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We are tote bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture and supply wholesale eco-friendly reusable canvas tote bags, PEVA/PVC zipper tote bags , TYVEK Tote bags, RPET Tote bags,  etc. The main purpose can be shared by schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, retail stores, distributors, wholesalers, etc. We provide you with the best quality services and fast delivery with the smallest MOQ. in

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Manufactured Styles For Tote Bags

custom simpler canvas tote bag

Book Tote Bags Wholesale

You can quickly stash books of all sizes in these bags. Whether it is a notebook, textbook, or laptop, these bags can carry all of them. They are suitable for a career woman or man on the go. However, manufacturers pay special attention to their seams and ensure strength and durability by double stitching.

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Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

Canvas tote bags are lightweight and durable. Since they consist of environment-friendly material, companies mostly use them for corporate events. These bags use woven cotton or linen fabric, which we usually see in backpacks or tents. They involve a unique weaving process to make them with a cotton fabric and is always stronger than plain cotton bags.

Beach Tote Bags Wholesale

Beach tote bags are relatively light and portable and hence are quite popular with beach enthusiasts. You can carry clothes, a towel, sunscreen, and a few food items in these bags. They are also popular at pool parties and rainy or humid areas because of their water-resistant fabric. A handy inside pocket is useful for keeping essential things.

Tote Bags Manufacturer

Tote Bags with Zipper Wholesale

Usually, tote bags have an unfastened top. Such tote bags with zippers add extra convenience to the users. Such bags are typically large-sized and have double stitching to support the excess weight. You can fit large size items inside them. Fancy parallel handles with zipper provide a stylish look.

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Clear PVC Tote Bag

They are ideal for holiday traveling. PVC material makes the bags fully waterproof and stylish at the same time. There are other materials also available which make them water-resistant. Such bags are no more outdated and look trendy and fashionable with bold colors. Due to their attractive styles, you may like to carry them even when it is not raining

Wholesale Kraft Paper Ladies Large Capacity Crossbody Fashion Tyvek Tote Bag

Cooler Tote Bags Wholesale

They are ideal for holiday traveling. PVC material makes the bags fully waterproof and stylish at the same time. There are other materials also available which make them water-resistant. Such bags are no more outdated and look trendy and fashionable with bold colors. Due to their attractive styles, you may like to carry them even when it is not raining

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Fabric Tote Bag Wholesale

These versatile bags come in various fabrics ranging from cotton, nylon, thick plastic, canvas to several synthetic fibers. That is why they find applications in diverse areas. Depending on the material used, they have several printing options and design styles to suit several occasions like craft, gifts, hobbies, weddings, etc.

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Embroidered Tote Bag Wholesale

Embroidery provides a unique look to each bag as the designs can be quite imaginative. They are usually popular in wedding and theme events. You can also order a custom-designed bag with your design preferences. The embroidery provides a professional look to promotional messages and stays fresh compared to most printing choices.


Nonwoven Tote Bag Wholesale

They prove to be the right choice for the people on the go. They have exceptional strength and durability compared to many other fabrics, mainly cotton. They are reusable, washable, and easy to maintain due to their smoother texture. Easy printing options make them the first choice among branding professionals. They are an affordable branding tool with an added green tag of eco-friendliness.

Fashion Tote Bag Wholesale

A tote bag generally has two parallel straps, whereas shoulder bags have only one. A tote usually opens more expansive than a shoulder bag. Alternatively, a shoulder tote bag provides the best of both worlds by combining both kinds’ best features. The added convenience of carrying them on their shoulder is slowly making them popular.

Jute Tote Bags Wholesale

Jute bags are by far the most eco-friendly bags as they are biodegradable and durable. People use these bags for shopping and everyday activities. In addition to the rustic look, you can customize them with several printing options. With their contemporary green look and differentiated material, they help you stand out.

