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Top 15 China Hardware Manufacturers

China is the world’s hub when it comes to manufacturing, whatever item, product, merchandise, or even service that might be. Over the last few decades, Chinese manufacturers have improved and enhanced their way of business by exploring innovation, risking experimentation, and overall developing and streamlining business processes.

That is why we here at The One Packaging Solutions have been dedicated to providing organizations and ventures all around the world hardware supplies, parts, and components no matter where you are and no matter how vast the business industry you are in.

So, here is a list of the 15 best hardware manufacturers in China!

Best China Hardware Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is one of the major and primary provinces in China that has been known for its wide range of manufacturing and production. Various companies have been in and out of the province, trying to the point of getting the best manufacturer of hardware, tools, and bags for these!

The following are the top three (3) best and most trusted hardware manufacturers and suppliers in the country.

The One Packaging Solutions

For 12+ years in the market, we here at The One Packaging Solutions have produced a wide array of hardware parts, tools, and components and even accessories for companies of the same kind. Many of our clients revolved around the business of construction, engineering, architecture, and so on. Some of the hardware bags and containers we can offer include regular tool bags, tool boxes, and many more!

Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone Srock Tool & Bag Co., Ltd.

Coming in at 2nd place, Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone Srock Tool & Bag Co., Ltd. is the next manufacturer in line. Hailing from the city of Zhangjiang, you can rely on their expertise and knowledge in tools, hardware, and other physical components that make everything easier, better, and more convenient. Some of the top products they have include small to large-sized tool bags, multi-pocketed tool bags, soft and hardbound tool boxes, and many more!

Changshu Evergrande Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

They started out in the industry focused on tools and hardware, but, over time, they were able to migrate and deviate to bags and other sorts of containers, too. Changshu Evergrande is a manufacturer that you can fully trust and rely on for all different types and kinds of hardware you can think of! Whether you need regular tool bags, parchments, chemical fiber bags, paper, and others, you will never have any problems in the event that you don’t find yourself being with the right supplier or manufacturer.

Pros of Working With a Jiangsu Hardware Manufacturer

  • You’ll have many different options of suppliers to choose from
  • The lead time is fast, since they’re used to bulk and wholesale orders
  • Flexible payment methods or payment terms available

Cons of Working With a Jiangsu Hardware Manufacturer

  • Rates and prices are costlier and slightly more expensive because of guaranteed quality
  • There can be a language barrier especially in terms of contacting support

Best China Hardware Manufacturers in Zheijang

Zheijang is one of the lesser-known provinces in the country, but overall, the province is known for the manufacturing of raw silk. Taking pride in its agricultural impact, you can expect to see a vast plane of resources and manufacturing companies in Zheijang!

In terms of tools or hardware bags, though, the best and top suppliers in the province are these three.

Cixi Xingfeng Bags Factory

Cixi Xengfeng Bags Factory is a supplier you can completely trust for all the additives and accessories you think you’ll need when it comes to tools and hardware. They have been in the manufacturing industry for far more than a decade, and they can absolutely give you the comprehensiveness of the products you’re looking for. Cixi Xengfeng has all types of hardware accessories you need from heavy duty tote bags, open tool totes, tool bag organizers, and many more!

Ningbo Ezfocus Co., Ltd.

Ezfocus is a company that lives up to its name. Hailing from the city of Ningbo (which is known as a manufacturing area in the country) they are equipped with a few different types and kinds of skill and machinery in the art of hardware and tools. You can get tote tool bags, multi-pocketed totes, heavy duty duffle tool bags, and many more!

Ningbo EasyGet Co., Ltd.

Ningbo EasyGet Co., Ltd. is a supplier in Zheijang focused in outdoor adventure and hardware manufacturing. They are originally a supplier of outdoor extremes and accessories, but over time and eventually, they were able to migrate and transition into the far manufacturing and supplication of hardware and tool bag styles and designs.

