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Jute Bags Buying Guide

Jute bags manufacturer and supplier

Jute bags have been one of the most popular and most famous options when it comes to small-to-medium sized bags that are multi-purpose. A lot of people consider jute bags not only because of their easiness, but also because of their capability of being designed and styled easily.

But, do you know what jute bags are? Are you aware of where and how you can use them?

What is a Jute Bag?

A jute bag is a type of bag that’s made from a material that’s used to create hessian cloth.

Example of a jute bag

More often than not, jute bags are woven tightly in order for them to be freestanding.

You can easily distinguish a jute bag because it’ll usually have a rectangular and strong base.

How Much Does a Jute Bag Cost?

An example of a plain jute bag without designs and styles

Leather handle Jute Bag

Not all jute bags are going to be in the same price, akin to other types of bags. Of course, there are several factors that come into play when it comes to determining the price of jute bags.

These factors would include the materials used to create it, the processes done, as well as the manufacturer you’re dealing with.

If you look at several sources, though, you’ll be able to find small jute bags within the range of $8 to $13.99. Medium-sized jute bags to be around $15 to $20. Lastly, large-sized jute bags around $30 to $50.

With us here at The One, you’ll never have to worry about pricing! We can give you the best and the most competitive prices without ever compromising the quality!

Jute Bags For Plants

Here at The One, we can produce jute bags that can grow plants, both indoor and outdoor!

Image of multiple jute bags for plants

We have a specific set of skills, as well as tools and materials that can get you the functionality you’re looking for!

Whether you want a fully breathable jute bag or if you’re more interested with semi-closed jute bags just enough for the roots to breath, we got you!

Jute Bags Wholesale

There are many different sources if you’re looking for jute bags wholesale in the market. You can even find them online!

Jute bags wholesale that you can purchase for a cheap price

But, with us here at The One, you’ll never have to guess how much you need to pay! We will give you a free quotation and a free estimate of all the jute bags you’re looking for!

The best part about working with us is the fact that wherever your business is and whatever type of retail you are in, our products will always come through.

Jute Bags Wholesale UK

Image of a UK jute bag that you can purchase

You’ll find a multitude of jute bag wholesale manufacturers in the UK. In fact, the most popular ones include Totally Branded UK, Cotton Bagjoe, Jute Bag, and Cotton Bag. But, these companies get their products from none other than Chinese manufacturers and suppliers!

In fact, working with us here at The One can guarantee the same quality in cheaper rates! The more you get and order, the bigger the discount you can get for it!

Jute Bags Wholesale Canada

Similar to the UK, there will never be a shortage of jute bag wholesale suppliers in Canada. You have Hey Jute, Go4WorldBusiness, NNZ, and even Jute Cotton Bags as part of your options.

An image of the Canadian flag on a jute bag

That’s not the only thing they have in common. Another thing is that they get and source most of their tools and materials from Chinese manufacturers. Some of them even get the full-output of products and sell it for a higher price!

Get raw prices when you work with a Chinese jute bag wholesaler and put it all of what you can save in your company savings!

Jute Bags Wholesale Online

Should you be fonder of using the internet, you’ll find a myriad of jute bag wholesalers online!

Jute bags online you can purchase from Amazon

You can go through websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, Made In China, IndiaMart, and other wholesale websites.

The problem with this is that sometimes, these websites would require you to communicate with the manufacturer through their platform, which already eliminates the chance of building relationships with the supplier.

That’s why working with us here at The One will still be your best option. Apart from the fact that we can supply you with high quality jute bags, you can build lasting relationships with other companies within the supply chain!

Jute Bags For Pots

Images of different jute bags for pots

Many people don’t like the idea of using jute bags for pots or plants. The reason is that they think jute bags are too brittle; that they’re not able to hold enough soil.

But can you grow plants inside a jute bag? Absolutely! As we discussed above, most are made breathable for the roots to develop more and grow.

While they’re more commonly referred to as jute baskets and jute pots, you can still categorize them under jute bags because of their material!

That brings us to our next topic, which discusses…

Jute Bags Material

Image of jute material or fiber

Jute bags are made out of jute material, which is a natural fiber of vegetable. They’re usually extracted from the skin and the exterior part of the jute plant.

They’re extremely flexible and versatile material. That’s the reason why they’re specifically made for rugged and extremely rough use.

Contrary to what most people believe in, jute bags are environmentally friendly. They’re 100% reusable and you can make use of them in a wide array of applications.

Advantages of Jute Bags

There are many advantages if you choose to use jute bags instead of traditional plastic bags. To help you understand them further, here’s a quick list of the different benefits and pros of doing so:

Environmentally Friendly

The materials in creating jute bags are derived from a plant, which make them natural. However, some materials that are chemically induced are added to it to make it stronger.

