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Tyvek Bags Wholesale | Custom Tyvek Bags

We are custom Tyvek bags manufacturer and supplier. We can make Tyvek tote bags, Tyvek zipper bags, Tyvek garment bags, Tyvek backpacks, Tyvek cooler bags, Tyvek duffle bags, Tyvek drawstring bags, Tyvek shoe bags, Tyvek zipper bags and other styles you want.

Styles for Custom Tyvek Bags

Tyvek Lunch Bag

It is a paper fabric strong enough never to tear. It is reusable, soft, ultra-strong, waterproof, leak-proof, and durable for storing eatables like milk, fruit juice, water, snacks, lunch box, etc. It is suitable for kids going to school, beach, picnic, and so on.

Custom Tyvek Bags

Tyvek lunch bags consist of solid material, and these waterproof bags with insulation are ideal as lunch bags. They are padded and insulated and fitted with fold-down closure to help keep the content cool or warm as desired. They are well-suited for picnics, festivals, beach parties, etc.

Tyvek Grocery Bags

These are big capacity outdoor shopping Tyvek grocery bags that are strong enough for carrying essentials. Also known as washable kraft paper bags, you can move them around quickly as they are soft and hard. Have your authentic artwork printed on them to convey your message or highlight your brand or logo.

Tyvek Shopping Bags

Tyvek material is so versatile you can combine them with other fibers to bring out creative styles of tote bags. Mixed Tyvek tote bags can have dual-color tones, multiple materials, stylish handles, and attractive top closures. The possibilities are endless as you can be highly creative to combine compatible materials.

Reusable Paper Bags

You can use these reusable Tyvek paper bags for shopping, gift, promotion, clothes, etc. Tyvek, also known as Dupont paper, can have stylish leather handles (even called fake leather at times) for convenience and fashion. They are suitable for school, travel, office as a waterproof, durable, eco-friendly companion.

Tyvek Cosmetic Bags

Tyvek Cosmetic Bag have high tensile strength and water resistance comparable to plastic. A zipper holds the content safely. They are light and durable to store office supplies, toiletries, tickets, etc., making them versatile. You can customize them as you can sew, glue, or paint them quickly.

Tyvek Storage Bags

Tyvek is polyethylene fleece used in industries as protective suits for sterile conditions. Similarly, these Tyvek bags for storage feel like leather, and you can flatten them for quick storage. Use them to store food, laundry, books, towels, etc. These bags are durable and recyclable and aim to blend papercraft into daily life.

Tyvek Messenger Bags

Tyvek is a durable and environment-friendly paper-like synthetic material. Tyvek messenger bags are waterproof, super strong, durable, versatile, perfect for everyday shopping, groceries, travel, etc. These Tyvek bags have double stitching at seams to support the extra load. They almost look like leather bags.

Tyvek Travle Bags

Tyvek travel duffle bags with cylindrical shape and trolley handle make a fashion statement. You can customize these Tyvek duffle bags in different fashionable styles as they use soft but durable and versatile paper-type fabric. These Tyvek bags serve as weekender bags for short journeys, gym, school, work, etc.

Tyvek Reusable Bags

These Tyvek reusable bags can be wholly offset printed with full-color imagery. Tyvek material was developed for industrial use, but they are perfect for custom reusable tote bags due to their strength and unusual properties. Unlike paper, you can sew or glue the Tyvek material to customize the way you want.

TYVEK Bags Manufacturer

Tyvek Tote Bags

Our Tyvek Tote Bags could be use for shopping, school, company promotion use. All bags colors, styles, sizes could be custom made and add the printing your want or company loog. 

Tyvek Shoe Bag

Tyvek Drawstring Bags

Our Tyvek Drawstring Bags could be put makeup, beauty products, or put small items and shoes in it. It is light weight and carried easily.

Tyvek Dry Bags

This Tyvek Dry Bags are used in luxury hotels or hihg end laundry stores. They could be carried heavy duty blankets, duvest, dirty clothes, etc.

tyvek cooler bag

Tyvek Cooler Bags

Tyvek Cooler Bags are now a popular styles used for outdoor picnic. We have small or large sizes for our customer’s choose. 

