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We supply bulk cheap PVC makeup bags, PVC cosmetic bags, makeup pouches, makeup cases, etc. with printed logos. Support PVC makeup bags wholesale business.

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All pvc makeup bags could be made logo printing and customized styles.

Custom Bulk PVC Makeup Bags Styles

Clear PVC Makeup Pouch

PVC Makeup Bags With Handles

Small Makeup Bags

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PVC Makeup Set Bags

Clear PVC Cosmetic Bags

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Clear PVC Makeup Bags

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Bulk Clear PVC Makeup Bags Wholesale

For more than a decade, The One has been supplying the best and highest quality of PVC makeup bags or cosmetic bags to businesses and companies globally.

We’ve been in the business to provide help and assistance to businesses with their PVC makeup bags. So, wherever you are in the world if you ever find yourself in need of PVC makeup bags, don’t think twice working with us!

Here’s the list of the best and the top-selling styles of our bulk custom PVC makeup bags wholesale.

Clear PVC Makeup Pouch

See all of your cosmetic products inside your pouches with ease! Our clear PVC makeup pouches are manufactured precisely to how you want and need them. We follow the recommendations and the requirements of all our clients, thanks to our highly-dedicated R&D team!

Get the specific color, shape, size, and style that you’re looking for in a clear PVC makeup pouch!

PVC Makeup Bags With Handles

Primarily used for traveling and transporting, our PVC makeup bags with handles are perfect for all types of mobile and on-the-go applications. It’s not different from our regular PVC makeup bags, we just reinforced them with handles for easy carrying and handling.

Add the handles on the top part, side part, and even the middle part of the bag – get it specifically how you want it to be!

Small Makeup Bags

For smaller type of cosmetic products, our small makeup bags will never disappoint you. They’re made from extremely durable and resistant material, giving you the assurance and the guarantee that your items and things will be protected and secured.  

We have pre-made and pre-modeled small makeup bags, but, of course, you can customize and specify your own models to your liking! Send us the sketch or the draft of the small makeup bags you’re looking for!

PVC Makeup Set Bags

Our PVC makeup set bags are purchased and offered as a whole – this is so you can have particular and specific uses for all of them. The sets vary in size, type, and quality – so you can purposely use each of them for a particular purpose.

Categorize your cosmetic and makeup products according to type, size, application! You could even throw in each of them per brand if you’re more of the organizer type of person!

Clear PVC Cosmetic Bags

For larger sets of makeup and cosmetic products, you can take advantage of our clear PVC cosmetic bags! They’re the hyped and reinforced version of our clear PVC makeup pouch as they’re equipped with handles for easier and more convenient carrying.

You’ll never have troubles or problems carrying and transporting cosmetic and makeup products from one place to another any longer! Regardless of the size of the products, our clear PVC cosmetic bags will definitely be able to handle that!

Clear PVC Makeup Bags

Fit whatever type of cosmetic or makeup products you need inside our clear PVC makeup bags! They’re small and compact, which will perfectly fit your handbags, your tote bags, or whatever type of bag you’ll bring to the party!

Large PVC Makeup Bags

Ideal for makeup artists, for makeup enthusiasts, and for people who are in the cosmetic business, our large PVC makeup bags are made with the sole purpose of being able to fit multiple things and items inside.

All of its accessories can be customized and specified according to your needs. They’re perfect for applications where big and large-sized cosmetic and makeup products are going to be needed.

Get to know all these styles and more when you give us a call here at The One! And no, these aren’t all the PVC makeup bags we’re offering – these are only the top and the most sought-after products in our roster.

Why is The One’s PVC Makeup Bags the Best?

Other than the wide variety of PVC makeup bag options we have, we’re also known in the industry to be the fastest and the most communicative manufacturer.

We never leave out any detail of the PVC makeup bags you want – we will always raise concerns and questions so that you get exactly what you need.

Whether you’re concerned with the style, color, shape, size, or the overall design of your PVC makeup bag, our expert craftsmen and bagmaking experts will never think twice in helping you!

So, don’t wait until tomorrow to get the best and highest quality of PVC makeup bags that you need! Contact us today and we’ll give you the treatment you’ve always wanted – and we will start by providing you with a free quotation of the products you require!

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