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Are you looking for high-quality satin bags you want to add in your arsenal? We are custom stain drawstring bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We can supply you a good solution for your products.

If so, then you need to consider working with us here at The One. For over a decade, we have been in the business of producing only the best and highest quality of satin bags, whatever size, shape, color, and style you want them to be!

We supply custom satin bags with printed logos. We can make large satin bags, small satin bags, etc. With white color, pink color, black color etc. you want. Styles could be satin tote bags, satin drawstring bags, satin pouches. We support satin bags wholesale business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Satin bags and pouches are typically used for presentation, particularly for weddings and different types of events such as debuts, exhibits, birthdays, and more.

The way satin bags and pouches are structured and designed is far from how regular bags are – they’re made with extreme precision, accuracy, and with a thought for design.

Here at The One, we always say, “it wouldn’t be satin if it weren’t classy.” All our satin bags are made with a luxurious and a sophisticated touch. You won’t ever look back disappointed with the quality of our satin bags – you’ll always crave it more.

What Are Satin Bags Made Of?

Satin bags are made from a combination of different types of materials, typically cotton satins, silk blends, polyester stains, as well as fabrics that are made up of viscose fibers. These materials, when combined become durable, strong, and highly resistant to different types of damages.

And while they’re labeled and known as satin bags, they’re not 100% made from satin. There are a few other materials that make up satin bags that are absolutely beneficial for the overall functionality of these bags.

Is Satin Durable?

In terms of durability, yes you can count on satin. Satin fabric is made up of long and sturdy filament fibers.

What does this mean, you may ask? In the easiest and simplest way of explaining it, satin is durable and strong that do not wrinkle easily – you’ll need a good amount of force and strength to put creases and wrinkles on it.

NOTE: There are satin fabrics made from silk fibers and these wouldn’t be as durable and as strong as those made from polyester fibers because the former is more delicate and requires more gentleness.  

Is Satin Polyester?

Yes and no – it’s a bit complicated, so, let me explain.

Satin, per se, is not really a classification of fiber – it’s a common misconception just like where people thought that canvas is a type of fabric, too.

What’s the truth about satin? Satin is a woven piece of material made from rayon, nylon, silk, or polyester. So, is satin polyester? Yes, it can be, but no, it is not made from polyester all the way through.

You can put logos on a satin bag using a process called sublimation. This is what most manufacturers are doing today, but here with us at The One, we stick with thermal or heat printing, as well as silkscreen printing for almost all bags we produce.

The process is simple, the plain bag will be prepared accordingly, and of course, the print or the design will be downloaded. Then, the design will be placed on top of the satin bag, and the so, the process begins.

Satin Fabric Characteristics

For you to understand and to be able to identify satin bags better, you need to know the characteristics of satin bags.

Satin fabric is distinct and is far from all other types of fabric. You can identify satin in many ways. However, the most common properties and characteristics of satin fabric are the following:


One of the most noticeable and positive characteristics that satin has is its strong and durable. Due to the long fibers woven in a tight and rigid pattern, it creates some type of a barrier, or a stronger front compared to other types of fibers and filaments.

Shiny and Glossy

The weft and warp threads create the effect of shine and gloss, which is noticeable even if you just perform a visual inspection of the fabric. What makes it shiny is because of the warp yarn that is placed on top of the weft.

Luxurious Feel and Physicality

Because of the combination of gloss, softness, and resistance to wrinkles and creases, it gives off this luxurious and royal feel not only by looking at it, but also by using and touching it. The feel and overall texture of satin fabrics is distinct and highly noticeable compared to others.

Beautiful and Flexible

The fiber concentration, as well as pliability and elasticity of the fibers create soft and easy drape-looking styles that are perfect for evening gowns and wear, curtains, as well as other types of furniture covers.

Wrinkle and Crease-Resistant

Last, but most definitely not least is that it is resistant to wrinkles, creases, and folds. This is one of the characteristics that separate satin bags, or generally satin fabric in this sense, because other types of fabric are less prone to folds and wrinkles.

With these characteristics, it’ll be easy for you to spot satin fabric when you see one!

In addition to those properties, you also want to be aware of the different types of satin, so you know the exact type of material you want to use for your accessory.

