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We can make various of materials for raincoat, like PVC, Nylon, Polyester, etc.

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While there are tons of raincoat manufacturers in the market, landing the best one could be extremely difficult and complex. This is because not all raincoats are made and produced equally – some are better than the others, while some aren’t that useful and effective.

In this guide, though, we’ll be walking you through all the information you need to know about it! We’ll be discussing not only raincoats, but also raincoat manufacturers!

How Are Raincoats Made?

Raincoats are made in various processes and methods. Yes, the procedure of making or manufacturing it isn’t just restricted to one (1).

Figure 1 – An example of a yellow-colored raincoat

As a matter of fact, different raincoat manufacturers and suppliers perform different processes.

In fact, there are two (2) categories of actions on how it’s done: waterproofing of the fabric, and manufacturing of the raincoat. 

Let us now discuss each of these.

Initial Process: Fabric Waterproofing

In this process, the fabric of choice will undergo several procedures that would make its surface waterproof.

Figure 2 – A manufacturing factory of raincoats

It’s not like you’re going to turn the fabric or the material into a different one, you’re just going to improve and enhance its properties so that it’ll be effective in repelling or in deflecting water.

This particular process would involve the following actions:

  1. Subjecting of the fabric/material into a series ff rollers.
  2. Chemically inducing the fabric so that the properties are enhanced and developed.
  3. These newly treated materials are then heated so that the chemicals effectively soak into it.
  4. Then, they’re cooled down for hardening and strengthening.
  5. After this, the fabric will be then rolled and prepared for its shipment to respective manufacturers.

Further Process: Raincoat Manufacturing

After the waterproofing of the fabric, the manufacturing of the raincoat would now be the succeeding process. In this method, several general actions and processes are done, some of which include cutting, shaping, assembly, etc.

Here’s the usual or the automated procedure of how it’s made:

  1. The fabric that has been waterproofed will now be cut, shaped, and sliced according to the design of the raincoat. Usually, heavy automated machinery would be used.
  2. After that, the raincoat’s interlining will be put and positioned inside the parts. Each of these parts would then be fused by an automatic machine.
  3. Then, an industrial machine would be used to conjoin or to fuse all these parts and components together.
  4. By now, the structure or the form of the raincoat will be shaped. You should now see the raw raincoat without the details of it.
  5. Once the form is seen and is existent, the next step would be to create the facings or the underply of the raincoat. This will then be attached and sewn to the frontal edges of the coat.
  6. Finally, the sleeves, the front, and all the other parts that make up the raincoat will be produced.

After this procedure, the additives or the accessories of the raincoat will be added and attached on the unit. The finished overall product will, of course, depend on the style and the features of the raincoat.

NOTE: To conclude the raincoat manufacturing procedure, an inspector or a quality analyst will check and inspect the raincoat for any impurities or inconsistencies.

Is Raincoat Made of Plastic?

When it was first introduced in the market, raincoats were primarily made from a combination of rubber and plastic.

Figure 3 – An example of a raincoat that’s made out of plastic

But, modern-day raincoats are made out of specialized fabrics (nylon, polyester + nylon, PVC, EVA, and others).

In a more technical sense, they’re considered plastic, but they’re a different form of plastic. This plastic is actually something that’s used in the industry widely.

Raincoats vs. Rainsuits: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever encountered the term rainsuits? If so, do you have an idea on what it is and how it differs from a raincoat? Generally speaking, raincoats and rainsuits are similar items.

The term rainsuit is just another one coined and it’s primarily used in countries like Europe, such as the United Kingdom (U.K.).

So, don’t be confused when you encounter, and you come across the term rainsuit one of these days.

Nylon Raincoat

Nylon raincoats are among the fabrics that are considered the most suitable and most effective for water, rain, and damage.

Figure 4 – An example of a nylon-made raincoat

rain poncho

Thanks to the durability and overall features of nylon, nylon raincoats are known to be one of the best the most water resistant, and the strongest.

There are a lot of nylon raincoat manufacturer companies that are scattered in the market. As a matter of fact, you will never run out of options in finding these suppliers and manufacturers that offer nylon raincoats.

You can find them in various places over the internet – there are those in Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba, Made In China, and many other e-commerce stores and websites.

What is the Best Raincoat Material?

As we mentioned above, there are many different materials that you can use to produce and manufacture raincoats. But, do you know what the best materials are for them?

Figure 5 – Different materials to produce raincoats and rainsuits

Experts are often faced in an argument about what the best material is for the production of raincoats. But, here’s a quick list of the ones that are known and deemed to be better than the others.

Laminated Cotton

The most common and the most-used type of material for raincoats is none other than laminated cotton. Ideally, laminated cotton is an additive to the raincoat as it’s installed on the top layer or the surface of the raincoat. The material’s breathable, easy-to-pack and carry, and extremely affordable.

