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Top 15 Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in China

The market for cosmetic bags rose since the early 2000s – or during the era when makeup was openly offered to different sectors, industries, and of course – to people of all ages. Locating the 15 best cosmetic bag manufacturing companies in the country can be cruel, and that’s why we created this list!

Not only are we going to provide you with the best and most reliable cosmetic bag suppliers all over the country, but we will also discuss all the information you’ll need to identify which is the best!

3 Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is one of the best, most locomotive, richest, and most resourceful provinces in the entire country. The spot is home to tons of experts and professional when it comes to the manufacturing of textiles, electronic equipment, chemicals, and even a lot more other stuff.

The province is home to some of China’s most trusted and longest—running cosmetic bag manufacturing companies, which are:

The One Packaging Solutions

We are here at The One Packaging Solutions have been all about quality. We’re experts when it comes to all different types and kinds of bags, but our strength is usually directed more towards cosmetic bags.

Our experts and lead manufacturing engineers here at The One Packaging Solutions can customize your every request! Whether you’re in need of small cosmetic pouches, large hard-cased cosmetic bags, or even soft cosmetic bags, we can help you!

Some other high-quality products we’re able to offer include custom cooler bags, messenger bags, paper bags, reusable bags, grocery bags, and more!

Jiangsu Top Case Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

When it comes to the manufacturing and production of cosmetic and makeup cases, you can never go wrong in choosing Jiangsu Top Case Manufacturer Co., Ltd. They’ve been in the business for over a decade, and they have produced a long line of excellent-quality products other than cosmetic bags.

They can be your go-to for cosmetic bags, makeup pouches, plastic, and paper bags!

Jiangsu Yibo Color Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yibo is the go-to manufacturer/supplier of companies and businesses that look for color and shape-quality. For 15+ years, they have been producing a wide library of bags, and the best ones are garment bags, cooler bags, shopping bags, and of course – cosmetic bags.

Pros of Choosing Jiangsu Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Superiority in production and manufacturing experience
  • High-quality products guaranteed
  • Cheap and inexpensive options

Cons of Choosing Jiangsu Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Longer lead time
  • More complex requirements

3 Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Dubbed as China’s “national leader” when it comes to the production of tea, Wenzhou is a city that’s essentially part of China’s biggest markets when it comes to business – Zheijang.

They’re stature in the market roots mainly from lighting, as well as the manufacturing of smart home products – advanced and high-technology items, for short.

Nevertheless, they’re still an excellent source when it comes to the manufacturing of cosmetic bags. In fact, here are three (3) of the best cosmetic bag suppliers in the country that are from Wenzho:

Ziyoyoo Packing Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou’s Zihyou Packing Co., Ltd. is one of the best and most trusted manufacturers of cosmetic bags in the city of Wenzhou. They’re able to produce highly innovative products such as paper cosmetic bags, PVC toiletry or makeup bags to aesthetic denim, canvas, and jute tote bags, too!

Ziyoyoo Packing Co., Ltd. is truly a one-of-a-kind type of cosmetic bag manufacturer – don’t miss the chance to work with them as they have exceptional-quality customer service!

Wenzhou Conlene Bags Co., Ltd.

Conlene bags is the Wenzhou business specializing in the production of highly eco and environmentally friendly products at reasonable and decent rates. They’re adept in working with a wide array of materials and can produce the cosmetic bags you’re looking for.

Make and place your orders without the fear of overpaying!

Jordon Gift Co., Ltd.

Last in Wenzhou is Jordon Gift Co., Ltd. Now, Jordon Gift Co., Ltd. is a company that doesn’t actually specialize in bags, but instead, high-quality thermoplastics. This makes them one of the greatest in the city to produce durable, long-lasting, and fashionable makeup and cosmetic bags!

Pros of Choosing Wenzhou Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Cheap and inexpensive rates
  • Easier and much more convenient labor
  • Fast lead time

Cons of Choosing Wenzhou Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Few company options to choose from
  • Heavier and longer requirements (processing)

3 Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in Quanzhou

Quanzhou is a type of prefecture port city that’s located at about north of Xiamen, in the province of Fujjian in China. The city is known for its strong and robust base for production and service, as well as their take on the industrial sector.

Moreover, the earlier populations of the city heavily relied on the production of silk, mining, and dyeing. Now, the city is a well-known spot for the production of cosmetic bags and others of the like.

Here are 3 of Quanzhou’s most popular and prominent cosmetic bag manufacturing companies.

Enfung Industry Limited

Are you looking for bags in many different styles, colors, and types? If so, Enfung Industry Limited is here for you! They have customers all across the world and they’ve serviced prominent businesses such as Disney, BSCI, and many more!

You can trust them for the high-quality cosmetic bags you’ll ever need!

Quanzhou Rejolly Bags Co., Ltd.

Rejolly bags is a company that specializes in travel bags, pouches, and even sports bags for multiple wear types and conditions. They’re considered one of the best simply because of how well they put up their products, as well as the overall structure of them.

Their line of cosmetic bags, motorcycle and bicycle bags, as well as their duffle bags are all-in-all, the best in this region of China!

Huichuang Bag Co., Ltd.

Design-wise, Huichuang Bag Co., Ltd. will be your best bet. They’re able to offer modern, high-quality styles and trendy fashion designs for cosmetic bags that you’ll only be able to see in the Western Hemisphere.

