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Vinyl Garment Bags

We make bulk cheap vinyl garment bags,  vinyl garment storage bags, Customized sizes: 24✖️40, 24✖️54, 24✖️72 inch, etc. 

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Vinyl Garment Bags Wholesale

We support custom clear vinyl garment bags, black vinyl garment bags,  Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

Best Vinyl Garment Bags Styles

Froster Vinyl Garment Bags

Vinyl Garment Storage Bags

Vinyl Garment Bags Wholesale

Printed Vinyl Garment Bags

Clear Vinyl Garment Bags With Zipper

Bridal Vinyl Garment Bags

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Frosted Vinyl Garment Bags

With The One’s frosted vinyl garment bags, it’ll be easy for you to conceal the contents of the bag but not completely. It will give out a shade that would defer light that passes through it, which is perfect if you want to keep the contents private.

Vinyl Garment Storage Bags

Our vinyl garment storage bags are perfect for whatever setting you might need it for. Whether you’ll offer it to regular consumers or to those who plan on reselling it, we’ll be able to help you with what you need!

Vinyl Garment Bags Wholesale

You can purchase The One’s complete roster of vinyl garment bags for cheaper, more affordable, and a lot better rate!

Printed Vinyl Garment Bags

Whatever type of style or design you need for your vinyl garment bag, you can definitely bank and count on us! The One can supply you with accurate and precise printed vinyl garment bags and you’ll never feel the need to look for another manufacturer!

Clear Vinyl Garment Bags With Zipper

If you’re looking for a more secure type of clear vinyl garment bag, then you can definitely bank on us here at The One! We are skilled in using various types of materials for our clear vinyl garment bags – you can even purchase those with zippers!

Bridal Vinyl Garment Bags

Need a garment bag that you’ll need to use for transporting bridal gowns, dresses, and other types of formal garment? Check out our bridal vinyl garment bags and you’ll never regret your decision!

Vinyl Garment Bags Wholesale

Purchasing vinyl garment bags wholesale will be your best choice if you’re looking to save money, get higher profitability, and ultimately, not run out of stock.

You will find a lot of vinyl garment bags wholesale online, from regular wholesale websites like Alibaba, Made In China, AliExpress, Trade India – even in Westernized websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more!

You’ll literally never run out of options for the vinyl garment bags that you’ll be purchasing wholesale over the internet!

Vinyl Garment Bags vs. Non-Woven Garment Bags

Choosing the garment bag for your application is difficult and challenging. However, you need to consider the fact that there’s not just a single way to differentiate them.

Among the most common options for garment bags are vinyl garment bags and non-woven garment bags. But, aren’t just the same? They’re actually far different from one another and you need to take a look at some of the most important factors.

Instead, there are a few things that you need to take a look at before deciding on the type of garment bag that you’ll buy! Here’s a quick table that discusses the differences between these two (2):

Vinyl Garment Bags

Non-Woven Garment Bags

Strong, durable, and definitely waterproof.

Non-woven garment bags are strong and would not wear over time.

Can easily be printed on with different styles, designs, and colors.

Just like vinyl garment bags, you’ll be able to print on non-woven garment bags easily, too.

Made out of thermoplastic, which could mean bad for the environment.

Environmentally friendly compared to vinyl garment bags.

Although they have a few strands of indifferences, it will be challenging to locate what really are the different factors between them. So, the best way to go is to contact the vinyl garment bag manufacturer you’ll work with to ask and inquire about it.

Are Vinyl Garment Bags Breathable?

Yes, vinyl garment bags are 100% breathable. They are designed and engineered to be made from the best types and qualities of material, keeping your clothes safe, secured, and protected without being locked tight.

Here with us at The One, we can guarantee the best types and qualities of vinyl garment bags that you might need! We can help you with a vinyl garment bag for suits, vinyl garment storage bags, printed vinyl garment bags, and many more!

Vinyl Garment Bags Styles

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