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We are Custom Promotional Bags with Logo Supplier and Manufacturer in China. Supply Bulk Cheap Promotional Bags with logo. Promotional gift bags are one of the best products to enhance the influence of your brand, because they are widely used and low in price, and are the best advertising products. We provide various styles of bags and various advanced environmental protection materials, such as non-woven fabrics, TYVEK, cotton, RPET, etc.

We supply custom promotional tote bags, promotional drawstring bags, promotional gift bags, promotional lunch bags, promotional shopping bags with canvas, non woven, jute, rpet, velvet, etc. materials.

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The One- China Leading Promotional Bags Manufacturer

THE ONE cares about quality and design. At THE ONE, we will allow you to add different features to make your promotional bag better, more practical and prettier. To improve your brand’s standing in comparison with your competitors and to make your branding truly your own through your bag, we include many different choices in our rooster that you can choose from: many different materials, strong zippers, velcro and different types of handles that will make your promotional bag not only comfortable to carry or hold, but also completely unique.

As The One are the leading manufacturer of promotional bags with logo and solved custom bag packing solutions, we are always on the look for the best materials that will fit exactly the type of product you need. We are obsessed with bringing forth a high quality product so we spend a lot of time researching and refining our products into perfection: we put a lot of care into every detail.

With over 10 years of experience, THE ONE has come to develop and design the best promotional bag design and the quality of our products is top of the line, always winning good reviews from our satisfied and happy clients.

We can guarantee THE ONE promotional bags will satisfy your needs: our excellent quality, beautiful design, high level of customization and practicality will turn your brand into a leading one; and your clients will be proud to carry and exhibit your promotional bag, doing part of the advertising for you.

Our professional assistance and customer service team will be happy to help you and guide you with any service you might need, so you can become a boom in the market with your new promotional bag. If you want to know more, or need a custom design, please do not hesitate to send us an email.


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If you’re looking for custom promotional bags, you’re just on the perfect page! In today’s guide, we’ll give you the knowledge you need about promotional bags. Furthermore, you will also learn where you can find the best promotional bags in the market!

With this guide, you won’t worry about where you can get promotional bags for your business any longer!

What are Promotional Bags?

Promotional bags are items that businesses and companies give for marketing or advertising purposes.

promotional tote bags

Sample image of what a promotional bag looks like

Oftentimes referred to as “giveaways,” these items’ goal is to make sure that people see and have visuals of the company’s name, logo, actions, businesses, and more.

Promotional bags are just one of the most customary promotional items businesses give. There are other promotional items too such as sunglasses, drinkware, notebooks, custom hats, sticky notes, writing instruments like pens and pencils, and many more!

The idea of promotional bags is to create awareness that the brand or the business is existent within a specific or a particular area or vicinity.

As a professional promotional bags supplier in China, you should know which is the best material bags for your business promotion.

What Are Your Promotional Bags Styles?

Promotional Shopping Bags

Our reusable promotional shopping bags are truly popular among our wide selection of promotional bags. You can really be empowered with greater success for your business when you use these reusable bags to give to your customers, as they will continue to be reminded of your business. Many people appreciate having reusable bags.

Promotional Drawstring Bags

Our ultra durable promotional drawstring bags look nice and they are also practical for people to use. This is due to the fact that the drawstring functions with relative ease to keep items in the bag secure. As a result, these bags are nice to present to your customers. These bags offer plenty of space on the exterior to display the name and information of your business or store.

Promotional Tote Bags

Eco-friendly Promotional Tote bags can serve as powerful promotion bags for your business. This is due to the fact that they are bags that are flexible to use and many people rely on tote bags for various things. Therefore, this is a terrific way to use our top quality tote bags for promoting the logo of a business.

Promotional Grocery Bags

People need grocery bags when they buy food and household items from a grocery store. Thus, our grocery bags are a wonderful way to promote the special qualities of your business, such as your business name and some special products that your business offers.

