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Mesh Laundry Bags Buying Guide

The mesh bag can be used to wash the clothes, sheets, and other items in the bag. This method allows the laundry to be separated during the washing and drying cycle. All our laundry mesh bags are sealed with drawstring or zipper and are made of durable polyester mesh. Since we are a factory, we can provide customers with various specifications of mesh cloth

How Laundry Mesh Bags Protect Your Clothing?

The primary use of mesh laundry bags has always been to protect the quality and lifetime of delicate fabrics such as lingerie. The second big reason why mesh laundry bags are popular among business owners and large households is their ease of use, mesh laundry bags enable you to streamline, to make the whole process effortless, faster and stress-free.

As an example, let’s say you have a massive amount of orders, of delicates to clean such as lingerie, underwear, strappy dresses, lace tops, or hand-stitched sweaters and you had to mix them with sportswear that has Velcro straps; these Velcro straps can easily rip fabric and pull threads thus destroying delicate garments. So our heavy duty nylon mesh bags could be protect your clothing well!

How To Use Mesh Laundry Bags?

Delicate Fabrics: when you use mesh laundry bags your delicate garments such as lacy tops or strappy dresses will be protected from rough surface materials such as zippers, buttons, or other loose material. Bras will not be deformed or misshapen, tights won’t get tangled, and lacy clothing won’t get shredded.

Lingerie: a crucial factor in what makes lingerie, lingerie is the shape. As lingeries are very delicate garments if placed inside a turbulent washer without being protected inside mesh laundry bags, it can easily get caught on hooks and lose their shapes because their straps are getting stretched by a button or they get tangled up with other clothes.

Bathing Suits: when enclosed in mesh laundry bags, bathing suits’ sensitive material can be protected from rips and tires.

Socks: socks are one word, messy. They always end up in the oddest places after the spin cycle and somehow wraps themselves around other clothes. By using mesh laundry bags, you prevent this from happening. Plus, it’s very easy to just pull them out of the wash and into the dryer without having to pick up the socks individually.

Sweaters: while most sweaters are “dry clean only” they are instances you can enclose them in mesh laundry bags especially if you’re familiar with the fabric of your sweaters for example thin cardigans or a pull-over; they can be put in mesh laundry bags to wash gently.

Dry Running Shoes: more of a hack but a functional one, mesh laundry bags can be used to put shoes in and dry them inside a dryer, be sure to check the care label first, Simply pop your shoes into mesh laundry bags and loop the top and bottom of the bag around the door of your dryer essentially sitting the mesh laundry bag against the back of your dryer’s door.

Clean and Dry Toys: with mesh laundry bags you can easily clean and dry toys. And of course, depending on the type of toy, for example, Lego, you don’t necessarily have to use detergent.

Speeds Up Sorting: quite possibly the best usage of mesh laundry bags is their ability to speed up the sorting process. If you’re dealing with hundreds of clothing, the last thing you want to experience is for orders not to be labeled or to prevent one random item from getting snagged or pulled in the water.

Pro Tip: please do not fill your mesh laundry bags all the way. Make sure they have lots of space that way they can slosh and move around and allow the soap to do its job.

Benefits of Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry Bags With Zipper

While there are many benefits of using mesh laundry bags, such as allowing clothes and other items to breathe. which means that mesh laundry bags keep odors and dampness away. They’re easy to fold, easy to carry, easy to see, and easy to store; aside from all of those, these are the primary reasons why you would want to utilize mesh laundry bags.

#1 – Avoid Damages to Clothing

As a business owner, having hooks damage your garments or stretch straps will severely impact your reputation.

#2 – No More Lost Socks

As anyone with a washer would tell you, socks end up in the oddest places, and sometimes, they would somehow wrap themselves in other clothes. Imagine hundreds if not thousands of socks, imagine all the time needed to just pick up each individual sock. Use mesh laundry bags and save yourself the aggravation and time-waster.

