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Top 10 Dress Manufacturers in China

There is an estimated 44,000 manufacturers and companies in China alone dealing with textile and apparel. The market for dresses and clothes is vast, and millions of units are being sold and purchased daily.

The saying “there are tons of fish in the water,” is applicable in this sense, making it difficult for businesses and retailers to choose their suppliers.

From the tens and thousands of dress manufacturers and dress companies in China, which one should you go for? Here are 10 of the best, most reliable, and most sought-after retail and wholesale dress suppliers in China we’ve found.

Hangzhou Qiexi Garment Co., Ltd.

Being one of the youngest and newest dress manufacturers in the country, you wouldn’t expect to see them on the list – but they are!

Hangzhou Qiexi Garment Co., Ltd. has been in business since 2021 and since then, they supplied the market with good apparel finds that are cheap, inexpensive, and decent.

Having a manufacturing plant of more than 2,000 square meters, all operations and products are designed, created, and finalized in this plant.

Their main products revolve around apparel, primarily dresses, men’s and women’s dresses, underwear, hoodies, tops, pajamas, pants, and many more!

If you’re looking for customizations and modifications, you can lean on Qiexi Garment Co., Ltd., too! Send them the orders you want, the designs and styles you’re looking for, and they will produce them for you with no questions asked!

Passion Apparel Ltd.

Passion Apparel Ltd., is Dongguan City’s pride when it comes to dress manufacturing. Having more than a decade of experience in the industry, you can count on them for the dresses and apparel that you want and need.

They’re famous for their line of products for women, particularly yoga outfit or clothing, coats and jackets, skirts and shorts, as well as maternity clothing.

However, that doesn’t mean that they do not produce clothing for men – they do! Specializing in khaki colors and loud contrasting hues, a lot of consumers find their apparel appealing and fashionable.

From their company name alone, creating quality apparel is their passion!

Want to have your orders customized and specified to your liking? Just send Passion Apparel Ltd. the design you’re aiming and looking for and they’ll deliver!

Shantou Enhong Clothing Co., Ltd.

Established just back in 2018, Shantou Enhong Clothing Ltd., or more commonly known as ST3D is a well-known manufacturer of apparel and clothing in China.

They have a wide range of products from regular women’s dresses, women’s pajamas and T-shirts to men’s shirts, pants, and tops, and even body shapers.

Shantou Enhong Clothing Co., Ltd. is a versatile apparel supplier equipped with the right resources, machinery, people, and experience in creating and manufacturing women’s dresses, blouses, and many more!

One thing you’ll definitely love about ST3D is the fact that their offers don’t just stand on a single rope – you can purchase products and apparel for women, men, and kids, too!

Not only that, but you can order custom dresses from them, and you can sign up directly for dropshipping! Make money by choosing Shantou Enhong Clothing as your dress manufacturer!  

Anhui Shagyan Trading Co., Ltd.

When it comes to fashion sense, Anhui Shagyan Trading Co., Ltd. is what many businesses and companies consider their best bet.

Their style, overall structure, versatility, and competitiveness in terms of pricing is what places them at the 10 best and most trusted dress suppliers in the industry.

Unlike its competitors in this list, Anhui Shagyan Trading Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that is leaning more towards the categorization of men’s apparel. Their most popular products and apparels are men’s wool coats, mid-length jackets, cardigans, as well as corduroy joggers or jogging pants.

The company specializes in both preppy and formal apparel for men, women, and even kids!

You’ll never doubt the quality of Anhui Shagyan’s operations and products because they’ve been streamlined to suit all the needs of their clientele from all around the world.

KOBO Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

KOBO Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in more formal events and settings such as weddings, birthdays, debuts, and all other important events in people’s lives.

They’re the takers when it comes to dresses for special occasions, accessories, as well as evening dresses and gowns. They service businesses and companies on a global scale – they don’t just operate within the region they’re in!

You can get anything from shoulder dresses, evening gowns, wedding gowns, V-neck bridal gowns, prom dresses, pencil cuts, and many more!  

If you’re looking for formal dresses that you can freely customize and specify, that is, of course, within your budget, going with KOBO Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. will be your best bet. From night and evening gowns, wedding dresses, long cocktail dresses, and mermaid tulles, you’ll never be disappointed!

Do you have a design in mind that you want to have a concrete plan of? Draw or sketch it up, then send it to KOBO Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. They have an excellently resourceful team of people who can copy, improve, and even reinforce the idea that you have.

Guangzhou MoonYao Kids Clothing Factory

China is, by far, one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. That being said, many companies like Guangzhou MoonYao Kids Clothing Factory never fails to produce apparel dedicated to children.

