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Top 15 Custom Clothing Manufacturers

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The world is filled with a ton of different manufacturers and suppliers when it comes to custom clothing. All around the world, you’ll be able to encounter not one, not two – but millions of various clothing suppliers and manufacturers!

Here in China, particularly in the province of Jiangsu, we here at The One Packaging Solutions have been named as the best and most reliable garment bags manufacturer because of our experience, expertise, skill, and overall independence when it comes to fabric.

To help you with it, though, here are some of the best and top custom clothing suppliers and manufacturers in the world!

Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers in China

Otherwise known as the world’s leading hub in manufacturing, China is not a stranger when it comes to manufacturing clothing. In fact, clothing or various types of apparel are easily done in the country – because of its simplicity, ease of material acquisition, and less-requiring labor, a lot of manufacturing companies and plants have professed their skill in doing so.

China is a vast country, and therefore, you should be able to find a ton of different manufacturers in it. Naming three (3) of the best and most trusted custom clothing suppliers, they are…

Wuxi LincoFun Outdoor Equipments Factory

Wuxi LinfoFun is China’s top choices when it comes to custom rainwear clothing production and bulk manufacturing. Over the years, they’ve produced a total of 1,500+ products in more than 50 different categories! Other than that, they’re offering worldwide shipping, you can customize everything on your rainwear apparel, and many more! Get a ton of different surprises and discounts by choosing LinfoFun as your custom clothing manufacturing company!


Across China, Yoycol is considered one of the best and most reliable custom clothing manufacturers there is. Their vast landscape of options and clothing, as well as the fast and easy transaction they offer are things that put them to the top. Get any type of clothing or apparel you want to offer your market from Yoycol – get it without actually going through a lot of hassle, pressure, and complex requirements! Yoycol can be your one-stop shop if you want and need shirts, shorts, tops, jackets, hoodies, dresses, and even formal-wear!

Jingqi Apparel

For years, Jingqi Apparel has been considered by many as the GOAT when it comes to clothes and apparel manufacturing. They are, in fact, considered by a lot of foreign companies because of the quality of their fabric, as well as the lead time they are guaranteeing their clients. Jingqi Apparel is home to some of the best and highest qualities of custom-made and tailored clothing you have seen in your lifetime! You can trust Jingqi if you are looking for a low-cost manufacturer that can give you the right fabric, the right quality, and the fastest delivery time you want out of the orders you have!

Pros of Working With a Chinese Custom Clothing Manufacturer

  • You will definitely be able to cut those high rates and prices
  • The lead time is fast, and you won’t have any problems and delays in delivery
  • You have vast options to go with, and you’ll not get ripped off because of tight competition

Cons of Working With a Chinese Custom Clothing Manufacturer

  • Confidentiality is usually an issue, but no proven statement has attested to it
  • The exponential growth of clothing manufacturers can make choosing more difficult and challenging

Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers in the UK

The United Kingdom or the UK is home to some of the world’s finest fabrics. In addition to that, akin to China, you will also find a ton of great options for suppliers and for manufacturing from them. Part of the qualities of UK custom clothing suppliers is the fact that you can get exceptional quality clothes and apparel that are different depending on how you want them.

Here are UK’s top 3 custom clothing manufacturers that you can bank on and trust!

Hawthorn International

Are you looking for a UK-based custom clothing supplier that has a low order quantity but does not fail in terms of quality? Well, Hawthorn International has been in business for decades, and they have been producing and manufacturing some of the world’s simplest and most basic apparel, delivering it to various parts of the world! Get simple t-shirts and tops, hoodies and sweatshirts, pants, trousers, jeans, and many more – and have them customized according to how you want them!

White2Label Manufacturing

White2Label is one of the leading manufacturers of companies and businesses not only in the UK, but in the whole world, too. The reason for this is because they have exceptionally low-cost and extremely valuable clothing and apparel selections that you can take advantage of. They take pride on the 10X faster than the average route of manufacturing and overall production within and outside the UK! They are experts in cotton, nylon, silk, vinyl, even leather and other sorts of thermoplastics and fabrics used for apparel!

