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Top 15 Plastic Hanger Manufacturers in China

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Least like wooden hangers, plastic hangers aren’t often used for the purpose of them “being seen.” Most of the time, plastic hangers are kept in storages or in the back-offices of clothing and apparel lines. But hey, that does not always have to be the case, right?

We here at The One Packaging Solutions present to you 15 of the best manufacturers of plastic hangers in the country. They’re scattered through various provinces and cities, and don’t worry – we’ll help you choose by detailing the highlights of each manufacturer!

As the best garment bags supplier in the region of Jiangsu, it is just right for us to help you find the plastic hanger manufacturer that best suits and fits your requirement!

Best Plastic Hanger Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is one of the provinces that are not popular for tourists, but are extremely famous for businesspeople and business owners because of the fact that a lot of the manufacturing and producing activities are made here. They’re so accustomed to manufacturing that they are considered by many as one of the most versatile provinces for various types of products.

It’s also one of the best and ideal places to go to if you’re trying to look for plastic hanger manufacturers and suppliers. Here’s three (3) of Jiangsu’s top picks for plastic hangers!

Suzhou Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd.

For almost all types of coat hangers, Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd. will be your best bet. Other than the fact that they’re the best plastic hanger supplier in Jiangsu, you won’t have any problems in selecting plastic hangers from their product category. They have all different types and kinds of plastic hangers to suit your needs. Whether you need regular hangers, lotus hangers, magic hangers, or hotel-type hangers – even if you’re looking for racks, you’ll definitely be able to trust them!

Texpro Co., Ltd.

For all household, residential, and commercial items you need, Texpro Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer for you. They’re known for products that are used in residential properties and households such as beddings, living room products, outdoor products, and even hotel merchandise such as towels, bed sheets, linen, and plastic hangers! Their plastic hangers are exceptionally high quality!

Changzhou Dawson I.A.E. Co., Ltd.

Lastly, Changzhou Dawson is a manufacturer that deviated from the traditional production and manufacturing of hangers and other products of the like. Capitalizing on their skill and expertise, they were able to produce a wide array of clothing and apparel complementary merchandise – plastic hangers and racks, in particular. You can purchase anything from double pole exterior plastic racks, expandable stainless steel racks, heavy-duty clothes hangers, and many more!

Pros of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Jiangsu

  • You’ll find multiple companies and manufacturers that are offering what you’re looking for
  • Rates and prices are decent and affordable compared to other provinces
  • The lead and manufacturing times are fast and urgent

Cons of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Jiangsu

  • Language barrier can be an issue, especially in far-off and secluded areas of the province
  • Payment terms aren’t as flexible as those in other, more advanced provinces and cities

Best Plastic Hanger Manufacturers in Guangdong  

Guangdong might be one of the best and most popular provinces in the country for almost ALL reasons. It’s an excellent tourist destination, it’s the province that has some of the busiest and most populous cities, it’s the province that has all types of manufacturing (simple to advanced), and many more.

This goes in line with how well Guangdong is when it comes to clothing and apparel. You see, a lot of textile manufacturers from other provinces often transfer to Guangdong because of how easy and simple the resources and products can be acquired.

Without further ado, here’s three (3) of Guangdong’s best plastic hanger manufacturing companies.

Dongguan Yongzhao Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

If you’re trying to look for sophisticated, sleek-looking plastic hangers, Tongzhao Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is the perfect manufacturer for you. Well-known for their expertise and their overall skill in manufacturing and producing plastic hangers, you’ll never have any problems working with them because of the large selection of products and categories they have. You can even design your own plastic hangers so that it fits the style that you are looking for!

Guangzhou Sinfoo Plastic Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Sinfoo Plastic Co., Ltd. is a plastic manufacturer that you can trust and bank on if you are looking for any type of plastic merchandise. They are popular for their overall variety of plastic products from loop pins, string hang tags, plastic bottles, pumps, and, of course – plastic hangers. Their plastic hangers can be chosen and selected depending on the type you’re looking for. They have clear plastic hangers, plastic tubular hangers, coated plastic hangers, hangers for underwear, and many more! You will never run out of options when you choose Sinfoo Plastic Co., Ltd. as your supplier!

