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Top 10 Packaging Boxes Company in China

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Out of the 441,000 industrial enterprises in China, do you know who the top 10 packaging boxes company is?

Being the world’s manufacturing hub, China has grown to have a multitude of businesses and companies that are focused not only in producing and distributing, but also in innovating, manufacturing, and delivering.

So out of the millions of packaging boxes companies you can trust and bank on, which are the top 10 packaging boxes that you can put your trust in?

We’ve scoured the market in the regions considered by many as their go-to for packaging boxes and similar products.

The One Packaging Solutions

Having 14+ years of experience in the market, The One has stood up to most of the industry’s downfalls since the late 1990s.

Being experts of bags in the industry, The One has capitalized on their textile and fabric expertise and transformed it into offering high-quality packaging boxes in different forms and styles.

As one, if not the best packaging boxes company in Wuxi, we’re able to streamline our processes and give our clients fast lead times, high-quality products, in the best and most affordable rates and prices we can offer.

Equipped with an award-winning customer service department, all your requests and orders will be given to you in such fashion that you won’t have to deal with anyone else!

The One is certified and has been approved for multiple standards and certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and many more!

Pros of Working With The One Packaging Solutions

  • All products are sourced from China’s top and most trusted corporations
  • Delivery is within 60 business days (depending on the bulk of order)
  • Payment methods are flexible
  • Quality is guaranteed and retained all the way through

Cons of Working With The One Packaging Solutions

  • Designs are not modernized or advanced enough
  • Production is not as massive as other manufacturers, but quality is retained

Shanghai Forests Packaging Group

Having a nickname of FPG or Forests Packaging Group, Shanghai’s leading packaging boxes supplier or manufacturer has been in the paper manufacturing industry since the late 1980s. Ever since their existence, they have been in the top 30 paper packaging businesses in Mainland China.

They’ve scouted through all the nooks and crannies of boxes and paper packaging, and they have been in partnership with several waste management and recycling factories in the country.

FGP is so trusted that they have been forced to innovate and create a “design your packaging” type of service where clients can customize the packaging they’ll order.

Shanghai Forests Packaging Group has anything from fruit boxes, cosmetic boxes, white card boxes, display boxes, paper cups to mailer boxes and shipping boxes, too! Literally every type of packaging box you want and need, they can provide!

Being Shanghai’s top-rated and best packaging boxes company, you can never go wrong if you want a sustainable, eco-friendly, but cheap and affordable solution to your packaging. Not to mention the fact that their orders are cheap, too!

Pros of Working With The Forests Packaging Group

  • They’re known and trusted in the industry as they’ve partnered with HP, Jockey, Macy’s Bayer, etc.
  • They have a large manufacturing plant and area that is safe and secure
  • Customization is available and is cheap for them
  • They have a Research and Development (R&D) team who will help you get the exact products you’re looking for

Cons of Working With The Forests Packaging Group

  • Their payment methods are limited
  • The materials they have are high-quality, but most of the time out of stock

Xiamen Tonghong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Out of the thousands of packaging boxes manufacturers and companies in the Fujian province, no other supplier is trusted more than Xiamen Tonghong. Xiamen Tonghong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. can be considered one of the greats in the Fujian province as they have been through multiple generations.

Over the years, they have proven their worth and their expertise by producing and manufacturing complemental supplies of packaging boxes. They capitalize on their skill and experience in beautifying packaging boxes, and so they’re continually trusted by businesses.

From simple plain boxes, colorful boxes, foldable boxes to corrugated boxes and rigid gift box styles and designs, they’re more than trustworthy if you’re looking for a packaging box manufacturer that you can trust all the way through.

With more than 100 employees, it’s safe to say that their packaging boxes are handled and cared for properly. They’ve been in the market for many different types and styles of boxes since 2007, and they are continuously on the hunt for more!

Pros of Working With Xiamen Tonghong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

  • Their export percentage is just at 41% to 50%
  • They own a 3,000-square meter manufacturing plant with 100+ employees
  • All products are OEM and are sourced from China’s most trusted and reliable suppliers
  • They have leading strides and innovations prepared for what you need
  • They have excellent pre and after-sales services

Cons of Working With Xiamen Tonghong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

  • Their products, even as a whole (wholesale) is a bit more expensive than most manufacturers
  • You can count on them for support, but their support line is busy because of the influx of clients they have

Ningbo Real Pack Co., Ltd.

