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How to Import Bags From China: The Complete Guide

If you’re in this guide to learn how to import bags from China, then you’re in for a treat. Importing products from what is known as “the world’s factory,” can be a bit complicated, especially for beginners.

So, in this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to get started! We’ll bring you everything from the documentation, processes, and the fees you’ll need to expect to import bags!

Why Importar bolsas da China?

China is known for its monolithic economy when it comes to manufacturing. They’re so popular that even first-world countries count on them to create products that they will sell. A perfect example is the iPhone. iPhones are manufactured in China, they’re just then assembled in the US.

But why is China the top choice for businesses and organizations? What’s it with China that make them the world’s “manufacturing hub?”

Why is China Known as the “Manufacturing Hub?”

There are quite a few reasons as to China’s label and some of it, you may actually already know. And to give you an idea, here are the most common reasons:

  • China has extremely low production costs because of the surplus of workers.
  • We have almost unlimited access to all materials you can think of.
  • The manufacturing industry is in tight competition, making them innovate and develop more.
  • The country is basically a continuously growing ecosystem of different businesses and industries.
  • Its location is easy to import and export.

How to Import Bags From China: The 6-Step Process

It’s understandable to think about the importing process to be extremely difficult and complicated. But, to let you know, we can actually sum it up into six different steps.

Let’s now dive deep into understanding how China’s famous importing process.

Step #1: Choose Your Manufacturer

First things first – you need to make sure that you have a manufacturer you’re working with. While many people think it’s an easy deal to get one – believe me, it’s not. Taking from the fact that the country alone has millions of manufacturers, you’ll also find it difficult to communicate with them, since most are not fond of speaking in English.

You’ll want to make sure that you have a manufacture to work with. And, to help you out with that, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

Wholesale Marketplaces

Online platforms where buyers can find suppliers and manufacturers offering products in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. Examples include Alibaba, Made-in-China.com, Global Sources, etc.

Trade Shows

These are events and fairs where suppliers and manufacturers showcase their products and services to potential buyers. Attendees can network, negotiate deals, and explore new products firsthand. Examples include the Canton Fair and the China Import and Export Fair.

Supplier Network

Lastly, supplier networks. A supplier network is a web of contacts and connections within the industry that enables buyers to access suppliers and manufacturers for their sourcing needs. This network can be built through trade associations, online forums, and referrals from other businesses.

Step #2: Purchase Your Bags

When you’re already set with which manufacturer you’ll go with, the next step would be to purchase the bags. By now, you should already have an idea on the bags you want to purchase. Actually doing so before you begin the process will speed things up twofold.

NOTA: Many businesses say that they’re already final with what they want to buy until the time they see what Chinese manufacturers offer.

Understanding the Purchasing Process

Purchasing these bags is not just like how you buy bags from a retail shop. Most, if not all Chinese manufacturers have set process, protocols, and rules on how they’ll disburse products to a buyer.

Different suppliers and manufacturers would have different ways. So, it will be best for you to directly ask the people who you will be working with. To give you an idea, though, the typical buying process involves the following:

  1. Initiating contact with the manufacturer through email/call/message.
  2. Finding out the MoQ (minimum order quantity) or if they have one.
  3. Learning the details such as payment terms, lead times, packaging, etc.
  4. Requesting samples from them.
  5. Negotiating the pricing, as well as the terms and conditions of the order.
  6. Finalizing cargo and shipping.
  7. Filling out the purchase order form.

Step #3: Study and Learn the Importing Process

When you’re done understanding the purchasing process and buying the bags, the next steps would be to learn the import and export procedures, as well as the legal compliances that come with it.

Compliance to International Laws

Making sure your imported bags follow the rules of international laws and regulations is super important. To keep your business safe from expensive mistakes and legal trouble, you need to know all about the rules for materials, safety, labels, and certifications in the place you’re selling your bags.