Tyvek Zipper Bags

Our Tyvek Zipper Bags had a variety of styles, we can supply no gusset size or have gusset sizes.They can be used for school, shopping, makeups, etc.

Best China Tyvek Bags Manufacturer

As a professional Tyvek Bags manufacturer and supplier, The One makes it easy for you to add desired features to your Tyvek bag. We understand that you need to make the bag your own because a unique bag is among the important factors that can take your brand’s image to the next level.

To give you more customization options, we make available various great materials, handles, strong zippers tearing, buttons and velcro; all of which are excellent and of high quality. You can choose the right bits and pieces when customizing your Tyvek bag so that it can fit your unique needs.

As the preeminent manufacturer of Tyvek bags and provider of a wide range of custom packaging solutions, The One always strives to provide you with high-quality materials that will help you come up with excellent designs for your product packaging.

We believe that perfection is a style worth pursuing, therefore we love to do our best to make it one of our most important design aspects. We allow our obsession to continue driving us on the path of perfection. Eventually, it is our main goal to leave you with satisfaction. The One is not a company that was founded yesterday. We have more than a decade of experience that allows us to exceed even our own expectations. So we are more than ready to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

When it comes to Tyvek bag design, the specialty and quality we deliver are unquestionable. Don’t just believe what we say, but let our experience speak to prove our capabilities to you. See yourself how our top-of-the-line bags are better than others.

If you need Tyvek bags that can satisfy your wants, look no further than The One. We can guarantee that you will receive nothing from us except quality services. We are all set to assist you professionally in any of your bag design needs.

Our first-class Tyvek bags will boost your brand awareness and marketing ROI. Now if you are ready for that, feel free to contact us today. Whether you are interested in our Tyvek bags or in designing your own beautiful custom packaging, we are here to help.

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Our tyvek bags MOQ are 500PCS.

Welcome to visit our tyvek bags manufacutring workshop which located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Near  Shanghai airport, about half an hour for taking a train.

We have already supplied our tyvek bags to Europe, North Ameirca, Oceanie etc.

We can accept T/T, L/C for big orders. Usually is 30% deposit in advance, balance before shipment. For small orders, we accept to pay via PayPal.

As we are a bag manufacturer, except tyvek bags, we also supply cotton bags, non woven bags, nylon bags, pvc bags, mesh bags, etc.

FAQ About Tyvek Bags

What is foldable and printable as paper but as tear-resistant and waterproof as nylon, and 100% recyclable? It´s not Superman, it´s Tyvek. Tyvek is the new material that came into the garment world to cause a revolution. Tyvek bags manufacturers started using this material to create some of the most colorful and durable creations to date. It is so flexible that the only limit is the designer´s imagination. Not only that, but Tyvek is also being used in the construction industry as an isolator, and played a key role in protecting the heroes working in the front line during the COVID pandemic. Are you ready to know everything about this wonderful fabric? Then buckle up and read on because you´re in for a ride.

What is tyvek?

To begin with, let´s say that Tyvek was discovered by the DuPont Company by accident in the 1950s. It was first patented and used in the 70s and, although it has been used for many other endeavors, it is the best-kept secret in the fashion industry until today. Tyvek is a 100% synthetic material that is made using a spun bound method over polyethylene fibers. It is waterproof and tear-resistant under all conditions and so soft that you can even write on it. For example, if
you’ve recently used any FedEx or USPS envelopes, you might have noticed that it was made of fabric very close to paper but infinitely more resistant; it was Tyvek. Furthermore, in some Central American countries, it was used to manufacture currency. In the fashion industry, companies have trusted this material to create unique designs because of its exceptional properties. Especially, the bag industry benefited from this material largely.
If you´re looking for durability, flexibility, softness, and printability, you´ve found it; that is exactly what Tyvek is all about.

What are the benefits of using tyvek?