They’re most famous for both boys and girls’ clothing, particularly between the ages 2 and 5. You can get sleeveless tulles, print dresses, typical T-shirts, full-sleeved flower dresses, pants, and others.

Apart from children’s clothing, MoonYao is also known for its library of evening dresses, trousers, and dresses for kids aged 6 to 10 years old.

Get high-quality, well-thought-of, and carefully engineered children’s apparel from Guangzhou’s pride, MoonYao Kids Clothing Factory! Never be restricted with color – get whatever style, color, and design you want and need!

The company operates on an hourly basis, so, when you send a message, leave a voicemail, or let an email pass, expect their response to be within an hour or two.

Shaoxing Newtex Imp & Exp Ltd.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality women’s wear, men’s wear and clothing, or even symbolic shirts, Shoaxing Newtex can help!

They’re the country’s top manufacturer of Hawaiian shirts, button-down floral shirts, casual long sleeves, as well as trendy shirts and polos. The company also offers beach shorts, dresses, and vacation skirts that can be worn on a sunny day or at the beach!

You’ll never have a shortage of vacation and beachy products to choose from Shaoxing’s wide array of options. However, it’s worth noting that their offers aren’t only limited to beach shorts, beach shorts, as well as beach dresses.

You can also find semi-formal, casual, and formal outfits from them, too! You can even get custom dresses, polos, and shirts, too! They’re the all-in-one solution you’re looking for if you need high-quality apparel for whatever event you have!

Tong Lu Spring River Knitting Group Co., Ltd.

If you’re looking for a knitted collection of apparel that are made and designed carefully and thoroughly, you can never go wrong in choosing Tong Lu Spring River Knitting Group Co., Ltd.

The company’s mission & vision is to be able to automate their production, be efficient, and have excellent levels of strategy in producing and manufacturing all orders from their clients’ requests.

Having almost 3 decades of experience, it’s safe to say that their business is made up of perfectly-controlled production, streamlined operational processes, and even a wide library of options and choices.

Their product category is not that flexible, but that doesn’t mean that all your options are limited. In fact, you can be confident that the quality of the products is superb and that you can have all your orders and products specified and customized according to your wants and needs.

Shanghai Linqtex Company Limited

Shanghai’s pride in apparel and dress supplication is none other than Linqtex. Being a well-known manufacturer for about a decade, Shanghai Linqtex Co., Ltd. is originally a plant that caters only to U.S. clients.

As time went on, they improved their skill, widened their production capacity, and streamlined their business methods and processes, and thus, their skills became well-known, popular, and they were able to hit their overall targets.

Part of the primary products they’re manufacturing are cotton baby bibs, shirts, and bodysuits. Apart from that, though, you can also trust them in case you’re looking for vintage, sophisticated, and high-quality dresses such as chiffon dresses, flower pleated dresses, short-sleeved dresses, and many more!

Their capacity to produce thousands of orders in a month is a trait that makes them special – and thus, they’re part of the list.

The One Packaging Solutions

Last, but most definitely not least is The One Packaging Solutions. Started out in the industry producing many different types of bags, we migrated and also put our efforts in producing high-quality garment bags and apparel bags, too!

Our specializations in the industry encompass what others have – we don’t just look towards the production of regular garment bags and dress bags. Instead, we’re able to produce excellent-quality duffle bags, drawstring bags, and custom or customized garment and apparel bags, too!

We’re China’s top-rated, and most trusted retailer and wholesaler of cotton bags, wholesale garment bags, cloth bags, and many others more.

We here at The One have 10+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We’ve manufactured everything from garment bags, clothes bags, formal dress bags, as well as travel bags, too. You can look us up and see all clients we have garnered in the past, which helped to be us now.

Why Choose The One Packaging Solutions?

Our expertise in textile, fabric, and in working with various types of material allowed us to be flexible and versatile with the skills and experiences that we have.

The One is a world-renowned leader in the production of high-quality bags, apparel, as well as other types of garment and dress bags, too.

Over the years, our manufacturing plant has improved. We moved locations, we added machines, we trained people, we hired experienced personnel – all things you could expect of a world-class company.

  • All our products are AZO-free, which means they’re safe and non-toxic
  • We offer high-quality OEM products to businesses and clients in whatever niche
  • We have 100+ workers as a whole for our business, guaranteeing excellent-quality and precise outputs
  • The One’s products have passed respective CE, SEDEX, and ISO certifications and standards
  • All our rates and prices are offered at decent and discounted rates
  • We have an excellent R&D team ready to be of service and improve your ideas

Whether you’re new in the market or if you’re already old and you’re looking for a world-class quality dress and garments bag manufacturer, you can never go wrong in choosing us here at The One Packaging Solutions for your need to look for the best dress manufacturer in the market.



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