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Custom and Personalized duffle bags wholesale supplier in China. We can make various of materials: PVC, nylon, canvas, etc. We custom leather duffle bags, heavy duty duffle bags, canvas duffle bags, embroidered duffle bags, etc.

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Manufactured Styles for Customized Printed Duffle Bags

dance duffle bag

Custom Dance Duffle Bags

Material: laser or custom made material

Size: 14 X 8.5 X 8.5 inch

Logo: Custom Printed or Embroidery


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leather duffle bags

Custom Leather Duffle Bags

Material: laser or custom made material

Size: 22 x 13 x 12 inch

Logo: Custom Printed or Embroidery


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basketball duffle bag

Custom Football Duffle Bags

Material: laser or custom made material

Size: 18 x 9.5 x 9  inch

Logo: Custom Printed or Embroidery


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travel duffle bag

Custom Baseball Duffle Bags

Material: laser or custom made material

Size: 21 x 10 x 12 inch

Logo: Custom Printed or Embroidery


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heavy duty canvas duffle bag

Custom Canvas Duffle Bags

Material: Canvas or custom made material

Size:21 x 10 x 12 inch

Logo: Custom Printed or Embroidery


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zc-1905 Duffle bag

 Cheap Custom Team Duffle Bags

Material: canvas and leather

Size:22 x 13 x 12 inch

Logo: Custom Printed or Embroidery


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Best Personalized Duffle Bags Styles

In the industry of producing custom bags, custom duffle bags remain to be one of the best and the most purchased. Due to their heavy-duty use and their comprehensiveness, a lot of businesses found success in the retailing of custom duffle bags.

For this guide, we’ll not only teach out all the things that you need to know about custom duffle bags. From what it’s made from, how you can retail or sell it – to the different manufacturers of custom duffle bags, we got you!

Personalized Custom Duffle Bags

Doing business involving duffle bags would be better if you’re able to secure personalized custom duffle bags.

Figure 1 – Sample image of how manufacturers produce custom duffle bags

And while you may think that the number of manufacturers that offer this option is scarce, think again!

You’ll be able to find tons of personalized custom duffle bag manufacturers wherever you are in the world!

Some suppliers even offer custom logo printing, trademarks, specific or custom design, and many more!

Custom Duffle Bags Wholesale

Should you be in dire need of custom duffle bags wholesale or in bulk, many manufacturers specialize in this, too!

Figure 2 – Wholesale custom duffle bag factory

As a matter of fact, if you ever find yourself in China, you can never go wrong in choosing us here at The One for the bulk custom duffle bags that you need!

We are employed with the industry’s most creative artists, as well as the most-skilled experts in producing duffle bags.

Other than The One, various manufacturers can also give you the customization option such as promotique, ZHD Bag, The Clever Bag UK, and many more!

Different Types of Duffle Bags You Can Purchase

Contrary to what you might have known, duffle bags aren’t singled out to just one (1) type. In fact, there are quite a few other types and kinds of duffle bags you can choose from.

Figure 3 – Sample of what a wheeled duffle bag

Wheeled Duffle

This is the type of duffle bag that contains a rigid bottom, but with a wider and larger opening. More often than not, these wheeled duffle bags use a zipper that is shaped in the letter U, for larger and wider access of the bag’s interior.

Weekender Duffle

It’s nicknamed as the “weekender” duffle bag because of the fact that it’s small and is only extremely useful to be used during the weekends.

Weekender duffle bags aren’t that big, but, that doesn’t mean it’ll fail you in terms of durability.

Barrel Duffle

Probably the most common type of duffle bag, the barrel duffle bag, or also referred to sometimes as sports or gym bags, is the type of bag that is shaped like a barrel.

There are many variations of this bag as sometimes, the zipper is installed on top, while other times, it’s installed on the side.

Square Duffle

And last, but most definitely not least is the square duffle bag. This is the type or the kind of duffle bag that is rectangular or square in shape and has quite a few access openings that runs the entire length of the bag.

These are the four (4) primary types or distinctions of custom duffle bags. More often than not, they’ll be the types of bags you will see in the market.

Custom Duffle Bags With Logo

If you’re on the hunt for custom duffle bags with logo, then you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

Figure 4 – You can put and place your logo anywhere on the bag

You can’t go around guessing the capabilities and skill of companies, and, in fact, there are a couple of things that you need to know, too.

Producing or manufacturing custom duffle bags with your business’s logo, of course, would be costlier and more expensive. Nevertheless, it’s already a hole-in-one, especially if the manufacturer you will work with is skilled and experienced.

How to Order Custom Duffle Bags

So, in case you’re interested to know how you can order custom duffle bags so you can sell or merchandise it, here’s a quick, simple, and easy guide you can follow:

  1. Finalize the design and the style of the custom duffle bag that you want.
  2. Create a computer copy of the style or the design. Save it as a PDF, AI, DWG, CAD, or any other type of format.
  3. Send it to a custom duffle bag supplier and ask them if they’ll be able to produce or manufacture it for you.
  4. Ask for a sample product before proceeding with your order.

NOTE: Save the style or the design two (2) times and in different formats as a backup. Save the second one in the PNG or the JPEG format.

Where to Find the Best Custom Duffle Bags in the Market

There will never be a shortage of where you can purchase custom duffle bags. You can purchase in South or North America, Europe, Africa – and even in China!

Should you want to get the best and the most reliable products, going with Chinese custom duffle bag manufacturers will be the best choice for you!

Apart from the fact that the quality of their bags has already been tested, you’ll also get a ton of other features and benefits too!

Who’s the Best Custom Duffle Bag Manufacturer in China?

Across the entire country, we here at The One are known to be the best and the most reliable custom duffle bag manufacturer. From providing high-quality products to guaranteeing excellent-quality customer service, you will never have any problem working with us!

Some of the benefits and advantages of choosing The One as your custom duffle bag manufacturer include:

  • We can create a specifically-textured design for your custom duffle bags
  • We’re skilled and adept to perform color printing, embroider, knitting, and other types of design for your custom duffle bags
  • The One can print your company’s logo on the custom duffle bag multiple times
  • We can produce whatever type of duffle bag that you need

While custom duffle bags are one of the specialties that we have, you can also bank and count on us if you need help and assistance when it comes to manufacturing or producing custom wine bags, canvas tote bags, custom cooler bags, promotional or advertising bags, and many more!

The One can be the one-stop solution that you’ve always wanted to work with regardless of your location!

Custom Duffle Bags – The Complete Buying Guide

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