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Velvet Drawstring Bags | Velvet Bags For Jewelry

We are velvet bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply velvet drawstring bags, velvet makeup bags, velvet gift bags, velvet jewelry bags, etc. with printed logo and custom sizes.

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Velvet Drawstring Bags

If you’re trying to look for good-quality velvet drawstring bags and you can’t find any wherever you look in the market, join thousands of our happy clients here at The One.

We offer many different types of velvet drawstring bags that are perfect for the application you’ll use it for.

Custom Velvet Bags | Wholesale Velvet Pouches

Our line of products is comprised of some of the best and most intricate custom velvet bags. You can purchase them in either retail or wholesale and you will never find anything like it in the market.

The complexity and the variety of the custom velvet bags we’re offering will definitely astound you! We’re offering a ton of custom velvet drawstring bag styles that you can freely choose from. Some of the best and top-selling ones include:

Custom Printed Velvet Bags

At a closer look, you’ll notice the perfect and crisp texture of our custom printed velvet bags. They’re made from superior quality of velvet, which can be difficult to find in the market.

Purchase whatever color of custom printed velvet bags you want and need without worrying or stressing out about quality!

Custom Velvet Jewelry Bags

Whatever size, shape, and form you want your velvet jewelry bags in, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you with it!

We’ve been known as experts and masters in the art of producing custom velvet jewelry and drawstring bags, and not once did we fail to exceed all our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, features, and overall longevity of their custom velvet jewelry bags.

Custom Velvet Shoe Bags

For a more stylish and fashionable shoe storage, you can take advantage of our custom velvet shoe bags. They’re not only stylish, they’re also extremely breathable and functionable, allowing you to fit whatever type of shoe in your bag!

Get it for whatever size you need it for!

Large Red Velvet Drawstring Bags

Planning to use a velvet drawstring bag as a gift bag? Or do you just want to get a velvet drawstring bag that has the rich red color for uniformity? Purchase our velvet drawstring bags like how you want it in the brightest and most contrasted color of red.

We can assemble it fully specified according to your wants and needs!

Velvet Drawstring Bags Wholesale

If you need velvet drawstring bags for business, then don’t miss the chance working with us here at The One! We’re skilled and equipped with the right technology and materials to produce high-quality velvet drawstring bags wholesale without compromising the quality of products!

Check out all the styles we have and pick what you want to purchase from there in bulk!

Small Velvet Drawstring Bags

Our small velvet drawstring bags are purposely made for small items such as jewelry, chargers, and other things of the like. But, thanks to our innovation, your options of using it aren’t just limited to these!

Whatever fits our small velvet drawstring bag, so long as it’s within the size and not bulging, you can use!

Black Velvet Drawstring Bags

For a more sophisticated and alluring look, you can get our black velvet drawstring bags. They come in all shapes and sizes – and you can even customize the quality of the prints, too!

They’re perfect if you need them for giveaways, for a component or an additive to your product, and many more!

Out of all the black velvet drawstring bags you’ll see in the market, ours are the blackest, darkest, and the highest quality you can ever get.

Large Velvet Bags With Drawstring

For larger-sized velvet bags equipped with drawstring as its straps, you can trust and bank on us here at The One, too.

Although we market them just in the color white, you have the choice of the colorway you want it to be! You simply have to shoot us a message of the exact style and color you want, and our Research & Development (R&D) team will be more than happy to accommodate your requests!

Custom Velvet Drawstring Bags

Other than customized velvet shoe bags, our expert craftsmen here at The One can also be counted on should you need customized velvet drawstring bags.

They’re a perfect fit to whatever style you have, and they’re all made from the finest and top-quality velvet.

For all the velvet drawstring bags you need, never hesitate to give us here at The One a call! We’re always ready to manufacture and produce for you the best and highest quality of velvet drawstring bags whatever style you’re looking for!

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