Printed Tote Bags Wholesale

Printed ones give you a feeling of being in touch with the latest fashion and trends. Corporate houses prefer to print company logos and catchy messages on the bags’ sides to reinforce their brand images. Printing makes them appear stylish and trendy and are the first choice among youth seeking convenience at affordable prices.

Promotional Tote Bags Wholesale

Companies use promotion tote bags during the events and seminars to distribute leaflets, brochures, and giveaways. The affordable costing of bags has encouraged many marketing professionals to showcase the company brand by printing specially targeted messages to woo consumers. What is more, you can customize the bags with dozens of styles and printing options.

The One- China Leading Tote Bags Manufacturer

The One, one of the best tote bags suppliers and manufacturers in China. At THE ONE, we will let you add features to make your tote bag to improved your brand’s influence, truly your own. Our features include kinds of different materials, strong zippers tearing, velcro, button, handles which are particularly good for custom your tote bags.

As the premier manufacturer of tote bags and all kinds of custom bag packaging solutions, The One always looking for the best materials that will fit the product’s packaging you need. We retain the attitude of being obsessed with making design and details into perfection.

For more than 10 years of experience, The One has specialized and developed the best tote bags design, the quality of our tote bags is top of the line and always meet our client’s satisfaction.

The One tote bags can satisfy your needs, with its guaranteed quality bags and professional assistance, you will ensure our kind of services.

With our high-quality tote bags, will let your brand boom in the market. If you are interested in our tote bags or want to custom-made design, please feel free to send us an email.

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Tote Bags Supplier and Manufacturer

There are some things that you might want to know when it comes to ordering your products specifically tote bags from your tote bags manufacturer. Most of the personnel that is in charge of ordering these tote bags usually tend to forget to include vital pieces of information such as the style of tote bags that they desire, the materials of the tote bags that they need as well as the main purpose of these tote bags as some tote bags are made for people that purchase electronics products (the size of these kind of tote bags tend to be medium in size) while others are made for people that buy groceries and therefore need something to carry all of their things efficiently.

What is a Tote Bag?


A tote bag is a large bag that usually has two parallel handles that are connected to the sides of each pouch. The word tote initially comes from the African language and it is being introduced into the English language as Gullah. In most cases, you can find these types of bags in a shopping mall specifically in the groceries section. Most companies utilize the use of tote bags as a way to helps reduce the use of plastic bags that are considered to be affecting the state of the environment in a bad way. Tote bags, on the other hand, are usually biodegradable which means that they could be recycled for future use so that the current state of our environment could be preserved for future generations. On top of that, due to the high durability of these tote bags, they can be used for quite a long time which means that people don’t have to spend again and again on plastic bags that contribute to the pollutions of our environment.

Tote bags have been used recently to promote global awareness about the environmental issues that we currently have for everyone on this planet. At first, it may cost a few dollars for you to have one but imagine having the ability to use it over and over again in the future. This will not only help people to save their money on disposable plastic bags but it will also help to preserve the environment around the world. In The One Packing Solution, we believe in the preservation of the environment as well as the quality of life that most people deserved to have hence this is the reason why we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality tote bags that can help to save the environment from being polluted by all those plastic bags that are threatening the survival of the wildlife species especially those in the oceans.

What material are tote bags made out of?

As years of experience of tote bags supplier and manufacturer, we can make bulk tote bags styles for your reference.

The style of the tote bags that you need is also one of the essential pieces of information that you should always supply to your tote bag manufacturer for us to know the appropriate design and preferences of the tote bags. By doing this, you will not only help us to determine the style and design of the tote bags, but you will also be able to promote your brands more effectively. 

You may choose to display the logo of your company on these tote bags so that the brand of your company can get more exposure and awareness to other potential customers that may be available in the public. The style of your tote bags may have a huge impact on the performance of your business so it’s highly recommended for you to make the design of your tote bags well as it will resemble the cause that your company believes in.

