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We are non woven bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply non woven carry bags, tote bags, grocery bags, printing bags and laminated bags, etc.

Non-woven bag is a new type of environmentally friendly material with a very wide range of applications. It can be used for household storage, shopping, groceries, bookstores, gift promotion, advertising, and other purposes. And the styles are diversified, you can make folding bags, handbags, drawstring bags, backpacks, etc., and have a lower price, reusable, breathable performance.

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Types Of Non Woven Bags

Being an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative, it provides a wide range of other options and benefits. In addition to its efficient and easy printing techniques, it also tends to be a cost-effective choice. One gets spoiled with versatile options and custom designs. While it can withstand weights and ultimately last in the long run, it will also reflect an impressive and attractive design interface for users. Often, the non woven bags are a fan-favorite in corporate branding businesses and amongst end-users because of these prominent features.

The non woven cooler bags have what it takes to keep your favorite beverages cool! From picnics to road trips, these bags could serve in several useful ways! It proposes durability outside and integrated insulation inside. Having the advantages of being a non woven fiber product, it offers strength, water and fireresistance, reusability, and eco-friendly qualities. It provides easy handling design options suitable for day- to-day use. It is an ideal product that ensures the perfect temperature for your food and drinks. As a bonus, this cooler bag adds a refreshing angle and suits well to the masses.

The laminated non woven fabric’s impeccable finish provides a smooth, glossy, and sleek look. These laminated bags feature a complete spectrum of colors with numerous design embossing possibilities. They reflect a superior quality of the product, which can be a gift to accord for one of the glam events. Apart from this, they even offer a generous amount of space to fit in all you want. The lamination may have many material options, such as a metallic face, a Bopp lamination, or a poly pack for rice packing. Non woven fabric has a plus point of being eco-friendly, reusable, durable, and cost-efficient, making it the right choice.

Sustainable, environment-friendly, and cost-efficient upshots, all served in one bowl, sounds like a good deal. The non woven tote bags are designed to deliver excellent durability, ensuring quality, easy handling and cleaning, resistance to fire and water, reusability, and what not! It manages to enclose all benefits with an inexpensive end product. Lightweight and ease of styles can bring down costs and attract a more significant market of consumers. It includes proposals to have a good hold on bulks, and thus, it is a vocation in the tote bag trades. With this, a sensitive outlook towards keeping an environment-friendly sequel remains. As a cherry on top, it stands out with an Irie proposition.

non woven laminted shopping bag

Non woven polypropylene Bag

To create a non woven polypropylene bag, a new miracle fabric of Eco-friendly fibers bond together to put forward a durable material. The bags made out of it, thus give guaranteed years of dependable use. It excels because of its strength and lightness, making it inexpensive. The product leans towards promoting green earth, giving us reusable and recyclable characteristics to adopt. In the race to become an affordable promotion item, it continues to offer a vast range of flexible styles, colors, and designs. As a whole, it could do better than plastic bags. Maybe, if you choose them next time, you can bring in a change.


A great alternative to the plastic die-cut handle bags, the non woven fabric material makes it cheaper and possibly an eco-friendly product, attested to be efficient in its best ways. The die-cut style includes a reinforced die handle for easy carrying. It offers a wide gusset to hold comfortably. Its efficient durability bonds with a value-for-money deal. The decent style suits up to daily usage, and reusability makes it efficient. Such benefits overall make it the right choice.

Here, we have non woven wine bags giving a unique and stylish outlook. It provides a decent and simplistic way of handling a wine bottle. With many alternatives in colors, dimensions, and styles, it offers handsome choices for any buyer. It even proves to be an in-budget item in the cart. With embroidery for personal touch and printing for advertisings, the wine bags can offer an easy process with an environment-friendly approach. Grab them for a perfect gift or an outdoor event, and it suits well everywhere.