#3 – Streamline the Process

No more hand washing certain garments, just put them all in mesh laundry bags. Now, depending on the care label this may not work for all types of garments but for most, yes.

#4 – Sort Clothing and Weight Loads

One best thing with mesh laundry bags is that you can afford to actually mix clothing orders and their weight loads.

Add-ons (Features)

As a mesh laundry bags manufacturer supplier, we pride ourselves on how customizable our line of products are, with even additional services should you want and/or need them, such as if you need a specific design (that we haven’t mentioned below) or even ODM we can cater to your needs.

Colors: do you want your mesh laundry bags to be in yellow? Green? Pick a color that you want and we will most likely have it.

Size: need something extra-large, medium, or compact for travel, we have it. Have a specific size that you want or need, we can make it.

Custom Logo: want to brand your order of mesh laundry bags, you can. Just inform us of your specific needs and we will fulfill them.

Custom Print: need more than just a logo? Want a more distinguishable print or design? We can accommodate that.

Custom Design: want something more than just your typical zipper mesh design? We also have rubber closure, net clip, and if you have a specific design in mind, we can assist you with that as well.

Custom Material: want something more than just mesh? Nylon, for example, we can help you with that.

Large Order Needs: do you need massive amounts of mesh laundry bags, for example, over 100,000? We can fulfill that for you.

Global Shipping: wherever you are in the world, no matter how large of an order, we can ship it to you.

OEM: yes, we can cater to your specific product needs.

ODM: yes, we can manufacture that for you. Just send us your specific product desires.

Mesh Laundry Bags Material Choice

This product uses high-quality materials, which consist of environmental fiber material that is thicker and has more density than ordinary material. The holes in the mesh are small. The usual problem with mesh is that delicate cloth with beads and decorations are caught in the mesh holes. But the One Pack Solution mesh laundry bags are ultra-soft, with very fine mesh so water and detergent easily penetrate and do not encounter problems with snagging. The mesh laundry bags protect mixed clothes. Delicate garments also get to extend their life as they regularly go through numerous laundry cycles.

  • Vinyl :This is a heavy-duty mesh laundry bag made of polyester mesh material. It can hold one week load of laundry. It has a drawstring closure that makes the bag secure so items do not spill out. The mesh material prevents dampness and odors.
  • Polyester Mesh Net Material :This heavy-duty commercial nylon mesh laundry bag can hold a week’s load of laundry. It has a drawstring closure that keeps items from spilling out. It is made of polyester mesh material and comes in white. Mesh material keeps dampness and odors away.
  • Mesh Net Drawstring Material : These mesh bags resemble net bags but differ in the size of equally-spaced holes. The net bag is usually made of cords, strings, or ropes, while the mesh bag is made of flexible fibers. You can re-wash mesh net drawstring laundry bags and re-use them.
  • Mesh Laundry Bags designed for Delicates:The material used is soft polyester fabric and double mesh. These sturdy bags provide good protection for delicate garments such as lingerie, bra, hosiery, underwear, delicates, sweater, and baby cloth when these are put in the washer or dryer. These bags also have a multi-purpose use, both as a laundry bag as well as a packing cube or an organizer bag for garments during your travels.


Pros: durability, flexibility, sturdiness; it is lightweight and easy to open; it is moisture-resistant.

Cons: it needs regular washing; it is not biodegradable, it needs regular washing and hand-wash only; it is flammable.


Pros: it is a strong material and resistant to wrinkles; it easily compacts and easily wipes clean.

Cons: it is not biodegradable; is highly flammable and is hand-wash only.


Pros: it is lightweight, flexible and durable, and easily compacts; it is resistant to moisture.

Cons: it fades easily; it is not biodegradable and needs to be washed regularly.

Mesh Laundry Bags Production and QAS

We are One Packing Solution, we have been in business for over 11 years, we have provided products and serviced top brands such as TOPMAN, ARMANI, GIVENCHY, and many more. We produce multiple customizable products that can cater to your specific business needs such as mesh laundry bags, tote bags, wine bags, and more.

