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We are Pencil Bags& Pencil Cases Manufacturer and Supplier in China. We supply bulk cheap pencil pouches, pencil bags, pencil cases for plain or printed with logo. We manufactured custom pencil cases & bags, zipper style, slider style, drawstring styles, etc. There are clear, nylon, canvas and mesh etc. materials.


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Making custom pencil bags is surprisingly simple and can be done with minimal materials. To begin, measure the fabric to the desired size and use a sewing machine to stitch the sleeves for the bag. Once done, add custom straps or ribbon for extra decoration, along with pockets or other decorative items. Next, select a type of interfacing to add stiffness to the bag and make sure it’s durable enough. Finally, line the fabric with either quilt batting or lightweight fusible fleece to keep its shape. With a few quick steps, custom pencil bags are ready for use in any situation – making them perfect for students, travelers, crafters alike!

Usually we ask 500 pieces for our available styles, and around 3000 pieces for custom colors and styles.

If you’re looking to make custom logo pencil bags, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in custom-made bags that are designed specifically for your company or organization. Our experienced team will work with you from start to finish to create the perfect custom logo bag – from concept, artwork and material choice, all the way through to production. We guarantee high quality products that will last for many years and help promote your brand in a professional way. Contact us today to get started on customizing your custom logo bag; we look forward to working with you!

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At THE ONE, we will let you add features to make your pencil case to improve your brand’s influence, truly your own. Our features include kinds of different materials, strong zippers tearing, velcro, button, handles which are particularly good for custom your pencil case.

As the premier manufacturer of the pencil case and all kinds of custom bag packaging solutions, The One always looking for the best materials that will fit the product’s packaging you need. We retain the attitude of being obsessed with making design and details into perfection.

For more than 10 years of experience, The One has specialized and developed the best suit cover bags design, the quality of our suit cover bags is top of the line and always meet our client’s satisfaction.

The One pencil case can satisfy your needs, with its guaranteed quality bags and professional assistance, you will ensure our kind of services.

With our high-quality pencil case will let your brand boom in the market. If you are interested in our suit cover bags or want to custom-made design, please feel free to send us email.

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