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Did you know that a show bag can act as a walking advertisement for your business? While many businesses think that exhibition bags aren’t that good enough, you need to consider using them.

For this article today, we’ll be discussing what bags are suitable for exhibition. Moreover, we will also give you tips in terms of how you can find the best trade show bag manufacturer!

What Are Trade Show Bags?

They’re the bags that you usually get in trade shows or exhibits.

What Are Trade Show Bags?

Since most companies will offer giveaways as a form of “freebie” for their products, these bags are the perfect avenue to where they can put and place the products.

You can use bags to show the quality of your products and to grab the attention of people in events like conferences, trade shows, exhibits, business gatherings, and the like.

What Are Trade Show Bags Made Of?

It can be made from different materials depending on the type of bag required.

What Are Trade Show Bags Made Of?

For instance, if a business wants a trade show tote bag, then the tote bag can be made out of regular cotton fabric, synthetic fabric, canvas, or nylon.

If a business is offering food industry-related products, a trade show or custom cooler bag made out of regular synthetic fabric will be the material.

So, the types of material used to create and manufacture these bags depend on the type of bag or container being used.

Is a Trade Show Bag the Same as a Promotional Bag?

Yes, their function in almost the same way. All bags used for improve customer’s brands.

Is a Trade Show Bag the Same as a Promotional Bag?

The primary purpose of a promotional bag is to promote, market, and advertise a business. A trade show bag, on the other hand, is a type of bag you use in trade shows and exhibits; you also use them to showcase the quality of the bag.

Can You Purchase Custom Printed Show Bags?

Yes, as a matter of fact, trade show bag manufacturers and suppliers focus on customization so that they’ll be able to cater to whatever type of business their clients have.

How Do You Display Tote Bags at a Trade Show?

By far, the best and the most common way of displaying tote bags at a trade show is by hanging.

How Do You Display Tote Bags at Trade Show?

Hanging trade show bags will allow the people to have a look at it in its real form (how they look like when they’re being used).

You can also use mannequins and other strategies to help promote, flaunt, and display your bags!

Trade Show Bags vs. Exhibition Bags

Don’t confuse yourself with it – exhibition bags and trade show bags are the exact same thing.

The term is just different because there are people who refer to trade shows as “exhibits.” But, they’re technically the same thing.

What Are Trade Show Tote Bags?

What Are Trade Show Tote Bags?

Tote bags given or sold at a trade show or exhibit

They’re tote bags that are given as a giveaway in exhibits and in trade shows so that people can use it as a bag to carry the stuff and other giveaways they got in the exhibit.

Different Trade Show Items

Different Trade Show Items

A trade show that’s offering many different products and items

The items that you can actually offer in trade shows will depend on the type of trade show or exhibit, the products that the businesses offer, as well as a complementary tool for the products of businesses.

To name a few of the most customary items you can see in a trade show, they include:

  • Tote Bags
  • USB Chargers
  • Smartphone Wallets
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Shirts
  • Coasters
  • And Many More!

If you’re giving away more than one (1) item, you can add a trade show bag so that the receiver won’t have a hard time carrying the items!

Where Can You Get Exhibition Bags With Logo?

Purchasing giveaway bags with logos from a custom bag manufacturer isn’t hard to find. As a matter of fact, suppliers are scattered in the market.

All bag manufacturers have some degree of experience in manufacturing trade show bags. So, you should never worry about where you can get one.

The only factors you might want to consider would be:

  • Quality of the exhibition bag
  • Print and color-quality
  • Durability and materials used
  • Processes and methods utilized to produce them

Who Can You Trust With Your Exhibition Bags?

The One has been the trade show bag manufacturer that’s loved by countless businesses in the world. Our products are so good that even world-renowned businesses and companies trust us.

Our bags are unlike any other – we create them in complete accordance to how you need them.

From the size, the dimensions, the shape, style – and even the color palette you want for it!

We here at The One are skilled and adept to produce and manufacture a myriad of bags for you! Whether you need a trade show tote bag, a trade show duffle bag, a conference bag, or any other type of trade show bag you need!

You can also trust us if your business is in need of dust bags, cosmetic bags, reusable bags, wine bags, and many more!

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