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We are custom PVC Bags Manufacturer and Supplier in China. We can supply PVC Tote Bags, PVC Pouch, Cosmetic Clear PVC Bag, PVC Zipper Bags, PVC Shopping Bags and PVC Beach Bags etc.

According to the different thickness of the PVC film and the different uses, PVC bags, cosmetic packaging bags, stationery packaging bags, craft jewelry packaging bags, gift bags and other product packaging. Many high-end product manufacturers generally choose PVC bags for packaging, beautifully packaged products, and upgrade product grades, but their prices are more expensive than OPP bags/PE bags.

Manufactured Styles for Pvc Bags

PVC Tote Bags

The PVC tote bags are made masterfully with a high level of precision with only the best quality PVC, so that you can rest assured that you are getting top quality PVC tote bags that are durable and highly functional. These bags are truly fashionable, which is why they are in such demand by many consumers. Also, you will note that the fasteners and zippers of these bags work wonderfully well with a high level of ease, so that there is no struggle to open or close these PVC tote bags. Our PVC tote bags offer you the kind of convenience that you need to transport your items, as these PVC tote bags are strong and spacious.

PVC Zipper Pouches

The PVC zipper pouch bags are designed for your need to protect important items. You will appreciate the fact that only high quality PVC is used in the construction of these finely crafted PVC bags. The zippers of the PVC bags glide smoothly with relative ease, so that you can access your important items that you place in the pouches without any hassles. These PVC zipper pouches are highly in demand due to being practical, waterproof and easy to use. They are terrific to use to protect documents for teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, nurses, parents, business people and those people who have something they want to get more organized or protect

PVC Bags Manufacturer

PVC Hanger Bags

When you want to protect your special items, then you can rest assured that our PVC hanger bags are the right solution for you. The bags are meticulously designed with impressive quality PVC that proves to be waterproof. Thus, you can use our trustworthy PVC bags to protect your items with real confidence. These bags prevent items from coming in contact with water, moisture, liquid, stains, contaminants and mold. As a result, you can be truly at peace knowing that your items will be well protected the way that you need then to be when you use our highly durable and truly reliable PVC hanger bags.

PVC Shopping Bags With Printing

When it is important to you to have access to great quality PVC shopping bags, then you need to get your PVC shopping bags here. We take pride in ensuring that all our PVC bags are made with only the highest quality PVC for your utter confidence that the bags are strong and durable. These PVC bags are quite spacious to allow you to shop for many items. You will be pleased that the straps on the bags are comfortable for your hands, so that you can carry the bags for a long period of time. You will be pleased further to realize that these bags are waterproof. We are happy that many customers are highly confident in the powerful functionality of these well designed bags. 

Transparent PVC Bag

The transparent PVC bag can display your company’s makeup brand and can be printed with your company’s LOGO. The color and style of the edging can be customized.

PVC cosmetic bag is the most popular bag among all cosmetic bags. 

PVC Cosmetic Bag

Professional cosmetic bag with multiple functions, multiple layering and storage bags. Mainly used by professional makeup artists. Travel cosmetic bags are usually easy to carry. There are few divisions, but complete functions. You can place commonly used cosmetics and toiletry supplies. There are many styles and varieties of small household cosmetic bags. Design and quality are also uneven, and more small cosmetic bags are promotional items for cosmetics companies. Gifts when purchasing cosmetics.

Leather Handle PVC Bag

PVC Beach Bags

PVC Beach Bags are waterproof bag, so when used it at the beach is a good choice. 


Heavy Duty PVC Duffle Bags

PVC Duffle Bags

Usually outdoor sports need waterproof bags. PVC duffle bags are the more common travel bags, affordable and popular choice

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PVC BAGS Supplied For Customers

China Best PVC Bags Manufacturer and Supplier

Supply High quality PVC Bags

As the manufacturer of the PVC Bags, when it comes to bags and accessories, we pride ourselves on offering only the best materials and on using the best techniques to deliver high quality, good looking products that will satisfy all your needs.

