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We are tote bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture and supply wholesale eco-friendly reusable canvas tote bags, PEVA/PVC zipper tote bags , TYVEK Tote bags, RPET Tote bags,  etc. The main purpose can be shared by schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, retail stores, distributors, wholesalers, etc. We provide you with the best quality services and fast delivery with the smallest MOQ. 

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Why The One is Your Premier Choice

The One stands out as a leading producer of custom tote bags. Our exceptional craftsmanship, use of eco-friendly fabrics, and dedication to your specific needs guarantee a tote bag that’s not just trendy but also sustainable. Focused on robustness and modern styles, The One is your ultimate pick for personalized sophistication in everyday carry. 

The One: Your Destination for Premium Custom Tote Bags in China. Elevate your brand with our customizable features, including diverse materials, durable zippers, and strong handles. With over a decade of excellence, we guarantee top-quality, satisfaction, and professional service. Contact us for tote bags that make your brand stand out.

Eco-friendly and committed to green manufacturing

The One crafts eco-friendly tote bags with a commitment to green manufacturing. Our bags blend sustainable materials with stylish, durable designs, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. Choose The One for your tote bag needs and carry with confidence and care for the environment.

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Customize Each Detail by you Needs

At The One, we specialize in tailor-made tote bags designed to meet your exact needs. From the fabric to the finish, every detail is customizable to ensure your tote bag is a perfect match for your personal style and practical requirements. Whether you’re aiming for a unique look or need a specific size or material, we adapt each bag to suit your vision. With us, you have the freedom to create a tote bag that’s truly yours.

Our Collections

See our process and flow to the below 6 easy steps

Book Tote Bags

Ideal for students and readers, designed to hold books, notebooks, and other reading materials comfortably.

Grocery Tote Bags

Sturdy and spacious, these are perfect for shopping trips, made to carry heavy groceries with ease.

Beach Tote Bags

Made with durable, water-resistant materials, designed to carry beach essentials like towels, sunscreen, and swimwear.

Gym Tote Bag

Features compartments for gym gear, shoes, and are typically made of odor-resistant materials.

Fashion Tote Bags

These are stylish and often designer bags that make a fashion statement while being functional.

Eco Tote Bags

Constructed from materials like jute or recycled plastics, these bags are for the environmentally conscious shopper.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

See our process and flow to the below 6 easy steps
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Step 1
7-10 days
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Step 2
3-7 days
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Step 3
Production Preparation
7-10 days
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Step 4

Bulk Manufacturing
20-40 days

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Step 5
Quality control
1-3 day
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Step 6

25-35 days

Sustainable Elegance: Custom Tote Bags Crafted for Quality and Style

Material Excellence

We prioritize selecting the best materials for our tote bags, focusing on durability, functionality, and style. Our bags are crafted to be both visually appealing and resilient, making them stand out in both design and performance.

Affordable Quality

Our belief is that high quality can be economical. We've refined our processes to create premium, custom tote bags that are accessible to all budgets, ensuring you don't have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Performance Assurance

Each tote bag is rigorously tested for strength and endurance, ensuring they live up to the high expectations of our customers. Our thorough quality checks mean every bag is built to last.

Personalized Experience

We offer bespoke tote bags that cater to individual tastes and needs, from the print to the pocket placement. Our customization ensures that each bag feels as though it was made specifically for its owner.

Space-Efficient Designs

Our tote bags are designed to be versatile, ideal for a quick trip to the store or a day out in the city. We offer various sizes and styles to suit any lifestyle and storage need.


Craftsmanship Dedicated to sustainable practices, our tote bags are produced with minimal waste and eco-friendly materials, supporting a healthier planet without compromising on quality or design.

Custom Tote Bags FAQ

A tote bag is a large, often biodegradable bag with parallel handles. It’s eco-friendly, reusable, and promotes environmental awareness.

We offer a variety of materials, including cotton, leather, and heavy canvas. Choose based on durability, use case, and your branding needs.

Tote bags offer brand exposure, social validation, and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, enhancing your business’s image and customer loyalty.


From book to beach, canvas, waterproof, and promotional tote bags, we cater to various business needs with customizable designs.

Usually it is depended on order quantity, we will ship around 20-35days. If big order, we will discuss with our customer by then.

We’ve specialized in tote bags for over 10 years, offering quality, custom options at wholesale prices.

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