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Sunglasses pouches are among the many different types of pouches that are must-haves, especially if you’re a fan of sunglasses and other types of accessories.

In this guide, we’ll point you towards all the information you need to know about sunglasses pouches. We’ll give you information on what they are, where you can find them, and many more!

What Are Sunglasses Pouches?

These are the pouches that you use to keep your sunglasses when you’re not using them. You can also use them for eyeglasses, too!

Image of what sunglasses pouches are

The difference sunglass pouches have with sunglass cases is that they’re softer and they’re usually made out of fabric.

You usually use sunglass pouches to keep the lenses of your glasses protected before you store or put them inside your bag.

Sunglasses Pouch Kmart

Kmart is a big-box department store that’s selling a wide array of items and materials.

Different sunglasses pouches you can purchase on KMart

You can purchase sunglasses pouches from Kmart because they have many different things and items.

The only problem with it is that you might not be able to get personalized sunglasses pouches since they’d already have them pre-made.

You can purchase a wide variety of sunglass pouches on Kmart, from regular soft case sunglass pouches – to sunglass hard cases.

Sunglasses Hard Case

If you’re not really fond of sunglasses pouches because you think they’re not durable enough, then you can go with hard cases.

Sample image of a sunglasses hard case

They’re known like that because they’re not just a piece of cloth or not just a single strip of leather, in fact, they can be made from wood, gold, aluminum, plastic, metal, or even silver.

Sunglasses Pouch Patterns

If you’re into DIY or Do-It-Yourself materials, you can follow different types of sunglass pouch patterns.

Sample pattern of sunglass pouches

Pinterest has over 90 different DIY sunglass pouch pattern ideas. So, if you have all the materials and tools needed to create it, you can go ahead and do DIY sunglass pouch patterns.

In fact, we have gathered some of the best tutorials and guides that can help you with the sunglasses pouches patterns you’re looking for.

Here’s a guide that can help you in sewing a simple sunglasses pouch pattern.

If you’re more of a leather type of person, here’s a quick and simple guide in creating a DIY leather sunglasses pouch.

Sunglasses Pouch Leather: Are They Worth It?

Most of the sunglasses of designer brands would come with a leather pouch. This is what screams style, fashion, and sophistication all in one circle.

Image of a leather sunglasses pouch that is 100% made from leather

But for your business or for your brand, would leather sunglasses pouches be worth it? They sure are because they’re not only fashionable and stylish, they’re also more durable, stronger, and a lot more flexible compared to regular cloth, too!

You won’t be able to find leather sunglasses pouches as good as what we’re offering here at The One. We can help you whether you need sunglasses pouches that are full leather or if you want to have another piece of fabric with it.

Designer Sunglasses Pouches

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, Givenchy, Balenciaga – and all the other designer brands have a myriad of sunglasses you can choose from.

Sample image of designer sunglasses hard cases

And as we mentioned above, most, if not all of them offer leather sunglasses pouches. Did you know that some of these brands entrusted the creation and the production of their products from us here at The One?

We’ve been their on-call sunglasses pouch manufacturer and we’re able to produce the quality that they’ve been looking for.

If they trust us, why shouldn’t you?

Cloth Sunglasses Pouch

Sunglasses pouch made from cloth

If you are looking for a simpler, a cheaper, and a more competitive approach, you can consider purchasing cloth sunglasses pouch that’ll come with the product that you’re selling.

More often than not, the material that will be used to create these cloth sunglasses pouches would be microfiber cloth in order to ensure that the lenses wouldn’t be scratched while it’s kept there.

Custom Sunglasses Pouch

Some people, especially those involved in the selling of sunglasses pouches, choose custom sunglasses pouches to be able to customize the products and the offers they have to their clients.

But, where can you find custom sunglasses pouches manufacturers? Can you also purchase them from Target, Kmart, Walmart, or other similar stores? Unfortunately, you can’t. You’ll only be able to get custom sunglasses pouches if you work directly with a manufacturer.

You can search through websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, as well as other manufacturers like here with us at The One.

Save time and get to work immediately when you send us the sketch or the file of the design that you want to see for your sunglasses pouches!

We’ll get to that a little bit later.

Where Can You Purchase Sunglasses Pouches Wholesale?

Akin to where you can purchase custom sunglasses pouches, you can look through websites such as Alibaba, Faire, AliExpress, and others, those are where you can purchase sunglasses pouches wholesale, too!

While there’s never a limit as to the source of it, working with us here at The One will definitely save you a lot of money.

We can offer high quality sunglasses pouches, wherever you are in the world! And although we can offer it for a cheap and an affordable price, the quality of the products will never be compromised!

Can You Purchase Glasses Case on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon literally has everything you need. You can try to search what you’re looking for and see if it’s available. Almost every single time, you’ll be able to see it there.

When it comes to sunglass pouches or glass cases, you’ll find an abundance of it there, too. In fact, you wouldn’t run out of options! You can choose from a wide variety of options, colors, shapes, and sizes.

But, you’ll find that their rates and prices are expensive. This is because they get most of their materials from China. Yes, they partner up with a Chinese sunglasses pouches manufacturer or supplier, they order materials and some tools, and they make it!

So, why purchase glass cases and pouches from Amazon if you can get it for more than half its price when you get in direct communication with a supplier?

Get whatever style, design, and visuality of the sunglasses pouches you need from us here at The One! We are equipped with some of the best, the most talented, and the most skilled engineers to produce the exact style you need!

Can You Purchase Sunglass Pouches on eBay?

Before Amazon, there was eBay, and eBay was known to be like the place where you can sell pre-loved and pre-owned items.

In today’s time, though, that changed. It’s much like Amazon where you can purchase items, but it’s not as vast and as general as Amazon.

You can purchase secondhand sunglasses pouches there for a cheap price. But, did you know that you have the chance to purchase or to buy it cheaper if you choose to work with a sunglasses pouches manufacturer like us?

The One will not only be excellent in producing high quality sunglass pouches, we’ll never disappoint you when it comes to the rate of production, the customer service, and even the process of freight or shipping!

Why Choose The One?

For many years, we here at The One have been considered as the most trusted, the most relied on, and the most skilled in producing sunglasses pouches.

As we mentioned above, even world-renowned designer brands trusted us with theirs. And not in our experience did we receive any type of negative feedback or complaint.

May it be for the quality of our products, our interaction, even the customer service that we have.

  • Our products are all AZO free
  • We refrain from using any type of toxic materials to create our products  
  • The machines, tools, and other equipment we use are all advanced, some are CNC-enabled

Aside from sunglasses pouches, The One can also be your choice if you need other items! We’re also known for our home storage boxes, gift bags, sports bags, drawstring bags, promotional bags, and many more!

Reach out to us by leaving us a message or a chat on our WhatsApp or shoot an inquiry through the contact us link here on our website.

Sunglasses Pouches – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

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