Labeling Requirements

Before you start making your bags, make sure you have the right labels showing important marks or where they come from. For example, if you’re bringing handbags from China to the US, learn the rules about labeling.

Product Design

Make sure your bags are designed to follow the rules right from the start. This is especially important for risky products.

Lab Testing

Test your bags in a lab to check if they meet safety rules. Even though it’s not always required, testing in a lab is a smart move to make sure your bags are safe and follow the rules.

Safety Regulations and Certifications

Making sure your bags from China follow the labeling and safety rules not only keeps things legal but also helps avoid risky situations. Working with experts who know China’s rules well can make dealing with these regulations easier.

  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC): Some products need this certification to show they’re safe and good quality.
  • Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001): If your suppliers have this, it means they’re serious about quality.
  • Product-Specific Certifications:Different types of bags might need extra certifications. For example, bags for kids might have to meet special safety rules.

Step #4: Set-Up and Arrange Cargo Transport

The next step would be for you to arrange the transport and the cargo of your order. You need to finalize and make sure of the process of transporting your bought goods from China to your country. Often, international shipping has too few types, but among the most common are FOB and CIF.

FOB or Freight is the shipping type that means the seller delivers goods on board a vessel at a specified port. CIF, on the other hand, means that the seller will pay the cost, insurance, and freight to deliver the goods to a port that the buyer specifies.

Air Courier or Air Freight or Sea Freight: The Best Option For You

Many business owners get stuck in trying to decide which option is best for them. The options include going with air courier, air freight, or sea freight. Now, before we jump into the details, let’s first try to discuss what those are:

Air Courier is the type of international shipping where the products are only distributed with products. They can’t be mixed with passenger flights, although, in some cases, it’s allowed.

Air Cargo is the type of shipping where safe cargoes can be on passenger flights. For as long as the weight is within the limit or the required, it’s applicable.

Sea Freight, lastly, is used for transporting heavy and large amounts of goods and commodities. This is where “cargo ships” are often used for.

Here’s a table that can guide you with different options for cargo and shipping:

Air Courier

Air Freight

Sea Freight

Average Cost

$10+ per kg

$5 to $7 per kg

$1 per kg

Weight Guidelines

150 lbs or less

200 to 500 lbs

500+ lbs

Port-to-Port Delivery

N / D

1 to 5 days

– 12 to 16 days (west coast)

– 30 to 42 days (east coast)

Door-to-Door Delivery

2 to 5 days

4 to 11 days

22 to 50 days

NOTA: These values are just standard and based on the average. This may be wrong, so to be 100% accurate and sure, check in with freight and courier companies with their rates.

One of the best things about working with Chinese suppliers is that they often have contacts or deals with cargo and freight companies already. So, you don’t have to scour the market to look  for them anymore, because they’ll be able to connect you with who their partner is.

Step #5: Review and Submit All Documents For Customs

The next step would be to review all your documents, as well as whatever your shipments are through customs. Contrary to popular belief, just because it comes from China, doesn’t mean that it’s not strict.

As a matter of fact, clearance from customs is a crucial part of their process. No documentation or not abiding by their rules and regulations run the risk of you losing your orders. Although the majority of Chinese manufacturers would help you get past this, it’s still integral for you to know about this process.

You never know when you might need it, so, here are a couple of the things to take note of in ensuring compliance.

  • Import Tax or Customs Duty (usually $800 and above because below that value are “duty-free”)
  • Custom Brokers
  • Custom Bonds
  • Entry Documents and Requirements
  • Holds and Examinations

NOTA: These are for businesses in the US. Check out what your requirements are from your country!

When opting for LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping, your goods will be grouped with other shipments in a single container. Following customs clearance, the container is then moved to a distinct destination for unloading. In such instances, either you or your freight forwarder will receive details of a secondary location near the initial port.

Conversely, with FCL (Full Container Load) shipping, the port of entry serves as the designated destination.