Pros of Working With a Zheijang Hardware Manufacturer

  • Zheijang takes a lot of its influence from the country’s rich culture
  • Rates and prices of the supplies and products there are extremely cheap and affordable
  • The lead time is fast

Cons of Working With a Zheijang Hardware Manufacturer

  • You don’t have a lot of suppliers and manufacturers to choose from
  • The payment methods and terms are available  

Best China Hardware Manufacturers in Shanghai

Out of all the major cities in the country, Shanghai is one of the most popular – it’s even mistaken by many as the country’s capital! Shanghai city is the country’s industrial and technological leaders out there.

Mapping out all different aspects of technology from automotive, biomedicine, equipment, steel, information & technology (IT) products, and even petrochemicals, you’ll be able to place your complete trust in companies there!

When it comes to hardware or tool bag manufacturers in the city, these three (3) are what’s considered the most trusted and most banked on!

Shanghai Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

Also commonly known as Sheagle Industry Co., Ltd., they are a manufacturing and supplying company that has been focused in the art of producing and manufacturing different types and kinds of bags. They are Shanghai’s top manufacturer of tool bags, getting all different styles and designs such as open tote tool bags, heavy duty tool bags, reusable cooler multi-pocketed bags, and many more!

Shanghai Forests Packaging Group Co., Ltd.

Right now, Shanghai Forests Packaging Group Co., Ltd. is Shanghai’s 2nd choice when it comes to the manufacturing of tools, hardware, parts, and components. The product categories they’re offering span from regular carton and box packaging, paper tubing, gift box, mailer boxes, tool box and bags, and many more! They can offer a whole wide range of tool bags and boxes for it!

Shanghai Fangzhen Bag Co., Ltd.

Fangzhen is Shanghai’s option when it comes to many different types and kinds of storages. They’re popular for hanging storages that can be for a wide array of materials, not just clothes and apparel. They’re known for many different types and kinds of tool and hardware bags and containers, too! You can get tote bags, military bags, duffle bags, luggage for tools, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Shanghai Hardware Manufacturer

  • With a Shanghai manufacturer, you can be assured that all products are high-quality and tested
  • There are no real issues about language barrier with Shanghai manufacturing companies
  • There are numerous businesses and companies that are in partnerships with Shanghai’s top suppliers and manufacturers of hardware and hardware bags

Cons of Working With a Shanghai Hardware Manufacturer

  • They are expensive and costly
  • You could have many different options for suppliers and manfuacturers

Best China Hardware Manufacturers in Guangdong

Guangdong is a Chinese province capitalizing in its strength in industrial and mechanical manufacturing. Being the country’s tiger in terms of electronics and technology, you can just expect this province to lay out all different types and kinds of suppliers and manufacturers in hardware and tools industry.

In fact, three (3) of the best and most trusted hardware suppliers in the entire country can be found in the province of Guangdong – they are:

KONCAI Industrial (Shenzhen) Ltd.

KONCAI Industrial Ltd. is a manufacturer that has the capacity to produce industrial bags and containers for various types of businesses. Over the course of their experience, they have produced aluminum bags, fabric bags, vinyl bags, as well as heavy duty cotton bags for tools, hardware, and more! You can customize and specify the hardware and tool cartridges, pouches, and bags that you need – you just need to detail to them what you are looking for!

China Blooming Manufacturer Ltd.

China Blooming Manufacturer Ltd. is one of Guangdong’s high-quality suppliers in the industry of bag-making. They are oftentimes referred to as Shanghai’s best, but they actually come 2nd. Don’t be fooled, though, as they have an extensive line of quality tool bags, hardware bags, trolley bags, portable tool boxes, and even reusable tool containers, too.  

XiangMei Luggage Bag Co., Ltd.

Xiangmei Luggage Bag Co., Ltd. is the last but most certainly not least is Guangdong’s top suppliers and manufacturers of hardware and other accessories. They are excessively known for their complete line of tool and hardware bags and containers, as well as luggage and other types of traveling bags and packs. Some of the products and materials that are often used include PP, ABS, soft material, and many others more!

