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Top 10 Apparel Manufacturers in China

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China is the hub for various types and kinds of manufacturing firms and companies. The country is considered by many as the pillars of production.

Out of the 44,000 textile manufacturers in China, 15,000 of which are focused on apparel and accessories, which one should you work with?

Upon further research, in no particular order, the following 10 are what are considered the best and most trustworthy apparel suppliers in China.

D&J Garment

Ever since D&J Garment’s entrance in the apparel industry, the fashion world has been rocked back and forth. Their expertise, knowledge, and overall business decisions make the best and most trusted apparel manufacturer in Guangzhou.

They’ve stormed the market, offering trendy fashion trends since 2018, from the hottest bridal gowns, glove accessories, dresses, jackets and coats, knitwear, playsuits, and many more.

Every few weeks, they create brand new designs, release excellent-quality pre-made products, and gather clients from all over the world. Not to mention, you can get custom apparels, dresses, and fashion accessories from them, too!

D&J Garment is truly a sight to behold, and not once will you be disappointed with the quality of their projects, products, and wholesale orders.

Beijing Yijiahe Garment Co., Ltd.

Beijing’s Yijiahe Garment Co., Ltd. entered the market with only a few products in their arsenal, namely parka and nick garment, leather, fur, wool coats, and jackets only. Over time, their company was recognized by various Chinese and international institutions because of the quality, the hasty delivery, and the promising customer service.

Having its parent company, Huaxin Fur Clothing Co., Ltd. passed ISO standards and certifications, all processes and methods they’re doing have successfully been certified. Whether you’re looking for superior-quality standards, advanced production methods, and excellent-quality business procedures, you’ll never go wrong in choosing Beijing Yijiahe Garment Co., Ltd.

Get custom, high-quality apparels for your company or your business. Wherever you are in the world, whatever business field you’re on, Beijing Yijiahe Garment Co., Ltd. can answer all your needs!

Fujian Nanping Yierying Garments Co., Ltd.

Fujian Nanping Yierying Garments Co., Ltd., or YierYing for short, can be your go-to manufacturer if you’re looking for exclusive deals for baby and toddler clothes and garments, cushions, rompers, and other types of additives on your arsenal.

They specialize in business-to-business operations, supplying and producing garments and apparels to businesses and organizations from all around the globe.

Part of the best-selling products they have are baby rompers, baby clothes, as well as socks, slippers, and other types of light footwear for children.

They have a place in the market because of the cheapness, inexpensiveness, and overall affordability of their products without compromising quality. They’re the perfect manufacturer if you want high-quality zippered clothing, composed articles, and baby articles, too!

Not only that, but you can also count on them if you’re looking for custom baby clothes and apparel, too!

Nanchang City Jiabaoli Knitting Garment Co., Ltd.

Proud of their multifunctional presence, Nanchang City’s Jiabaoli Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. is the city’s pride when it comes to the manufacturing and production of underwear, clothes, pajamas, and baby/children’s apparel, too.

It’s not a question of whether or not they’re an effective company, but whether or not you’ll be buying everything from them.

All of the products in their arsenal are well-suited for whatever business application you have regarding apparel and clothing. They’re experts in playing and in maneuvering fabric, textile, as well as all other materials for creating apparel for babies, children, and even toddlers.

Their specialty places them in the country’s list of the best, most trusted, and most reliable garment manufacturers and suppliers in the country.

You can purchase single items from them, sets, as well as get wholesale orders of whatever product you need! Let them know the specific customizations you need for your products and orders, and they’ll never fail to achieve the expectations you have.

Fuzhou Riversuny Waterproof Garments & Bag Mfg. Ltd.

Fuzhou Riversuny Waterproof Garments & Bag Mfg. Ltd. is a manufacturer that boasts of their versatility and flexibility when it comes to the production of various types of apparel categories. They specialize in workwear, raincoat, outdoor dog garment, fishing apparel, as well as waterproof bags and jackets, too!

Their specialization and expertise in the art of producing waterproof garments and articles make them one of the most popular and most-loved apparel suppliers in the industry. They’ve worked with a myriad of companies and organizations in their time – from well-known and world-renowned Chinese companies to respected products, brands, and organizations around the world, too!

Riversuny can be your one-stop solution for comfortable, well-put, well-organized, and properly planned apparel, dresses, and waterproof garments that you can use for both your business (custom) or for reselling or remerchandising.

The company possesses excellent presales and aftersales services that can tailor the branding, the products, and the items you’re looking for.

Shenzhen Chaotong Clothing Co., Ltd.

One of the most trusted and most reliable apparel manufacturing companies in the city, Shenzhen Chaoton Clothing Co., Ltd., or more commonly referred to as Mo & Mo, can be the manufacturer you’ve always wanted to work with.