The non woven supermarket bags have various degrees of usability with a cost-efficient deal for you. Thus, it is taken up in wholesales with a profit-oriented mind providing a boon. It turns out to be an affordable and environment-friendly product. The supermarket bags offer quality and quantity, durability, versatility, and reusability. The fiber keeps high strength, and the design allows maximum bulk holding capacity. Besides, it offers easy printing of logos or advertisements on it, helping corporate branding to boom. So it can be a generous nature-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Headed out to a store? Why not try the non woven supermarket bags this time!

The non woven drawstring bags are hands-free bag packs with drawstrings that ensure easy carrying while efficiently distributing the overall weight. It is a fair deal, which serves the purpose and provides a cheap takeaway. These kinds of backpacks usually have bottom grommets for carrying considerable bulk with ease. Also, its sturdy material helps to hold things right. With a lot of variety in their designs and colors, these drawstring bags bring a welcome change regarding the coherent features. From leisure trips to the grocery store to a picnic with the family, these bags play their part well!

Instead of dumping plastic remains in land-fillings, popular, non woven products could bring a positive change with endless benefits. It undoubtedly provides durability and efficient design proposals. Imagine when these benefits come to your doorstep with cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approaches, it will shape up to be an excellent offer. It is reusable and recyclable. With a fantastic range of colors, sizes, and designs, it becomes a reliable choice manifestation. So how about using them the next time around as an eco-friendly beginning?

With all advantages of a non woven fiber, the grocery bags create a product well suited for wholesales or advertisements or a wield in day-to-day life. It is a design for simplifying errands, with reinforced handles, deep gussets, and material options. The result is a sleek and classy end product. The fiber also adds considerable strength, which will be durable in the foreseeable future. The material facilitates easy printing for slapping on logos or advertisements with great ease. All of it with an inexpensive vent makes it an authentic choice.

From the quality focus to the customer-centric features that a plastic or paper bag offers, we can achieve more with a non woven cloth bag alternative. It results in a sustainable approach with an environment- friendly interface for the product. The non woven fiber provides high tensile strength and offers superior durability. It makes the bag light, easy to handle, and resistant to fire and water. Coming up with a nominal price tag, its style and prints could attract buyers for sales. It could be giving a multipurpose use concept. Switching to a non woven cloth bag can create better opportunities for a sustainable future.

Using PP Woven bags in stores as a shopping bag pleases both producers and the end-user chain. It is an excellent provider of long term, durable, inexpensive, and water-fire-resistant pros. It being an eco-friendly product, is reusable and recyclable. When seeking customizable needs, the PP woven bags can be tailored with high efficiency and consume less energy in the production process. We can easily use the fiber for printing advertisements and such. The material allows a better grip for bulk with strength continually adding to its features perk overall, thus creating an impactful product.

Known for serving a purpose with endless benefits, non woven bags are proven to be the right choice inhand. These bags are much appreciated for their exceptional strength and durability while being an ecofriendly choice. These bags are washable, with a smooth texture, plus easy to carry and maintain. Adding to this, one can have versatile design options and benefits from easy printing for advertising. It extends various advantages while being an inexpensive product. Thus, being an efficient corporate branding tool, non woven carry bags can be a reliable choice.

Leading China Non woven Bags Manufacturer

As a China non-woven bags supplier and manufacturer, The One company stands on the market as a production and product placement leader. We have been on the market for over ten years, and we know all the characteristics of our products. The One company is here to stay.

How We Produce Our Bags

Our non-woven bags are made from different materials that add structure and dimensions to each bag. We use the best quality zippers, buttons, and handles in our production. At the same time, we take care of the environment and provide sustainable solutions that are very effective in the modern world of fashion.

Who We Are

The One is a non-woven bag manufacturer with a distinctive vision. The materials that we use every day are tested and proven to be of the highest quality. We want to see happy customers who share the word about our brand online and offline. Only with the status of the best non-woven bag manufacturer we can see the larger perspective and provide our customers with the best products.

How to Get an Ideal Bag

If you want to get the most authentic non-woven bag, contact our team and order today. You will be amazed by the quality and outstanding design. We give our best to define our customer care and elevate it to the next level. That is why our bags speak their stories when they cross the road from our company to your home. With the best customer care and great design options, we can proudly stand as the leading non-woven bags manufacturer.

