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Top 15 Packaging Companies in the World

Whichever angle you look at, you’ll see retail stores and outlets. Whether you are in the western hemisphere, Europe, Asia – even Africa, you’ll find multiple retail packaging companies in the world. Here in China, though, we at The One Packaging Solutions have been deemed and hailed as the best and most trusted when it comes to retail packaging.

Our offers span from retail packaging supplies blanks, logo or customized retail packaging, custom retail bags to other types of bags and packaging, too!

As mentioned above, though, China isn’t the only good place to find world-class quality packaging. So, we present to you 15 of the best packaging companies and manufacturers in the world!

Top Packaging Companies in China

China has been known and considered as the hub of manufacturing – and this is true for all countries. Because of their grit, manpower + labor, and available resources, it’s easy for them to secure raw materials to create and manufacture various products.

So, if you’re trying to find a reliable and trustworthy Chinese packaging manufacturer, here’s a list of the top three (3)!

The One Packaging Solutions

The One Packaging Solutions has been one of China’s most trusted and most relied on manufacturing companies when it comes to retail packaging, as well as retail displays like standees. Having 12+ years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we have produced a heap of different types and kinds of packaging for many different products and industries! Need a hand with the design of your packaging? We got you! Send over a sketch or a draft of the packaging you’re looking for and we’ll get on with it!

Shenzhen Jinhui Printing Co., Ltd.

Another one of China’s pride is none other than Shenzhen Jinhui Printing Co., Ltd. This company has been in the industry for years, and they’ve been focused on the area and the business of printing and designing. Nevertheless, they’re still an excellent manufacturer if you are looking for a company to outsource the production of retail packaging!

Huizhou True Color Packaging Co., Ltd.

And for the last manufacturer in this list, Huizhou True Color Packaging Co., Ltd. True Color Packaging is one of the oldest, most famous, and most inquired-to out of all the many companies and businesses in the industry. They are a professional printing, packaging, and designing company and have taken on thousands of clients since their entrance in the industry. You can contact them if you ever find yourself in need of packaging for retail products, merchandise, clothing, accessories, and many other products more!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in China

  • Almost all manufacturers have the same price – and they are extremely low compared to manufacturers from other countries
  • Lead time is fast and you won’t have delays in your production
  • You have a ton of options to choose from that would suit your needs

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in China

  • Confidentiality has always been one of the strongest issues, but manufacturers have their own takes about that
  • Language barrier can be a common problem  

Top Packaging Companies in USA

What thing is the United States not known for? The USA is “the” country that almost everyone knows and wants to visit simply because of the culture, the lifestyle, and all the different opportunities there. Beyond these, though the USA is also home to some of the best, most trusted, and most reliable companies that offer retail, wholesale, and even private packaging to small businesses, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and even entities around the world.

There are thousands of packaging companies to choose from, but, according to our sea of experts, the best ones are these three (3).

Myers Industries, Inc.

Want to get your hands on the best and the highest quality of packaging in the U.S.? Fret not, because Myers Industries, Inc. is here to cover you! For 86+ years, Myers Industries have been in the process of producing everything rubber products, plastic containers, pallets, molded rubber, and many others more! They are the perfect fit of a company if you are looking for high-quality plastic that would give the most value to your money.

Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.

Reynolds Consumer Products Inc. have grown from plastic wraps to their own packaging manufacturing power. They’ve been in the business longer than you can ever think of and their sources have been certified legitimate and extremely high-value. Reynolds have grown and branched out into a lot of different brands that you can use and take advantage of.

Sonoco Products Company

If you want to cling to classic and traditional packaging, Sonoco Products can be the option that you’re looking for. The company specializes in consumer packaging, protective packaging, and even healthcare packaging! You can get everything you’re looking for from them like rigid plastic packaging, flexible packaging, metal packaging, sustainable packaging, and a lot more! Be sure to check them out and consider them if you’re looking for a US-based packaging company!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in USA

  • Quality is at its best – you’ll have no problems with quality if you work with a US company
  • They’ll help you with some aspects of your packaging, especially if you’re unsure of certain areas
  • There will be 0 language barriers – they speak English!

