are protected. They are available in different shapes and sizes to cater for the diverse needs of various users and travelers. Purchase a garment bag according to your specific requirements and lifestyle.

What are the advantages of using a quality garment bag? 

Purchasing a garment bag ensures that your trips will be hassle free and gives you the peace of mind you need when you want your clothes to remain tidy and presentable.

Garment bags are vital accessories for both business and leisure trips as well as anyone who does not want to worry about ironing or pressing their clothes as soon as they arrive at their destination.

Elements such as moisture and heat can ruin your suit or dress, which is why you need a garment bag that can keep your expensive and delicate fabrics safe. These types of bags are also beneficial when you want to move to another location as they help you organize your clothing if you do not want to fold your items inside a   suitcase.

After investing in high quality garments that range from jackets to pants, you want to ensure that they look great and will enable you to make the right impression when you attend different functions and events. A wrinkled or creased outfit can diminish your overall appearance. Protect your clothes and dress to impress each and every time by picking the right garment bags manufacturer for all your trips and occasions.

Where To Buy Garment Bags?

As a garment bag manufacturer, we can be sure make the unique custom garment packaging for our customers. Usually, our brands’ customers will supply garment bag drawing to let us make a sample first, then begin for mass production. 

We also supply unique materials for luxury clothing packaging. So welcome send us inquiries to get a quote!

Except garment bags, we also supply canvas bags, sports bags, cooler bags, non woven bags, garment rack cover, rack cover, laundry bags, mesh laundry bagsduvet storage bagscosmetic bags, etc.

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