For instance, if the main aim of your company is to make people stop hunting wild turtles for their meat then you could include an image of a turtle at the handle of the tote bags while making the background to be transparent to make it look like the people are carrying a dead turtle instead. Most people would notice this and would most probably take a closer look at the tote bags and when they do, they will find the message that you are trying to reach out to them which in this case is to stop the hunting of wild turtles. Depending on the level of your creativity, you may customize the design of the tote bags to be how you wanted it to be as our dedicated teams at The One Packing Solution will always be there to fulfill your tote bags needs. In a nutshell, one of the most important things that you should include when you need tonnes of tote bags from us is the style of the tote bags itself so that we will be able to have good insights on what you need from us.

What Materials of Tote Bags Can We Make For You?

As we are the on of the tote bags supplier and manufacturer in China, it’s important for you to provide detailed information regarding the types of materials of the tote bags that you want us to make for your business. The types of materials of the tote bags that you use for your business will greatly affect the reputation of your business. Providing high-quality tote bags to your future customers will help you to gain trusts from them which in turn will help you to get more sales. Hence, choosing the right type of materials that are appropriate for its future usage will greatly help your business to grow been further. Some of the most common types of materials that are used to make a tote bag include cotton, leather, as well as a heavy canvas that have been treated with resins to combat mold and moisture.

Most of the tote bags that are available for free today, in most cases, are made from natural fibers that have been processed minimally and from the byproducts of some of the processes that are known to refine organic waste. To determine the type of materials that you should use for your tote bags, you should try to consider factors such as the place that you plan to distribute or sell it, the targeted groups of people that you expect to reach, the price of the tote bags (if you plan to sell it instead of giving it away for free), as well as the number of items that you expect the tote bags to hold. For example, if you plan to sell your tote bags to the people that are buying their groceries at the supermarket then you should use natural fibers like Jute, canvas, or woven artificial fibers to ensure the tote bags have a high-durability so that the customers will be able to use it again for multiples times in the future.

What are the Advantages of Providing Tote Bags to Your Customer?

Tote bags help your business to grow even further by exposing your brands for the world to see. The tote bags that you sell to your customers will be seen by a lot of people as the people that chose to buy your tote bags will keep on using these bags everyday. This will give your business a form of free advertising as you don’t have to spend much money to put up any sorts of advertisements on the billboard for other people to see and recognize your brands.

Hence, every time your customer uses the tote bags for their personal use, without realizing it, they are also helping your brands to be seen by most people around them. Apart from that, these tote bags also give people a form of social validation that would induce a form of trust in the brand of your business. Besides that, providing tote bags to your customers also helps to reduce the rate of pollutions in your local area. The image of your business will also be improved and will be assumed by many as a type of company that is concerned about the global issues that the world is facing today.

Where To Buy Tote Bags?

To be an excellent tote bags supplier and manufacturer. We focused on the tote bags area more than 10 years.

One of the many reasons as to why you should choose to buy from us is because we offer a cheaper price for each number of tote bags that you choose to buy from us. This means that when you decide to buy tote bags in such high quantities from us, you will be able to reduce the costs that are required to manufacture each bag. The act of buying wholesale from us for your business may help you to minimize the overall costs that would otherwise need a higher amount of money from you. Apart from that, introducing products that are eco-friendly as being a part of your business will also help to improve the image of your business while at the same time improving the level of customer retention.

Most customers don’t want to do anything that could contribute to the huge plastic problem that we have currently so if you provide them with a better alternative, then they would most probably be interested in buying your tote bags as this will helps them to save more money in the long run which brings us to the next point. Most people love saving their money from spending on things that are unnecessary and they would only willing to spend their money on the things that matter the most to them. Not only tote bags can be good for the environment, it also helps people to be a part of such healthy habits such as saving their money. Paying for a few cents every time you go to a grocery store or paying a few dollars and then use it for the rest of the year is the better option? In this case, the second choice is the one that is better as it helps people to save money while at the same time preserving the environment.

