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We are drawstring Bags Suppliers and Manufacturers in China. We Supply various materials of drawstring bags, non woven drawstring bags, jute drawstring bags, cotton drawstring bags, mesh net drawstring bag and Rpet drawstring bags, etc.

As a custom drawstring bags manufacturer and supplier, we know there are plenty of different needs a business may have. No matter what they are for your company, our packing options will take care of them! We offer gift bags to fit the needs you have in mind. We go above and beyond with our design and pay attention to the details. This is why we have been an industry leader for more than a decade! We continue to develop better products based on feedback from our valued customers and emerging technology.

China's Reliable Drawstring Bags Supplier

You will love the quality and versatility of the products we offer! At The One, we are a proud drawstring bags manufacturer. We strive to offer the best quality product while keeping prices affordable. A poor quality product can give your customers a bad impression of your business. They aren’t going to be happy if it tears and their purchases are damaged or fall out of it. We have done our homework as a non-woven bags supplier. We are aware of shortcomings with many of these types of products. Armed with that information, we have created products we can stand behind. We have happy businesses who have come to us for their bags because of the problems they had with other suppliers.

Create the Ideal Drawstring Bags for your Business

You can count on The One to help your business create the ideal bag! As a dedicated drawstring bags manufacturer, we work closely with our customers. You select the features displayed on it to further promote the professionalism and brand of your business. We offer a variety of types of materials for you to select from. You can decide on the product features including handles, buttons, or zippers. You and your customers will love the bags they take their purchases home in!

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your needs! We will be happy to help you design unique gift bags for your company to use. These one of a kind items are durable and they will help you promote your business through branding.



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Services For You

We are your trustworthy custom drawstring bag partner in China, ready to help you get projects in various industries. Our services include customs clearance, logistics and trade-related tasks. Our advisors will provide ongoing updates throughout the transaction process.

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Manufacturing Of Drawstring Drawstring Bags

Direct safety coverall manufacturer who can produce cotton coveralls, work suits, work shirts, work pants, safety jackets, etc.
soft eyeglass pouch

Manufacturing of Drawstring Pouches

We are your true partner in manufacturing safety coveralls, boiler suits, chef coats, military uniforms, reflective T-shirts, reflective vests, scrubs, etc.
Mesh Laundry Bags

Manufacturing Of Drawstring Backpacks with Logo

Additionally, we offer trader for other safety products which can help you source different PPE items, so you can easily win a PPE tender.

How We Produce

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Raw Material Purchase

As we are custom drawstring bags manufacturer, so usually all of our material are custom-made for our customers.

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Pantone Color Choose For Customers

We can make any logo via different printing technology. Customer just supply us Pantone color is ok.

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Bags Made By Our Workers

After all materials arrived, we will arranged by production.

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QC Checking and Packing

When drawstring bags finished, we will begin check bags quality and then pack them in the carton.

Why Choose Us

Custom Made

We supply any custom made requests

Custom OEM Design

We accept OEM and OEDM Design for our customers

Free Samples

Samples are free for no printing samples.

Fast Delivery Time

If we have material in stock, our delivery time is fast for our customers

Start doing business with us today!

We are a dependable manufacturer and supplier of drawstring bags in China, having exported various products to over 30 countries including the USA, Germany, the UK, Greece, France, Austria, the Middle East, and Africa.

As a manufacturer of drawstring bags, we offer OEM services for customizing products to include your logo. Our range includes various styles, and please note that our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is typically 500 pieces per style. If your order does not meet the MOQ, we regret that we will be unable to fulfill your request.



Drawstring Bags FAQ

Drawstring bags, if you’re not aware, are bags that are lightweight, and are similar-looking to a backpack. They’re adjustable and you’re able to carry it using your shoulders.

They’re called “drawstring” bags because of the fact that you can access them by pulling the strings from it. It can have zippers for extra pockets but the drawing of the string is what makes it what it is.

The procedure of Creating Drawstring Bags

  1. Cut the fabric to the desired shape that you want.
  2. From the lining of the fabric, cut it depending on the size that you want your drawstring bags to be.
  3. Then, cut the accent fabric by making the casing of it slightly larger than the accent corners.
  4. Start by sewing the corner accents. Make the turn under two (2) of the shorter edges of the triangle and press it.
  5. Take the outer piece and fold it into half crosswise, then, press it to get the center crease.
  6. After that, sew the first casing onto the bag. Grab the exterior or the outer piece and lay it flat on the surface, then place one (1) casing with the raw edges aligned.
  7. Next is to sew the other piece of the casing to the opposite side.
  8. Sew the drawstring bag altogether.
  9. Turn it right side out and start to close the gap by pressing it. During this, the thread ends should be buried.
  10. Insert the cords or the strings to the casing, then, knot the ends or tie the two (2) together.

You can use drawstring bags for a ton of different applications. But, the most common ones include, but are not limited to:

  • Camping
  • Playing Sports
  • Schools
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • And Many More!

Many drawstring bag manufacturers and suppliers produce these drawstring bags in such a way that they’re versatile and flexible.

Unlike backpacks, for example, bringing cold items like cold bottles of water, food, and those of the like can cause spoilage of the bag’s condition. It can stain and wet it.

With drawstring bags, on the other hand, they’ll usually be made from durable, sturdy, and flexible materials. Meaning, you’ll never have problems and dilemmas even if you bring items and things that could wet and stain it.

Contrary to what most people believe in, drawstring bags can actually be hand washed.

As a matter of fact, the material composition of drawstring bags makes them extremely washable.

Many people like to put them in a washer and a dryer, but the better option would be to wash them by hand or manually.

Thanks to the composition or the fabric used to create drawstring bags, you can wash them without having any fears and doubts!

NOTE: When washing it using a washing machine, it is imperative that you place it in a lingerie bag or any other type of bag that is enclosed by a zipper. Doing so can help you get rid of the dangers of your drawstring bags getting washed up.

Just like any other type of bag, you can place drawstring bags in a dryer after you wash them. To make sure that it will be safe, it is imperative that you place them in some type of bag or container that has an enclosure.

The same idea as how you would wash it in a washing machine.

Usually we need our customers confirmed samples first, then we can check our delivery time buy order quantity.


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