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We are home household storage bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply quilt storage bags, blanket storage bags, duvet storage bags, pillow storage bags, underbed storage bags, garment storage bags and other storage bags, etc.

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At our organization, THE ONE, you have the option of adding a range of features to your household storage bag design. These additional features can expand the influence that your brand usually carries. It will be genuinely your unique brand influence.

You might be wondering what the features are that you can add to your storage bag design. You can customize your storage bags with such features that are specifically good for your brand. For instance, you can select from a variety of materials available. Another option could be of adding a more robust zipper tearing to your storage bags. You can also add more features that include customizing Velcros, stylish handles, or adding designer buttons to storage bags.

If you talk about THE ONE, it is a leading storage bags manufacturer and a provider of customized packaging solutions for bags. THE ONE always endeavors to use the best quality material with an obsession to match them with your needs for product packaging. We carry an attitude of focus to create perfect designs and go into details that are nothing short of ultimate perfection.

We are in this business for more than ten years. The One has capitalized on such a rich experience to provide you the perfect storage bag design options by specializing and developing the best quality bags and designs. We offer storage bags with top-of-the-line quality, and we boast of meeting and usually exceeding our clients’ expectations to their complete satisfaction.

We are confident that our organization can meet your requirements in the two best ways. Firstly, we can give a 100% guarantee on our storage bags’ quality. Secondly, we can provide the best professional assistance to your team. In both of these ways, we will strive to match your expectations and satisfy your needs. THE ONE can assure you to give its unique way of best services in the market.

You can dominate the market by supplying our high-quality storage bags with versatile customization options. Your brand will sky-rocket with growth in the market by introducing our storage bags by promising high-quality in every possible way. We solicit your emails to send inquiries or to learn more about our range of storage bags, or explore possibilities of customized designs in different materials.

If you are interested in our storage bags, please feel free to take the initiative of getting in touch with our skilled team to help you provide more information and customize the bag designs

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There are about hundreds of household storage bag manufacturers in the market. That being said, how can you land working with the best?

In this guide, we’ll give you the information you need to know about household storage bags. Furthermore, we will also impart some of the knowledge you can use to find out how to land working with the best household storage bag supplier!

What Are Household Storage Bags?

TOD-04 Clear PVC quilt bag for home storage

Figure 1 – A 2-piece household storage bags in the gray color

These are the bags that you use within your household to store different kinds of stuff like clothes, blankets, linen, and even bags!

You can find many different types and classes of household storage bags in the market; there are even some that are used to store food!

Here with us at The One, we can produce and manufacture all the different types and kinds of household storage bags that you need!

What Do You Use Household Storage Bags For?

The use of household storage bags would depend on what type of storage bag it is.

PEVA storage bag

Figure 2 – Household storage bags being used for storing and keeping clothes

If we’re talking about the usual and regular household storage bags which you can find on your bedroom, it can be a hamper or a storage for dirty clothes.

You can also use it for the storage of your kids’ toys, whatnot. Among the most common uses of household storage bags include:

  • Storage for blankets
  • Storage for dirty clothes
  • Organizer for bedroom things
  • Storage for towels and other linen
  • And many more!

Styles for Household Storage Bags

Duvet Storage Bags

Duvet Storage Bag

These bags are very flexible and provide plenty of space to comfortably store your comforters. It helps you save space in your closet. Besides protecting them from dust, keeping them free of any dirt, it also doesn’t keep humidity because they are bags with air inlets, and they are mostly transparent, so you can easily check the comforter you are looking for. 

Pillow Storage Bags

Fabric Under Bed Storage Bags For Blankets

For large items such as pillows, the best option for storage is pillow bags. They help you save more space when storing them because they eliminate any air ingress into the bags, either for your closet or if you want to travel with them, and they also protect your pillows from moisture, dust, and any other dirt.

Garment Storage Bags

garment bags manufacturers

This product is made to be able to store and protect clothes correctly. These bags are the best option to organize your clothes more efficiently. You only have to use them as if they were compact drawers or shelves, giving you the ease of being able to have your clothes separated by category or type, and it will be much easier for you to get everything you are looking for.

Blanket Storage Bags

Blanket Storage Bag

Blanket storage bags are essential as they allow us to keep our blankets organized and clean, and even clothes that can easily get dirty, such as white. Blanket storage bags are made of durable, breathable materials that keep blankets and clothes free of odors and dirt. They are easy to transport and store as they are lightweight.

Under Bed Storage Bags

under bed storage bag

Under the beds, there is a large space available compared to a closet. Instead of simply throwing your shoes under the bed you can opt for under-bed storage, such as wooden, plastic, or metal drawers, or bags. There you can store and keep your things in order under the bed.

Shoe Storage Bags

shoe storage bag

These bags offer you the opportunity to store your shoes and generate great comfort. They are special to use if you are going to travel because it helps you keep your luggage clean, or simply to keep them well organized in your closet. After all, they save space besides protecting your shoes from dust and other dirt.

