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Top 15 Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in China

There are a ton of wooden hanger manufacturers in the market, some of which might even be doing business with you already! While it’s difficult to choose between brick, mortar, and pestle, don’t worry, we here at The One Packaging Solutions will help you identify the best and the perfect wooden hanger manufacturer you can work with.

Although we are not wooden hanger manufacturers ourselves, we are in contact with some of the industry’s most trusted and most relied on wooden hanger suppliers as we are the best supplier of garment bags in this side of the country!

From your standard wooden hangers to innovative, new ideas, and new prototypes – we’ll list down all possible companies and suppliers you can work with!

Best Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in Jiangsu

Jiangsu is a province that is largely known for its exceptional ability in manufacturing parts and components for electronics, telecommunications, machinery and equipment, and even metallurgy. The province is filled with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers of several industries’ bread and butter.

That does not leave them as one of the best spots if you are trying to locate the best wooden hanger manufacturers and suppliers, though. In fact, here is a list of the three best wooden hanger suppliers in Jiangsu!

Suzhou Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd.

The biggest and most popular name in wooden hanger manufacturing in the province of Jiangsu is none other than Suzhou Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd. They are the best not just because of the fact that they produce world-class quality hangers, but also because they are versatile and flexible in terms of product selection. Their wooden hangers are not just the typical “wood” material you’re expecting, they have custom antique wooden hangers, hotel guestroom wide-shouldered hangers, and even the innovative lotus space-saving hangers, too!

Multi-Resource JDTech Ltd.

Next up is Multi-Resource JDTech Ltd. Unlike Suzhou Fairy Daily Products, Multi-Resource JDTech Ltd. is a manufacturer that has a straight line of wooden hanger products. So, why are they at the top? – Simply because of the extravagant quality and speed of their manufacturing processes. They can produce hundreds to thousands of wooden hangers in wholesale in weeks!

Suzhou Swallow Company Ltd.

Lastly, Suzhou Swallow Company Ltd. is a manufacturer that can be your go-to. Unlike other wooden hanger manufacturers in this list, Suzhou Swallow Company Ltd. is a company that’s best known for their skill and overall experience in manufacturing hotel articles, appliances, and even equipment – and that includes coat hangers. They might not have a wide selection of wooden coat hangers, but you can trust and rely on their skill and overall manufacturing capabilities. All their hangers have been regarded to as top-notch quality that you’ll never be able to find elsewhere.

Pros of Working With a Jiangsu Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • There are not a lot of wooden hanger manufacturers to choose from – choosing would be easy
  • You’ll find other manufacturers that are in partnership with several wooden hanger manufacturers
  • The lead time from Jiangsu is fast and swift – it wouldn’t take you months

Cons of Working With a Jiangsu Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • Payment terms aren’t as flexible as other provinces
  • Language barrier is a common issue – it would be helpful if you know someone who can speak Mandarin

Best Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in Zheijang

Culturally-known as the province that is best in manufacturing tea and other agricultural components, Zheijang is truly the place to be in. Other than their agricultural feats, Zheijang is also the prime location if are looking for suppliers and manufacturers of textiles, plastic products, household appliances, and even other types of wear and apparel merchandise.

So, it’s safe to say that the province is also a hub for wooden hangers – even other types of hangers, too! Here are three (3) of Zheijang’s most trusted wooden hanger suppliers in case you need to work with one!

Ningbo Hoba International Trading Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Hoba is Zheijang’s bet when it comes to wooden hangers. Although they are a trading company, which means they are not only focused on a particular item category, their wooden hangers will absolutely give you the quality and satisfaction you are looking for. Their source for high-quality wood is one of the best all over Zheijang, and you can ask them to customize and create specific products for you. Other than that, they’re also the best when it comes to zippers and sliders, bag and luggage accessories, ropes, ribbons, and many more!

Hangzhou Fuyang Shenbao Industry CO., LTD.

If hangers are what you’re looking for, then Hangzhou’s Fuyang Shenbao Industry Co., Ltd. is the perfect match for you. The company is solely dedicated to manufacturing and producing wooden hangers of all shapes, forms, types, colors, and sizes. Their woodworking mastery has been regarded to as the best, and you won’t ever find a manufacturer as talented and as skilled as them. They have heavy horn coat brushed wooden hangers, laminated wood hangers, plywood hangers, and even birchen wood hangers that can truly satisfy your need of world-class quality wooden hangers!

