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Waterproof Bags Buying Guide

Never worry about where to purchase high-quality waterproof bags for your business again! With The One’s complete lineup of waterproof bags, you will definitely get what you’re looking for!

Before we get into the details of why we’re the best, let us first try to find out what the world thinks about waterproof bags!

What Styles Of Waterproof Dry Bags Could You Supply?

Custom Dry Bags

Have you ever had the chance to get custom dry bags that are exactly the way you want them to be? It’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of knockoffs of custom dry bags, but did you ever think about where you can get them for the least and cheapest rates and prices?

Here at The One, we have been considered by many businesses and organizations as their primary option; their one-stop-solution for all the different types and styles of custom dry bags they need.

We are the best not because of our rates, but because of the versatility and flexibility of the styles of the custom dry bags that we manufacture. Want a sneak peek? Here are our top sellers under the category of custom dry bags.

Custom Logo Dry Bags

If you’re trying to look for custom logo dry bags and you don’t know where to get them, then destiny has brought you here. One of the best specialties we have here at The One would be our lineup of custom logo dry bags. Our dry bags can be in whatever style or structure you want them to be – they can have handles, they can have straps, they can be plain, they could be equipped with zippers, or whatever structure and design you want them to have. We can provide a few samples of it so you can check whether the quality we have is what you’re looking for or not.

Personalized Wet Dry Bags

Not all wet dry bags are made to be specified and customized, in fact, not a lot of custom dry bag suppliers have the ability to do so. This is because there are a wide range of materials needed to create personalized wet dry bags, and our experts and professionals here at The One would not falter to help you with it. No matter how personal or how specific you want the design to be, we’re ready to assist you with it!

Best Dry Bags For Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that is known globally, and other than kayaking, a lot of watersports are being played too. This is why we invested a lot of our efforts, skills, and strategies in building the best dry bags for kayaking. We can help you with large bags with a single strap, kayaking boat bags with handles, and even kayaking bags that have zippers and drawstring attachments on them. You can get it from us at a much reasonable and justifiable rate compared to purchasing them directly from a shop or a store. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll get you high-quality custom kayaking dry bags!

Best Dry Bags For Paddle Boarding

Akin to kayaking, paddle boarding is also another great watersport enjoyed by thousands of people globally. Because of the nature of the sport, participants, as well as people who are involved would need bags and containers that can protect their things, as well as be durable enough to handle various weights, too. Most of our paddle boarding dry bags have reinforced straps to help people attach it to their bodies easier, more convenient, and better. So, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you in producing the best paddle boarding dry bags that you need!

Best Dry Bags For Swimming

For your swimming, diving, and watersport needs, our experts here at The One can craft the perfect and most ideal bags for you. Most of the time, our dry bags are customized according and depending on the wants and needs of our clients – we can manufacture 15-liter waterproof dry bags, 25-liter bags, and even specified bags for your competition! These bags would have multiple pockets, and functionalities, and will be lightweight for easier carrying and transportation. We can also produce and develop it to be at a backpack style, as well as tote or jute, depending on how you’re imagining them to be.

Best Dry Bags For Backpacking

And while mountaineering often involves dryland, you can never tell when it will rain and pour. So, coming prepared is always better than regretting that you didn’t bring a dry or a waterproof bag in the first place. Our backpacking dry bags are engineered perfectly to be lightweight, easy to carry, and to be easily accessible. We can also add up a couple of anti-theft feature on your dry bags for backpacking in case you’re worried about people going over your bags while you’re walking! The design wouldn’t matter because it will be you who’ll dictate how the styling and structuring is.

Best Dry Bags For Boating

Boating dry bags are what we here at The One consider to be the one that should be the most reinforced. Other than the fact that it is the activity that is the most prone to water, it needs to be weighted in order for it not to go around the boat without your supervision. The One’s lineup of dry bags for boating are not restricted to a single size and style, you can get it in whatever model you like. That’s the beauty of choosing our custom boating dry bags, there will never come a time that you’ll regret it because it will be made with precision, accuracy, and of course, with love.

