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Top 15 Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers in China

Insulated Tote Cooler Bag

Are you looking for the best cooler bag manufacturers in China? Do you want to work with world-renowned leaders and suppliers in the field? If yes, fret not! In this list, I will give you all of the best companies in China per region!

We’ll be looking at the world’s primary hub of manufacturing – China, where you’ll be able to find the biggest and largest factories and manufacturing plants scattered in different cities.

Without further ado, here is the list of 15 of the best cooler bag manufacturers in China!

NOTE: We made it easier for you to navigate, so, we grouped and categorized it per region in the country!

Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is a region in China that borders Shanghai and Zheijang to the south, Shandong in the north, and Anhui to the west. It’s geographical location makes it one of the best and most eligible regions in the country to do manufacturing as it has a shoreline where the shipment of goods is easy.

Apart from this awesome geographical alignment, Jiangsu is also an excellent source if you’re looking for cooler bag manufacturers. And I’m not just talking about your regular manufacturers that you contact if you need retail products – I’m talking about wholesale cooler bag suppliers that you can fully trust to supply the products your business is offering.

It is home to three (3) of the country’s best cooler bag manufacturers, namely:

The One Packaging Solutions

For 12+ years, The One Packaging Solutions has been Jiangsu’s cradle when it comes to the production and manufacturing of high-quality cooler bags. We’re known for delivering promising quality when it comes to high-quality cooler bags wherever you are in the world.

The technology we utilize encompasses traditional means of cooler bags, not to mention considering the insulation of cooler bags, as well as the outer or exterior.

Other than the high-quality cooler bags we offer, we are also known and considered the best in the field/industry of cosmetic bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, reusable bags, and many more!

Zhangjiagang Jinye International Trade Co., Ltd.

Coming second is Zhangjiagang Jinye International Trade Co., Ltd. Their primary markets include Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, South America, and North America. Famous for their style and intricate details when it comes to bags, the company is a behemoth when it comes to both soft and hard-cased cooler bags.

They take pride on the fact that all their products are easily recyclable and reusable. They’re also expert providers of washing bags, gift bags, insulated lunch bags, as well as promotional bags.  

Jiangsu Hulk Packing Co.,Ltd

Last but most definitely not least is Jiangsu’s “avenger,” HULK Packing. Kidding aside, this company has been in business for years now, and they never failed to deliver the quality their long-term clients have been looking for.

You can ask them for all sorts of bags like cylinder bags, medical bags, tool belt bags, tool organizers, and many more! Part of the best bags that they have, of course, are cooler bags – be sure to check them out!

Now, let us look at some of the advantages and drawbacks of choosing a Jiangsu cooler bag manufacturing company:

Pros of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Jiangsu

  • Material flexibility
  • Workforce skill and experience
  • Better rates and prices

Cons of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Jiangsu

  • Longer-than-the-usual lead time
  • Long requirements

Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Shanghai

We all know how big and awesome Shanghai is in terms of being a central business district (CBD), but do you also know that it is also one of the most notable and most famous spots in manufacturing in the country, too?

Shanghai is home to a lot of businesses – and that list includes the best cooler bag manufacturers in the entire country.

This rich city is a handpicked location for many business owners and business people in China simply because they know how big and how willing the market is to spend.

Shanghai Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

If cooler bags are what you’re after, then you’ll never be disappointed with Shanghai Eagle. They’re known in Shanghai as the BEST and most REPUTABLE cooler bag supplier, servicing anywhere in the country, as well as other nations in Southeast Asia!

They’re experts in producing pouches, travel bags, insulated lunch bags, and many more!  

Shanghai Yangguang Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yangguang is situated in the heart of Shanghai, and is known to be the city’s most trusted manufacture of non-woven bags, canvas bags, and cooler bags.

Get different styles of bulk or wholesale cooler bags from them and have it delivered in a few weeks!

Shanghai Dongqing Industry Co., Ltd.

Are you looking for customization and style? Or do you want exceptional-quality of cooler bags without paying premium costs? Don’t worry, Shanghai Dongqing is ready to go!

They produce and provide for businesses to Europe, the U.S., and even Africa!

Let us now take a look at some of the things you might want to know in terms of putting your business in the hands of Shanghai cooler bag suppliers and manufacturers.

Pros of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Shanghai

  • Secretive businesses and production
  • High-quality of AZO-free products
  • Most companies are skilled and experienced

Cons of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Shanghai

  • Higher costs
  • Longer lead time

Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Ningbo

Did you know that in 2020, the manufacturing value of Ningbo reached about $89.25 billion? This accounts for a total of 44.5% of the provinces GDP, so it’s truly a dominant force in the region’s overall market.

Recently, Ningbo developed smart manufacturing in textiles, rubber, plastic goods, as well as engineering and auto parts, too! If you’re trying to look for a cooler bags supplier you can trust, consider the following:

Ningbo ICEBERG Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.

Ningbo ICEBERG Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. is a business or a company that’s known for their expertise in appliances – but they have a good streak of cooler bags, too!

Having eight (8) production lines in total, they can produce 20,000+ products a month!

Top Harvest Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Ningbo’s specialty is with kitchen and household items. Little did businesses know is that they’re also a supplier that’s known for their high-quality cooler bags.

Apart from cooler bags, they can also help you with shopping bags, cosmetic bags, grocery bags, reusable bags, and many more!

