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Top 15 Jewelry Bag Manufacturers in China

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Getting to the bottom of who the best jewelry bag manufacturer is in China can take you thousands of explanations and years to understand. Therefore, we here at The One Packaging Solutions have outlined the top of the top – the best of the best – when it comes to the production and manufacturing of jewelry bags.

All over China, several regions have been determined and recognized as the best – and to help you, we’ve divided the 15 best jewelry bag suppliers all over the country per these regions!

Best Jewelry Bag Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is known as one of the best provinces in the industry of bag-making and manufacturing. As one of the leaders of innovation in the country, you will never experience any type of shortage when it comes to different styles and variations of jewelry bags from them.

Here’s the top three (3) best jewelry bag manufacturing companies and suppliers in Jiangsu!

The One Packaging Solutions

Our company has been Jiangsu’s most trusted jewelry bag supplier for 12+ years now. We’ve been producing some of the industry’s top and premium jewelry bags, and not once did our clients have any negative feedback relating to the quality of our products, our customer service, as well as the overall process we have.

Other than jewelry bags, we’re also the best manufacturer if you are looking for a one-stop manufacturer for all your bag needs such as cooler bags, grocery bags, reusable bags, laundry bags, and many more!

 Juxin New Material Packaging Co., Ltd.

Coming in at 2nd place, Juxing New Material Packaging Co., Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality and eco-friendly products and merchandise. Being the environmentalist they are, most, if not all of their products have been tested and assessed to be great and healthy for the environment.

You can count on them if you need customizations on your jewelry bag orders! Other than that, they’re also a known supplier of roll-stock films, disposable masks, mask bags, spouted pouches, and many other products!

Wuxi Vinerstar Textiles Co., Ltd.

Deemed and recognized as the master of fabrics, Wuxi Vinerstar is a premium manufacturer you wish you have worked with before. They capitalize on the innovation they have with different types of fabric, creating perfect pieces of whatever bag type you need.

Get super soft, scratch-resistant, durable, and long-lasting jewelry bags to keep your jewelry and other accessories safe without burning a hole in your pocket!

Pros of Working With a Jiangsu Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • High quality of work and excellent products
  • Wide selection of manufacturers and suppliers to choose from
  • Design versatility and customizations

Cons of Working With a Jiangsu Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Costlier and more expensive  labor costs
  • They usually ask for more requirements than other provinces

Best Jewelry Bag Manufacturers in Zheijang

Known as the province of temples and worship, Zheijang is one of the best provinces you can go to if you’re looking to submerge in the rich and deep culture of China.

Home to millions of people, it is also one of the best and most sought-after provinces by businesses when it comes to jewelry bags, jewelry boxes, jewelry pouches, as well as other similar types of accessories used for jewelry.

Here are the top 3 manufacturers of jewelry bags in Zheijang!

Zheijang Metron Packaging Co., Ltd.

One of Zheijang’s prime and classic jewelry bag suppliers, Metron Packaging Co., Ltd. is a supplier you will never be disappointed to work with. Experienced in the production and manufacturing of jewelry bags, as well as other types of pouches and containers, you’ll definitely want to work with them!

Get all the types of bags and packaging you can get without worrying about speed and quality!

Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co,. Ltd.

For 14+ years and counting, HOTOP has been one of Zheijang’s go-to when it comes to manufacturing many different types of bags. One of their specialties is the production of jewelry bags. Other than those, you can also count on them if you’re looking for RPET bags, woven bags, flour bags, jute bags, and many more!

Ever Greater Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

From their company name alone, Ever Greater is one of Zheijang’s most trusted and most relied on manufacturers of jewelry bags and other products of the like. Situated in the city of Ningbo, they’re like a warehouse for everything you need from standard jewelry bags, gold paper bags, Kraft bags, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Zheijang  Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Cheaper labor than the usual
  • Wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Flexible payment terms and options

Cons of Working With a Zheijang Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Slower-than-the-usual lead time
  • Not a popular province for jewelry bags, so, less feedback and opinions from people

Best Jewelry Bag Manufacturers in Guangdong

Guangdong is known and considered as the country’s economic powerhouse, and is actually the fastest and largest-growing provinces in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Due to this, a lot of companies and businesses took advantage and leveraged the province’s growth and built manufacturing plants and factories, hence, this is a province you can absolutely bank and count on if you are trying to look for the best and most reliable jewelry bag manufacturing companies.

Here are three (3) of the best and most reliable jewelry bag suppliers and manufacturers in Guangdong.

China YIBI Group

One of the most prominent and popular companies, not only in Guangdong, but also in the whole of China when it comes to jewelry and jewelry accessories is YIBI.

They’re popular because of their highly flexible customer service team, as well as the versatility of the materials they use for the manufacturing and production of their jewelry bags, small laundry bags, and many more!

Yadao Packaging Design Co., Ltd.

Also commonly known as YADAO, Yadao Packaging Design Co., Ltd. is one of Guangdong’s top-rated manufacturers and suppliers of jewelry bags. Located in the heart of Shenzhen, this company can be your go-to if you are looking for a new style to go with for your jewelry.