Hook and Eye UK

Hooke and Eye UK is a UK-based manufacturer packed with every type of apparel or clothing you need from pattern cutting, sampling, designing, branding – up to digital marketing and advertising! They are the complete package that you could have been chasing for if you are trying to look for an extensive line of manufacturing that has superb resources and fast turnaround times! You can find every type of apparel you need from them! Sportswear, swimwear, casual wear, formal attire, and even unusual fabrics for pyjamas and woven, too!

Pros of Working With a UK Custom Clothing Manufacturer

  • You won’t have problems communicating with them because their main language is English
  • The majority of manufacturers and suppliers can offer lower minimum order requirements (MoQs)
  • It will have the appeal that it has been “made in the UK”

Cons of Working With a UK Custom Clothing Manufacturer

  • Their production capabilities are costlier and more expensive
  • They do not have the diversity that other countries have in terms of design and customization

Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers in Australia

Australia has built unrelenting reputation in the world of clothing and apparel over the years of them being exposed in the industry. They have great rules in terms of apparel and clothing manufacturing, and they have good working conditions, great quality of fabric, and excellent customer service across the entire country.

Apart from this, you can also count on them if you are looking for lower and faster freight time, urgent production, and many more! Three of the most popular and most trusted Australian manufacturing companies for custom clothing include:


Sewport, in case you didn’t know, is a worldwide company that is popular and famous for their manufacturing capabilities in fabric, clothing, and apparel. They are scattered all around the globe, but the best piece of their products are found in Australia. Have everything manufactured from shirts, shorts, jackets, coats, hoodies, dresses, and even clothes for babies and the elderly! Submit your design and get awesome deals and promos without being ripped off!

The Odd Factory

At first glance, you wouldn’t even notice that The Odd Factory is a manufacturer or a well-known supplier of apparel and custom clothing. – well, they are! In fact, they are one of Australia’s biggest, most rewarding, and most successful custom clothing manufacturers. They can help you in handling from point A to Z – starting with the raw materials you’re looking for, the fabric colors, the design down to the embellishments!


Last and most certainly not least is Qualitops. Qualitops has been AU’s go-to when it comes to plain clothing. A lot of local brands go forth in doing business with Qualitops to get exceptionally cheap yet high-quality fabrics and apparel. The manufacturer is so intensely skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable, that you can order apparel and clothing for men, for kids and children, toddlers, women, and literally all different types of apparel you can think of!

Pros of Working With an Australian Clothing Manufacturer

  • Australia has unnerving reputation when it comes to clothing and apparel manufacturing
  • There won’t be any delays because of the skills and expertise of companies
  • Australia is a country where rules and laws won’t actually be a challenge for businesses and companies like you

Cons of Working With an Australian Custom Clothing Manufacturer

  • There are little-to-no resources in Australia for manufacturing, they get it from other suppliers
  • Australia is not a known expert when it comes to premium clothing line manufacturing

Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers in Canada

There are tons of Canadian custom clothing manufacturers that are part of the game, too. In fact, you’ll be able to find hundreds of them as well! Now, you might think that their offers are somewhat similar to manufacturing companies and suppliers in the U.S., but no, they’re not! They are cheaper, more approachable, more customer-friendly and oriented, and they have good-quality silk, cotton, and nylon as well.

Here’s a list of three (3) of Canada’s top and most trusted custom clothing manufacturers!

Six Label

Capitalizing in their catchphrase, “end-to-end” apparel manufacturing services, Six Label is a manufacturer that takes pride in their capacity of being a one-stop shop for businesses and companies that are looking for other ways of branching out. They have a decent order quantity (only at 300), and from there, you can already start doing business! Six Label can guarantee everything from the simplest and plainest of shirts, shorts, cargoes, sportswear, swimwear, formal wear, and many more!

Gabe Clothing

Gabe Clothing Ltd. is Toronto’s pride in custom clothing manufacturing and supplication. They are the experts when it comes to intricate fabric design and selection, offering a huge selection of blanks, patterned, colored, and even specifically-designed pieces, too! Their portfolio is more than impressive as they have a table filled with offers from PCs, lazy pants, bather’s tilley’s, and more! Don’t waste time dealing with uncompetitive custom clothing manufacturers and get on with Canada’s finest!

