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Custom and Personalized duffle bags wholesale supplier in China. We can make various of materials: PVC, nylon, canvas, etc. We custom leather duffle bags, heavy duty duffle bags, canvas duffle bags, embroidered duffle bags, etc.

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Personalized Duffle Bags

In the industry of producing custom bags, custom duffle bags remain to be one of the best and the most purchased. Due to their heavy-duty use and their comprehensiveness, a lot of businesses found success in the retailing of custom duffle bags.

For this guide, we’ll not only teach out all the things that you need to know about custom duffle bags. From what it’s made from, how you can retail or sell it – to the different manufacturers of custom duffle bags, we got you!

Duffle Bag Manufacturers – The Complete FAQ Guide

The need for duffle bag manufacturers has increased in the past couple of years. Due to the influx of people and businesses that need it, finding a duffle bag supplier to trust can be hard and confusing.

In this guide, we’ll not only explain what duffle bags are and how you can use them. We will help you further by understanding which duffle bag manufacturers and suppliers you can trust!

What Styles Of Duffle Bags Could You Supply?

Personalized Custom Duffle Bags

Doing business involving duffle bags would be better if you’re able to secure personalized custom duffle bags.

Personalized Duffle Bags

Figure 1 – Sample image of how manufacturers produce custom duffle bags

And while you may think that the number of manufacturers that offer this option is scarce, think again!

You’ll be able to find tons of personalized custom duffle bag manufacturers wherever you are in the world!

Some suppliers even offer custom logo printing, trademarks, specific or custom design, and many more!

We supply bulk cheap personalized mens duffle bags, women duffle bags, kids duffle bags, football duffle bags, baseball duffle bags, dance duffle bags etc. All could be custom made with printed logos and sizes.

Custom Duffle Bags Wholesale

Should you be in dire need of custom duffle bags wholesale or in bulk, many manufacturers specialize in this, too!

Personalized Duffle Bags

Figure 2 – Wholesale custom duffle bag factory

As a matter of fact, if you ever find yourself in China, you can never go wrong in choosing us here at The One for the bulk custom duffle bags that you need!

We are employed with the industry’s most creative artists, as well as the most-skilled experts in producing custom duffle bags.

Custom Duffle Bags With Logo | Custom Logo Duffle Bags

If you’re on the hunt for custom duffle bags with logo, then you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

Personalized Duffle Bags

Figure 4 – You can put and place your logo anywhere on the bag

You can’t go around guessing the capabilities and skill of companies, and, in fact, there are a couple of things that you need to know, too.

Producing or manufacturing custom duffle bags with your business’s logo, of course, would be costlier and more expensive. Nevertheless, it’s already a hole-in-one, especially if the manufacturer you will work with is skilled and experienced. Our custom duffle bags with logo could be printed, embroidered and heat transfer, etc.

What Does a Duffle Bag Mean?

It’s a type of a bag that is large and is usually made from synthetic or natural fabric. You can also refer to duffle bags as a kit bag.


Contrary to popular belief, you carry duffle bags on your shoulder or you can carry it using your hand as well.

What is the Difference Between Duffel and Duffle?

A lot of people get confused when they encounter “duffle” and “duffel,” how are they different?

The primary difference between duffle bags a duffel bags is that Duffel is a place. It’s actually a municipality in Antwerp, Belgium. Duffle is a type of cylindrical bag that you use for carrying stuff.

However, both duffle and duffel bags are an accepted use of the bag in question.

What is the Best Travel Duffel Bag?

There are a lot of travel duffel bags in the market that can either be wheeled or non-wheeled.

The top ones include, but are not limited to:

  • Plambag Canvas Duffle Bag for Travel
  • Eagle Creek Travel Gear
  • Thule Crossover Rolling Duffel Pack
  • Thule Chasm Duffel Bag
  • And Many More!

These brands are top duffle bag manufacturers, but you wouldn’t actually go to them for business. Apart from the fact that their products are expensive, they sell their products in retail.

What Do You Put in a Duffle Bag?

Duffle bags, given their size, are actually capable of holding and storing many of your things.


You can put a lot of things in your duffle bag, some of which include:


  • Sweater
  • Jacket
  • Underwear
  • Scarf
  • Hat
  • Shoes
  • Towel
  • Smaller Bags

NOTE: The items you can store and keep will actually depend on the size of your duffle bag.

How to Pack a Duffle Bag?