Quilt Storage Bags

Non woven storage bags

These bags are made of breathable materials so that the quilts you store are odorless. Besides, they usually have a transparent side, so you can quickly locate what you are looking for. They are lightweight, which allows them to be moved easily, also have a strong double closure, and if you do not need to use them at a certain time, you can fold them for storage.

Other Dust Storage Bags

dust storage bag

There are additional storage bags that allow us to organize and keep our things free of dust. We can find a variety of other storage bags of many sizes and different materials, such as bamboo storage bags, vacuum storage bags, among others.

Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl Mattress Storage Bags With Zipper

All consumers want their products to be strong, durable, and highly-effective. That’s why we created our roster of heavy duty PVC vinyl mattress storage bags equipped with zippers for full-on protection and security! We can even add waterproofing to it, too!

Large Clear Plastic Storage Bags With Zippers

See through the storage bags we have using our large clear, zipper-equipped plastic storage bags! The reason why this product is deemed to be one of the favorites is because of the fact that it’s easy to navigate and it’s clean and neat-looking!

Heavy Duty Polyester Storage Bags With Zipper

The One can also produce whatever shape and size of heavy duty polyester storage bag with zippers, depending on the market you have! We can create it custom-fitting to whom you’ll be offering it to! Their applications vary widely, and you have the choice to offer it to others as well!  

Large Plastic Storage Bags With Zipper

If our extra large storage bags with zippers are too big for you, then we can swoop down to a lower level, with our large plastic storage bags! Your customers and clients can highly benefit from it as it’s protected and secured!

Household Containers For Sale

Most household containers are shaped as a rectangle, and there’s not a single type of household containers in the market.

Canvas Duvet Storage Bags
Canvas Duvet Storage Bags

Figure 3 – Household containers or household bags

You can purchase household containers that are baskets, plastic transparent, as well as those that have color.

There are many different types and kinds of household containers in the market. You can find most of them on Alibaba, Made In China, Trade India, Dr. Mart, and many more!

Do note, though, that most of them are sold in retail prices. Therefore, it is truly important that if you need many stocks, it’s better if you purchase household storage bags wholesale.

Household Plastic Storage Containers

Just because they’re known as plastic household storage containers does not mean that they’re literally plastic.

The material that’s used in this process is plastic, and that’s the reason why they’re called like that. Most household plastic storage bags and containers are transparent, but there are models and products that have been colored in order to be separated and known from the rest.

You can find a ton of household plastic storage containers that are colored in different ways. The most common of which would be containers that are colored blue, white, black, and gray!

Here at The One, the colors you’re looking for don’t matter; we are skilled and employed with some of the industry’s top and most skilled experts when it comes to household storage bags.

We can get you the colored household storage bags that you need!

Household Medium Storage Bags on Amazon

Amazon is known to be the all-in-one website where you can find anything from A to Z.

storage bag manufacturers,quilt storage bags manufacturers,blanket storage bag manufacturer,household storage bags

Figure 5 – Some of the wide selection of household storage bags you can buy on Amazon

That being said, it’s also the website where you can find high and good-quality household medium storage bags!

There’s really not a single size for these medium household storage bags. But, the most common measurement of these medium storage bags would be about 25-inch (h) x 22-inch (w) by 14-in (deep).

If your living space is not that big, you can already consider these medium household storage bags to be big. On the contrary, if you have plenty of room for other objects, you will find this to be regular.

Dust Proof Storage Bags

You’ll also be able to find dustproof storage bags in many different places and websites.

PEVA storage bag

Figure 6 – An example of a dustproof household storage bag

Note that it’s not a common expectation for household storage bags to be dustproof. In fact, it’ll be in the discretion of the manufacturer.

Some household storage bag suppliers make all of their products dustproof, like us here at The One. On the other hand, it’ll be additional cost if you request or look for a dustproof household storage bag.

But, here with us at The One, we can get you high-quality dustproof storage bags without adding anything! It’s actually part of the many features and benefits of our household storage bags, that’s why a lot of businesses and companies choose us for their bags!

What is a Storage Box Organizer?

A storage box organizer is another type of household storage bag that’s shaped like a box instead of a regular bag.

More often than not, it’s a bag-type box that’s comprised of a frontal and an upper cover. Furthermore, it also has a hole so that it’ll be easier to carry around the house.

It also contains compartments for easier sorting out of the things that you will store inside it. Storage box organizers can either be made out of metal, hard plastic, or even canvas or fur-type of textile that are stood up by wires.

Here at The One, our household storage box organizers are made out of a variety of materials. Its inside components are made out of stainless steel rivets, while the outside material is coated with cotton.

For the body, it’s all-out strong cardboard pieces that are installed and pieced together.

