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We manufacture and supply jute tote bags, jute beach bags, jute gift bags, jute shopping bags and jute wine bags, etc.  

Custom Jute Bags | Wholesale Jute Bags With Logo

We are jute bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We can make custom jute beach bags, drawstring jute bags, tote jute bags, shopping jute bags and other styles you want.

Styles for Custom Jute Bags

Promotional Jute Shopping Bags

Promotional Jute Bags

You can convert any jute bags into promotional jute bags by printing the company logo or artwork on the sides. It serves the purpose of a cost-effective mobile advertisement for your organization and your product or services. You have got endless possibilities to implement your branding strategies to promote sales. All our jute bags styles can made wholesale business.

Bulk Jute Gift Bags

Jute Pouches Wholesale

These jute pouches feature a drawstring closure for quick and convenient storage of essential items. They are functional, attractive, and economical. You can keep candies or jewelry, specs, or whatever you think as per the pouch size. They may have cotton strings or even jute stings as well. They come in various sizes and provide a natural, earthy but trendy look.

2 Bottle Jute Wine Bags

Jute Wine Bags Wholesale

They have a rustic look with a single drawstring closure for keeping a wine bottle. Some jute bags use a cotton-poly-jute mix. The drawstring helps to keep the bottle secure. You can also use them for jars or items with round bases. They are an ideal wedding gift, decoration items, beach parties, etc. You can also customize them for giveaways and promotional events.

Jute Christmas Gift Bags

Jute Gift Bag Wholesale

You can change the looks of your gifts by wrapping them in jute gift bags. People use such gift bags for marriages, anniversaries, and naming ceremonies. They also spread the message of eco-friendliness. Don’t go by the rustic looks of jute. With advancements in technology, these bags can be quite trendy and attractive.

Large Jute Shopping Bag

Jute Shopping Bags Wholesale

These jute bags feature a complete natural jute surface all around. They are large-sized and have enough space to print colorful company logos and information or messages. They have round handles to provide a comfortable grip to carry heavy loads. These jute bags are ideals for distributing merchandise and promotional campaigns.

Custom Jute Cooler Bag-7

Jute Lunch Bags Wholesale

For a stylish and convenient lunch to offer, jute lunch bags in your hands, do an excellent job. These bags are 100% bio-degradable and provide an eco-friendly option to users. These jute bags are sturdy and spacious to carry food essentials. They usually have a laminated lining to prevent any spillage.

Jute bags manufacturer and supplier

Jute Grocery Bag Wholesale

Jute grocery bags are multipurpose jute bags and come in lively colors and prints. You can use them for shopping or carrying groceries, books, gifts, etc. They can have over the shoulder handles made of soft cotton to take heavy grocery items with convenience. You can customize them with almost any design.

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Printed Jute Bags Wholesale

Since the surface of jute bags is coarse and thick, screen printing is the most popular option. Some firms use Acrylic paints, but they fade with time. Several other types of printed jute bags take advantage of the latest printing technology. The best part is that these jute bags are the ideal cost-effective advertising option by displaying the company logo and promotional messages.

Printed Jute Bags

Jute Beach Bags Wholesale

One of the primary characteristics of our jute beach bags is its ability to repel water from outside of the bag. Meaning, even if water is splashed, the inside contents of the bag would not be extremely wet. Somehow, it will repel and block the water from entering the perimeter – and that is something you can market and take advantage of, too!

drawstring jute bags

Bulk Burlap Bags Wholesale

Our wide selection of burlap bags made us the bulk burlap bags wholesale king in the Jiangsu province. In choosing any of the styles of our burlap bags, you’ll be spell bounded to the versatility of this bag type. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and it has the functionalities that you’re looking for. We can produce bulk burlap bags wholesale with a window, as well as fully enclosed burlap bags, too!

Black Jute Tote Bag

Jute Tote Bags Wholesale

Even if you search the market thoroughly, you wouldn’t be able to find many jute tote bags wholesalers that offer the quality that we’re offering here at The One. Our wholesale jute tote bags are perfectly engineered and are accurate to the specific style and model that you’re looking for. Send us over a sketch or a drawing of the jute tote bags you need, and in whatever style – our R&D team will do their best to accommodate your requests.

Custom Jute Tote Bags

Jute Beach Bags Wholesale

Environmental Friendly-these Beach jute tote bags are made of 100% natural burlap fabric. Reusable and Zero-waste. Sturdy and Durable - The waterproof inner lining makes the fabric more sturdy. Soft handle straps are stitched tightly. Heavy duty and strong. The design of this bag is stylish and simple, suitable for many occasions.

China Leading Jute Bags Manufacturer

We are a professional jute bags manufacturer who can create any style of custom jute bags. Our skilled workers can customize your bags with various printing processes in our spacious factory. We can highlight your designs with options like embroidery, silkscreen, thermal transfer, or a full-page digital printing process. 

We can design custom jute bags with OEM as well as ODM services. The jute bags manufactured by us are the first choice among customers for their shopping needs because they are made of eco-friendly and reusable jute fibers. 

We offer personalized services to design and supply jute bags under one roof. For instance, if you don’t yet know about the type of jute bag you may need, we can even provide references to some of our successful designs. You can choose your favorite style from those readymade designs and customize fabric thickness and printing preferences etc. We encourage our clients to provide artwork so that we can design our jute bags for free. That way, you can preview your dream jute bags naturally.

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