When it comes to PVC bags we are top of the line: we accept any custom style of PVC bags. As a professional PVC bag manufacturer we have a very spacious factory with state of the art machinery and highly trained professional workers that craft each PVC bag with care; that is why we can provide a wide array of different printing processes, including gold stamp, silk screen, and many other to meet your needs.

We also provide both OEM and ODM services for customized PVC bags.

Supply Eco friendly PVC bags

The PVC bags that we produce are all environmentally friendly, made from reusable materials entirely, and they are also one of our client’s favorite bags when it comes to shopping.

We provide a one stop service for personalized PVC bags. For example, if you don’t know what type of PVC bag you want or what would best suit your needs, we can offer you a reference to the shopping bags we have recommended before. You will be able to choose the style, size, thickness of the fabric and the printing reference to customize your bag as much as you want.

We also encourage customers to provide us with artwork; and we can also provide designs for free so you can see the PVC bag of your dreams become a reality, and make a better choice when purchasing it!

All in all, if you want a professional, good looking, high quality PVC bag come to us: we are the leading expert on bag manufacturing and we guarantee you will be left satisfied!

Perhaps you find yourself interested in the selling or the merchandising of PVC bags and you don’t know where to start. Good news for you because in this guide, we’ll be walking you through all the information you need about PVC bags and help you land on a good manufacturer for it!

Before all that, though, let’s first try to discuss what these PVC bags really are.

What Are Your Best PVC Bags Styles?

Vinyl PVC Bags Wholesale

Want to find out where you can purchase high-quality vinyl PVC bags wholesale for your business or for your personal endeavors? Are you trying to locate a manufacturer that can get you superior-quality PVC bags that are durable, flexible, and versatile?

You’re just in the perfect page! We here at The One are famous for a wide range of bag products, and our vinyl PVC bags are among the favorites.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve, as well as a few styles that stood out over our decade of experience. Here they are:

Clear Vinyl Bags Wholesale

If you ever need wholesale supplies of clear vinyl bags, we can get that for you here at The One! For 12+ years, we’ve produced a wide array of vinyl bags to our clients – both colored and clear. Get it for whatever wholesale amount you need, so long as it’s within the minimum requirement of orders we have! Get high-quality, versatile, and strong clear vinyl bags wholesale from us!

Zipper Vinyl PVC Bags Wholesale

Want to purchase wholesale PVC bags with zippers? Don’t worry, we can help you with that, too! We’re adept and skilled to produce and manufacture zippered vinyl PVC bags for you! Get it at the wholesale price to save up on extra fees, shipping, and handling. Don’t know what type of zipper you want to use? We have our lineup of vinyl PVC bag zippers you can choose from, so, don’t worry about it!

Custom Vinyl PVC Bags

As China’s top and most trusted vinyl PVC bags wholesale manufacturer, we can produce custom vinyl PVC bags for you! We can customize, specify, and modify it all according to how you want them. You can choose the added materials, the structure, the type of design, as well as the colors that would go with the custom vinyl PVC bags you want! The choice is yours – our expert craftsmen and bagmaking virtuosos would only be mediums to create the perfect PVC vinyl bags you need!

Vinyl PVC Bags With Logo

Other than customizing your vinyl PVC bags, we can also print and manufacture custom vinyl PVC bags with the logo of your company on it! It is the perfect marketing or advertising tool you can use to strengthen the reach and influence of your business. We’ve made vinyl PVC bags with logo for many clients, most of which wanted their logos to appear on the largest vacant area – which is the body.

Vinyl Bags For Packaging

Whether you are a logistics business, a courier business, or if you are involved in any transportation business, you can bank and count on us for the packaging vinyl bags you need. This option is taken by most businesses because of the strength, durability, and flexibility of vinyl bags. What’s beneficial in working with us is that our vinyl bags for packaging are engineered stronger, sturdier, and a lot more durable compared to other regular types of vinyl packaging bags.

Vinyl Storage Bags

Should you be involved in the storage, delivery, or the retail business and you need vinyl storage bags, The One can help you! We’re Jiangsu’s top choice for vinyl storage bags, all available in many different shapes, sizes, forms, and structures! We can produce vinyl storage bags with handles, flaps, zippers, and even large vinyl storage bags that are usually for mattresses, cushions, etc. Tell us what you need and we’ll give you a variety of options to choose from!