  • Slipper – This is the type of satin that is woven tautly and is usually the one used for shoes.
  • Polysatin – Short for “polyester threat satin.”
  • Messaline – Lightweight satin that is highly shiny and glossy, usually woven from silk or rayon.
  • Duchess – Heavy fabric – not as lustrous as other types of fabric – typically used in dresses.
  • Crepe Back – Reversible satin – one side has crepe texture while one side is lustrous.
  • Charmeuse – Easy drape and lightweight – dull back and shiny front.
  • Baronet – Uses cotton weft threads and rayon warp – extremely lustrous.
  • Antique – Uneven spun yarns, woven in 8 or 5 harness fashion.

Other than these satin types, you will also be able to find different types of satin weaves, and that is what we’re about to discuss.

Custom Satin Bags | Personalized Satin Pouches

We supply custom drawstring satin bags, satin pouches with logos. We can make small or big sizes for you. All accepted custom sizes and printing.

Wholesale Satin Bags | Bulk Satin Pouches

We have bulk stain bags and pouches in stock for wholesale business. We can make drawstring satin bags, zippered satin bags for storage or jewelry use.

Types of Satin Weaves

Satin weaves simply are methods of producing satin fabric. These can either be the warp predominating the surface or the weft being on top.

The importance of knowing these satin weaves is going to be helpful in your journey of finding satin bags. So, here are the different types of satin weaves:

4- Harness Satin Weave

The 4-harness satin weave is the type of weave where the weft goes over 3 warp threads, and 1 under it, which is for in total. This type of weave is more stretchy and more elastic than a regular weave.

5-Harness Satin Weave

In this type of weave, the weft thread goes over 4 warp threads, and one under. This is more flexible, but the warping is more common.

8-Harness Satin Weave

Lastly, the 8-harness weave is what’s considered the most flexible of all. The weft goes over a total of 7 warp heads and under one. It’s elastic enough to be stretched, but it is more delicate.

Satin Bags For Bundles

One of the most common reason why people go with satin bags is because they’re perfect when purchased in bundles. Satin bags are exceptionally good-looking, and they have the feel of luxury and sophistication. The One never had a limit when it came to satin bags with bundles. We can get it exactly to the way you want and you’re looking for.

Satin Drawstring Bags

Yes, you’ll be able to find drawstring bags that are made from satin fabric. In comparison to traditional cotton or polyester drawstring bags, though, satin drawstring bags would cost more because they are more physically alluring, and it’s better in terms of application as they can be used on a wide range of items.

Satin Bags With Logo

You’ll be able to find a ton of satin bag manufacturers that offer custom satin bags with logo. The logo can be anything from your company’s logo and brand, your organization’s tag line, or any other logo you want to put for branding and display. Work with a satin bag manufacturer that is as trustworthy as us here at The One so you not only get quality custom satin bags, but also affordable and cheap ones in wholesale.

8×13 Satin Bags

In our experience, 8×13 satin bags have been the most bought and purchased by businesses and organizations not only in China, but worldwide. This average size is the most requested because of its simplicity, as well as the ease of handling it almost wherever you go. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help and assistance if you need 8×13 satin bags. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, color, or design you want – we will help you with it fully!

12×15 Satin Bags

Coming next from the 8×13 satin bags in popularity would be our 12×15 satin bags. These are quite larger bags than 8×13, and are used for bigger and larger gifts and presents. Oftentimes, we get requests of manufacturing or producing 12×15 velvet satin bags. Don’t worry, though, because our R&D team will never leave you short of the satin bags you need. We’ll strategize with you, we’ll be creative with you!

Satin Bags Wholesale

We’re skilled and adept in producing satin bags in bulk or in wholesale for you, not matter how complex you want your satin bags to be. We can customize everything in all angles, too! Don’t worry about the number of bags you’ll get because we’ll surely be able to supply you with all the satin bags you need! With our low and considerate MoQ, you’ll never have problems in purchasing satin bags in bulk!

The One has been China’s top satin bags supplier, servicing businesses, companies, as well as different types of organizations around the world.

  • We passed SEDEX certification
  • All our products undergo multiple quality assessments and tests
  • Our bags have been the standard of most satin bag suppliers and manufacturers in and around China

Other than our satin bags, you can also bank and count on us if you need wine cooler bagsbulk garment bagsfish bagsunderbed storage bagscanvas grocery bagsreusable bags, and many more!

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Work with us here at The One and we’ll be more than happy to help you by offering cheap and affordable high-quality satin bags. Not only that, but we will make sure that you have a quotation of all your orders, so you don’t get shocked with how much you have to pay.

Reach out to our team with whatever concerns you have, and our R&D team will help you with it!

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