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Top 15 Best Paper Bags Manufacturer in China

paper bags manufacturers

As the industry looks to use more greener alternatives for everyday items, manufacturing needs also rose.

Regarding plastic, several options such as cloth or paper bags grew in popularity. Moreover, since China is the hub of some of the largest factories, sourcing paper bag manufacturing to companies in the country would be more affordable and efficient.

If you plan to transition from plastic to paper bag packaging in your company, this article can help. In the following sections, you’ll learn the top 15 best paper bag manufacturers from several regions in China.

Paper Supplier in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is known and regarded to as one of China’s most developed and most advanced provinces. Furthermore, people (both residents and tourists) label it as the home of the classical gardens as it is the region in the country where craftsmanship meets style and advancement.

Over the years, Jiangsu has been home to many different businesses – but the industry of paper and paper bag making has been the dominant business.

So, should you ever find yourself in need of quality paper bags, Jiangsu will be the best region to look in here in China!

Advantages of Jiangsu Paper Bags

  • Leading supplier in tracing paper and translucent paper
  • Many company/business options
  • High quality of products
  • Skilled workforce and employees

Disadvantages of Jiangsu Paper Bags

  • Costlier and more expensive than other regions
  • Slower-than-the-usual turnaround time

The One Packaging Solutions


In Jiangsu, we at The One Packaging Solutions has been known and considered by many known local businesses as their one-stop supplier and manufacturer when it comes to paper and paper bags. We have produced a wide array of paper bags for different types and kinds of businesses in and around the country.

If you need a paper or a paper bag supplier in Jiangsu that you know you can trust, you can very well rely and bank on us here at The One Packaging Solutions.

We’ve supplied different types and varieties of paper bags to our clients such as Euro tote paper bags, pinch-bottom bags, SOS bags, merchandise paper bags, party bags, and many more!

Except paper bags, The One also supplies Canvas Bags, Velvet Bags, Satin Bags, Tyvek Bags, PVC Bags, Jute Bags, non woven bags, etc.

Changzhou Hicool Packaging Co,. Ltd.

The next one that comes in the list is Changzhou’s Hicol Packaging Product Co., Ltd. Just like The One, Hicool Packaging is deemed for their quality works and their relentless style. They capitalize on the talents and the skill they have as they’ve served countries from different regions such as Spain, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Japan, France, and many more!

Changzhou Hicool Packaging Co., Ltd. is known for their wholesale eco-friendly Tyvek paper thermal bags, as well as their fashionable Kraft cooler paper bags.


  1. Paper Bags Manufacturers in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, a situated city in the north of Hong Kong and the South China Sea coast, is an excellent place to source paper bag productions. Aside from having more manufacturers, companies also offer reasonable rates for both local and international clients.

Due to the city’s economic growth, it became a significant player in China’s textile and bag production industry. Additionally, since paper bags rose in popularity, Shenzhen didn’t wait and started building more companies towards this market. Should you want more options and affordability, companies in this city are great starters.


  • More company options
  • Skilled staff


  • Some indirect company transactions

Several best paper bag manufacturers in Shenzhen:

Shenzhen Cyrich International Trading Co., Ltd. – Cyrich is a reputed manufacturer of paper goods, including paper boxes and shopping bags.

Shenzhen Tianhong Printing Co., Ltd. – Tianhong Printing is a prominent bag producer in Shenzhen specializing in luxury kraft paper bags and offers advertising, promotional, shopping, gift, and carrier bags.

Shenzhen Artstar Industrial Co., Ltd. – Artstar Industrial, a 24-year old company, offers wholesale services for valve, SOS, and shopping paper bags.

  1. Paper Bags Manufacturers in Shanghai

Shanghai, considered the financial hub of China, also houses some of the most significant paper bag manufacturers. As such, companies are flexible for client orders, deadlines, and other tasks. Besides, due to excellent courier capabilities, orders should ship faster than others.

As the city is known as China’s most populated yet commercial capital, the workforce shouldn’t be an issue.

Moreover, should you choose Shanghai, you can select from countless manufacturing companies to deal with your orders. By visiting websites or listing platforms, initiating, planning, and dealing with your arrangements would be a pleasurable experience.