The benefits of using Tyvek are way too many to list in a single blog post, but we can go through the most important ones. Are you ready? Let´s do this. It´s non-woven – Non-woven material is more durable than woven material because there are no weak spots; it´s all the same fabric. Also, because it is a non-woven material, it is highly breathable and waterproof at the same time. It allows vapor to run through it but won´t let any water in. You can check this video to see that amazing property with your own eyes.

· It´s tear-resistant

– As you might have seen in the video (if you watched it until the end), Tyvek is also a very tear-resistant material that will take abrasion much better than other fabrics. This is especially important for a Tyvek bags manufacturer because bags are usually exposed to heavy abrasion in most case scenarios.

· It´s recyclable & reusable

– Tyvek bags are reusable. Moreover, Tyvek as a material can be reused time and again by shaping it into different objects. For example, much of the disposable medical elements we use today come in Tyvek packaging. That packaging, once recycled, can be turned into anything from an envelope to a bag to a set of playground games for children.

· It´s printable

– Since it is close to the texture of the paper, Tyvek-made goods can be printed using the same techniques as we would use on paper. For example, a great way to do it is with a regular printer as you can see in this video. This is again especially important for Tyvek bags supplier in China because they create
and ship your dream bag regardless of how intricate the design is.

· Water and microbial repellent

– Because the fibers are randomly laid and the bonding is made with high
pressure and heat, the result is the softest of thermoplastics. This high-density material is water and microbial repellent.

· Puncture resistant

– Because of the texture in the fabric and the randomness in which the fabric is laid, it is very difficult to puncture. Very difficult does not mean impossible, if you try hard you will succeed. On the other hand, taking a Tyvek tote bag to a picnic with a knife inside will not mean a ripped bag. The list could go on forever, but these are the main benefits of creating your new bag design with this material.

What are the tyvek bags?

Now that we have seen what Tyvek is and why it is so great, it is time to address the main topic of this post: Tyvek bags. Tyvek bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and, since it is such a durable, flexible material, you will very likely have yours for a very long time. For companies, this is particularly helpful
since bags are a great way of advertising a brand. Just seeing people standing in a line waiting with your logo on a bag is much cheaper than paying for a street ad. Plus, durability, flexibility, and printability will be associated with your brand. We have been through the benefits of this 100% recyclable fabric; now let´s see what a Tyvek bags supplier in China can transform it into.

Types of Tyvek bags

If you are dealing with a serious Tyvek bags manufacturer, the company will offer you many different models based on the same fabric. A good example of a trustable Tyvek bags supplier in China is The One Packing Solution. You can check the entire catalog here. We offer many more products and fabrics if you want to check them out too.

Shoulder-strap Tyvek cooler bags

Tyvek Cooler bags with a shoulder strap are great for picnics in the summer but also during the winter since they will retain the original temperature of whatever you put inside. Furthermore, if you are thinking of taking something hot, a fabric such as Tyvek will allow steam to go out without allowing any in, thus keeping your content warm and dry. Also, no spills can happen even if you are, for example, on a moving bus. Once closed, no liquid can come out. Finally, once you´ve consumed everything in its interior, just fold it and put it away occupying minimal space.

Craft paper Tyvek cooler bag for food delivery

This category works especially great for companies that deliver food to their customers. Just allow your Tyvek bag’s manufacturer to print your logo or a cool slogan and let your clients use them a million times showing your brand to their friends and family. Also, they are easily collapsible and can be put away with
minimal effort. Using these as a company, you´ll be taking good care of the environment using recycled, reusable materials, and paying very little money for great promotion and sky-high customer satisfaction.

Tyvek cooler tote bags

There is only one thing better than a tote bag, a cooler tote bag. With the casual design and the dual shoulder strap, it is very easy to take everywhere with you. Plus, the highly-resistant material will allow for thousands of uses before showing any signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, the fabric is water repellent, so it is very easy to wash using only water and soap under the tap. The only thing you need is to tell your Tyvek bags
supplier in China to print your logo and a clever slogan.