Get them for either retail or wholesale and never worry about the quality of style and design!

Pros of Choosing Quanzhou Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Easy companies to deal with
  • No language barrier
  • Fast lead time

Cons of Choosing Quanzhou Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Not many companies can produce high-quality cosmetic bags
  • Expensive and costly

3 Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in Foshan

Situated in the heart of central Guangdong, Foshan is truly a place you’d want to be in, if you are looking for high-quality cosmetic bags. The city is known as the largest city-producing spot in the whole of China, and it’s also home to some of the best unique delicacies such as eels, flowers, plants, water fish, and more!

Little did people know, Foshan is also an excellent location if you are looking for high-quality cosmetic bags. In fact, here are three (3) of the city’s most prominent and most world-renowned cosmetic bag manufacturers.

Foshan Weixin Co., Ltd.

Foshan Weixin Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the production of quality, almost luxury brands. Although their products are not original, they make sure that the way they imitate originals is seamless, smooth, and ultimately flawless.

 They offer anything from perfumes, bottles, scented glassware, and of course bags and pouches that are specific for them – cosmetic bags.

Nanhai District Lucky Case Ltd.

More commonly known as Lucky Aluminum Cases, Foshan’s pride in aluminum and hard-cased makeup and cosmetic bags is just within reach. They’ve been popular as one of the best and most reliable customizable cosmetic bags suppliers because of the wide library of products they offer.

You can get professional makeup bags, travel containers, briefcases, tool cases, record cases, and more!

Foshan City Top Point Case & Bag Co., Ltd.

The brand is popular for their high-quality products, and they’re able to offer superior quality luggage, too. 20+ years of the business led them to the superior and high quality of products they’re offering.

They can produce and manufacture all different types and kinds of cosmetic bags you’ll need! Apart from those, businesses can also refer to Foshan City Top Point Case & Bag Co., Ltd. for your needs of suitcases, storage boxes, pet grooming containers, and many more!

Pros of Choosing Foshan Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Well-experienced businesses and manufacturers
  • Many different options to choose from
  • Cost-efficient and cheaper products

Cons of Choosing Foshan Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Slow lead time
  • Not too many product variations

3 Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in Shanghai

Shanghai, probably the most popular and most well-rounded city in the country is also a hub for cosmetic bags. Apart from its striking tourist attracts, its bullish economy, and continuous advancements, you can also consider it as an exceptionally reliable destination if you are looking for cosmetic bags.

Out of the hundreds – even thousands of cosmetic bags suppliers in Shanghai, the best ones or those that you can count on are:

Shanghai Arch Industrial Co., Ltd.

In the country, when Arch bags are mentioned, it’s automatically redirected to Shanghai Arch Industrial Co., Ltd. They’re more known and famous for luggage, cabin luggage, accessories bags, cosmetic bags, smart luggage, and many more! They specialize and innovate on bags and luggage technology, and they’re always prepared to help you with whatever you need!

When it comes to strength, durability, and reliability of the products, they have exceptional quality!

Luisway Industrial Co., Ltd.

Luisway is Shanghai’s expert when it comes to bulk and wholesale of different types and kinds of bags, such as fanny packs, wallets, cooler bags, school bags, hand bags, cosmetic bags, and many more.

In Shanghai, Luisway Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company that’s considered as the go-to of many for-profit and non-profit organizations all around the globe. They’ve been able to produce some of the most prominent companies and businesses worldwide!

Shanghai Saychum Gift Co., Ltd.

Lastly, Saychum Gift Co., Ltd. is a promotional manufacturer that’s versatile in producing wide array of products and bags. They’ve been known for product festivities, key chains, healthcare products, bags, and many others more.

Part of their high-profile products are makeup and cosmetic bags, and these are often bags that are brought to exhibits, business presentations, and more. You can have all your orders customized according to your liking!

Pros of Choosing Shanghai Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • Premium product quality, no doubt
  • Fast lead time

Cons of Choosing Shanghai Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

  • More expensive and costlier
  • Higher quality products but might not be enough quantity
  • Few options for manufacturers

Which Region Will You Go For?

Out of all these five (5) regions, going with vicinity is key, especially if you’ll be purchasing wholesale. Many people prefer going with companies in Shanghai, while there are those who prefer going with Jiangsu cosmetic bag manufacturers.

We here at The One would strongly recommend going with our company not only because of the high level of skill and expertise we have, but also due to the fact that our customer service is exceptional.

Why Choose The One Packaging Solutions?

If you’re not sure where you can get the best and highest quality of cosmetic bags without paying an awfully high rate, then you need to get with us here at The One.

For over a decade, we have been in the business of producing some of the country’s best and most reliable cosmetic bags, available in all shapes, forms, and sizes. We’re more than ready to help you in manufacturing, designing, and polishing cosmetic bags both for retail and wholesale.

  • Get high-quality OEM cosmetic bags
  • Receive excellent customer service
  • Keep a lot of your money – we’ll save you money
  • And many more!

Double your profit while making sure that your quality stays intact here with us at The One Packaging Solutions!

All our experts have compiled experience that go up 50+ years! You can bank and count on us if you ever find yourself in need of cosmetic bags!


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