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As a custom gift bags manufacturer, we are determined to provide our customers with high-quality products that they can personalize according to their needs. We use only the finest materials to ensure each bag is long lasting and strong enough to withstand any situation. Not to mention, our custom gift bags come in various sizes and styles, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for any need or occasion. We emphasize quality craftsmanship because it holds the key to making our customer’s special day even more memorable. Reach out today and let us show you why we are the best custom gift bags manufacturer around!


Custom Bulk Gift Bags | Wholesale Gift Bags For Retail

We are China Custom Gift Bags Supplier and Manufacturer. We supply a variety of fabric gift bags, laminated gift bags, non woven gift bags, jute gift bags, Christmas Gift Bags, etc.

China custom bags manufacturer and supplier

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Manufactured Styles for Gift Bags

organza bags

Organza Gift Bags

Conventional Organza gift bags have thin fabrics of silk with plain weave. However, modern gift bags use synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. You can fill these deluxe bags with goodies like lotions, hand sanitizers, lip balm or body mist, etc.

Personalized Satin Gift Bags

Drawstring Gift Bags

Drawstrting gift bags have a drawstring at the top to open and close the bags with convenience. Gift bags with drawstrings look very attractive and use innovative designs and fabrics. These bags are quite famous for gifting during weddings and celebration events, baby showers, etc.

Jute Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas Gift Bags

These Christmas Gift bags set the holiday mood of Christmas with the onset of winter. Attractive images of Santa Claus and a Christmas tree with loads of gifts make these bags look specially-designed. They include both traditional festive designs and trendy modern styles that make those gifts look fabulous inside those gift bags.

Velvet Wine Gift Bags

Wine Gift Bags

Wine Gift Bags have a unique design to fit the wine bottle into an attractive outfit. These bags come in a range of fabrics and catchy color combinations. Furthermore, people use these reusable gift bags for gifting jars or items with a round base. They are quite a famous gift option for weddings and corporate events.

cusom printed canvas tote-1

Custom Printed Gift Bags

Our custom printed gift bags with advanced printing technology has made it possible to print on almost any surface ranging from rustic Jute bags to smooth canvas bags. Printing can effectively display logos and messages and boost attractiveness, primarily when we use them for gifting. Corporates can customize them to match their brand image

gift bags supplier and manufacturer

Custom Gift Bags With Logo

Our gift bags with logo could be promote your company influence. A corporate logo can double up as a gift and advertisement for the concerned company. This trend is catching up fast, and companies use logo gift bags for trade fairs, events, parties, and giveaways. Free mobile advertising on reusable bags provides decent mileage in the long run.

Velvet custom gift bag

Wholesale Gift Bags

We support wholesale gift bags. Velvet fabric seems to be synonymous with gifts. That is why people prefer this fabric with exclusive looks that can mesmerize both the giver and receiver. A velvet bag with drawstring and catchy color combinations become a style statement for the gift. These bags also improve the intrinsic values of your precious gifts.

Custom Bulk Canvas Tote Bags-1

Personalised Cotton Gift Bags

A cotton gift bag gives a hidden message of eco-friendliness by allowing the receiver to reuse those bags for years. You can easily use these gift bags in cotton fabric to appear highly attractive as it is easier to bring gorgeous images to life on cotton fabric.

Nylon Drawstring Gift Bags

Stain Silk Gift Bags

Gift bags in satin or silk material also give an expensive look to your gifts. Satin looks extra smooth, making them an ideal fabric for expensive gift bags. They have a royal appearance with possibilities of unique designs and styles. They typically have drawstrings to make them look more attractive.

canvas gift bag

Canvas Gift Bags

Using canvas bags for gifting is fast catching up. People prefer to put their gifts inside canvas gift bags instead of using gift wraps or single-use plastic bags. You can show your environmental consciousness, and the receiver gets a reusable bag for everyday use. Moreover, it is easier to print on canvas print bags.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bag Foldable

Eco-friendly Gift Bags

Eco-friendly gift bags use only biodegradable fabrics, which are washable, durable, and reusable. What is the use of wrapping gifts in plastic sheets or single-use plastic bags? People hate the rampant use of plastic in everyday life. Eco-friendly gift bags contain an extra present of a clean environment to every receiver.

sport bags manufacturer2

Personalized Basketball Gift Bags

Basketball sports are becoming popular with specially designed gift bags that have the basketball neatly packed in them. See-through packaging and peeping window makes it look unique. They have parallel handles to carry the gift bag conveniently. Game lovers and sports enthusiasts love these gift bags.

Fabric Jewelry Bags

Fabric Gift Bags

Fabric gift bags may use various fabrics like cotton, canvas, jute, nylon denim, and synthetic fibers. All these fabrics are washable, durable, and reusable. You can use different kinds of print options. You also get enough flexibility to use the material in both woven and non-woven categories.