Ningbo Haishu Guanghe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Your tableware, bag, and container needs will be kept safe with Ningbo Haishu. They’re excellent and fully capable of producing exceptional-quality cooler bags, too! No matter how big or small you need your cooler bags to be, Ningbo Haishu can deliver thousands of products per month! s

As good as we want it to be, there will always be some mishaps whether you choose or choose not to go with Ningbo cooler bag manufacturers. So, here are the pros and cons of working with the best cooler bag manufacturers in Ningbo.

Pros of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Ningbo

  • Wide variety of businesses and companies
  • Fast import and export
  • Cheaper and more affordable

Cons of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Ningbo

  • Newer and younger businesses and companies
  • Complicated logistics

Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Guangzhou

Guangzhou ranks 6th in China’s best manufacturing provinces in the entire country. They’re most known for various industries, such as the automotive and aerospace industries, the electronics industries, and petrochemical – they also have a string of excellent cooler bag manufacturing companies, too!

Take advantage of this knowledge and get the chance to work with three (3) of Guangzhou’s most trusted and most reliable cooler bag suppliers.

Guangzhou Acoolda Bags Industry Co., Ltd.

In terms of experimentation, innovation, and newer technology, Acoolda is the perfect manufacturer when it comes to newer and more modern cooler bags. 10+ years in the industry molded, shaped, and streamlined the production process that’s capable of generating 10,000 products per month.

Best Bag Factory

FuYun Bag & Outdoors, more commonly known as Best Bag Factory is considered the best and most innovative when it comes to bag supplication. Located in Guangzhou, they’ve been in the business since 2009.

You can get everything from laptop bags and sleeves, pet carriers, canvas tool bags, soft and hard cooler bags, and many more!

Guangzhou Changrong Bags Manufacture Co., Ltd.

For women-style, men-style, and customizable messenger bags, travel bags, and cooler bags, Changrong Bags is the perfect option for you. It’s one of Guangzhou’s most credited cooler bag suppliers because of their high regard to style and quality.  

I’ve seen a lot of cooler bags before, but I have never seen a cooler bag like how Changrong produced and manufactured it.

Guangzhou is surely the place to be in for a relaxing vacation! It’s also a good place to start if you are looking for high-quality cooler bag manufacturers. However, the qualities of the products and services aren’t always going to be 100% no matter how hard we try and wish for it to be. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Guangzhou’s cooler bag manufacturing companies.

Pros of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Guangzhou

  • Excellent and quality style
  • Fast production and lead time
  • Excellent customer service

Cons of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Guangzhou

  • More expensive

Best Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Xiamen

Xiamen is a region that’s famous for how low the population is, but still sustainable after all these years. Known and dubbed as the “garden of the sea,” Xiamen has been home to some of the best and most successful manufacturers in the industry.

When it comes to cooler bags, companies, businesses, and organizations around the region of Xiamen count on these three (3) companies.  

International Haotian Technology Co., Ltd.

Unlike all other suppliers in this list, International Haotian Tech is not a company specializing in bags. Instead, they’re focused on the production of medical devices and equipment – including medically insulated bags and containers.

From their company, you can find high-quality cooler bags in all different shapes, forms, styles, colors, and sizes!

New Berry Enterprise Ltd.

Having a wide range of product category, New Berry Enterprise Ltd. is a company that’s been dedicated to providing high-quality bags in different, fashionable sizes. With 10 production lines and over 300 workers, you’ll never be disappointed with the lead time, speed, and quality of the cooler bags you’re looking for.

New Berry is also a product that you can trust and bank on if you need help with duffle bags, shoulder bags, computer bags, shopping bags, foldable reusable bags, and many more!

Xiamen Youngpack Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd.  

Last on this list is Xiamen’s Youngpack Imp and Exp Co., Ltd. Considered to be the best when it comes to customer service, you will definitely get what you’re looking for with them.

They have a huge selection of products you can make use of, and they’re offering some of the best and highest quality of cooler bags in the market today.

Located in the Huli District, you’ll never regret your decision of working with Youngpack as they have a long lineage of bag production in the business industry.

Probably the least famous and least favorite region in this list, but since you hadn’t known how excellent it is, now you do! If you can’t decide, let us help you! Here are the things you’ll definitely happy about if you work with Xiamen’s best cooler bag manufacturers as well as the things you want to double-check and consider.

Pros of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Xiamen

  • Not known for cooler bag manufacturing
  • More expensive, since materials are sent to Xiamen, not sourced
  • Customer service is on-point

Cons of Cooler Bag Manufacturers in Xiamen

  • Longer lead time
  • Few selection of good companies and manufacturers

What’s Next For You?

You have, before you, 15 of the best cooler bags suppliers all over China in some of the best and most fruitful regions in the vicinity. What’s next for you is to decide which manufacturer you’ll go for, and in choosing, you’ll have to consider: produced or manufacturer reputation, production speed, and quality tolerance. 

With The One Packaging Solutions, we’re more than happy to help you with high-quality best cooler bags – soft and hard-cased. We have premium customer service, ready to accommodate you 12+ hours per day!

The One Packaging Solutions has been one of China’s top companies when it comes to cooler bag manufacturing since the early 2000s and up until today! So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and we’ll send over a free quotation!

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