Vinyl Shopping Bags

Overall, our vinyl shopping bags are part of the best-selling bags we have in our arsenal. Our lineup and arsenal of vinyl PVC bags for shopping are wanted by a lot of businesses because of the texture, quality, and the fast-paced delivery we have. We perform extensive checking to ensure that quality is met – even exceeded, and we always try to improve or reinforce the straps to avoid problems in terms of carriage and transportation.

Vinyl Gift Bags

Our vinyl gift bags are all designed to be durable, long-lasting, and heavy-duty. Unlike traditional gift bags, we include other high-quality and durable materials to produce vinyl gift bags that wouldn’t be up for just a single use. More often than not, our vinyl gift bags are preserved and used by consumers for up to 8 times. It doesn’t break, it doesn’t flinch, and it would never show signs of weakness, given that you use them properly.

Vinyl Grocery Bags

Many establishments are slowly saying goodbye to the traditional paper and canvas bags for shopping and grocery, and that’s why we capitalized on this and made high-quality vinyl grocery bags. These bags are waterproof, dustproof, and can hold up to 10 times its own weight. We generally market them as strong, durable, and long-lasting, and that easily sells all of them out.  

Vinyl Tool Bags

If you want light, flexible, and easy-to-carry tool bags, then you can make use of our vinyl tool bags here at The One. We are considered the best in manufacturing vinyl tool bags in the Chinese market simply because of the multiple number of offers we have. The strength, resilience, and overall quality of our vinyl tool bags make it compatible with almost all tools in the book! It can carry heavyweight items, it would not be holed easily, and it’s not going to be scratched by sharp and pointy objects!

PVC Tote Bags

We here at The One are also known to be the best and largest manufacturer of PVC tote bags in and outside of China. We’re skilled and adept in producing and manufacturing all sizes of PVC tote bags, and for whatever use you may need it for. We can manufacture small PVC tote bags, medium-sized PVC tote bags, large – even extra-large PVC tote bags, too! Give us more information on the PVC tote bags you need and we will produce it for you in a swift and urgent manner.

Join thousands of businesses worldwide and get the cheapest, most valuable, and best-quality vinyl PVC bags wholesale! Reach out to us to get a free quotation on your orders!

PVC Bags Manufacturer | PVC Bags Supplier

As we are leading PVC Bags Manufacturer and Supplier in China, any custom size we can supply for you with custom printed logo.

Is PVC a Plastic?

When we think of plastic, we immediately have the thought of plastic bags. In reality, though, plastics aren’t just limited to those.

PVC Bags Manufacturer

An image of what PVC material looks like

PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, is one of the widely used and produced plastic polymer. Yes it’s plastic but it’s far stronger, more durable, and highly affordable than the type of plastic that you’re imagining.

What Are PVC Bags?

The idea behind PVC bags is simple – they’re bags that are made from a solid and a stable form of PVC and are extremely and highly durable.

Leather Handle PVC Bag

A transparent PVC bag

When it comes to the manufacturing of these PVC bags, you’ll immediately have a thought on how durable and long lasting they would be.

The benefits of PVC bags for you aren’t just limited to that. In fact, they’re also flexible, more versatile, and are eligible to be printed in the color, style, and design of your own choice!

Are PVC Bags Strong and Durable?

Yes, PVC bags have been known to be one of the strongest, most durable, and most effective in keeping all of your things and your items safe and protected.

PVC Transparent Drawstring Bag
Pvc Transparent Drawstring Bag

An image of a drawstring PVC bag that’s highly rigid and durable

In addition, these bags also contribute to the prevention of health hazards to people – burning and releasing toxic chemicals, among others.

Contrary to what most people believe in, PVC bags don’t actually contain materials and chemicals you’ll usually find in regular plastic bags. Instead, the materials used in the production of these bags are chosen and are selected carefully.

Can You Wash PVC Bags?

Just like how you wash other types of materials on bags, you too can wash and clean out the dirt and dust off of PVC bags easily and more conveniently.