Mesh Toy Storage Bags

Net Gift Bags

A net or mesh gift bag gives the viewer an idea of what it contains unless you have wrapped the gifts in something else. The use of netting or mesh in gift bags can be beneficial if they include fruits, flowers, or perishable food products. Net can have fine holes or larger ones, depending on your preference.

Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

Washability and durability make the reusable fabric gift bags for years to come. A reusable gift bag is a perfect replacement for a plastic bag. After taking out the gifts, the receiver can reuse them for storage or everyday use. They heavily discourage the use of alternate non-biodegradable options.

Bulk Jute Gift Bags

Jute Gift Bags

Jute bags with their rustic look provide a unique appearance to the gifts. The giver spreads the message of eco-friendliness by using jute gift bags. People who think that jute bags are not attractive should update themselves. With advances in technology, jute has become a preferred gift wrapping option.

The One- China Leading Custom Gift Bags Supplier and Manufacturer

We are Csutom Gift Bags Manufacturer and Supplier in China for custom organza gift bags, non woven gift bags, PVC gift bags, fabric gift bags, etc.

The emotion of giving out a gift starts from the moment someone chooses the gift and adds the perfect wrapping to it. The same thing happens on the other end of the gift: the receiver’s excitement begins from the moment they see the gift bag. This means that the gift bags are as important as the gift itself. Therefore, they need to look appealing, mysterious, and beautiful. Plus, they’re a great way to advertise your brand and generate brand awareness.

At our factory, we design and create all sorts of custom gift bags. We’re professional gift bag manufacturers and have all the experience that you need to end up with the product that you’re looking for. Only a team of qualified experts works every day at our factory to provide our clients with the perfect custom gift bags.

We can make them in any size, color, or material that you need. Whether you want something that makes the gift look luxurious and expensive or a more general and affordable wrapping that’s simple but still reflects the brand’s identity. Any type of bag that you choose can have your artwork printed in different printing processes:

  • Gold Stamp
  • Silk Screen
  • Hot-stamping Spot  repeat Print

We provide any stles of gift bags you need to meet your needs.

Moreover, all the gift bags that we produce are environmentally friendly. At our factory, we work under different sustainable processes with reusable materials. By providing responsible and environmentally friendly gift bags, the product that we provide you will immediately upgrade the gift’s value. Those receiving the gift will be more likely to keep the bag and reuse it on further occasions.

If you still don’t know which type of gift bag you want, we can provide you with references of different styles, materials, and printing processes. Plus, if you need we also provide free designs for you to see the gift bag that you imagine more intuitively

Gift bags have been out of the norm since the rise of tote bags. However, they still remain to be one of the best-selling types of bags in the market.

By the end of this guide, you’ll learn how to source out the best custom gift bag manufacturers in the market!

Before we dive straight into that topic, though, let us first understand what gift bags are. Some of you might already know it or have ideas of it, but this guide will be for everyone!

What is a Gift Bag?

Gift bags are somewhat bags that you use to store and keep gifts – the term is pretty self-explanatory.

What is a Gift Bag?

Sample image of what a gift bag looks like

For the benefit of everyone, though, a gift bag is something that you can utilize as storage for the gifts and presents that you’ll be offering to people.

There’s no written rule as to what a gift bag should look like; but, it should be presentable and pleasing-to-the-eyes.

What Can I Use Instead of a Gift Bag?

Gift bags are something, but, you can find other alternatives to gift bags in case you can’t find a good supplier or manufacturer for it.

What Can I Use Instead of a Gift Bag?

Newspaper bag – one of the best alternatives for a gift bag

There are a ton of alternatives to gift bags, and they include:

  • Stamped Paper and Junk Mail Gift Wrap
  • Sweater Gift Bag
  • Printable Wrapping Paper
  • Newspaper Gift Bag
  • Festive or Festivities Grocery Bag Wrappers
  • Vintage Scarf Wrapping Paper

NOTE: These aren’t all the alternatives of a gift bag. As a matter of fact, these are just the most common and the most used of all.

Should you have other things and types of wrappers and bags that are stylish, visually pleasing, and eye-catching, you can use them as a good alternative to gift bags.

What Do I Put in a Gift Bag?

From its term alone, you already know that a gift bag is a bag where you can put gifts so that it’s neatly packed and not seen from the outside.

What Do I Put in a Gift Bag?

Examples of contents inside a gift bag

As a matter of fact, in some traditions, people use gift bags to store money, cash, bills, gift cards, chocolates, and even other types of presents and gifts, too!

Are Amazon Gift Bags Any Good?

If we were to talk about gift bags, Amazon gift bags are the ones that are really hyped in the market today.

Amazon gift bags you can purchase

For years, Amazon gift bags are considered to be the best, the most stylish, and the most eloquent when it comes to color, aesthetics, and the like.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of gift bags, you can always lean towards the idea of using Amazon gift bags. The only drawback is that they’re a lot more expensive, costly, and have less options versus purchasing it from an authorized gift bag supplier.