The One company is a leader in production and distribution, and we remain to be the leader in the new designs and custom design options. Look no further. Please search our site, and find the best product for yourself. We will continue to be the non-woven bags manufacturer with dignity and great integrity that offers only the best solutions to our clients.

FAQ About Non woven bags

As a non woven bags manufacturer and supplier, The One can provide you with a lot of options for your business. These strong bags are suitable for a variety of applications and can even be customized to meet your needs. Your business can
enjoy the benefits of non woven bags with the help of an experienced non woven bags supplier.

Non-woven bags are among the most complicated bags and containers to find in the market. That’s why it is imperative to choose the non-woven bags manufacturer or supplier that you can trust even from the beginning.

In case you’re not sure where you can find the best non-woven bags manufacturer, we got you! Not only will you be educated about locating the best non-woven bags manufacturing company, we will also help you have better grasp on what non-woven bags are!

Are Non-Woven Bags Banned?

India, one of the most prominent countries in the world, released several statements about the use of non-woven bags in their country.

non woven bags manufacturer
Sample image of non-woven bag collection

There are, in fact, several states that prohibit the use of non-woven bags, these states include, but are not limited to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and others.

Meanwhile, several countries blue chip countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, just have too few regulations about the use of non-woven bags.

But do you know what non-woven bags really are?

What is Non Woven Fabric Bags?

Non woven bags are bags which are made from polypropylene polymers. These polymers are spun into long threads, which are made into a flexible fabric. Since they are pressed together, instead of being woven, it is different from typical woven fabrics and offers diverse benefits. Although it has a weave-like feel, it is flexible. A non woven bags manufacturer can give you the exact quantity of bags that you need for your store.

Non woven bags are often used as retail shopping bags. This is because they are strong, easy to clean and flexible. They can also be printed with the logo of the supermarket that offers them to customers. Non woven bags can be used for advertising the products which are sold through your supermarket or any other store. Speak with a non woven bags manufacturer about the needs of your enterprise.

Non-woven bags are bags that have been manufactured through the use of materials that “are not woven.”

What is the Difference Between a Woven Bag and a Non-Woven Bag
Non-woven fabric, meaning, it doesn’t have any patterns

Basically, these products are produced thermally, chemically, or mechanically.

To help you understand it better, some of the most common non-woven products in the industry include bed linens, carpets and carpet backings, furnishing fabrics, and many more.

Furthermore, non-woven fabrics are also made from fibers – these, though, are fibers that aren’t woven. Instead, they’re entangled together.

Different Types of Non-Woven Fabrics

In order for you to further understand non-woven bags, it is imperative to have knowledge about the different types and classes of non-woven fabrics. 

There exists a few different types of non-woven fabrics. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Wet Non-Woven
  • Spunlace Non-Woven
  • Stitch Non-Woven
  • Airlaid Non-Woven
  • Drylaid Non-Woven; and
  • Meltblown Non-Woven

What is the Cost of a Non-Woven Bag Making Machine?

Purchasing non-woven bag making machines will only be essential if you plan on being a manufacturer yourself.

Otherwise, you can be in constant communication with a non-woven bag manufacturing company to help you with it.

To answer the question, though, it will cost you about $14,000 to $25,000 for non-woven bag machines that has the capacity to produce 100 to 150 pieces of non-woven bags per hour. Those that are above $30,000, however, are for heavy-duty manufacturing and production.

Are Non-Woven Bags the Best Alternatives to Plastic Bags?

Should you care for the environment but still think about your business, working with non-woven bags would be the best option to take as an alternative to plastic bags.

Both non-woven bags and reusable paper are the top products you can use instead of plastic bags.

What is the Difference Between a Woven Bag and a Non-Woven Bag?

The difference between the two (2) lies on the term alone.

Woven bag on the left (it has a pattern) | non-woven bag on the right (no specific pattern)

Woven bags are the bags in which the fabric used has been woven together. The fabrics used in woven bags usually would have interlaced or overlapping patterns, like that of baskets.