Foshan ChuangYijia Technology Co., Ltd.

Foshan ChaungYiji Technology Co., Ltd. is one, if not Guangdong’s best choice if you are trying to look for plastic hangers or any type of plastic material of the like. Most known for their acrylic expertise, Foshan ChuangYijia can help with everything from hotel and residential plastic hangers, underwear hangers, bottom hangers, transparent plastic hangers, and many more! Their offers are extraordinary as you can purchase dress hangers, coated plastic hangers with metal hooks, acrylic hangers, high-grade clear or colored hangers, and many more! Check out their offers and select from whichever category you like – you can send them the design that you want and have them customize it!

Pros of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Guangdong

  • Guangdong is a place where you’ll find a ton of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Quality will never be an issue when you choose suppliers in Guangdong
  • Payment terms and methods are extremely flexible

Cons of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Guangdong

  • Lead time is not as fast compared to the time of other provinces
  • Rates and prices are often costlier and more expensive than most

Best Plastic Hanger Manufacturers in Guanxi

Best known for their oils, drainages, and climate, Guanxi has been since one of the best and most popular regions in the country. Since their becoming of an autonomous region back in 1958, Guanxi has been since rigorous of their rice terraces.

The region is one-of-a-kind as it is home to a lot of agricultural palettes, minority groups, and the like. They are also a manufacturing hub in the country, and yes, it is where you’ll find many different types and kinds of plastic hanger manufacturers, too.

Here are three (3) of the best and highest quality of plastic hanger suppliers and manufacturers in Guanxi, too.

Guilin Pengfei Hanger Co., Ltd.

Guilin Pengfei Hanger Co., Ltd., more commonly known as Pengfei Hangers, is one of the most trusted Guanxi companies when it comes to clothing and apparel – hangers, in particular. Serving over 17 years in the industry with a monthly output of 3 million units, it’s safe to say that they were able to produce hundreds of millions of hangers in their lifetime. Pengfei is the best manufacturer to work with as you can purchase any type of plastic coat hanger from them. Whether you need regular or standard plastic hangers or if you are looking for luxury plastic hangers, you can trust them!

Guilin Glory Hanger Co., Ltd.

Many people thought that the category for plastic hangers is limited simply because you can’t work on plastic like how you do with wood, metal, and other materials like fabric. On the contrary, there are actually a lot of categories for plastic hangers, and you will be able to find the best ones from Guilin Glory Hanger Co., Ltd. Get high-quality, simple hangers without burning a hole in your pocket!

Guangxhi Guilin Winsun Hanger Co., Ltd.

Winsun Hanger Co., Ltd. is a hanger manufacturer that you will never regret working with. Apart from the fact that they have a wide array of plastic hanger types and selections, they have excellent manufacturing and production capabilities, too! They have a complete inspection team, their factory is remarkable, they’ve exported to numerous countries, and they can customize the orders you place!

Pros of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Guanxi

  • Many manufacturers to choose from – usually suppliers that are focused particularly on hangers
  • Fast lead time and large production capacity
  • Excellent source for materials and raw products

Cons of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Guanxi

  • Payment terms are limited and restricted – they are a province that clings onto traditional payment methods
  • Quality is not 100% guaranteed because of several feedback from businesses overseas

Best Plastic Hanger Manufacturers in Fujian

For decades – even centuries, Fujian has been the go-to of many organizations and companies when they want to produce and manufacture plastic hangers and other sorts of products in the country. Home to the traditional arts and crafts products, Fujian is an economic powerhouse that has hundreds of products they have as their bread and butter.

From Fujian cuisine to their manufacturing capabilities, you’ll really have little-to-no doubts on the quality and the overall experience they have in whatever type of plastic product you need.

Here are three (3) of Fujian’s most remarkable and most trusted plastic hanger manufacturers that you might not know of!

Quanzhou Folin Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd.

One of China’s prides in terms of exporting and importing, Quanzhou Folin is a behemoth when it comes to manufacturing and supplication. Most known for their household products and merchandise, their wide selection of plastic hangers is something not to mess with. They can offer high-quality standard plastic coat hangers, non-slip hangers, eco-friendly durable acrylic hangers, and many more!