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in USA

  • Production and material costs are usually higher and more expensive than the usual
  • The lead time is not guaranteed – you should expect certain delays because of the volume of their orders

Top Packaging Companies in India

Just like China, India has the most number of people – let alone manufacturing plants and factories in the world. Their large population paved way for them to have a legitimately large number of capabilities in various industries – industrial production and manufacturing are two (2) of those.

In this context, however, India has also been hailed as one of the best countries  in the field and industry of retail packaging, freight, and shipping. So, here are India’s top three (3) players in retail packaging!

Ester Industries Ltd.

Ester Industries Ltd. is an Indian company breathing on sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth. Nevertheless, they’re one of the best and most trusted manufacturers of packaging (of any kind) here in India. Whether you’re looking for regular plastic, paper, polyester films, specialty polymers, and other types of raw materials, let them know and they’ll be more than happy to help you create it! Ester Industries Ltd. can be the one and only option you have if you yearn for flexible cartons, plastics, films, corrugated cartons, inserts, and many others more!

TCPL Packaging Ltd.

Coming next is none other than TCPL Packaging Ltd. Specializing in food and other types of general merchandise, TCPL Packaging Ltd. has proven its efficacy and skill over their decades of operating in the business industry. They have every type of packaging you need from mono-cartons, shelf-ready packs, flexible packaging, rigid boxes, and many others more! Some of the most notable companies they’ve worked with include Kinder Joy, Nestle, Zandu, Brooke Bond, and many more!

UFlex Ltd.

And for the last Indian company, UFlex Ltd. Unlike all other manufacturers you have seen in this list, UFlex Ltd. is one of the manufacturing companies that have a flexible and versatile portfolio. What we mean by that is the fact that they’re not only a company focused on particular merchandise such as food, chocolates, paper, gifts, etc. UFlex Ltd. is a supplier that has its hand in a wide library of products such as chemicals, cylinders, engineering, holography, and many more! Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to get the typical products you can get from traditional or regular manufacturers, too!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in India

  • Cheap, inexpensive, and affordable – are the top three (3) feedback companies have when they’ve worked with Indian packaging manufacturing companies
  • India has been known to be one of the easiest countries to talk to and communicate to as the majority of their population are English speakers
  • Most of the machines and equipment that Indian manufacturers use are high-quality

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in India

  • They have excellent-quality machines, but because of their high manpower, some manufacturers still resort to it
  • Lead time might not be as fast because of how their requirements and their processes are

Top Packaging Companies in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s most popular countries in the field of cloth and textile manufacturing. Because of the abundance of forests, bodies of water, and other natural resources, you’ll find the majority of businesses and companies here taking advantage of these resources to produce superior and high-quality materials and produce for businesses that need it.

Want to be in on who the best packaging companies in Australia are? Here are the top three (3) packaging company suppliers and manufacturers you can trust that are Australia-based!

Amcor Limited

AMCOR Ltd. has been one of Australia’s leading packaging and shipping businesses and companies. Operating for decades, you can be confident that they’ll be able to get you the quality of packaging that you’re looking for. The company is known all around the world, and they are one of the best and most excellent packaging companies to trust, especially if your products need world-class-quality packaging. You can never go wrong in choosing AMCOR Ltd. for all the different types, kinds, and classifications of packaging that you need!

Pact Group Holdings Ltd.

All about the future, Pact Group Hldgs is one of the most sustainable packaging companies and manufacturers in the world. Based off of Australia, Pact has absolutely stormed the market because of how recyclable, eco-friendly, and yet high-quality their products are. Pact Group Holdings Inc. is an expert when it comes to packaging. So, if you are looking for quality packaging for closures, health and personal care, dairy & beverage, fresh food, even bulk and wholesale packaging, we got just what you need!