As we have stated we believe that mesh laundry bags shouldn’t be complicated or costly this is why we streamline the whole process to ensure that not only do you get top-quality but your needs are met all while keeping it cost-effective. Everything we do is in tandem with your professional needs from our factory floor, packaging center, print methods; we can produce hundreds of mesh laundry bags for all your business needs, all neatly packed and ready to ship to you.

Production begins in our factory that spans 5,000 square meters of land in China and has two production branches. Since 2009, we have hired over 100 talented skill workers to help streamline the whole process. This sets us apart from other manufacturers of custom bags. Years of work experience put the workers’ production skills at a higher level, together with their knowledge of the production process.

The One Packing Solution has linked up with “brother factories” with expertise and experience in particular areas, to supplement its production capacity as a mesh laundry bags manufacturer and meet varying customer needs.

We maintain an updated SEDEX certification: This is important because One Packing Solution is in the global supply chain. Sedex (The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a non-profit global organization with businesses and suppliers as its members. 

It aims to maintain ethical and responsible business practices among businesses and suppliers worldwide. SEDEX uses the social audit, SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) to assess the labor, health, and safety conditions of workers, the environment, and covers every aspect of responsible business practice.

These key areas are the gauge used to assess an organization’s responsible business practices and whether it meets social compliance. Sedex provides an online database that gives visibility to the working conditions and business ethics of suppliers. 

Its registered members can share and store this information. This way, the information on business ethics that are shared by suppliers can win over new customers. This can lead to improved relations between businesses and suppliers and move towards the goal of sustainable business practices.

  • Eco-friendly materials are manufactured in an eco-friendly process: One Packing Solution custom manufactured bags are AZO FREE: this means that it does not use mordants, a corrosive substance to bind dyes on fabric and which is no longer used by most industries.
  • The One Packing Solutionhas complied with BSCI, that is, Business Social Compliance Initiative. This is important because We has customers in the European market. BSCI is a program of the European Foreign Trade Association, with members in the trade, manufacturing, as well as retail companies. BSCI qualification and auditing program aims to improve working conditions in the supply chain of its member companies. The system is voluntary and members with their suppliers work to follow the BSCI conduct code. The suppliers who meet the standards get preferential purchase orders.
  • A sourcing team: The One Pack Solutions manufactures and supplies mesh laundry bags, among its line of custom manufacturing bags. Added to the factories, the company also put up a sourcing team to obtain items that are needed by customers for the promotion of their products. The appendage of good sourcing is regarded as essential in customer relations, where they help customers find the products they want.
  • QA service for customers: There is also the QA service for their customers to ensure quality. The QA service reaches out to the customers and identifies problems on product quality or delivery that are being encountered by customers. Our company consolidates customer satisfaction with product and service.

Mesh Laundry Bags Warehousing and Storage

As a supplier, it assures that its inventory, i.e. the products or stock, is efficiently managed to service customer needs. Warehousing and storing systems are important because One Packing Solution products are for commercial and for industrial use.

 Warehousing systems cover the internal movements of products and the safe storage of materials and finished products inside warehouses, The overall systems also include managing workers and shipping personnel inside the warehouse. Based on its customers’ needs, One Packing Solution determines the flow rate of product movement for speedy and reliable delivery to consumers.

The One tracks finished goods at the end of the production line; The One promises our customers fast delivery and optimum delivery service for our customers with MOQs, minimum order quantity. For instance, it informs its customers with lower MOQ, that some sizes of their desired product are available in stock and can be delivered as per the customer’s need. Quality Warehousing enables the shipping department to track and ship products to customers efficiently and promptly, as promised.

Another essential feature is a warehouse management system that is driven by IT, that reduces error as well as paperwork: and results in efficient Inventory handling, with less damage to and loss of products. The One sees to it that its warehousing ensures proper administration of the supply chain solutions, to give efficient delivery service.  