Hai Yang International Ltd.

Deviating from the traditional hangers that we know of, Hai Yang International Ltd. is a well-known wood manufacturer. They are a company that manufactures wooden toys, wooden puzzles, wooden furniture and one of their best – bamboo products. Unlike traditional hook + hangers, they have wooden hanger standees, single and multi-racks, and many others that you can use for either personal or commercial use.

Pros of Working With a Zheijang Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • Payment options are flexible as most manufacturers have multiple options
  • You can find other resources and suppliers from Zheijang, too
  • You’ll never worry about quality – the majority of the suppliers and manufacturers here are all high-quality

Cons of Working With a Zheijang Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • The lead time is slower than the usual as they have many requirements (they are mostly certified and licensed)
  • Language barrier is a common misplacement and dilemma

Best Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in Fujian

Fujian is one of those provinces that are “new” per se, to the ears of investors and business people. The reason for this is because Fujian is not a province that has been in the business of manufacturing – their sprouting into the market was just recent. However, over a few decades, they’ve indulged in the area of hospitality, management, as well as took on other business sectors and industries such as textile and clothing manufacturing, bamboo shoot supplication, and many other products!

They, too, are a province that is well-known for their woodworking ability, just as much as they’re popular for their edible bamboo shoot production. So, here are the top three (3) wooden manufacturers in Fujian!

Fujian Yilai Group Co., Ltd.

Primarily known as a water bottle and flask manufacturing company, Fujian Yilai Group Co., Ltd. found its way into the depth of woodworking. Realizing that the market for apparel and clothing is not getting any smaller, they worked their way in producing high-quality wooden hangers to businesses and organizations that needed it. They have everything from non-slip notched closet wooden hangers, gold-coated wooden hangers, transparent acrylic hangers, and many more!

Quanzhou Central Export Cooperation Ltd.

Quanzhou Central Export Cooperation Ltd. is a Fujian manufacturer of board shorts, beach wear, sportswear, and other apparel and types of clothing. They just started out producing and supplying wooden coat hangers to their clientele. Right now, the choices for wooden hangers are scarce, but they are known in the industry as the top players when it comes to streamlined processes. You can also trust Central Export Cooperation if you need metallic hooks, steel and plastic hangers, and many other products relating to clothing and apparel!

Xiamen Flourishing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Xiamen Flourishing Industrial Co., Ltd. This company is known to have produced some of Fujian’s highest quality racks not only for clothes but also for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. These wooden racks are the perfect alternative to wooden hangers because they do not only cater to clothes – they can be used even for other products, appliances, and devices, too! They are experts when it comes to working on plywood and bamboo.

Pros of Working With a Fujian Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • Lead time is fast – you don’t need to worry about delays
  • You’ll have no problems speaking with them as most of them have translators and foreign representatives
  • They act fast and urgently to attend to your needs and concerns

Cons of Working With a Fujian Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • There aren’t many options when it comes to wooden hangers in Fujian
  • Quality is not 100% guaranteed as they do not have some of the country’s best wooden hanger suppliers
  • There are little-to-no discounts given by most of the manufacturers here

Best Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in Guangdong

If you’ve been in the business and manufacturing industry, then you probably know that Guangdong is one, if not the best province to go to if you are looking for a manufacturer of any kind. Guangdong is home to more than half of China’s manufacturers and suppliers from the basic parts and components of devices, machines, and equipment to high-tech technology and AI machines.

They also house some of the country’s most trusted manufacturers of wooden hangers! And out of all the many options you can get, these three (3) are the best wooden hanger suppliers in the province of Guangdong!

Foshan EONCRED Decorative Hardware Co., Ltd.

If you’re sourcing out products and materials for a particular category of business, Foshan EONCRED is the best solution for you in Guangdong. They are regarded to as the most flexible, versatile, and adaptable company as they’re able to produce a whole wide array of products to businesses. When it comes to wooden hangers, you will never be disappointed. They have all sorts of wooden hangers from your usual top-down hangers, clipped hangers, even plastic coated hangers, lotus hangers, and many more!