Last and most certainly not least is PRO-PAC Ltd. The Pro-Pac Group is one of Australia’s most flexible and most popular packaging companies simply because of how streamlined their operational processes and functionalities are. Pro-Pac is one of the world’s best suppliers of packaging for literally any type of product or merchandise you have. You can reach out to them if you are looking for packaging for healthcare and personal care products, skincare and cosmetic products, fresh food products, industrial and heavy-duty machinery packaging, or if you need typical packaging such as cartons, flexible films, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Australia

  • Australia is notorious for producing and delivering the best and highest quality of products in whatever niche it may be in
  • Packaging companies in Australia respond fast – they usually operate ‘round-the-clock
  • You won’t worry about payment because they approve and accept various payment terms and methods

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in USA

  • Australian manufacturers typically charge more than other manufacturing companies – usually compared to suppliers and companies in Asia
  • Quality is good, but the lead time and manufacturing timing is not that fast and urgent

Top Packaging Companies in Pakistan

Last and most certainly not least is Pakistan. As a country sitting on the outskirts of the Middle East, you would least expect it to have any type of talent and skill in packaging and manufacturing. However, they’ve been rated as one of the best countries for manufacturing packaging for a wide variety of items – both retail and wholesale!

So, if you’re trying to get to the bottom of which packaging companies are the best in Pakistan, here’s their top three!

Oasis Packaging industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

You might not know it, but Pakistan is one of the countries that have contributed a lot in the manufacturing sector of the entire globe. Particularly in Lahore, you’ll find multiple manufacturing plants and suppliers of all kinds! Oasis, one of Pakistan’s pride in packaging, can be the supplier you always wanted to work with. The company specializes in everything significant to packaging – from LDPE lamination films, LD shrink films, food packaging, food packaging to industrial packaging and even shopping bags, too!

Pak Packages

Pak Packages is one of Pakistan’s most trusted sources when it comes to high-quality packaging of any kind. Just like Oasis Packaging, Pak Packages is an extremely reliable manufacturer of plastic, paper, LDPE, and many other types and kinds of products such as metalized polyester, metalized cast polypropylene, stand-up pouches, and many more! Other than just the production and manufacturing, Having 25+ years of experience in the manufacturing of packaging products and materials, quality is not going to be an issue – as well as fulfilment. Test out their cadence in the industry and be shocked by how similar it will be from the products and the processes of other countries!

Prime Packages Industries

Last and most definitely not least in this entire list is Prime Packages Industries. Located in the Industrial Estate Sargodha Road, this company is something that has changed the entire landscape of packaging for several small businesses – even large organizations in Pakistan. The company is so versatile that they’re able to offer a library of cartons, cardboards, counter displays, postal boxes, corrugated boxes, bespokes, and many more! Not only that, they also have a roster for fittings and divisions, too! If you want high-quality cartons to be touching your merchandise, Prime Packages Industries is the way to do it!

Pros of Working With a Packaging Company in Pakistan

  • Because of their state, the majority of manufacturers and suppliers here are licensed and certified
  • Most of the products and services from Pakistan are affordable, cheap, and inexpensive
  • The country is known to offer world-class quality customer service – and that is true even for packaging companies!

Cons of Working With a Packaging Company in Pakistan

  • There could be issues with confidentiality, like how other businesses and companies have encountered
  • Lead time is not as fast and as seamless as other countries (China and India)

Why Choose The One Packaging Solutions?

Out of the multitude of options you have for a packaging company, why should you stick with the one? We have a million reasons why you should choose us as your packaging company, and the primary of these are:

  • We have streamlined our business processes from raw material sourcing to printing
  • All our products are OEM and are produced with quality
  • You’ll never have problems with customer service – we have a dedicated team for that
  • We can give you options for the orders you’re looking for

Not sure of which packaging company you should work with? Don’t worry – leave us a short message, ring us up, and we’ll deliver a quotation to you within the day! Stop wasting time by waiting for other companies just to respond to you – work with The One Packaging Solutions and get the best and highest quality of packaging without absurd costs!

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