Tyvek small bags and pouches

This category is great for those in the retail industry who want to add that little something extra to their products without breaking the bank. Small pouches made of Tyvek for items like sunglasses, important documents, money, and such can be a game-changer for clients and a minimal effort for a company.
Moreover, Tyvek is such a soft, flexible, durable, and printable material that you can definitely create amazing designs to surprise your clients with. Give them a beautiful add-on with their purchase and let them be your advertising agents around the world with their Tyvek bag.

Tyvek bags colors and designs

Besides being able to ask your Tyvek bags supplier in China for different types of bags, can you add to that different designs and colors? Well, the answer to that question is yes, because the printability of Tyvek is among the highest in the industry. For example, asking your Tyvek bag’s manufacturer for a clever slogan to print on a tote bag is a great idea. But what about printing the whole bag with an exclusive design that will include your logo and your clever slogan? That is definitely the next level where common materials such as cotton and canvas will not work.
A great way to print your Tyvek bag is to use letterpress. This is a technique that is almost exclusively used with paper and that you might have come across a million times before.
To make a letterpress item, you need to use relief printing done with a letterpress. The press will, at the same time, create the space with different levels and fill it with ink. Because of the similarities between Tyvek and paper, you can order this kind of design from your Tyvek bags supplier in China and make every bag look like a special treat for your customers.
This centuries-old method will set your company apart from the competition and make every bag you give look classy, retro, and beautiful.

Latex Ink

These water-based inks not only help the environment, but they also create beautiful art objects. Once the water-based ink is applied, a heating system cures the ink before it leaves the printer. The result is a sheet of perfectly printed fabric that is ready to use. This is a great asset of Tyvek because not every fabric can work with this system that reduces pollution and production timeframes drastically.
UV Inkjet
This is another type of printing in which a 2D image can be applied to a 3D object. For example, it is a technique widely used in printing mugs, glasses, and such. If you want your shoulder-strap cooler Tyvek bag to have your company name going everywhere with your customers, then this is a perfect choice. Since Tyvek and paper share so much of its texture, it will feel as smooth as it looks and lasts for a very long time on your shoulder.
What about solid colors?
What if, instead of needing a complex design to print on your bag, you just need it to be a solid color like red, or blue, or any other? Well, the same way you can use paper in any color you want to, your Tyvek bag’s manufacturer can manufacture your dream bag in any solid color of your choice.

The advantage of asking your Tyvek bags supplier

in China for a solid-color Tyvek bag is that you can make a more discrete product for more discrete customers; not everyone is into colorful designs when it comes to bags.

Tyvek Bags Used for Promotion

In case you are wondering what can be a good case scenario to invest in Tyvek bags for your company, let´s go through some of them.

As a corporate gift

Your employees work hard every day and deserve a special treat at least once a year. Grant yourself some free promotion and give them something that they will actually want to use. A Tyvek tote bag with a good slogan to congratulate them and your company logo can be a great choice.

As an add-on with some items

If you want to sell some items from your list that have been selling slow, an add-on is a great hook. Order some cooler delivery bags and make a promotion for a specific dish or get a Tyvek zipped pouch for that small item. A little tip in this last example is to make it passport-size so they will use it around the globe with your branding.

As a brand statement

Tyvek is a revolutionary material that is also a step forward towards a better, cleaner world. Make a statement as a brand and include Tyvek bags into your marketing strategy. Just make sure you explain to customers what Tyvek is all about and why it matters.

Why choose The One to be a Tyvek Bags Manufacturer? 

Finding a reliable, professional Tyvek bags manufacturer is a great competitive advantage as a company. Also, buying from a company that cares about the environment so much that went the extra mile and found a Tyvek bags supplier in China is adding your grain of sand to environmental change as a customer.
No other recyclable, reusable material will provide you with these benefits and allow so many different treatments. Don´t miss out on the chance to do things the right way while increasing your customer base at the same time.
The time is now and Tyvek is the perfect material to build your company´s future with, one bag at a time.

Except Tyvek bags, we also supply non woven bags, canvas bags, velvet bags, pvc bags, nylon bags, microfiber towel cloth, satin bags, etc.

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