Xiiamen Years Trading Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Years Trading Co., Ltd. is one of Fujian’s contacts when it comes to apparel or clothing supplementary products. Known for their non-slip clothes hangers and Nordic plain hangers, your options aren’t limited to those. In fact, they have viable plastic rack hooks, wide-shoulder rotatable hangers, and many other products that you can choose from!

Jinjiang Chaote Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Jinjiang Chaote Co., Ltd. This manufacturer is not like other suppliers you’ve known that has their focus on hangers alone. They are known as fashion and retail outlet store manufacturers, producing excellent products for clothing and apparel shops like mannequins, racks, shelves, and many more. That being said, they are also know and popular for the wide array of custom plastic hangers they produce, too!

Pros of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Fujian

  • You don’t need to choose from many manufacturers, making the selection easier and faster
  • The payment terms here are flexible and manufacturers usually accept any form of payment
  • Excellent customer service from businesses in this region

Cons of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Fujian

  • You’ll usually need to be more attentive and be more hands-on with your orders because it can take time from supply to production
  • Quality is not always and 100% guaranteed

Best Plastic Hanger Manufacturers in Shandong

Last and most definitely not least is the province of Shandong, which lies on the eastern edge of the Northern Chinese Plain. The province is extremely popular for their agricultural production and supplication. It is the region where fruits, vegetables, oil crops, and other things of the sorts can be found.

Over the decades, they improved their business and delved deeper into the line of clothing and apparel, making them one of the best provinces where you can purchase plastic coat hangers, metal coat hangers, etc.

We present to you Shandong’s pride in plastic hanger manufacturing!

Qingdao Protech Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Not once have I seen a plastic-accustomed manufacturer that is as experienced and as skilled as Qingdao Protech Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. Their mastery in plastic materials is a work of art. You can get everything from high-quality transparent and clear plastic hangers to velvet plastic hangers, too! You can recreate some of their generic models and add your business or your company’s flavor to it so that it better suits your needs.

Shandong Dingyang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

Do you want plastic hangers that are often traded and imported to U.S., Canada, the U.K., and other westerner countries? If so, then Shandong Dingyang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer you’ve always wanted to work with. They started becoming popular with their high-quality plastic and acrylic clothes hangers as they offered it to small businesses and retail outlet stores. From there, they racked up and started improvising and developing their products, growing to hundreds of plastic hangers you can choose from. Get world-class quality hangers without feeling too expensive!

Qingdao Maxfitlabel Co., Ltd.

Qingdao MaxfitLabel is one of China’s leading manufacturers when it comes to customizing apparel and clothing supplementary materials and items. Known for their wooden and metal hangers, they delved into the world of plastic, offering a scenic array of high-quality plastic coat and acrylic hangers as well. Their plastic hanger selection is vast from your typical 5-layer lotus non-slip plastic hangers, plastic shoe hangers, dress hangers, underwear hangers to even your typical and traditional plastic hangers, too!

Pros of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Shandong

  • Shandong is known as one of the best provinces to produce and manufacture hangers of any material
  • You’ll never encounter an issue with language barriers because Shandong has a lot of English speaking people
  • Production time and lead time are extremely fast and urgent

Cons of Working With a Plastic Hanger Manufacturer in Shandong

  • Shipping and freight can be an expense if you are purchasing from Shandong, but that depends on the manufacturer you work with
  • Rates and prices are typically costlier and more expensive

Garment Bags? Why The One?  

As mentioned above, we here at The One Packaging Solutions aren’t manufacturers of plastic hangers. However, we are the province’s most trusted supplier when it comes to garment bags. So, if you’ll need garment bags, you’ll most likely add up plastic hangers to that order, right?

Being the best garment bags supplier in Jiangsu for more than a decade, you can count and bank on us if you ever find yourself in need of high-quality garment bags! Besides our expertise and professionalism in garment bags, though, you can also bank and count on us if you ever find yourself in need of cosmetic bags, wine bags, jewelry or cosmetic bags, reusable bags, and many more!

We have a lot more to offer up our sleeve – contact us and we’ll send a free quotation of what you need over!

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