Non-woven bags, on the other hand, are usually made out of fabrics or materials that do not have any pattern or structure.

How Do I Start a Non-Woven Bag Business?

Before starting, you need to be certain of what you want your position to be in within the supply chain.

non woven bags manufacturer
Machine used to create non-woven bags

Do you want to be the manufacturer? Or do you lean more towards being a retailer or a merchandiser?

There are many possibilities on where you can be in. If you’re interested in being a non-woven bag supplier for local businesses, you would definitely need a non-woven bag making machine. Meaning, you’ll need to shell out tens of thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to be a retailer, you can simply contact a non-woven bag manufacturing company, sign a deal with them, and distribute non-woven bags within your vicinity.

How Do You Make a Non-Woven Bag?

The procedure of manufacturing or making non-woven bags isn’t actually that difficult. Instead, it only involves a too few processes and the primary one is the sourcing of materials.

After the materials have been prepared and gathered, the next step is to shape and sew the fabric using a non-woven bag-making machine.

The two (2) ends will be sewn and attached together, making the left and right edges of them. After that, the bottom part will be sewn and closed, creating the container effect.

The last part would involve the stretching and the expanding of another piece of thermoplastic. This will be for the handles; and then, it’ll be sewn to be a part of the plastic’s whole piece.

Before packaging and distribution, the quality and the overall effectiveness of the non-woven bags will be assessed. Everything should be calibrated and must be within the specific standards set by the client.

NOTE: Don’t be attached to this particular process. This is just the usual rule on how non-woven bag manufacturers produce theirs. Not everyone follows the same style, the same format, and the same processes.  

Is a Bag Making Business Profitable?

Contrary to what most people believe in, the bag-making business is actually profitable – especially if you’re doing it the right way.

Add up the fact that it’s going to be a hit for environmentally-driven businesses and conglomerates, you would really find yourself a buck in this industry.

Just make sure that you’re ready with any setbacks or dilemmas that you might encounter in your journey.

Do You Need a Non-Woven Bag Making Machine to Start?

Absolutely not! As we mentioned above, you can simply contact a non-woven bag wholesaler and start your business from there!

Non woven Bags Manufacturer

Non-woven bag making machine being used by major suppliers

Here’s a general outline of the steps you can do to start a non-woven bag business:

  1. Contact a non-woven bag wholesale manufacturer
  2. Find target market and clients that are within your niche
  3. Manage a pool of prospective clients
  4. Educate them why your business will be the best for their business
  5. Give them many deals, promotional offers, and discounts

TIP: Be sure to give them what they need for their business. You should make them feel like from the deal you’ll have with them, they’ll go home as the clear winner.

Where Can You Get Non-Woven Bags Wholesale?

There are numerous non-woven bags manufacturers that offer their products in bulk for businesses like you!

Here in China, we, at The One, have been deemed to be the non-woven bags supplier trusted by the biggest names in business from all around the world.

We’re able to provide the best and the highest quality of non-woven bags, that are specific to your business. When you choose The One’s non-woven bags, you can be sure and carefree that all our products wouldn’t emit any toxic contaminant that can endanger your people’s health, as well as the environment.

For many years, companies and businesses have trusted us. We’re capable of producing hundreds of thousands of non-woven bags wholesale annually!

You can bank on us if you’re in dire need of high-quality non-woven bags, wherever you are in the world!

Why You Can Trust Us For Your Non-Woven Bags Business

While you will never find a shortage of non-woven bag wholesale manufacturers, choosing us here at The One will be the best option you’ll take.

  • We possess several certifications and licenses that are accepted worldwide
  • The One is employed with the best and the most skillful experts and bag-making professionals
  • We are equipped with the latest and the most advanced technologies
  • Our minimum order quantity (MoQ) sits just at 500 pieces

Give us a quick dial and we will be more than ready to help you with whatever your requests are! Talk to us and never think about where you can get the best quality non-woven bags ever again!

As far as we can go – we can provide a free quotation of all the orders you need!

What Styles of Non Woven Bags Can Suppliers Make for You?