Nylon and Polyester

The combination of nylon and polyester is the go-to material by many raincoat manufacturers. This is due to the fact that they’re affordable, easy-to-find, and they’re convenient and simple to process. One drawback of nylon + polyester raincoats is the fact that they’re only water resistant, not waterproof.


The top of all the waterproof materials used for raincoats, microfiber is the best and the most favorite. Because of the fibers and the content that it has, making it waterproof, it is considered by many as the best material when it comes to raincoats.

Polyurethane Laminate

Similar to nylon + polyester, polyurethane laminate is a material that seeds from a combination. But, instead of being nylon, polyester is combined with cotton. This gives off the durability partnered up with comfortability and breathability.

How long does it take to make a custom raincoat?

The timeframe for producing a custom made raincoat will depend on the complexity of your design and any additional features or customization options that you want included in the final product. Generally speaking, it usually takes between 2-4 weeks for production after placing an order.

Are Chinese Raincoat Manufacturers Trustworthy?

Did you know that since the past years, China has been the number one country in the importation/exportation of raincoats? Yes, we beat the U.S. quite well and the quality of all our products remain inevitable.

There are multiple reasons as to why you need to consider working with Chinese raincoat manufacturers. These include:

  • Ease of Transaction
  • Fast and Urgent Delivery Times
  • Better and Higher Quality
  • Cheaper and More Affordable Products

If you compare U.S. raincoat manufacturing companies from Chinese raincoat suppliers, you’ll find that the latter is better and more efficient in giving you discounts, offering promotions, and other stuff that’s the best for your business.

The only thing that U.S. raincoat suppliers can guarantee you is reputation. The quality is the same, the amount of effort is the same – overall, it might not be as good as you think it is for your business.

So, consider working with a Chinese raincoat manufacturer so you can maximize your profits.

What Should You Look For in Raincoats?

Needless to say that we would be stating quite the obvious when we say that the top thing we need to look for in raincoats is its ability to protect the user from water.

Figure 6 – Look for important factors in raincoats to help you with your decision

Regardless of the intensity of rain or the strength, the raincoat should be capable of securing or protecting the user.

And while that seems the most reasonable thing to look for, it doesn’t end there. As a matter of fact, there are other things and factors you need to consider and look for when choosing raincoats.

Manufacturer’s Supply Ability

This is especially important if you’re looking for raincoats and you’re going to use it for your business. Finding a manufacturer that’s at par with your business needs and demands can help you be free from all the headaches it can cost you.

To figure this out, try to ask the manufacturer of their supplication ability. Be direct with them and let them know of the requirement you have for supply.  


The next thing you may want to consider would be the thickness of the raincoat. Now, this would usually be determined by choice of the client, but there are some manufacturers that lack the skill in thinning or in making the raincoat thick.

Let your manufacturer know of the requirement you’re looking for. This will be helpful for you because you won’t be supplied with raincoats that are not meeting your expectation.

Lining of the Raincoat

The lining of the raincoat is the material that comprises the edge or the exterior of the raincoat, thus being termed as “lining.” Knowing and understanding the lining of the raincoat is relevant because this will serve as the “hold” or the component that keeps the entire raincoat intact.

Materials Used For the Raincoat

Of course, you need to consider and think about the material that’s used to create and manufacture the raincoat. Doing so will give you an idea of whether the raincoat you are about to purchase will meet your expectations.

Scroll back up to see the many different materials used to produce and manufacture raincoats.

NOTE: We don’t just mean the primary material for the raincoat. We’re talking about the accessories, add-ons, and other additional stuff included in the raincoat as well.

Why Trust The One as Your Raincoat Manufacturer?

Due to the exquisite skill and capabilities, we have here at The One, we’ve been considered the best when it comes to the manufacturing of raincoats.

Whether you require polyester raincoats, nylon raincoats, microfiber raincoats, polyurethane laminate, or any other type of raincoat, The One can help you with it! Our team of engineers and bag-making professionals are equipped with the right set of skills, knowledge, and experience in producing whatever raincoat you need!

We are the best when it comes to PVC raincoats, nylon and/or nylon polyester raincoats, simple rain pouches, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate or EVA raincoats, and more! Colors and style aren’t the only things you can customize and specify, you can also toggle and change up the features of the raincoats you’ll purchase from us!

What Other Products Can We Help You With?

Apart from raincoats, The One can also be your go-to company if you need various types of products, such as product displays, canvas bags, trade show bags, custom cooler bags, laminated bags, and others! There will never be a shortage of what you can purchase and order from us!  

You wouldn’t be able to find another manufacturer as flexible and as versatile as us when it comes to product-selection. The One can be your all-around company if you need various types of raincoats, bags, and other similar products.

Contact us and get a free estimate or quotation for the orders your business requires!

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