  • Fast turnarounds
  • Flexible orders


  • Pricier than other regions

Several best paper bag manufacturers in Shanghai:

Shanghai Woods Packaging Co., Ltd. – Shanghai Woods offers customizable paper products like kraft, gifts, boxes, and packaging paper bags.

Tianyu Packaging Products Co., Ltd. – Tianyu Packaging manufactures paper compound, kraftvalve, square bottom, and PP woven bags.

Shanghai Pudong Yucai Print., Ltd. – Pudong Yucai trades and produces various paper bags for shopping, gifts, wine casing, and packaging boxes.

  1. Paper Bags Manufacturers in Ningbo

Ningbo, a city in Zhejiang, China, has some of the best paper bag manufacturing companies. While it’s not as popular as other cities, it has garnered a significant economic growth percentage in the past years.

Accordingly, if you plan to source paper bag productions, looking at Ningbo companies is an ideal decision.

Moving on with the production, you can seek and select services from numerous companies specializing in paper goods. As such, you can easily order bags, boxes, cards, and other paper products that one can imagine.


The excellent geographical location for shipment and orders

  • Skilled workforce
  • Companies offering customizable paper bag designs and forms


  • Younger companies (lesser experience)

Several best paper bag manufacturers in Ningbo:

Ningbo Hexing Packaging Co., Ltd. – Hexing Packaging provides services for paper boxes, file folders, bags, photo frames, and folding boxes.

Zhejiang Best Idea Promotion Items., Ltd. – As a reputed company, Zhejiang Best Idea manufactures paper products like promotional, outdoor, and shopping bags.

Ningbo Zooly Paper Products Co., Ltd. – Zooly produces plain or colored cardboard and paper items like gift and packaging boxes, cards, and bags.

  1. Paper Bags Manufactures in Shandong

Located on the country’s east coast, Shandong has always majored in China’s economy and development.

Aside from financial aspects, the province also helped in several areas of religion and culture. Consequently, today, it houses some of the best players in different industries, including paper bag production.

When talking about paper or bag production, the province holds numerous companies that can serve local and international clients. Apart from standard items, these businesses also cater to customized orders. As it has one of the country’s best economic growth, doing business in any of its paper bag manufacturing companies would be ideal.


  • Experience in the industry
  • More manufacturer options


  • Significant higher labor

Several best paper bag manufacturers in Shandong:

Qingzhou Glory Packaging Material Co., Ltd. Food packs, kraft, handled bags; custom designs Glory Packaging makes them.

Jinan Xinshunyuan Packing Co., Ltd. – Jinan Packing provides wholesale and custom production of plain, colored, or styled kraft, SOS, and handled paper bags.

Qingdao Sikon International Trade Co., Ltd. – Qingdao Sikon is an international supplier of cardboard and paper items like folding and corrugated bags.

  1. Guangzhou

Guangzhou, from China’s southern region, is an important center for economic and cultural development.

Due to its great location between Mainland China and Hongkong, it’s ideal for trade, shipment, and manufacturing.

In regards to paper bag production, it has industry-leading companies since the early 90s. Today, new ones offer paper goods using new manufacturing methods. As a result, products are more affordable, easier to make, and customizable.


  • Established companies with great expertise
  • Fast transportation and shipment


  • Pricier products and labor

Several best paper bag manufacturers in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Igiftbox Printing Co., Ltd. – Whatever paper bags one needs, gift box Printing can provide it; custom boxes, bags, gift cards, packaging, and many more.

Guangzhou Kingdi Printing Co., Ltd. – Kingdi Printing manufactures almost any paper products from boxes, tubes, handled bags, and packaging.

Guangzhou Haoyipacking Co., Ltd. – Haoipacking produces quality paper goods such as gift boxes(with or without designs), bags, and custom-shaped packaging.

Decide and select the best paper bag manufacturer

After learning the best paper bag manufacturers in China, one of the last things to accomplish is choosing what company best suits your needs and preferences. Should you overlook anything, please feel free to review this article again. 


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