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Top 15 Cosmetic Packaging Companies in China

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China is known as the world’s manufacturing hub, and that is the reason why you’ll find many suppliers and manufacturers from them. I’m talking millions of different types and kinds of manufacturing companies here from your typical or standard parts and components to high-tech devices and machinery.

For this bit, we’ll be talking about cosmetic packaging companies. We here at The One Packaging Solutions have been considered by many businesses and organizations as their go-to for retail and cosmetic bags because of the fact that we’ve manufactured and produced premium and superior quality without burning a hole in their pockets.

Other than makeup and cosmetic bags, though, there are still some other products and packaging supplies that are manned by excellent companies to work with. So, we present the 15-best cosmetic packaging manufacturers and suppliers in China!

Best Cosmetic Packaging Companies in Jiangsu

Out of all the many provinces, Jiangsu is considered to be one of the best and most comprehensive when it comes to everything about makeup and cosmetics. From cosmetic raw products, cosmetics packaging, makeup bags, and even other makeup accessories, you’ll find tons of manufacturers from Jiangsu that will surely be able to cater to your needs!

Here’s Jiangsu’s top three (3) picks for cosmetic packaging!

The One Packing Solution

If cosmetics is what you’re looking for, The One Packing Solution can help you to solve cosmetic packaging problem. As one of the top and most trusted cosmetic packaging suppliers in China, you can trust them for all your needs in your cosmetics business. What most businesses loved about them is the fact that they can customize everything from cosmetic bags, makeup bags, mesh cosmetic packaging, paper box cosmetic packaging and many more!

Yangzhou Huijiang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

Are you trying to work with an overall company that will take care of your cosmetics packaging, cosmetics bags, and even cosmetic set packaging? Work with Huijiang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. and find what you have been looking for all along! They’re known to be experts in working on PE tubes, laminated tubes, plastics, acrylics, and PCs, and many other plastic products!

Xuzhou Crystal Glass Products Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Xuzhou Crystal Glass Products Co., Ltd. Just because they have “crystal” in their name, doesn’t mean that they work on crystals 100% of the time. The company takes pride in their glass and plastic-work abilities, producing hundreds to thousands of units per day! Their offers range from glass bottles, jars, cosmetic bottles, mason jars, oil bottles, spice bottles, glass tubes, and many other raw materials you’ll need for your cosmetic products and merchandise!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Jiangsu

  • Jiangsu is not a stranger to these types of manufacturing companies
  • You’ll not have issues when it comes to production and lead time
  • Customer services is rated to be 100%

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in Jiangsu

  • Inflexible payment terms and not fond of negotiations
  • Rates and prices vary, but generally, they are about a few percent higher than most provinces

Best Cosmetic Packaging Companies in Guangdong

Guangdong is one of the most known and most popular provinces in the country if you are looking for business. Being one of the economic powerhouses of the entire country, Guangdong, as a province has a lot to offer! The province is not only embellished with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers, it’s not only a business district, it also has a ton of tourist spots and destinations, too!

Out of the many manufacturing companies you can work with, Guangdong is proud of its stature in cosmetics and retail. Here are three (3) of Guangdong’s most trusted cosmetic packaging suppliers and companies!

Zhu Hai Blossom Cosmetic Inc.

Guangdong is known as one of the provinces that take pride on their manufacturing skills and capabilities. They’re known for many different products and merchandise, and packaging is one of them. Zhu Hai Blossom Cosmetic Inc., one of Guangdong’s top players in the cosmetic packaging business, can be your go-to if you have a makeup, cosmetic, skincare, or any other type of related business. Their offers span from the usual and regular jars and bottles, to squeeze bottles, lipstick containers, and other types of cosmetic packaging.

Foshan Weixin Co., Ltd.