Step #6: Receive Your Order

When everything’s been ironed out and cleaned, then the next step would just be you waiting for your order to arrive. Whether you had it set to be delivered to a port or to your doorstep, you’ll just be counting the days when you’ll receive it!

Upon receiving, be sure to present the invoice and receipt of the transaction, as some companies still ask for it.

What to Consider Before Importing Bags From China

Whatever product you’re looking to import, it’s important that you are knowledgeable about it. There are a few key things to take note of before you go at the green light. Doing these can help you gain more value than what you’re going to be paying for.

Look For a Reliable Manufacturer

One of the things you need to worry about is the reliability of the manufacturer you’ll be working with. A lot of times, people would only be checking the prices of the manufacturer. Well, being China’s top bag manufacturer, we are here to tell you that experience will always be heavier than price.

In fact, working with a reliable manufacturer will be a lot better than working with one that offers cheap rates without quality experience. Here’s a list of some of the things to look for when dealing with a supplier:

  • Their customer service. How they treat and help you along the way provides much more value than how much their services and products cost.
  • Experience and expertise in the industry. It’s also safe and great to work with new businesses but be sure that they have the right resources and skills.
  • You also want to look for a manufacturer or a supplier that has shared goals and values.

Price is NOT Everything

While cost is a big thing when it comes to choosing a manufacturer, it’s not everything. Not to sound like a hypocrite, but price should at least be somewhere between the 2nd or the 3rd priority.

Other than pricing, it’s important to get a sense of how they work and function as a whole. How do they operate? Are they working as a complete unit? Is their communication efficient and effective?

Another thing you want to prioritize over price is their customer service. 9 times out of 10, you will need help or assistance from them or whoever is knowledgeable. So, it’s imperative that you

It’s still a priority and you still would want to consider how much you’ll pay for it. The only thing you need to take note of is the fact that it should not be THE ONLY factor you need to think about and consider.

Consider Labeling and Custom Packaging

Another thing to think about and look at would be the capability of the manufacturer to offer private labeling and packaging. For those of you who are unaware of what this is, custom labeling and packaging is the functionality where the supplier would prepare the products according to your brand.

Instead of a plain or blank page, they would already (1) put your brand colors and brand schemes, (2) package it like how you would package it, and (3) do the customizations and modifications on the entire shipment your customers will receive.

It’s where they’ll prepare everything for you in a snap and you will receive your shipments ready for distribution!

Building Relationships

Last but most definitely not least is to find a manufacturer you can build a relationship with. Chances are, you’ll still need too few items and products from them in the future, so why not build a relationship with them for you to be in on promos, discounts, and deals?

It’s not easy to work with a manufacture, especially since they are not fond of English, we know. But building a relationship with them might just be what you need to increase your profit margins and earn more!

NOTA: Building relationships with manufacturers can allow you to have early access on new and innovative products, too!

Learn How to Import Bags From China and Run a Successful Business

The process of importing bags from China can be too daunting at first. But, when you start learning the ropes, you will find it extremely easy and smooth. When it comes to determining the best manufacturer for it, you’ll have no problems because we here at XiaoHong Knitting got your back!

For over a decade, we’ve been in the fabrics and textiles business. Our team regularly conducts market research, competitor analysis, and risk assessment to ensure that we provide only the best quality of products and services to you.

Why Choose The One

We’re trusted by over a hundred brands and businesses from across the globe. Besides that, there are many more reasons why we’re the best you can work with in importing bags from China!

  • We have a short lead time, around 2 to 3 weeks (still depends on the bulk of your order).
  • All our personnel and experts have decades of experience in fabrics, textiles, and bagmaking.
  • We have a continuous thirst for being the best in the industry.
  • Our team is constantly training to innovate and provide better-quality products.
  • We offer the best and highest level of customer service in the country.

So, if you want to work with a reliable bags manufacturer who already has a door foot in the door when it comes to customs and freight, work with us! Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with what you need!

Contact us today and get a free quote of your wholesale bag orders! Learn how to import bags from China and learn where to get the best and most out of it!


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