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Tyvek Tote Bags

We make custom tyvek tote bags with printed logos.
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Q: What are Tyvek tote bags suitable for?

A: Tyvek tote bags have numerous applications, ranging from shopping, grocery runs to carrying everyday items due to features such as their lightweight, waterproof and durable nature, making them an all-round perfect choice for transporting items. To top it off, custom designs and logos are added, making it an excellent way to promote any brand or business inexpensively.

Q: How strong are Tyvek tote bags?

A: The fabric weight of the Tyvek tote bag typically ranges from 6 to 14 ounces per square yard, which translates to excellent durability, allowing you to carry heavier objects without tearing or breaking.

Q: What are the special features available for customizing a Tyvek tote bag?

A: To help you tailor the perfect bag for your needs, we offer additional features like reinforced seams, adjustable straps, secure closings, and pockets that can be added according to your requirements.

Q: Is it possible to print my logo onto a Tyvek tote bag?

A: Yes, we can print onto the fabric of your bag, depending on the desired material finish. Contact us directly for more information about this service.

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