Where Do You Use Household Storage Bags?

household STORAGE BAG manufacturer

Figure 7 – Some of the common applications of household storage bags

It’s pretty self-explanatory; it’s used in households for the sorting and the storing of things. The most common uses of it would be for storing clothes, linen, as well as other materials like toys, unused things, and many more!

Some people also use it to store food as well!

Storage Bags For Clothes

Part of the most common uses of household storage bags would be for clothes. As a matter of fact, when you search for it online, you’ll most likely be greeted by those that are made out of cotton with cardboard as its body.

There will never be a shortage of these storage bags for clothes wherever you are in the world! You can find it from your local wholesale store, your local dollar store, apparel shops and stores, and many more!

To make things easier for you, you can purchase it from websites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and more!

Storage Bags For Blankets

Another common use for household storage bags would be for the storing and the keeping of blankets, towels, pillowcases, comforters, and other types of linen.

They’re somehow designed to be the type of storage bag that’s not actually annoying because their texture is soft, they’re not heavy, and they’re easily accessible.

If you plan on adding storage bags for blankets on your arsenal of products, buy it directly from a household storage bag manufacturing company. Other than the fact that you’ll not run out of options (because you can customize it), it’ll also actually be a lot cheaper and more affordable if you do!

Out of all the household storage bag manufacturers in China, the top-selling and most trusted supplier is none other than us here at The One. Our experience in the industry made and molded us to be the best!

We’ll let you know more about why we are the best in the latter part of this guide.

Small Plastic Storage Containers

Aside from medium to large-sized household storage bags, you can also purchase small plastic storage containers! They’re usually about 10 x 10 inches and are often used for keys, coins, and other small objects like jewelry, eyewear, and many more!

Unlike household storage bags, though, these small plastic storage containers usually wouldn’t have covers. Their sole purpose is to allow you to put all of the small and tiny things you have in one place so you don’t lose sight of it!

Here with us at The One, unfortunately, we don’t offer these types of plastic storage containers. Instead, what we have are cotton-made small household storage bags, which are typically used for storing baby items, gadgets, face towels, handkerchiefs, underwear, and things of the like.

Can You Purchase Heavy Duty Canvas Storage Bags Wholesale?

If you’re a business and you want to add heavy duty canvas bags to the library of products you’re offering, the best thing to do is to purchase them from a household storage bags manufacturer.

There are many pros and benefits of purchasing them directly from a supplier, and some of them include, but are not limited to:

You Can Request Custom Orders

The thing that most businesses love about buying from a supplier directly is the flexibility of their orders. More often than not, they would ask and request to have household storage bags manufactured in a custom sense, meaning, the design, style, and colors would be specific to the clients’ needs.

Add the fact that their logos could be printed on the bag, too, it’s truly an advantage!

You Will Never Run Out of Stocks

Another reason why it’s always better to work directly with a household storage bags supplier is that you will never run out of stocks.

While most of the time, household storage bag manufacturers would require you of a minimum order, it’s actually for your business’s own good; why, you may ask? It’s because if you have more than what you need, you will never run out in the event that the product becomes a hit.

You’ll not be aggravated by the needs of your clients. In fact, it can buy you time to order a new set of household storage bags!

You Can Get it Cheaper

Probably the most important reason for many, and for some, the only reason why they work with a manufacturer is the fact that the products would be cheaper.

Buying it cheaper opens a lot of business opportunities for you, including:

  • Higher profitability
  • Better position to market your products
  • Fast execution and lead time

So, if you’re now itching to work with a household storage bags manufacturer, which one should you choose?

Here in China, no other company has been trusted and banked on when it came to all the different kinds and types of household storage bags than us here at The One.

For more than a decade, we have helped and assisted hundreds – if not thousands of businesses worldwide when it came to their need to have household storage bags produced and manufactured.

But, why us? What makes us different from other household storage bag suppliers and manufacturers in the industry?

Why Choose The One For Your Household Storage Bags?

Out of the million reasons why we are considered the best and the most proficient in the market. Here are the most common reasons why people choose our bags 9 times out of 10.

  • We’re flexible with the material, you can choose from PVC, bamboo, nylon, cotton, and even canvas.
  • The One can produce custom household storage bags that are specific to your needs.
  • All our household storage bags have been engineered to resist dust.
  • We can perform waterproofing on the household storage bags should you need it for outdoor purposes
  • And many more!

With The One, it’s only a matter of time until you get the best and highest quality of household storage bags that you need.

Dial us and never worry about how you can make your bag business profitable again! With our household storage bags, we can guarantee quality and profitability – both of those without straining or burning a hole in your pocket!

Apart from household storage bags, you can also purchase other products from us such as custom wine bags, custom tote bags, cosmetic bags, waterproof beach bags, and many more!

Work with us and experience world-class quality not just with our products but also when it comes to our client experience!

Household Storage Bags – The Complete FAQ Guide

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