Foshan Weixin Co., Ltd. is a Guangdong manufacturer of arts & crafts, retail, packaging, and also printing! They’re a comprehensive company if you’re trying to look for a supplier that is able to accommodate everything regarding clothing and apparel. They got everything from perfume bottle blanks, cosmetic jars, oil bottles, candle jars, sprayers, sanitizers, and many more! They are the perfect package for all your cosmetic and skin care needs!

Zhongshan Yicai Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.

Did you know that bamboo is one of the highest quality and most ideal wood types you can ever get in the market? Their sheer strength, flexibility, design, and overall quality will truly leave you wanting more! Zhongshan Yicai Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. is a bamboo expert that can produce and manufacture all the makeup, cosmetic, and skincare packaging products you’re looking for. They’re so versatile and flexible that they’re not only limited to bamboo and wood materials – you can get paper, ceramic, copper, PLA, PCR, and many other products and materials from them, too!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Guangdong

  • Guangdong is a no-brainer if you’re looking for manufacturers and supplier s
  • You don’t need to worry about payment because manufacturers in Guangdong are modern and flexible
  • You have a ton of manufacturer and supplier options if you choose Guangdong

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in Guangdong

  • Because they’re more focused on quantity, quality might not be 100% at your favour
  • Lead time is a bit slower than manufacturers from other provinces

Best Cosmetic Packaging Companies in Zheijang

Known as the secondary province in Sericulture or the cultivation of silkworms, Zheijang has been in the market for a ton of different products and merchandise. The province is a well-known area for manufacturing of raw materials, and thus, you can consider it as a province to get almost everything you need!

It would take us more than a day to enumerate all Zheijang cosmetic packaging manufacturers, so, here are three (3) of Zheijang’s best options!

Shaoxing Dalica Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Dalica Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of Zheijang’s pride when it comes to cosmetic and skincare packaging. Their mastery in the field of prototyping, designing, coloring, and even printing are at a whole new level. Dalica Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd. can bring you all types of packaging that you want from cosmetic jars, lotion bottles fine mist sprayers, lipstick containers, square trigger sprayers straw jars, pump bottles – literally everything you can think of! There’s no stopping Dalica Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd. from being your only choice of cosmetic, makeup, and skincare packaging!

Gidea Packaging Enterprise Ltd.

Cosmetic bottles can be seen everywhere – and when I say everywhere, I mean, wherever you go and look! But are they at the quality that Gidea Packaging Enterprise Ltd. is offering? Gidea has been in the business for more than a decade, and not once did they ever find any negative thing about their line of products and services. Gidea can offer individual products like lotion bottles, sprayers, jars, bottles to bamboo packaging sets, recycled materials, and many more!

Ningbo Kinglan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Whether you’re looking for plastic, wood, or any other material partnered with other types, Ningbo Kinglan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. will never disappoint you. They’ve streamlined their manufacturing processes to cater to the needs of cosmetic, makeup, and skincare businesses and big companies. Some of their primary products are airless bottle jars, plastic pumps, bottle sets, lotion bottles, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Zheijang

  • You’ll find a lot of companies – you have multiple options to choose from!
  • Lead time is fast and shipping and freight are often secured
  • Other supplies and raw materials can easily be sourced and gotten

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in Zheijang

  • Customer service might not be the best since there is a language barrier
  • Rates and prices are not the cheapest

Best Cosmetic Packaging Companies in Shanghai

More known as the country’s leader in industrial and manufacturing technology, Shanghai is a colossal region in the country when it comes to automotive, aerospace, and even marine industries. Due to its large industrial footprint, Shanghai is mainly considered by a lot of businesses and organizations worldwide for their manufacturing.

It’s also an ideal region if you have a cosmetics business and you’re looking to partner with a trusted and a well-renowned region in the world. Here are three (3) of Shanghai’s most trusted and most relied on cosmetic packaging companies.

DEMEI Industrial Ltd.

Shanghai isn’t a known province for packaging supplication, but they have quite a few excellent manufacturers up their sleeve. DEMEI Industrial Ltd., one of Shanghai’s best bets when it comes to retail, makeup, cosmetics, and even skincare packaging, are ready to provide you with all the products you need for your business. You can get everything from glass dropper bottles, small to large-sized packaging bottles, serum bottles, jars, and many more!

