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Printed Bags

We are retail printed bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply non woven printed bags, canvas printed bags, pvc printed bags and other materials you want to print with your logo.

All the printed bags we can customzied sizes for you.

China custom bags manufacturer and supplier

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The One has been China’s top pick when it comes to producing or manufacturing printed bags. We’re able to produce different types of printed bags from printed jute bags, printed tote bags – and even printed eco friendly bags for your business or for a promotional product.

For this guide, we’ll gather through some of the world’s most asked questions about printed bags.

By the end of this guide, you’ll not only learn about printed bags, you will have knowledge and skill in finding the best printed bag manufacturers, too!

Custom Printed Bags With Logo

Whether your business is within or outside China, you can consider The One as your go-to printed bag manufacturing company.

Image of printed bags with logo

We can produce custom printed bags with logos specific to your business. The best part about that is you wouldn’t have to worry about the final output or the final design! We’ll send you protocols as well as a couple of examples before sending or submitting the final works to you!

Promotional Printed Bags

The One will also help you if you need promotional printed bags.

Image of a promotional printed jute bag

If your company or your business involves the selling of promotional bags, or if you are an advertiser yourself and you’re looking for items and giveaways, our promotional printed bags will definitely be within your standard!

You can purchase printed gift bags, printed drawstring bags, printed non woven bags, printed shopping bags, and many other variants of printed bags from us!


Custom Bags at 4Imprint

4Imprint is one of the most popular and the most famous merchandiser and marketer of custom printed bags in the market.

Image of some of the best-selling custom printed bags on 4Imprint

They’re located in the United Kingdom and their company is currently valued at around $560 million. Yes, working with them seems extremely fascinating, until the time you find out that they get most, if not all of their materials, tools, and products from Chinese manufacturing firms.

If you thought you’re purchasing from them cheap already, what more if you go straight to a Chinese printed bags manufacturer?

And out of all the Chinese printed bag suppliers you can work with, we here at The One can give you the substantially low prices, low minimum order quantities (MoQ), and a lot of deals to go with your orders and purchases!

Wholesale Custom Printed Bags

Are you trying to get wholesale custom printed bags but you’re not sure where to get one?

Image of a factory that produces wholesale custom printed bags

The One can also help you with it! For more than a decade, our business always revolved around bulk selling or wholesaling.

Every now and then, we receive custom retail orders less than our MoQ, but that’s rare. More than 80% of our sales come from wholesale or from bulk purchasing!


So, if you ever need wholesale custom printed bags, The One is just a message away! We’ll give you a free estimate or a free quote for your entire order!

Where to Find Custom Printed Bags For Retail?

We here at The One are known for our skill and excellence when it comes to providing custom purchases.

Retail custom printed bags

You can specify the custom printed bags for retail that you need; from the shape, size, and form of the product – to the physical style, design, colors, and literally everything!

The One will never be deemed and considered as the best and the most reliable manufacturer of custom printed bags if we didn’t exceed and g beyond what our clients expected from us.

Design Tips For Printed Paper Bags

So, you’re looking for custom printed paper bags. You’re already final with the manufacturer you’ll be working with, but do you know how to create a design that would last?

Image of some of the best tips for your custom printed paper bags

We all have our perspectives, but what are the best tips for designing printed bags?

Simple and Concise

One of the most valuable lessons and tips is to ensure that the design is simple, straightforward, and concise. Treat the bag as a canvas of what type of opinion or point you want to show consumers about your business.

If you want them to know your logo, make it big and bold so that they recognize it immediately.  

No to Light Colors on Brown Kraft Paper

Should you choose the material to be kraft paper, it’s not recommended to use light colors. Generally speaking, though, darker colors – whether it’s text or image – would look sharper, more defined, and more complex.

Avoid Single-Color Designs

Based on client response and feedback, applying one (1) type of color on the entire print can cause the material to have blemishes.

So, adding too few colors would actually be better, more effective, and more economical.

Refrain From Filling it With Too Much Detail

Don’t overdo your design by flooding it with many different types of details and elements. While in some instances, it’ll be able to draw the attention of consumers, the majority of having too many designs can cause confusion to the end-consumers.

These are some of the best, most general, and the most effective tips if you are the one to design and submit the details of the printed bags to your manufacturer.


Of course, your overall design will depend on how you’re trying to advertise or manufacture your brand or your company; these are just general guidelines you can try to follow.

Personalized Printed Tote Bags

There are a myriad of options you can go to if you’re looking for personalized printed tote bags.

Example of a personalized printed tote bags

You can do a quick and simple search on Google to find one; you can try finding one from Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, AliExpress, and many other wholesale websites. Should you be more physically inclined, you can go and work with a physical store, etc.

However, we here at The One are offering our expertise and our mastery in producing custom printed bags wherever you are in the world!


Many luxury and designer brands look to us for the creation of their printed bags. TedBaker, Givenchy, Armani, ASDA, and other luxury brands are some of the examples of businesses that trust us.

Custom Printed Cosmetic Bags

When it comes to cosmetic bags, our team here at The One will also be the best option you have!

Image of custom printed cosmetics bags

We’re skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to the overall procedure of manufacturing custom printed cosmetic bags.

Whether you need full-sized cosmetic bags, make up pouches, pencil pouches, or whatever type of bag that can hold small items, we’ll be just a phone call or a message away!

Custom Printed Gift Bags With Your Logo  

Planning to have a gift giveaway for your business people? Have us produce custom printed gift bags with your business logo on it!

Sample of a large printed paper bag with the company logo

All of our gift bags have been consistently promising and high quality. Little-to-no defects were seen throughout the entire history of our production.

Whatever type of fabric or material you want the printed gift bag to be in, we can help you!

Custom Printed Plastic Bags For Packaging and Promotions

Different sized-printed plastic bags you can use for promotion or advertising

You’ll find tons of companies and manufacturers offering custom printed plastic bags, which you can either use for packaging and promotions.

From where you are alone, having less than 10 of them would be an understatement. You can try making a Google search to find out more about them.

But, of course, if you choose to go with us here at The One, you’ll not only get good quality plastic bags for packaging and promotions, we can give you higher profitability to aid your business, too.

We are the company with one of the lowest and the most flexible MoQs in the Chinese market. You can never go wrong in choosing us to be the manufacturer of your custom printed plastic bags.

Cheap Custom Printed Bags

Cheap don’t always mean good. In fact, more often than not, the idea of a certain product being so cheap is that they’re low quality.

Not with us here at The One. What we tell almost all our clients is that we can promise to deliver cheap custom printed bags without severing or compromising the quality of their products. Because we have the best sources and partners in the supply chain, we can get you low rates and prices that no other manufacturer can offer!

Look through some of the printed bags we were able to develop and produce for our clients. Be amazed at how we were able to produce such high quality bags without charging you a fortune for it.

Cheap Custom Tote Bags

Are you trying to find cheap custom tote bags in Australia? Are you looking for cheap custom tote bags with no minimum order? Here with us at The One, we can work your way around getting cheap customizable tote bags without worrying about our MoQ.

While our MoQ is just at 500 pcs., we can work with you to get that lower.

Contact us here at The One and get more than what you’ll be paying for! We also offer wine bottle bags, eco bags, laundry bags, garment bags, sports bags, and many more!


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