How Do You Make a Custom Gift Bag?

Making a gift bag is usually done with technology.

custom bags manufactuer workshop

Gift bag manufacturing factory – the process of producing gift bags

However, if you are to make and create a handmade gift bag, you can follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Preparation of Materials

The first step in making a handmade gift bag is to prepare all materials that are going to be needed. More often than not, you can use kraft paper, patterned paper, or any other type of paper that’s visually pleasing for your gift bags.

You can also use other types of papers and plastics for it.

Step 2: Measuring the Gift

Before you start gritting and sewing, you have to first measure the size and the dimensions of your gift; or if your gift is thick, thin, if the size is small, medium, or large.

You would have to create and produce the gift bag all according to the size of your gift. If this would be in a factory, though, it’ll have a centralized or a general size.

Step 3: Arrangement and Sewing

Now that you know the amount of paper needed, fold the paper in half so that when you open it, it’ll be able to accommodate two (2) sides.

Then, cut out paper for the bottom and the side parts. Make sure that it’s within the measurement or the range of the two (2) sides you started to form.

Sew it or glue it altogether so that it takes on the shape of a bag or a container, and add a string or a ribbon for added aesthetics.

Step 4: Finalizing Touches

Lastly, add on some finalizing touches like a design or a trademark wherever it may be on the gift bag.

This is also the perfect time to add decorations on the strings, the ribbons, etc.

How Do You Decorate a Gift Bag?

There are a ton of options you can do when it comes to decorating your gift bags.

How Do You Decorate a Gift Bag?

Gift bag decoration ideas for businesses

It’s not just about changing or modifying the looks or the aesthetics of the gift bag itself.

You can also place decorative tissues and papers inside of it to add texture and depth on the bag. Other than that, you can also add:

  • Stickers
  • Ribbons
  • Threads
  • Decorative papers
  • And the like

Handmade Gift Bags vs. Factory Made Gift Bags: Which One is Better?

A lot of people always think that handmade items are better than those that are made and produced in factories.

Handmade Gift Bags vs. Factory Made Gift Bags

Sample image of a clip of how a gift bag is made by hand

When, in reality, it’s the other way around. Gift bags that are made and produced in factories are actually better because they’re checked, assessed, and reviewed every single time they’re finalized.

These gift bags that are handmade, however, only focus on aesthetics, visual appeal, and overall physical appearance. While this does not necessarily mean they’re brittle and less durable, people won’t be able to use handmade gift bags as far as how they would use those that are made in factories.

Large Gift Bags vs. Small Gift Bags

Obviously, you’d want to use small gift bags for gifts that are small, and while you can still use a large gift bag for it, you’ll find it to be a waste of space.

Custom Gift Bags

Small gift bags for smaller and tinier gifts and presents

Oftentimes, though, you would have to use these small gift bags for miniature gifts and presents – or smaller items like figurines, pendants, necklaces, and other small items.

Large gift bags, on the opposite end of the rope, are often intended to be used for larger and gifts like shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, computers, and similar items and materials.

Is it Better to Buy Paper Gift Bags Wholesale?

Finding a gift bag wholesale manufacturing company to supply your business will be the best and the most ideal option if you’re looking to save money.

Custom Gift Bags

Image of what paper gift bags look like

As a matter of fact, buying from a gift bag manufacturing company can give you more than just savings. You’ll also:

  • Build relationships with suppliers and manufacturers
  • Never think about running out of stocks
  • Have higher profitability – you’ll purchase them in the best rates possible
  • And many more!

Which Gift Bags Manufacturer Should You Trust?

There are thousands, if not millions of gift bag manufacturers in the world. However, Chinese gift bag suppliers have been deemed to be the best and the most reliable ones due to the fact that they have trustworthy suppliers under their belt, they offer commendable and affordable rates and prices, and they’re easy to communicate with.

The One As Your Custom Gift Bag Manufacturer

Out of all the China custom gift bags manufacturers in the market, there’s no other supplier you can trust and bank on but us here at The One.

For more than a decade, we are here at The One have continuously provided promising bags and containers to our clients worldwide.

The long lineup of gift bags and other types of bags we have in our arsenal is a complete representation of the skill and the expertise that we have.

Other Products We Offer

While we’re famous for our gift bags, you can also count on us should you need further help and assistance in the production or the manufacturing of other bags, too like duffle bags, dust bags, custom cooler bags, dead body bags, and many more!

If you ever find yourself in dire need of a gift bag manufacturer – and if you’re looking for a Chinese gift bag supplier to cater to your needs, we here at The One are just a call or an email away!

Wherever you are in the world, we’ll be more than happy and ecstatic to provide quality gift bags whatever business you are in.

Just like thousands of our clients worldwide, you can trust and consider us to be your go-to solution for gift bags and other kinds of bags and containers you need!

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