There are several types of custom non woven bags which are found on the market. The most popular kind are D-cut non woven bags. D-cut non woven bags are often used as supermarket shopping bags. They are used to replace shopping bags made of plastic. Consumers like these bags because they are strong and can be used for a wide range of goods.

Die Cut Non woven Bags

Die cut nonwoven bag

Some shoppers prefer a D-cut bag because it does not have a handle which is attached. The handle is a part of the bag, so it cannot get ripped off. Some shoppers who have had the experience of using the bags also find that they are soft to touch, while providing a firm grip as you walk home from the supermarket or clothing store. 

Our manufactured non woven bags can supply bags with handles that have any type of customization that you require.

W-cut and U-cut bags are also used as grocery bags. The shape of these bags is slightly different from the die-cut bags at the top. This results in a different feel for consumers as they carry the bags. Many supermarkets offer all three types of bags to their shoppers, in the same store. Customers are able to choose the style that they like the most or find more comfortable.

When each bag is pressed flat, you can easily determine the cut. For example, when a w-cut non woven bag is pressed flat, the handles and bag form the shape of a letter. A W is formed at the top and some shoppers find that attractive. If you need customized w-cut bags, non woven bags we manufactured can help with the colors and text that are a match for any marketing campaign that you have in mind.

Non woven Carrying Bags

Eco bags supplier

Box type bags with handles are a popular option. These are usually recommended for carrying large but relatively lightweight products. If you need a lot of space to carry soft toys or other objects which are big but not extremely heavy, these bags are appropriate. If your store sells a lot of toys, these would be a good fit and they come in attractive shades that children will love.

Wooden handle non woven bags are also available. While these are more expensive than some of the other styles, they also have an attractive elegance that some customers prefer. If your store sells premium products, wooden handle non woven bags will allow you to package your goods more attractively then a regular non woven bag.

On the other hand, wooden handle bags are the ideal choice when you are carrying really heavy goods. The wooden handle gives you additional support. These bags typically come in large sizes, allowing you to carry around a large number of goods in a single bag. Like other non woven bags, these bags can be easily printed with the logo of your supermarket, boutique or any other store.

All of these styles are available in several colors. You can choose bright and attractive shades that shoppers will like. There are also beautiful dark shades like black, which many shoppers will like because they blend well with any outfit. Some shades, such as pink or orange, are not as versatile and will stand out if a customer stops after work to shop for groceries. 

The style of bag that you select will depend on your needs and the type of products that you sell. Some bags may be suitable for items in one department of your store but may not work as well for others. China non woven bags with a box shape may be suitable for giving away a few small items at an expo but d-cut bags may be better suited for the goods that you regularly supply. A non woven bags manufacturer can deliver enough of each type of bag to meet the needs of your shoppers.

Special Purpose Non Woven Bags

Although many non woven bags are used as shopping bags, a non woven bags supplier can also make bags that are designed for a specific purpose. For example, if you are a pastry chef, they can make cake bags for you. If you are a caterer or own a restaurant, non woven bags such as these will also come in handy.
Non woven bags that are designed as wine bags are helpful for store owners in several sectors. These bags can be easily used to package any type of liquor that is sold to adults. China non woven bags that are used as wine bags come in several attractive styles and can easily accommodate tall wine bottles. They are also made with a layer that helps to lock in moisture.

Non woven Messenger Bags and Gift Bags

Packaging gifts for your customers is easy with China non woven bags. These stylish bags can be used to carry your wrapped presents for children or adults. Select attractive pastels shades when you are presenting someone with clothing or other gifts. You can select non woven gift bags of all sizes.

Our non woven bags can also be used as messenger bags and handbags. The fabric helps to repel water, keeping documents drier than other fabrics, such as cotton. Zippered handbags in this category work in the same way. A non woven bags manufacturer can provide you with a wide array of options for zippered handbags, messenger bags and gift bags that are made from this strong fabric.

What Are The Benefits of Non Woven Bags?