There are many different ways on how you can pack a duffle bag. However, these are deemed to be the most effective and efficient:

  1. Fold down the edges of the duffle bag so that you get easy access to the bottom of it. It’ll also give you a larger opening of the mouth
  2. Since you’ll start at the bottom part of the bag, store items that aren’t the priority, or those that you wouldn’t need anytime soon.
  3. For your clothes, you can try rolling them so that it consumes smaller and less space instead of folding them. You can roll pants, trousers, short pants, shirts, underwear, and many more!
  4. Use both ends of the duffle bag to store items you’ll need to take out every now and then like chargers, cardholders, wallets, handkerchiefs, etc.
  5. Shake up the bag so that all excess space will be covered.
  6. Place the things at the top of the bag that you’ll have to eventually need like a passport, a wallet, earphones, chargers, etc.
  7. Close and secure the bag by zipping it up or by tying the drawstrings.

That’s how you can be efficient with the space of your duffle bags!  

What’s the Difference Between a Weekender and a Duffle Bag?

You would know the difference of them from their terms alone. A weekender bag is a type of large bag, which you use if you’re going out for the weekend.

Image of a weekender bag

More often than not, you’ll put clothes on them that’ll be able to take you through the weekend.

Duffle bags would be larger, tougher, more durable, and more secure since you’ll use it for longer periods of time.

Duffle bag manufacturers can help you with weekender bags, too and oftentimes, they’re also duffle bags but just a bit smaller and easier-to-carry.

Is a Duffle Bag Considered a Carry On?

Absolutely! Many duffle bag manufacturers produce duffle bags that appear small but can actually carry a lot of items in order for it to be eligible to be a carry on bag.

You can have your duffle bag as a carry on so long as it’s within the requirements of the airlines. Most airlines, though, consider carry on luggage within the range of 9 x 14 to 22 inches.

So, be sure to check with your airlines to know whether or not your duffle bags can be carry on.

Is a Duffle Bag Military a Good Product?

Military duffle bags are duffle bags that are used by people from the military.

Military duffle bag

It’s one of the most-used types of bags because of the weight they can carry and their ability to be carried using a backpack or by hanging it on your shoulder.

You can consider military duffle bags to be a good product especially if what you’re looking for is durability and longevity.

How Do You Wear a Duffle Bag?

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually wear duffle bags in two (2) different ways: via the backpack style or via the gym bag style.

Most, if not all duffle bag manufacturers produce duffle bags with a backpack or a string for carrying it on your shoulders and a carry on type of strap.

This is one of the primary reasons why duffle bags are considered to be one of the best type of bags for vacations, flights, and for your trips during the weekend.

Where to Buy Duffle Bags?

This question is relative, and the exact answer will actually depend on the uses you will have for it. For example, if you’re going to buy duffle bags for your personal use, you can purchase them in retail – you can even buy designer duffle bags for added fashion and style.

On the opposite end of the rope, you can be in contact with duffle bag manufacturers if you’ll need duffle bags in bulk or in wholesale. Apart from the fact that they’re cheaper, you can actually be confident in making sure that you wouldn’t run out of stock.

Can You Purchase Custom Duffle Bags?

Yes, there are a lot of custom duffle bags suppliers and manufacturers are offering.


That being said, you would need to find a duffle bag supplier that has a well-developed Research & Development (R&D) team to help you with the custom duffle bags that you need.

Can You Find Custom Polyester Duffle Bags Wholesale?

There are a lot of duffle bag manufacturers that are skilled in producing polyester duffle bags wholesale.

One advantage of polyester is that they’re stronger, more durable, and can hold heavier weight than its counterparts.

Should you find custom duffle bag suppliers, you can ask them to create and produce polyester duffle bags that you need!

The Best Duffle Bag Manufacturer in China

Here in China, no other custom duffle bag wholesaler is more trusted than us at The One. For many years, we’ve given all our clients the quality of duffle bags they wanted and needed!

You can purchase duffle bags that have printed logos, specific colors, and even duffle bags that have the specific functionalities and features you need!

We can make bamboo, vinyl, PEVA, and even non-woven duffle bags for you! We can offer waterproof duffle bags, leather duffle bags, canvas duffle bags, even travel and heavy-duty duffle bags!

Apart from those, we can also be your go-to solution for your needs in producing grocery bags, custom cooler bags, dust bags, laminated bags, and many more!

Give us a quick call or shoot us an email, we will be more than happy to help you!

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