Out of the multitude of provinces in the country, Zheijang remains one of the most prominent when it comes to raw materials like paper, cardboard, steel, metal, etc. This is an obvious factor why one of the best packaging boxes manufacturers in the industry is located there!

Ningbo Real Pack Co., Ltd., or more commonly referred to in the industry as Real Pack, is the province’s best and most flexible packaging company. They’ve worked with a lot of world-renowned businesses and companies – they have clients all over the world!

Thanks to their experience with machinery and equipment, they’ve capitalized on it and created excellent-quality packaging boxes in bulk! Yes, you can order thousands of packaging boxes from them monthly – even weekly, should you need it.

And you could be wondering, how would the quality be? Well, they have demonstrated and proven the most minimal of tolerance levels when it comes to width, length, and height (in mm).

Choose Real Pack for all packaging needs you have and you will never have problems sourcing it out ever again!

Pros of Working With Ningbo Real Pack Co., Ltd.

  • Real Pack takes pride on the multiple certifications they’ve acquired through years of service
  • All over Ningbo, they are the go-to packaging boxes manufacturer
  • They have superior level customer service and customer experience (pre and after-sales services)
  • You can count on them and their high-quality staff members for information
  • Delivery time is fast; payment method is flexible

Cons of Working With Ningbo Real Pack Co., Ltd.  

  • They are typically more expensive than other manufacturers in the Zheijang province (mostly due to overqualified products)
  • If you don’t speak their native language, there could be a language barrier issue

Qingdao Vistapak Packaging Co., Ltd.  

The company takes pride on their decades of experience and the skill they have accumulated in their journey. Qingdao Vistapak is knowledgeable and skilled in terms of producing high-quality packaging, no matter what your business is.

Their decades of experience allowed them to produce over 30 different products, making them one of the most versatile and most flexible packaging box companies not just in the province of Shandong, but in the entire country.

Head on over to their site and you’ll see their list of products – you will drown by knowing that they are extremely flexible! You can get foldable gift boxes, toy packaging boxes (customized), sticker card flyers, pizza boxes, clothes and apparel boxes, or any other type of personal or commercial packaging you can think of!

Pros of Working With Qingdao Vistapak Co., Ltd.

  • They offer a huge selection of packaging materials, options, and styles
  • The company uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment
  • Packaging knowledge is their number one asset – they’re offering superior quality resources
  • All products are OEM

Cons of Working With Qingdao Vistapak Co., Ltd.  

  • Staff members are usually hard to reach because they’re all busy
  • Payment options are limited and are only a few

Shenzhen Pack Materials Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen’s signature packaging manufacturer is ready and prepared to get you the exact packaging you need. Named as the industry’s top supplier of packaging materials, Shenzhen Pack Materials Co., Ltd. is known to be the best manufacturer of cosmetic packaging and boxes.

They mostly specialize on cosmetics and other adjacent products, but you can count on them for all packaging bags and boxes you need!

The company has a reputation for providing some of the province’s cheapest and most affordable products without a dent on the quality!

Pros of Working With Shenzhen Pack Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Cheap and affordable rates and prices
  • The staff is easy to communicate with
  • Huge selection of products and packaging

Cons of Working With Shenzhen Pack Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Lead time could be slower and longer than competitors especially in regions outside Asia
  • Staff are few so pre and aftersales services could be delayed

Hefei Hyde Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Let’s stray from conventional and traditional packaging and move towards modern packaging, or the packaging of specific products. Hefei Hyde Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is one of Hefei’s packaging supplier/manufacturer.

They’ve been tagged as the industry’s most well-known providers of paper, box, and other materials for packaging.

Like many other manufacturers, they are ISO 9001 certified and they have been proven and tested all over the industry. You can trust them if you’re looking for ice cream paper cups, kraft shopping bags, wall cups, bread packaging, regular packaging, and many more!

They have a lead time of 15 days and they’re able to service anywhere you may be in the world.