They’re offering decent and reasonable rates and prices for their jewelry bags regardless of the size, shape, form, and color!

Max Bright Packaging

Out of all the different jewelry bag creators and manufacturing companies in Guangdong, Max Bright Packaging is considered by many as their go-to for innovative designs, newer styles, and longer-lasting bags where wear and tear wouldn’t be issues.

They advertise on how they perform as a team, they have streamlined manufacturing processes, and they have demonstrated quality service in terms of product creation and manufacturing.

Pros of Working With a Guangdong Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Faster lead time
  • Popular location for jewelry bags and other types of jewelry
  • Many options of manufacturers and suppliers to choose from

Cons of Working With a Guangdong Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Typically more expensive than other provinces
  • Payment options are traditional and are usually not open to others

Best Jewelry Bag Manufacturers in Shandong

Shandong is one of the provinces in China that is not as popular, but is actually a tourism spot because of its rich culture and they’re primary product – peanut oils. Known as the capital of peanuts of the entire country, you will find all different types of peanuts here!

Apart from peanuts and peanut oils, Shandong is also known for its dominance in the bag market, particularly in jewelry bags and accessory pouches.

To help you with it even further, here are three (3) of the most trusted and most sought-after jewelry bag manufacturing companies in Shandong!

China Qingdao Gift Box and Shandong Gift Box

China Qingdao Gift Box and Shandong Gift Box is one of the best and most relied on manufacturers of jewelry bags in the country, particularly in the province of Shandong. They’ve been trusted by a lot of people, especially business owners who offer jewelry bags to their market.

Tasnee New Material Co., Ltd.

Tasnee New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that’s popular for the manufacturing of eco-friendly goods and products to businesses, organizations, and companies in the whole of China. Yes, that’s right! They’re also trusted in the market of jewelry bag manufacturing and production, too! So, if you’re trying to look for a trustworthy supplier, you can never go wrong in choosing Tasnee New Material Co., Ltd!

FLF Group Limited

As one of Shandong’s most reliable and most sought-after companies, FLF Group Limited can get you the quality of jewelry bags you’ve never thought of having! They’ve been supplying organizations and companies in and out of the country for decades now, and therefore, you shouldn’t find yourself worried or troubled about it!

Pros of Working With a Shandong Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • A wide range of manufacturer and supplier selection
  • Flexible payment terms and timings
  • Fast turnaround time and lead time

Cons of Working With a Shandong Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Costlier and more expensive costs or production
  • Little-to-no feedback about manufacturers and suppliers in the province

Best Jewelry Bag Manufacturers in Fujian

Famous for their vast library of tea selection, Fujian is one of the most-visited provinces in the country. The hustle and bustle of Fujian is a treat for most people, and apart from that, the unique and rare tea variants they have is truly amazing.

While tea is their staple product, Fujian is also known for the heap of jewelry bag manufacturing companies and suppliers there.

Three (3) of the most prominent and most famous Fujian manufacturers of jewelry bags are:

Fuzhou Richpack Co.

If jewelry boxes, bags, and accessories are what you’re looking for, then Fuzhou Richpack Co. is the business you’ve always been looking to work with. Equipped with premium quality materials, you can get all the different styles and designs of jewelry bags you’re looking for. You can get paper jewelry bags, silk jewelry bags, cotton jewelry bags, and even velvet pouches, too!

Fuzhou Richpack Co. can give you not only quality, but also the assurance that your products will be ready by the time you need them.

Dongyaoda Trading Co., Ltd.

All over Fujian, Dongyaoda Trading Co., Ltd. is the company that’s known to have specialized in a lot of legwork when it comes to packaging and printing. Providing all different types of packaging and printing services to businesses and organizations in and around China, you’ll absolutely love how they have particularly streamlined all their products and services.

They’ve worked with multiple companies in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, as well as several parts of Asia, too!

Fujian East Promotions Co., Ltd.

Last but most definitely not least is Fujian East Promotions Co., Ltd. This company, unlike all other companies in the list, is not actually a company that’s focused on the manufacturing of jewelry bags solely. They are a promotional supplier of goods – it just so happened that their jewelry bags are the products most loved by their patrons.

They have produced jewelry bags in all different types, forms, materials, shapes, and sizes!

Pros of Working With a Fujian Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Cheaper and more affordable rates and prices
  • Fast lead time and manufacturing processes
  • Easy customer service and assistance

Cons of Working With a Fujian Jewelry Bag Manufacturer

  • Payment terms and options are limited
  • Not too many manufacturers and suppliers are known in Fujian

Why Work With The One Packaging Solutions?

Other than being the best and most reliable manufacturer of jewelry bags in and outside Jiangsu, our reputation in the industry for producing a wide variety of jewelry bags have been recognized by businesses globally.

We have produced every type of jewelry bag you know of – from fabric jewelry bags, satin jewelry bags, velvet jewelry bags, and many more!

You’ll never have any issues when you choose The One Packaging Solutions as the manufacturer of your jewelry bags! Whether you’re looking for silk jewelry bags, small jewelry bags, or big and bulky jewelry bags, we’re a call or an email away!

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