As your tote bags manufacturer, we believe in providing high-quality products to our customers and therefore we strive to be the best tote bags supplier by constantly deliver the best services and products for your business needs. Most of the tote bags manufacturer that are available today are competing with other tote bags manufacturer and in many cases, most of these tote bags manufacturer would prefer to sacrifice the quality of their products to have the most profits compared to other tote bags manufacturer but this is not the case with us as we highly stress on quality above anything else and pledge to be the best tote bags manufacturer of all.

What are the Types of Tote Bags that are Offered by Us?

If you don’t know which type you want, don’t worry. Let us, the professional tote bags supplier to tell you how to choose the types you want.

When it comes to tote bags, we do have a wide variety of them that will surely suit perfectly the needs of your business regardless of the things or services that you provide for your customers. You will surely be able to find the one that can cater to the needs of your business if you decide to order your tote bags from us. Listed down below is a list of different types of tote bags that we offer currently.

Book Tote Bags

The book tote bags are specifically designed by our teams of experts to fulfill the needs of the business that sells products that are related to students ranging from kindergarten students up to college students as well as anyone interested in books. So, if your business provides these kinds of products or services to the people then you might want to order your very own book tote bags from us to boost the sales and performance of your business in the future. These types of tote bags would usually be able to hold common students’ items such as books, calculators, laptops as well as other students’ essential items such as pens and erasers.

Beach Tote Bags

We also do offer tote bags meant for families that decide to go on a vacation to the beach. The beach tote bags would usually be an ideal choice for you if your business is focusing on providing the locals on the beach with some beach-related products such as sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, and bikinis. Our beach tote bags features a pair of strong handles that are designed by our expert team members to ensure the high durability of these tote bags. These bags are very light and it comes in multiples range of colors that would surely entice your customers to buy more from you hence increasing your sales. Some pockets are available in these beach tote bags to make it easier for your customer to store their essentials safely.

Canvas Tote Bags

The canvas tote bags are an ideal choice for your business if your business often handles multiples corporate events that involve many investors from other countries to take a look at your products. One way that you can utilize to impress your future investors for your business is by providing high-quality tote bags so that you would be able to convince them to put more money into your business to support the cause that you both have in common. Canvas tote bags have high durability and quality so this ensures that these bags can be used for a long time and one of the best things about these bags is that they are completely made from eco-friendly materials. You may use these kinds of tote bags in professional events such as when you are holding a graduation ceremony or for a particular meet and greet event.

Waterproof Tote Bags

Waterproof tote bags are a perfect choice for families that are planning to go out on a vacation not just to the beach but also to other historical places that has unpredictable weather. Families that travel to a variety of places in the world will surely need these kinds of tote bags as they are durable and reliable. On top of that, the waterproof property of these bags also helps people to prevent their essential valuable items such as a smartphone, wallets, perfumes, and other expensive cosmetics items from being damaged by water. For example, if a family is busy shopping in a grocery store but they need to get back to their hotel fast and when they reach the parking lot, all of a sudden it started to rain. In this case, if they do buy waterproof tote bags from you then they would be able to save a lot of their precious and valuable items from simply being ruined by the water.

Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags are often used by companies to promote their products and services to their customers to gain more exposure and attention from them. Apart from that, promotional tote bags can also be customized according to the needs of your business so let’s say that you want to promote just the name of the brand to warm up the interest of your customers. You can do so by informing us the details of your business such as the name of your business that you would like to be written on these promotional tote bags, the products that you offer to your customers as well as the images (if there’s any) that you want to display on your promotional tote bags. You don’t have to worry about anything as we have the cover for you and we will make sure that you have the best possible tote bags that you can have for your business. The costs that are associated with the manufacturing of all of these bags are also quite affordable so you can put your trust in us when it comes to tote bags

Finally, as a professional tote bags supplier and manufacturer, we can make any tote bags you want. We support customized tote bags with printed logos. Support any opinions on your tote bags. Above are some styles for your reference, we accept your drawstring inquires.

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