WS & Company Ltd.

WS & Company Ltd., otherwise known as the North American apparel supplier, is a manufacturer that breathes quality and fine fabrics. They’ve earned this title due to the decades of experience they have in the industry. Their mastery in fabric, knitting, as well as excellent craftsmanship has been their key to success. WS & Co. is known for the vast portfolio that they have, beating all other suppliers and manufacturers strongly and dominantly. They have worked with some of the world’s most famous companies!

Pros of Working With a Canadian Clothing Manufacturer

  • Canada is an internationally-known and reputable country in terms of manufacturing
  • The country is filled with many different designers and garment experts
  • Labor is never an issue, so, there should be little-to-no friction between production and fulfilment

Cons of Working With a Canadian Custom Clothing Manufacturer

  • Canada’s resources are usually purchased from other countries
  • Since they’re from the western hemisphere, there’s a big chance that the rates and prices are more expensive

Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles

Known as one of the world’s most famous and most prestigious cities, the city of Los Angeles in the state of California is home to some of the richest, most famous, and most popular people in the whole world. Since they already walk the part, why not dress for it?

Little did you know that L.A. is also a big hub of some of the most popular custom clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, too. If you’re into premium designer clothing, fashion, and if clothing and apparel are your strengths, we got you covered!

Here are the top 3 custom clothing suppliers in L.A!

Bomme Studio

Whenever we talk about custom clothes manufacturing, there’s no better and more trusted American manufacturer than Bomme Studio. Adapting the keenness and the style of classical American quality, they have sailed through the ups and downs of the clothing industry. They are a fully-seasoned and experienced clothing supplier that can help you with everything from private labelling, manufacturing, marketing, supplication of business tools and resources, and many more!

Affix Apparel USA

I have never seen an apparel or custom clothing manufacturer that has as this little minimum order quantity or MoQ than Affix Apparel – their MoQ is only at 50 customized pieces! Yes, you read that right, for as low as 50 pieces, you can already start getting specified and customized clothing articles or any other type of apparel you’re looking for! Affix Apparel USA has been known for a lot of things, and one of those is by helping out businesses owners and start-ups kickstart their brand! They are experts in marketing, advertising, branding, research, and even raw material delegation!

Lefty Production Co.

Last but most definitely not least is Lefty Production Co. This company has been famous for a wide range of services and products, but their most impacting yet is their step-by-step manufacturing production. Their services span from the usual resourcing management, raw material assembly, production, as well as many other different types of development. Lefty Production Co., can be your one-stop shop in starting your own clothing line or brand!

Pros of Working With a Custom Clothing Manufacturer From LA

  • The majority of American clothing manufacturers have a low MoQ or minimum order
  • American custom clothing suppliers have shorter-than-the-usual timelines and lead time
  • The quality of products you get with American custom clothing suppliers is sure and definitely assured

Cons of Working With a Custom Clothing Manufacturer From LA

  • Rates and prices are typically costlier and more expensive
  • In terms of material quality, it will be premium and will have a feel that it is high-end

Where Can You Get Premium Garment Bags?

There are many different benefits and advantages when you work with a Chinese custom clothing manufacturer, and the primary of those include exclusive discounts, promotions, as well as bulk and wholesale pricing, wide product variation, flexible payment terms, and so on.

But if you are on the hunt for the best and most reliable garment bags, clothes bags, or even laundry bags, we here at The One Packaging Solutions are more than ready and happy to help you with it!

For 12+ years, we have been working with a ton of different types of fabrics for our clientele, and not once did we fail to provide all the necessary type of designs and styles they have.

We can help you whether you need cotton, jute, nylon, vinyl, and even other types and kinds of thermoplastics for premium-quality garment bags, you can place your full and complete trust in us!

Besides being the most trusted and most reliable garment bag supplier in the province of Jiangsu – not to mention in the entire country, we are also experts and professionals when it comes to wine bags, cooler bags, hardware bags, cosmetic bags, laundry bags, garment bags, and many more!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us should you have questions or concerns about your orders!


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