Pros of Working With a Guangdong Hardware Manufacturer

  • A ton of manufacturers in Guangdong are English-capable, meaning, no language barrier is posted
  • Many of the most advanced companies are in Guangdong, you can expect higher quality of hardware, technology, and electronics
  • The overall quality of hardware and other related products manufactured in Guangdong are premium

Cons of Working With a Guangdong Hardware Manufacturer

  • The products (even wholesale) in Guangdong are typically more expensive and costlier
  • You could have a ton of different options to choose from, so you might find it difficult and challenging to select

Best China Hardware Manufacturers in Shandong

Last and most certainly not least is the province of Shandong. Shandong is one of the provinces in the country capitalizing in the in the production and manufacturing of several building materials, textile, and many other parts and components.

Not to mention that there are varying factors and components revolving around building and construction such as tools, hardware, and other accessories linked and connected to it.

Three of the most popular and most famous suppliers in the country are in Shandong. Here is the top and the most functional of them.

Qingdao Toyo Industry Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Toyo Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the best and most reliable manufacturers of hardware, tools, and other types of components in the structural and construction industry. That brings them to the market of also being one of the most reliable and most stable businesses offering tools and hardware bags and containers. You can get sets of tool bags, pre-molded tool boxes, as well as other similar types of bags, too.

Qingdao Bailiwei Bags Co., Ltd.

When it comes to bags, there’s no other manufacturer as reliable, relatable, and as trustworthy as Qingdao Bailiwei Bags Co., Ltd. They are a company that specializes in the manufacturing and production of heavy duty bags, parchments, and containers, and they are oh so skilled and experienced in all different categories of bag-making. They have in their arsenal exclusively high-quality bags and pouches, too!

Shandong Xingtai International Trade Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Shandong Xingtai International Trade Co., Ltd. This company has been known in the industry for more than a decade, servicing a whole wide range of businesses and companies in the structural and industrial sectors. Over the years, they have been able to produce a whole wide library of accessories, bags, and other forms of parchment for hardware, tools, and components as well.

Pros of Working With a Shandong Hardware Manufacturer

  • There are many different types and categories of Shandong suppliers and manufacturers that you can choose from – there won’t be any shortage of those
  • The majority of shops have flexible and versatile payment options
  • You wouldn’t have a problem with language barriers because most of their operators are trained

Cons of Working With a Shandong Hardware Manufacturer

  • The rate and prices from most Shandong manufacturing companies are more expensive and costlier than rates of other provinces
  • Lead time is longer and slower compared to other major provinces

Why Should You Choose The One Packaging Solutions?  

The One Packaging Solutions might not be the cheapest, might not have the most knowledgeable employees and operators, and we might not be perfect in terms of service and delivery, but we can guarantee that you’ll get world-class quality experience by working with us.

Having 12+ years of experience in the market, we have helped numerous businesses, companies, and organizations in their needs of getting quality hardware supplies for their venture.

As the best in the entire Jiangsu province when it comes to hardware manufacturing, we’re skilled and fully experienced should you need anything from the smallest and simplest of machinery tools and equipment to the most advanced and high tech, we will never fall short in providing the best and highest quality of Chinese hardware parts, components, and equipment for you!

What Else Can The One Packaging Solutions Offer?

Other than being the best hardware manufacturing company, we here at The One have also proven to be the best in the art of manufacturing other types of bags and containers such as tool bags and boxes, paper bags, wine bags, cooler bags, reusable bags, lunch bags (insulated and not), and many other types of bags you can think of!

Join hundreds of different businesses and companies in taking the path to the best and highest quality of hardware parts, components, and machines themselves without actually burning a hole in your pocket!

Shoot us a message or drop a call – we’ll be more than happy to help and assist you!


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