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Mesh Wash Bag

The One manufacturer and supply hot selling Mesh Wash Bags.

With its durable mesh construction, this bag allows you to clean and rinse your favorite items while protecting them at the same time. Instead of having to worry about hand-washing or taking a chance on the gentle cycle, the Mesh Wash Bag provides an eco-friendly alternative with your delicate garments in mind! The bag also features a custom drawstring closure for secure protection while laundering.



Mesh Polyester




custom-made colors


Made in China

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Mesh Wash Bag

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your laundry time and make sure each load stays protected, look no further than a Mesh Wash Bag. Great for lingerie and delicates, the bag keeps items separated, preventing minor snags and tears in your garments. It’s easy to use too– just throw a few items in, zip it up, and put it straight into the washing machine. Easy-peasy! Whether you want to protect your new purchase or save time sorting through loads of clothes, a Mesh Wash Bag is for you.

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