Mom woven bags have a wide variety of uses. These benefits have made them popular among consumers and people who sell relatively small items, such as bread, books, clothing and toys. Although they are made of plastic, they look and feel like canvas bags. Consumers find them attractive and pleasing to hold, since they won’t rub against your skin as you carry heavy loads.


Although non woven bags are not actually woven, they have a weave-like texture. This helps to make them breathable. Since air can freely pass through the bag, any items that you carry inside will be kept fresh. Whether you’re carrying clothing or shoes, they won’t get sticky or moist when you keep them in a non woven bag.

Many people who take public transportation rest their bags on their legs while they travel. Bags that are made of non-breathable materials tend to trap heat. These cause your legs to sweat against the bag when you remain seated on a bus for an hour or more. With non-woven bags, you can feel cool and relaxed as you travel, since the bag allows air to freely move cross your body.


Non woven bags are washable. This s a real asset when you want to carry lunch or other food items in them daily. If the bag is a little stained by gravy or other types of products, it can be easily washed to remove that. Non woven bags also dry quickly. You can reuse the same bags every day and simply wash it at night. It will be dry by morning and free of any scents associated with whatever the bag contained previously.

More Eco-Friendly

Non woven bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic shopping bags. These bags can be used for grocery shopping, washed and carried to the beach and later on, used to carry your purchases from your local auto store. They are not single-use bags, so they keep lots of plastic bags from being sent to landfills.

Since energy used to produce a non woven bag compares well to the energy that s used to produce all the plastic bags that would have been needed to replace it, these bags are also a more ecologically-friendly option in this way. Using non woven bags allows you to reduce the amount of energy you use and have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Advertise your Business

The non-woven bags we manufacture have a large surface that can be used to display your business information. Whether you are a restaurant or a school, you can use non-woven bags to let everyone in your home The community understands the types of products and services you provide. People shopping in your local area The grocery store will walk from your store to their home with one of your bags.

Bags that have bright, attractive designs will make onlookers more interested in whatever you have to offer. These China non woven bags are available in a wide range of sizes, so shoppers can carry their goods in one large bag or a few smaller ones. You can also order several sizes for your store and have all of them printed with your message.

For example, if you are having a regular Christmas promotion, you can have special bags that are printed with your Christmas sale information. As shoppers walk around and reuse your bags for other purposes, potential shoppers will learn about the sale. Since these bags last a very long time, the promotion will be done all through the year, until the next time that you have a Christmas event.

Discreet Personal Shopping

non woven bags in dark shades such as black and navy blue provide you with a discreet shopping
alternative. As your customers move form one department to the next, members of the public will not easily discern what they have inside each bag. Secure handles allow them to comfortably carry their goods. While some handles are heat sealed, others may be stitched. A non woven bags supplier can discuss your needs with you and help you to select the alternative that is a good fit for your clientele.

Machine Washable

An experienced non woven bags supplier.can assist you with any number of bags that you need. All of these bags can be quickly washed in your machine and will come out looking and smelling like new. You can also wash these bags by hand, or wipe them with a soft cloth to remove dust and stains.


 Our woven bags are made using non-toxic materials. harmful chemicals will not leach from the bags onto your clothing or any other times. If you wish to pack lunch for your children as they go with you for a picnic, you can do so without worrying that you will be harming them. If you decide to customize your bags with letters or images, the inks that will be used to print those designs are also non-toxic.

Sturdy Bags

 Non woven bags we supplied are stiff, so they can stand up on their own. If you are packing groceries inside them, this is quite convenient, since you can use both hands while lifting the goods, instead of using one hand to ensure that the bag stays upright. This feature makes China non woven bags an asset in industries where goods have to be packed quickly. Staff and customers can enjoy the inconvenience of having their goods laid out neatly inside the bag, which holds its shape even when a range of different items is packed inside them.

Except custom non woven bags, we also supply other reusable bags, eco bags, grocery bags, promotional bags, shopping bags, cooler bags, sports bags, tote bags, wine bags, laminated bags, waterproof bags, foldable bags, canvas bags, cloth bags, drawstring bags, cosmetic bags, dust bags, paper bags, and velvet bags, and drawstring bags, etc.


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