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We are Tyvek pouches manufacturer in China. We supply bulk custom Tyvek Zipper Pouches with printed logo and sizes.

Our Tyvek Zipper Pouches are the perfect solution for cosmetic products that need to be light, but also retain their shape. These pouches will show off your cosmetic products with their stylish design, and also protect them from the outside world with its durable material. With minimal effort you’ll have your cosmetic items stored neatly inside these pouches in no time, and the zipper closure ensures that everything stays secure when needed. Don’t settle for anything less than our high-end Tyvek Zipper Pouches to store your cosmetic products — they’re a great choice both functionally and aesthetically!

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Our custom tyvek zipper pouch could be made logo printing.

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Our Custom Printed Tyvek Zipper Pouches Styles

Q: What are the dimensions of the Tyvek Pouch? 

A: The dimensions of a Tyvek pouch vary depending on the model but typically range from 25cm x 18cm to 40cm x 60cm or other custom made sizes

Q: What is the capacity of the Tyvek Pouch? 

A: The capacity of a Tyvek pouch varies depending on its size and type, with smaller models perfect for carrying documents up to A4 size and larger models able to hold up to 6-7 kgs in weight.

Q: How many colors does the Tyvek Pouch come in? 

A: The Tyvek Pouch usually comes in white as its base color but we offer additional color options such as black, blue, red and more. It is best to contact the manufacturer directly for more information about their color range.

Q: Is the Tyvek Pouch waterproof? 

A: Yes, Tyvek pouches are made from highly waterproof material that makes them excellent for storing wet items or protecting your documents from rain and other water damage.

Q:What is the turnaround time for Tyvek Pouch production? 

A: The turnaround time for producing a custom made Tyvek pouch varies depending on the complexity of your design and available inventory but generally ranges from 2-4 weeks after placing an orders.

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