Overall, though, jute bags are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.


If you look at the cost, you’ll find that it’s a lot more costly and expensive than plastic bags. But, the fact that you can use it multiple times make it a cost-effective choice and option.

You don’t have to rummage through the house to find a plastic bag. You can use it! It’s strong, durable, and highly effective! It can literally save you a lot of money!

Strong, Durable, and Long Lasting

Unlike plastics and paper bags that can easily be tore down, jute bags are strong, durable, and are difficult to tear apart.

The intertwined and carefully structured fibers that they have make them one of the strongest types of bags – even stronger than canvas and cotton in some cases.

FUN FACT: You don’t have a limit in using them! So long as they’re kept well-maintained, clean, and hygienic, you can use them continuously!

Have Good Insulating Properties

They’re also liked and favored by a lot of people because they have good insulating properties. Meaning, whatever you put inside will not be deprived of fresh air.

So, you have no problems if you’re transferring soil, plants, or if you’ll use it as a pot for your indoor plantation and vegetation.

Safe and Don’t Have Health Hazards

And of course, the most important benefit that you have with them is that they’re safe for everyone’s health. They’re neither dangerous nor toxic, so you don’t have to worry about it imposing dangers to the people’s health.

There are far more advantages in using jute bags than these. But, these are the most common and the most sought-after reasons.

Are Jute Bags Eco-Friendly?

Yes, jute bags are eco-friendly as they’re 100% recyclable. In addition to that, the main materials are also derived from natural vegetable and plant fibers.

Image of jute materials being extracted

So, as opposed to what many people think about jute bags, they are actually good for the environment overall.

How to Make Jute Bags?

The process of making or creating jute bags is not limited to one. In fact, different manufacturers and suppliers use different processes, tools, machines, and materials.

However, if you’re looking for DIY jute bags, here’s how you can make them:

NOTE: For this process, we’ll be making a no-sew jute bag. For this, you will need jute material, net lace, pencil, scissors, glue/tape.

  1. Cut the jute cloth according to the size you want it to be. Make sure that you’ll cut them in equal distances.
  2. Make a mark of about one (1) inch on the jute cloth.
  3. Create the sides of the jute bag by adding two (2) pieces of the jute cloth or material using the glue or the tape.
  4. Then, take the other type of cloth and position it to the opposite side of the bag.
  5. Create the handle by attaching the two (2) sets of rope or lace on the jute bag.


Jute Bags Wholesale Price

Here at The One, we can get you jute bags wholesale prices that you won’t even believe! When we give it to you, you’ll think that it’s fake and counterfeit!

Unlike how other jute bag manufacturers price it, we would never give you a rip off price. Of course, though, if it’s within our range of offer, we wouldn’t be able to have it lowered especially if you’re not going to purchase below the minimum order quantity (MoQ).

Jute Bags 50KG

If your business is involved in the transporting of heavy materials such as soil, cement, sand, rice, or any other type of material, we here at The One can help and assist you!

Image of 50kg jute bags

As we mentioned above, we’re skilled in producing a wide variety of jute bags. You can count on us if you need small jute bags, medium-sized jute bags, or even large jute bags that can hold 50 kg!

Just give us a sketch and a few specifications of the jute bags you need and let us work on it!

Amazon Jute Bags

Amazon is one of the many locations where you can purchase a whole wide array of jute bags. The good part about going to Amazon for it is the numerous choices you have!

Market jute bags available on Amazon

However, not all of them are legitimate, there are some that are scams, so be careful. So, if you’re searching through Amazon for your jute bags, why not just go and do business with us here at The One?

We’re absolutely better than Amazon – and we can even customize the jute bags you need in many different ways possible!

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing jute bags from Amazon, go and work directly with us here at The One and never be disappointed with the quality of what you’ll receive!

Wholesale Jute Bags Online

If you ever find yourself looking for wholesale jute bags online and you don’t know where the best place to go is, never hesitate to give us a call here at The One.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of finding payment through Alibaba and AliExpress! Furthermore, you won’t suffer the extremely high service charges in getting a manufacturer through Amazon and Made In China!

Give us a quick email or call and let’s start making the jute bags you need wholesale!

Jute Bags Near Me

Wherever your business is located, and whatever type of city or municipality you’re in, you can definitely count on us here at The One for the jute bags you need!

Other than jute bags, you can also count on us if you need wine bags, eco bags, garment bags, custom cooler bags, and many more!

Even if you don’t see us when you search for “jute bags near me” within your location, we’re only a call or an email away! We might even operate and function faster than the local jute bag manufacturers and suppliers that you have there!


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