PVC Bags Manufacturer

PVC bag put inside a washing machine

To help you even further, here’s a simple step-by-step process on how you can clean and wash your PVC bags:

  1. Prepare the solution by mixing four (4) parts of water with one (1) or half (1/2) part of bleach. Then, add in the fabric detergent or any other fabric-cleaning agent that you have.
  2. Then, dampen a piece of clean cloth into the solution.
  3. Using that same cloth, scrub the PVC handbag smoothly and mildly. Avoid going in rough and hard to ensure that everything will still sit in place.
  4. Once all of the dirt and dust have been removed and released, rinse the bag well using warm water, then taper it up with cold water after that.
  5. Make sure that all traces of the solution are removed and cleaned off of the bag.
  6. In drying your PVC bag, avoid putting it inside a dryer, even if you have a laundry bag. Instead, the best approach to this is to hang them dry under direct sunlight. Let it dry for about 2 to 3 hours and you’ll see your PVC bags good as new.

This process is simple and easy – it wouldn’t even take you half a day to do it! If your PVC bag is small, it’ll usually take around 1 to 2 hours until it’s completely dried!

How Do You Print on PVC Bags?

Several PVC bag manufacturers were able to come up with a variety of ways in printing on PVC bags. However, the most common method would still be heat pressing.

PVC waterproof laundry dry bag

Image from a clip of printing on PVC bags

The process of heat pressing is kind of simple; usually, the procedure goes like this:

  1. Since PVC is heat-sensitive, using a heat press would be an effective and low-cost way of printing on PVC.
  2. The sticker is prepared and is placed on top of the PVC bag.
  3. After it’s prepared, the press is accomplished at a temperature of about 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for eight (8) to ten (10) seconds.
  4. At this point, the PVC bag will be hot to the touch. So, before you remove the sticker, allow the bag to cool for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. When it’s all cooled, you now have your printed PVC bag!

How to Prevent PVC Bags From Peeling?

The prevention of the stickers peeling isn’t actually just a singular process. Instead, there are common practices in order to ensure that your PVC bag will be able to hold the print.

PVC Bags Manufacturer

A small print on a PVC bag

Here are some of the practices that you need to take note of to prevent your PVC bags from peeling.

Keep Them Away From Heat

PVC’s roots are heat – it’s also its number one enemy. When heat is involved, it only means two (2) things: a PVC bag is being printed on, or the PVC bag’s design and print is being subject to peeling.

Therefore, as much as possible, try to keep them away from environments where heat is abundant.

Put Old Newspaper Inside When Not In Use

Since most of the prints of PVC bags are through heat pressing, when they’re not in use or when they’re creased and crumpled up, the stickers tend to detach from the PVC.

To avoid this, a simple solution would be to put or place newspapers inside of the PVC bags. This allows your PVC bags to stay in shape, which minimizes the peeling.

Store Them In a Dust Bag

The prints on your PVC bags weren’t manufactured through knitting. Therefore, it’s not really a major part of the bag.

So, when dust gets on the surface of the PVC bag – particularly on the print – the tendency is it will sneak off between the print and the PVC bag. This can highly contribute to the peeling of the prints on your PVC bag.

What Do You Usually Use a PVC Bag For?

PVC bags are one of the most common and the most sought-after products on the market.

PVC Bags Manufacturer

Different-sized PVC bags for different types of uses

You’ll be able to find a ton of uses for PVC bags but among the most common would be for sporting events, giveaways, and for promotional purposes.

But, there’s still a myriad of other uses and applications for PVC bags in the electronics, retail, and other fields of the same kind.

Can You Purchase Waterproof PVC Bags?

Nowadays, the market for PVC bags have gone from just being focused in functionality, to being luxury and designer products.

PVC Bags Manufacturer

Image of a waterproof PVC small sling bag

The market even goes as far as offering waterproof PVC bags! In fact, may PVC bag manufacturers are now focusing on how they can improve and enhance the qualities of the PVC bags they’re producing or manufacturing.

Some, if not most of them are starting by offering waterproof PVC bags for both men and women.