Shanghai Forests Packaging Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Forests Packaging Group Co., Ltd. is one of the many manufacturing companies and suppliers situated in Shanghai that aren’t just focused about business, but in making sure that mother nature and forests are taken care of as well. They can produce all types of cosmetic packaging products from sprayers, bottles, jars, oil bottles, boxes – literally everything you’re looking for!

Shanghai Xuerui Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Xuerui is among the many promotional companies and businesses in China that aren’t only focused at a single particular product line or business category. In fact, they work with everything from medical equipment, cosmetics, skincare, and many others more! Across Shanghai, they’re one of the manufacturers that you can be assured of in terms of quality, quantity, and customer service. They can supply you with mascara tubes, containers, lotion bottles, bottle sprayers, lipstick containers, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Shanghai

  • Shanghai is a well-known region in the country that breathes quality and sophistication
  • Customer service is 100% – language barrier will never be a  problem with them
  • Excellent product lines and categories

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in Shanghai

  • Rates and prices are at the premium ceiling because factories are in “Shanghai”
  • Lead and production times are often slower and longer-than-the-usual

Best Cosmetic Packaging Companies in Hebei

Hebei is a province that takes pride in its exceptional quality of cotton, fabrics, and other raw products and materials of the like. The province is also home to some of the country’s most popular suppliers and manufacturers of packaging – may it be retail packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, and even wholesale packaging.

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, though, three (3) of the best manufacturers and suppliers in Hebei are:

Hebei Rongyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Hebei Rongyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is one of Hebei’s top choices for retail packaging. From being a general retail packaging manufacturer, they’ve niched down to skincare, cosmetics, makeup, and other industries of the like. You can purchase generics and blanks of plastic flip-top bottles, plastic jars, car perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles glass spray bottles, vacuum pump bottles, and many more!

Wuhan Keyo International Trade Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Keyo International Trade Co., Ltd. is one of Hebei’s OEM & ODM packaging supplier for makeup, cosmetics, skincare, and other retail industries. You won’t believe how vast their product line is – you can get everything from lotion bottles, perfume bottles, plastic and glass jars, roll-on bottles, serum and oil bottles, and many more! Their manufacturing procedures also include lacquering, silk printing, UV printing, stamping, and others!

Cangzhou Weikang Package Co., Ltd.

In need of high-quality cosmetic and makeup products for your business? Cangzhou Weikang Package Co., Ltd. is the perfect supplier for you! Not only are they experts in producing high-quality retail, skincare, makeup, and cosmetic packages, but they can also be your go-to for all printing, stamping, and other additional services, too! Unlike other Chinese manufacturers of makeup packaging, they are focused on eco-friendliness, and therefore, you can trust them!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Hebei

  • Hebei is a vast province where you can get exceptionally high-quality items
  • Payment options are flexible and aren’t restricted to traditional and old means
  • The lead time, manufacturing time, and delivery time is fast without sacrificing quality

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in Hebei

  • Rates and prices are often more expensive than most provinces because of its prime location and skill
  • The options you have are extremely vast, making it quite more difficult and challenging to choose

Why is The One the Best Cosmetic Bag Manufacturer in China?  

We here at The One Packaging Solutions are known as Jiangsu’s best choice if you are looking for cosmetic bags, makeup bags, and even toiletry bags in all forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. Our cosmetic bags are hailed as the most durable, the most sustainable, and the environmentally-friendliest, thanks to the overall streamlining of all our products and merchandise.

Besides cosmetic bags and packaging, you can also trust us here at The One Packaging Solutions to help you if you ever find yourself in need of reusable bags, laundry bags, grocery bags, underbed storage bags, and many more!

Reach out to us to get premium quality cosmetic bags without getting ripped off with pricing! We’ll also be able to help you if you need cosmetic or retail packaging, too!

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