Promotional Folding Tote Bags

It cannot be denied that foldable shopping tote bags are very popular. They are convenient and strong. The handles of these bags are super comfortable. These bags are convenient, as they are foldable, which means they are easy to store and allow a person to reuse them. They are great to use to promote the name, logo and services of your business.

Promotional Exhibition Bags

You can boost your sense of pride when you use our professional looking and well made promotional exhibition bags. These bags give your business a more professional and polished look, which helps to strongly solidify your business in the minds of your customers. Therefore, these bags help people to consider your business or store for their continued needs.

Promotional Garment Bags

Our promotional garment bags are practical, as they protect items from mold, moisture, smoke, dirt, water, liquid and dust. Our garment bags truly demonstrate top quality and are easy to use. They offer another valid way for you to promote your business name to various clients. Indeed, garment bags serve as ideal promotional bags.

The Best Different Types of Promotional Bags You Can Give Away

Contrary to popular belief, promotional bags aren’t a type of bag that companies can produce. They’re actually not a type of bag, but instead, a type of promotional item or material.

promotional tote bags

Promotional paper bags used for marketing and for advertising purposes

Therefore, you actually have the option to create and produce different types of bags for it.

The most common promotional bags you can give to potential and prospective clients include, but are not limited to:

Promotional Reusable Bags

Similar to eco-friendly bags, reusable bags are part of the most common types of promotional bags. Reusable bags are the bags that you can use quite flexibly.

Whether you’re a bookstore, a convenience store, a retail outlet store, or a grocery store, you can giveaway promotional reusable bags to widen your audience!

Promotional Paper Bags

Paper bags fall between the median of the most common and the most-uncommon products you can give away.

Since they’re usually disposable, many businesses use paper bags as a form of take away or the container where products purchased can be placed and put.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Bags

This is probably the most common out of the batch since it’s one of the easiest and the simplest to produce.

Many businesses like groceries, convenience stores, and retail stores give eco-friendly bags to clients to remind them that they did business with that particular business.

Promotional Tote Bags

Tote bags follow eco bags or environmentally friendly bags in the list of the most common promotional bags.

Many manufacturers and suppliers of promotional bags consider tote bags to be one of the most effective forms of marketing via promotional items.

Promotional Drawstring Bags

Probably the least chosen way are drawstring bags. These are the bags that can be worn as a backpack since they have two (2) straps that you can hang on your shoulders but aren’t as big as backpacks.

These are five (5) of the most common types and classifications of promotional bags that are deemed to be the most effective in terms of advertising and marketing.

Promotional canvas bags and promotional cotton bags are the most popular materials for making promotional drawstring bags.

What are Promotional Drawstring Bags?

Based off of the last question, many of you might be wondering what promotional drawstring bags are.

promotional tote bags

Sample image of a custom promotional drawstring bag with logo

And for you to be able to understand it better, we need to dissect the two (2) terms. As we know, promotional bags are bags that businesses and companies giveaway to people to market and advertise their business.

Drawstring bags, on the other hand, or more commonly referred to as cinch-up backpacks, are lightweight bags that are adjustable and modifiable. It’s termed as “drawstring” because you open and close it by pulling or by “drawing” the strings of the bag.

Promotional drawstring bags, therefore, are drawstring bags that businesses like you giveaway to prospective clients and customers for free advertising and marketing.

Can You Get Promotional Reusable Bags?

Yes, many promotional bag manufacturers produce and supply businesses with reusable bags.

Reusable nonwoven grocery bags

Promotional reusable bags in different niches and industries

You can consider these reusable bags to be one of the most effective and the longest-lasting types of promotional bags because they do not worn-out quickly.

One good example of promotional reusable bags are the bags that grocery stores and convenience stores give customers for them to store the products they purchased.

Where to Get Cheap Promotional Bags With Logo?

There are a lot of promotional bag manufacturers that provide specific logos for your business or for your company.