Pros of Working With Hefei Hyde Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

  • They have a fast lead time – usually within 15 working days or 3 weeks
  • Their payment methods are flexible, you can pay whichever you’re comfortable paying in
  • The export percentage they have is 90%
  • All products and orders are OEM

Cons of Working With Hefei Hyde Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Language barrier may be an issue, especially if you don’t know a bit of Chinese
  • Compared to other companies, their lead time is a tad slower because of multiple product quality assessments

Dongguan Yuxin Printing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Dongguan Yuxin Printing Co., Ltd. might just be the packaging boxes company you’re looking for. Honed in the modernization of packaging with knowledge in extensive traditional or conventional boxing, they’ve combined the rigidity and durability of traditional ways with the style, colors, and radiance of today’s fashion!

Their product category is vast and extensive that you can even get customized packaging from them that are tailored to your branding.

Whatever business you may be involved in, if you are interested to get high-quality product packaging, Dongguan Yuxin Printing Co., Ltd. more than happy to help you! You can get retail and wholesale rates from them the same way you can get customized colors, prints, and designs, too!

Pros of Working With Dongguan Yuxin Printing Co., Ltd.

  • They offer standard and luxury cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Yuxin Printing Co., Ltd. is equipped with state-of-the-art supplies and machines to manufacture the products you need
  • Packaging is just one of the specialties they have – you can also get notebooks, paper bags, papers, and many more!
  • All products are OEM and sourced from China’s best suppliers

Cons of Working With Dongguan Yuxin Printing Co., Ltd.

  • Their payment plans are limited
  • The rates and prices of their retail from wholesale is not that big

Hutton Industry Ltd.

One of Jiangsu’s most trusted and most reliable packaging boxes manufacturer has always been relied on by businesses, companies, and manufacturers of the like. Being experts in fabric and in raw materials, they thought and decided to overtake the industry by storm by offering some of the best and highest quality of packaging to businesses.

They’re mostly known for their sweaters, hats, caps, and scarves, but in the most recent decade, they’ve transfigured and started offering gift package boxes and paper boxes, too!

You can never go wrong in choosing them for the gift package boxes you need. Whether you need plainly designed and styled packaging boxes or if you want fully-customized ones, you can count on them and their team of experts!

Pros of Working With Hutton Industry Ltd.

  • The company has been labeled as the easiest to go to for packaging in Jiangsu
  • You can count on them for all the OEM orders you’re looking for
  • Wherever you are in the world, Hutton Industry Co., Ltd. will be able to deliver

Cons of Working With Hutton Industry Ltd.

  • Not many payment options are available
  • Quality might be affected for speedy and rushed orders

Changshu Yudong Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

Last but most definitely not least is Changshu Yudong Packaging Material Co., Ltd. One of the main Chinese packaging suppliers that has a website, they’re known for cosmetic and skincare packaging – but they are not limited to that.

Their expertise extends up to other industries as well as they have eco-friendly wooden packaging as well as jars that can be for non-cosmetic use, too!

You can never go wrong in choosing Yudong Packaging Material as your primary manufacturer for these packaging boxes, wherever you may be in the world!

Pros of Working With Changshu Yudong Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

  • They have a website that is fully functional, as well as a spot with some of China’s e-commerce websites, too
  • Alll their products can be customized according to your wants and needs
  • They’re able to produce high-quality products in short amounts of time
  • Pre and aftersales services are available

Cons of Working With Changshu Yudong Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

  • The pricing is generally higher and more expensive than most. Although not that big in terms of difference, but as a whole, it is
  • Lead time depends on the customization you’re looking for. The most tailored you want it to be, the longer and slower the lead time is

These are China’s 10 packaging box companies you can work with and expect an excellent result. There are thousands of them just in the country, so, getting to the best will always be your choice, right?

The next time you find yourself in need of guidance, go back to this list!

Why Choose The One For Packaging Boxes?

Being with The One for your packaging boxes will have a ton of benefits. Not only are we one of the oldest companies in the field, but we are also committed to providing all our clients the exact, most accurate, and specific packaging that they want – from material to design.

We are experts in textile and fabric, remember? So, we were able to extend our outright skills and experiences in making packaging boxes the best that they can be.

  • We have skilled and experienced professionals and experts in packaging
  • Our staff and employees have been trained with everything
  • Our R&D (Research and Development) team are reliable
  • All our products are source using the best materials from the most trusted suppliers in China

If you’re not sure where to go, reach out to us here at The One Packaging Solutions! We’re more than happy to get you the packaging boxes and cartons you’re looking for!

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