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Nylon Mesh Laundry bags

The One Are specialized in manufacture and supply Nylon Mesh Laundry bags.

The simplest and most basic of the basic – our nylon mesh laundry bags are superb and are truly amazing. Made from the finest and highest quality of nylon sourced from China’s most reliable supplier, you wouldn’t have any problems with our nylon mesh laundry bags. From plain, colored, and styled – to innovative, patterned, and even differently-shaped, we got just what you need!






20*24inch, 16*20 inch, 12*16inch. Accept custom-made size

Delivery time



Whie, black, Red, etc.
Accept custom-made colors.




Made in China

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T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

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Nylon Mesh Laundry bags

  • Protect and Organize: Mesh bags protect your garments from tangling, snagging, or pulling in washer or dryer. While also minimizing the chance of colors bleeding into each other. Great for organizing your clothes when packing for a trip
  • Durable and Reusable: Made of strong, long-lasting polypropylene nylon. Soap and water flow easily through the mesh for optimal cleaning.
  • Worry-Free Zippers: Automatic lock so zipper won’t open when washing and drying, zipper cover for extra protection, no rust. Zip up and protect your clothes while washing and drying.
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