Packing, Filling, and Sealing

  • The One Pack Solution ensures proper and secure packing, for smooth handling and transport of the product shipment to its global market destinations.
  • Packing of products readied for distribution to customers comes in varied package sizes and forms or uniform packages, as determined by customer delivery needs.
  • Packing is suitable for transport. Proper and secure packaging is provided to protect product content against manual and mechanical handling as it moves to its distribution area.
  • Packing is in perfect condition, with no damaged or vulnerable parts. It protects product content from dust, insects, moisture, and other harmful external elements.
  • Filling: the space between the product content and the packing is maintained at a minimum. Relevant documentation such as invoices is put inside or on the packaging.
  • Heat sealing of packing is closely controlled for product safety. The open ends of the packing are sealed by heat after products are put in the package.

Mesh Laundry Bags FAQS

1. Can You Put Mesh Laundry Bags in the Dryer? 

For brand new mesh bags, it is not good to put these directly in the dryer. It must first be put in the washing machine. Note that each dryer is different, depending on the manufacturer and the machine type. It is recommended to use a medium heat setting.

2. What Is The Recommended Temperature Of The Dryer When Mesh Bags Are Put In It?

For the dryer temperature, a test was done on the dryer with a high setting and the results were good. However, the standard recommendation is to use a medium heat setting. The medium heat setting is not higher than 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 54 to 60 degrees Celsius. Other factors may affect the temperature inside the dryer. These factors are the age of the machine, the accumulation of lint, and the amount of load. A basic guide is the medium heat setting as a standard safety rule.

3. Can You Wash Mesh Laundry Bags?

bulk mesh laundry bags

Mesh bags are indeed used to wash laundry, linens, delicate fabric, and other items in the laundry bag. You can separate the clothes during the washing and drying cycle. These mesh laundry bags have a zipper closure or a drawstring closure.

There are, however, other uses for the mesh laundry bags. They can store sports equipment, scuba equipment, water shoes. damp items. The polyester mesh permits drying, so it prevents mold and odors when you store wet linens and other items. The mesh laundry bag can also store beach towels. Sand from the towel or beach toys will simply slide through the holes, so sand will not reach your home.

4. Where Can I Buy Mesh Laundry Bags?

The One Packing Solution is a custom bags manufacturer, based in China, that was set up in 2009. The company supplies custom printed bags and retail packaging. Its products consist of custom laundry bags, tote bags, cooler bags, wine bags, home storage bags, waterproof backpacks, reusable shopping bags. The company has a wide global market reach and have made bags for high profile brands such as Givenchy, Armani, M&S, Ted Baker, TopMan.

In 2014, The One Packing Solution expanded its line of products to include dry clean items, such as duvet bags and laundry bags. For home storage, products such as storage cubes and hanging organizers were added to the existing line of garment bags.

The One Packing Solution today is a mesh laundry bag manufacturer and supplier that specializes in Mesh Laundry Bags and markets its products globally, reaching the United States, Europe, Australia, and other countries. The products are for both commercial use and industrial use.

The One Packing Solution provides the best solution for all styles of laundry bags that are imported from China. The One Packing Solutions is a Mesh Laundry Bag Manufacturer and a Mesh Laundry Bag Supplier. The One produces quality products and gives fast delivery.

The One Packing Solution has also developed brother factories with professional capacity in particular areas that has enlarged its production capacity to meet the wide range of our customers’ needs.

Mesh Laundry Bags Manufacturer
Mesh Laundry Bags Manufacturer

At the One, we can supply you large mesh laundry bags, small mesh laundry bags, etc. For usage, you can use our mesh laundry bags for washing machines, for socks, for bras, for delicates, etc. We have zippered mesh laundry bags, foldable mesh laundry bags, washable mesh laundry bags, etc. We are mesh laundry bags manufacturer, we can make bulk mesh laundry bags to reach your order requests.

Except mesh bags, we also supply other laundry bagsgarment bagsshoe bagsdust bags, etc.

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