They’re a manufacturer that boasts of their strong styles, initiatives, and designs, competitive and decent rates, fast and urgent production/delivery, as well as the limitless capacity of their work.

Shenzhen Chaotong Clothing Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned company, having over hundreds of clients from across the globe. The largest, most recent, and best countries they were able to supply to include Japan, South Korea, U.S.A., and Singapore – they also have their reach in European countries, too!

You can choose from their wide array of unique and rare designs, or you can choose to customize the products you’ll be purchasing from them. Whichever option you go with, you can be sure that you’ll only be getting high-quality products in the cheapest and most affordable rates and prices.

Dongguan Liangjun Garment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Liangjun Garment Co., Ltd. is a one-stop factory for all different styles and types of apparel and garments you might need for your business. They specialize in all the different styles of fabric – from embroidery, linen, cotton, crepe, pleat, lace, chiffon, and many more!

Their services and operations are so structured that they have a design team that’s dedicated to designing, a showroom for their products, as well as a separate factory manufacturing plant where all things and operations are happening.

Name the product you’re looking for, and you can definitely find it in the library of products Liangjun Garment Co., Ltd. has. From women’s dresses, blouses, jumpsuits, coats & jackets, as well as kimonos and skirts – to men’s vests, shirts, hoodies, shorts, and even underwear!

They have artists employed who creates brand new designs from scratch, repurposed designs, as well as innovate what the best designs are for the season.

Innoknit Garment Ltd.

Innoknit Garment Ltd. is China’s pride when it comes to garments and apparel. This multinational, international apparel manufacturer is powered by more than 100 personnel, all of which are deemed and considered experts and professionals in creating and producing apparel and garments.

Their wide and vast library of products are being sold in all angles of the market. You can purchase anything from shirts, knitwear, cardigans, long sleeves, shorts, jogging pants, and many more!

The excellent contrast and color combination they offer are appreciated and imitated by a lot of competitors because of the loud and noticeable accent they have.

Innoknit Garment Ltd. can be your go-to company if you want simple, plain, pleated, printed, and even textured garments and apparel for men, women, and children. Do you have a design that you want to concretely place in the market? Get it from Innoknit Garment Ltd., and never worry about custom garments and apparel any longer!

Ganzhou Sunpon Garment Co., Ltd.

Sunpon Garment Co., Ltd. has been in the industry for more than a decade. With a combined expertise and mastery in apparel and garment manufacturing, you can trust them for whatever clothes, accessories, and wearables you’re looking for.

Specializing in sportswear, gym wear, and even outdoor articles, Ganzhou’s pride when it comes to garments and apparel will never disappoint you.

Based on their company info, they never experienced receiving any type of complaints because they claim to have zero defects, zero modifications, and zero problems with their products and orders.

To help you understand their library of products better and further, you can get hoodies, raincoats, winterwear, American jackets, sweaters, and many more! Other than this, though, you can count and bank on them if you need loud colors of outdoor clothing.

The One Packaging Solution

Whatever type of apparel bags, garment bags, or even reusable bags you need, our experts and professional personnel here at The One Packaging Solutions can surely accommodate that.

We’ve been known as the country’s most trusted, top-exporting, manufacturer of apparel bags and garment bags, servicing hundreds of businesses worldwide in different business fields, sectors, and positions.

Our experience led us to setting up an excellent outsourcing team to handle all outsourcing needs we have as a company. For 12+ years, we’ve worked with a wide library of companies, businesses, and organizations in the world. We’ve been in partnership with the world’s leaders in designer bags like Givenchy, Armani, Gucci, and many more!

Why Choose The One Packaging Solution?

If high-quality garment bags and apparel bags are what you’re looking for, then we here at The One could be the company you’ve always wanted to work with.

We’re joined by some of the industry’s most professional, most skilled, and most experienced people – we will never disappoint you in terms of the quality, speed of delivery, timing, as well as the customer service that we offer.

Over time, we’ve invested in high-quality, state-of-the-art, and cutting edge materials, equipment, and machinery to accurately and precisely produce your orders. Whether you want your garment and apparel bags wholesale, retail, or in sets, we can help you!

  • All our products are OEM and are high-quality (sourced from the best)
  • We have excellent presales and aftersales service teams
  • We are flexible and versatile with the materials we use to create apparel
  • You can customize and specify the garment bags you’re looking for completely
  • We can send over a free quotation for you so you can check the market

All our processes have been streamlined, optimized, and improved to farthest garment bags and apparel bag manufacturers can go. Our large 2000+ square meter plant operates firmly, urgently, and accurately!

You won’t make a mistake in choosing us here at The One to be the manufacturer you want to be in partnership with to get excellent-quality apparel at decent, dependable, and reasonable rates!

Need help with a quote? Reach out to our team and we’ll be more than happy to handle and address the questions and inquiries you might have! Contact us today and get estimates and quotes for the garment and apparel bags that you need!

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