Are PVC Bags Recyclable?

Contrary to what most people believe in, PVC bags are highly unlikely to be recyclable.

Due to the simple fact that they’re made out of thermoplastic, it would be difficult to use for the second time.

But, some PVC bag manufacturers are now coming up with a few different ways in recycling PVC bags, making other sets of PVC bags to be sold in the market.  

The use two (2) ways in recycling PVC, and it’s either through (1) mechanical recycling and (2) feedstock recycling.

Feedstock recycling is a process where PVC bags are heated and converted into different waste chemical components. This results to new products – new PVC that can be used in the manufacturing or the production of fuel for the recovery of energy.

Mechanical recycling, on the other hand, is the procedure of treating waste, reducing them into smaller and more manageable pieces. Then, these pieces are recycled through melting or remolding into different products.

These are two (2) of the most common ways how PVC bag manufacturers recycle and reuse PVC.

PVC Bags With Zipper: Is It Possible?

Yes, tons of PVC bag manufacturers are starting to innovate by creating PVC bags with zippers.

PVC Tote bag

A sample image of a PVC bag with zipper

Most of them produce PVC bags with zippers as handbags, tote and jute bags, and even purses and pouches.

This usually results in a clear bag with a zipper for its opening, as well as additional pockets on either the exterior or the interior of the main bag.

Are Ziploc Bags PVC Free?

Ziploc is one of the many types of materials that is advertising itself as reusable and re-sealable. Because of this a lot of people have been wondering if there’s a presence of PVC in these materials.

The quick and simple answer to that is no – Ziplocs contains 0% of PVC. Ziplocs are made up of polypropylene, which is usually recycled and can easily be molded into a different type of material.

Unlike regular plastic, though, PVC bag manufacturers find it simple and easy to convert Ziploc bags into their own products.

Can You Purchase PVC Bags With Logo?

Yes, several PVC bag manufacturers are offering custom products for their clients.

Laser PVC Bag

Small PVC pouch or bag with logo

Since most of their clients are involved in the business of marketing, promoting, and advertising, custom PVC bags with the logos of businesses and companies isn’t new to the eyes and ears of these suppliers.

You’ll find a whole lot of these custom PVC bag manufacturers in various parts of the world. But, the strongest and the most in-demand markets when it comes to the production of custom PVC bags would be the Chinese market.

For years now, Chinese PVC bag manufacturing companies and businesses have been dominating the league substantially.

Every year, the increasing rate of their productions and manufacturing processes have not seen any degradation.

Which PVC Bags Manufacturer Can You Trust?

Out of all the different options you have in the market, you wouldn’t be able to find a PVC bag manufacturer and supplier as trusted and as experienced as us here at The One.

For many years, the PVC bags we’ve been producing for our clients are deemed the best. Whether they’re from Europe, the Americas, or even some parts here in Asia, they considered our PVC bags to have the highest quality in terms of color, performance, and durability.

You can purchase our PVC bags in a wide array of selections including PVC shopping bags, PVC hanger bags, PVC tote bags, PVC zipper pouches, and many more!

Why Trust The One’s PVC Bags?

In our experience in the industry, we never failed to grasp and obtain all the needed licenses and certifications to give all our clients the assurance in our products.

For one, all of our bags are AZO free, meaning, there are less toxic material in our products compared to the ones produced and manufactured by our competitors.

  • We use highly advanced machines and equipment in producing our PVC bags
  • All our raw materials have been sourced from the best in the country
  • We’re capable of producing thousands of PVC bags for you every week
  • We have our Research & Development (R&D) team that can produce custom PVC bags depending on your business needs

Wherever you are in the world and whatever business you are in, The One will be your best choice! You can also purchase wine bottle bags, home storage bags, fishing cooler bags, garment bags, cosmetic bags , waterproof bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, and others from us!

If you’re involved in the production of promotional PVC bags for business clients, or if you’re in the manufacturing industry too and you’re looking for a sub-contractor, contact us and experience world-class quality production.

Dial us today and get the best PVC bags you will ever lay your hands on! We will even send a free quotation or a free estimate your way!

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