Shenzhen Huaye E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huaye E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is a Guangdong supplier that is perfectly partnered with a ton of Chinese clothing and apparel manufacturing companies. They target those in the wholesale and retail department as most of their products are sold independently. They have the perfect wooden hangers, plastic hangers, even mannequins that can assist you in your clothing or apparel business.

Guangzhou Nantian Sources Co., Ltd.

Nantian Sources Co., Ltd. is a Guangdong manufacturer that has capitalized their skill in the kitchen. They’re known for their products in the hospitality and management industry, and that is where their excellent roster of wooden hangers come in. You can purchase everything from hotel wooden hangers, original wood color hangers, customized wooden hangers, and many more! Their hangers are mostly simple and minimalistic, but the beauty of that is you can easily customize and specify it all according to how you want it to feel and look like!

Pros of Working With a Guangdong Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • A lot of skilled manufacturers that will offer options for you to choose from
  • Lead time is fast and urgent even if you ask for samples of their products
  • Customization will be easy since many of them are literate in the English language

Cons of Working With a Guangdong Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • Payment terms are not flexible and the prices aren’t as cheap compared to other provinces
  • You’ll need to prepare a lot of requirements

Best Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in Hebei  

Last and most definitely not least is the province of Hebei. The province is at the pinnacle when it comes to agriculture, as well as medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing. These have largely been their bread and butter and their primary contribution to the People’s Republic of China. However, you will also be able to find several businesses here such as textile, woodworking, metallurgy, and many more.

Needless to say, it’s a province where you can find a ton of wooden hanger manufacturers and suppliers, too! In fact, here are three (3) of them!

Hebei Clothes Hanger Shop Co., Ltd.

Hebei Clothes Hanger Shop, from their name alone, is already an obvious choice if you are looking for wooden hangers – even other materials for it. They’re so popular that they are almost always booked when it comes to wooden hangers. You can purchase magic hangers, heavy wooden with steel hangers, thickened wood hangers, flat-hook retro hangers, and many other types and classifications of hangers from them, too!

Shijiazhuang Aofeite Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Being a company that has its focus not only in hangers but also in other clothing and apparel categories, AofFeiTe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. is a good pick if you need wooden hangers. Their hanger selection perfectly complements all other products they have in terms of apparel and medical equipment and products. They do not have many different options for wooden hangers, but rest assured that the quality of their products will be remarkable.

Lindon Co., Ltd.

Last and most definitely not least is Lindon Co., Ltd. This company is the epitome of hangers as their offers aren’t just limited to wooden hangers – you can purchase flocked hangers, plastic hangers, eco-friendly hangers, and many other kinds of hangers too. They are most known for their luxury and designer hangers, which appear sometimes better than the originals because of how they are manufactured and produced.

Pros of Working With a Hebei Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • Most of the employees and operators of these manufacturers are English speakers
  • Prices and rates of hangers are decent, and they are exceptionally easy-to-find
  • The lead time is fast and you won’t experience any delays when you work with suppliers from their province

Cons of Working With a Hebei Wooden Hanger Manufacturer

  • You don’t have many options to choose from
  • Quality is not an issue, but in terms of quantity, they’re only able to accommodate a minimal amount

Who Can You Trust For Garment Bags?

Garment bags and wooden hangers – also even other types of hangers go together often. That is why we here at The One Packaging Solutions are offering you an experience of a lifetime – to get premium and world-class quality wooden hangers for a price you will never be disappointed to pay for.

For 12+ years of being the best bag manufacturer and supplier in Jiangsu (even in the whole of China), we are confident that we’ll be able to give you the quality of garment bags you’re looking for. We have produced hundreds of different models of garment bags whether you have a retail outlet business, a laundry business, hotel and restaurant business, or any other business industry – we got just what you need!

Besides being the best and most trusted garments bag supplier in China, our skills and expertise here at The One Packaging Solutions are also responsible for us being virtuosos in manufacturing and creating laundry bags, reusable bags, cooler bags, jewelry bags, and many more!

If you ever need help with wooden hangers, we’ll get you to the right sources for that. On the other hand, we can also be your go-to manufacturer if you ever need reusable bags, garment bags, laundry bags, and other similar bags as well!


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