Where to Get Cheap Promotional Bags With Logo

Promotional bags with logo from a promotional bag supplier

You can look at different countries and different markets. There are U.S. promotional bag suppliers that can perform usual printing; while there are Indian and Chinese promotional bag manufacturers that can offer a better and a more competitive rate, too!

But, if you’re looking to get the highest quality for the most competitive and the best rate, work with us here at The One.

We’re China’s top-rated and most sought-after promotional bags manufacturer. Our products have been sourced from the best sources of raw materials.

All of our promotional bags are of the highest quality of materials you can get from the market. As a matter of fact, you’ll find our promotional bags as your only choice and option for your business needs!  

In the latter part of this guide, we will help you by giving you a couple of details you need to learn to be able to get the best promotional bags you can get!

Do Promotional Items Really Work?

A lot of people have doubts and negative thoughts about items and materials that are for marketing and advertising – like promotional bags.

They think that this is just a waste off of the capital expenses and that it can’t actually contribute to the overall spreading of the business. When in reality, promotional items are part of the best ways to market your business without spending a fortune!

Compared to hiring an international marketing campaign, why not provide promotional bags like tote bags, drawstring bags, or paper bags so you have your names scattered from within your vicinity?

You can use them as a freebie or as an add-on purchase of the products your prospective clients and customers purchased from you.

What Are Different For Promotional Tote Bags vs. Promotional Plastic Bags?

If ever you find yourself stuck between choosing plastic bags or tote bags, try and partner it up with what your business theme is.

promotional tote bags

Promotional plastic bag sample

For instance, if your business or your organization is all about food and groceries, the best thing to choose is promotional tote bags because the material of plastic bags can contribute to the decay or the deterioration of the food content or the food material.

Should your business be cleaning, you can promote your services by giving away plastic bags – even those that are eco-friendly to your prospective clients.

Who Are the Best Promotional Grocery Bag Suppliers?

Promotional Grocery Bags could be used any materials, here we use our eco-friendly reusable material for our promotional grocery bags. The One will be your best choice for promotional bags supplier.

Eco-friendly Promotional Cosmetic Bags Wholesale

promotional tote bags

Promotional Cosmetic bags that can be customized

Cosmetic bags usually made by PVC materials.

Unlike leathers and other forms of materials, PVC is a material that’s a type of solid plastic made from chloride gas.

Many promotional bag manufacturers utilize PVC material because of its rigidity and flexibility.

Here with us at The One, you can definitely bank and count on us to help you in the production or the manufacturing of your promotional cosmetic bags!

Whether you need promotional tote bags, promotional cooler bags, eco-friendly promotional bags, promotional drawstring bags, promotional wine bags, promotional canvas drawstring bag or cotton bags, and other types of plain promotional bags or promotional bags with logos – we got you!

What Is Your Promotional Bags MOQ?

MOQ, short for a minimum order quantity, is the minimum amount of products you can purchase from a manufacturer.

Here with us at The One, we have an MoQ of 500 pieces for your promotional bags that you need!

You can customize and specify the number of orders, so long as it is within the 500-range that our MoQ has! Never will you be able to find a promotional bag manufacturing company as flexible and as considerate as us!

Do You Offer Promotional Paper Bags?

Yes, one of our special and most sought-after products is a promotional paper bag.

Due to the large and the wide array of knowledge, skill, and experience that we have, we’re able to produce paper bags that you can use for the promotion of your business.

Apart from promotional paper bags, you can also get promotional tote bags, promotional drawstring bags, custom cooler bags, duffle bags, and many more!

Get Custom Promotional Bags From Us!

Wherever you are in the world, if you find yourself in need of a custom promotional bag supplier, The One will be your best choice! As we are one of the best China promotional bags supplier, here you can custom any promotional bag styles and materials.

When you work with us, we can help and contribute to the design, style, and the overall efficiency of your products.

Never will you feel the need to find another custom promotional bag supplier any longer!

Promotional Bags – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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