Best Submersible Dry Bags

Don’t confuse yourself – not all dry bags can be submerged underwater, and that is a fact. Due to that, our Research & Development (R&D) team came up with a different type of bag that you can use to submerge underwater – more especially, a kind of container that you can use for diving, fishing, and even assisted swimming. The One’s submersible dry bags are made with reliable and durable materials that have been sourced from various suppliers and supply chains in the market. We get only the best of the best, so, you don’t need to worry about the final results of your orders.

Best Motorcycle Dry Bags

Motorcycle dry bags are different from the insulated dry bags you usually see behind motorcycles. Instead, these dry bags are packaged strongly and durably to the extent that they need to easily be boarded onto the motorcycle and be protected and secured from water, mud, snow, and all other types of dirt and grime. The One can continually produce high-quality motorcycle dry bags for you, wherever you are in the world!

Best Lightweight Dry Bags

One of the best characteristics of a dry bag is being lightweight. You can find a lot of dry bags in the market, but you might find it difficult to locate and purchase one that is lightweight and easy to carry. But, that will never be a problem for us here at The One. Our dry bags, although they’re strong, durable, and long-lasting, can be made extremely lightweight. We have our own set and combination of materials to make it work and to ensure that it will perform its duty without compromising convenience and style.

Best Wet Dry Bags

Wet dry bags aren’t only for watersport and other similar types of activities, they can be used for everyday and for lifestyle applications, too. Here at The One, we have a totally complete lineup of the best wet dry bags you could ever see. Having serviced more than 100 companies and organizations in our experience, we’re sure that we have made a whole lot of wet dry bags, and as a result, we are trusted by our peers, as well as our clientele. Get the best wet dry bags for the cheapest and most affordable rates from us!  

Best Dry Bags For Hiking

Mountaineering is different from hiking, and that mere distinction of these activities is what makes hiking dry bags the best in the industry. Our hiking dry bags are made perfectly for people who would engage in long walks, hikes, and in doing locomotive physical activities. Our hiking dry bags can be made and manufactured with straps for the shoulders, the back, or even the waist. No matter how you want our dry bags for hiking to be styled, we are more than welcoming all interested clients to have a peek at our dry bags.

The One will never put you short of your expectation of quality, delivery time, customer service, and even price. Our custom dry bags are seen worldwide and are purchased not only by a specific business field or sector – many of our clients are re-merchandisers and resellers of items – that’s the reason why we allow full customizations, too!

  • Guaranteed no impurities even on bulk and wholesale orders
  • Packaged strictly, strongly, and reinforced properly
  • All OEM and are licensed and certified against needed and wanted standards
  • Delivery will be less than 45 days from the date of payment

Never be threatened by a contract before securing the price – here at The One, we won’t tie you up yet unless you make the payment. We can send you free samples if the timing is right and if you allow adjustments on the date of delivery.

Why The One is the Best Waterproof Bag Manufacturer in China?

For many years, The One has been known and considered as the best waterproof bag supplier in the country, not just because of the low requirement cost of our products, but also because of the quality and the style and design that we inculcate in the process.

Unlike other waterproof bag manufacturers, we here at The One always consider the thoughts and opinions of our clients. For instance, if they want a specific custom waterproof bag, we can give it to them for a low-cost without tampering with the quality!

What Are Waterproof Bags Called?

Figure 1 – Sample image of what a waterproof bag for outdoor activities looks like

Waterproof bags, also known as PVC dry bags, are bags that, of course, are waterproof. This simply means that they would not be spoiled and be affected by water, unless it’s damped and submerged in water.

It’s not really waterproof in a sense that it would not be touched by water, it will; it’ll just be protected and become resilient against it.

What is the Best Waterproof Bag?

Figure 4 – Different styles of waterproof bags

waterproof duffel bag motorcycle

Knowing and identifying what the best waterproof bag is would be relative. There’s not a single waterproof bag in the market that contains all the qualities you’re looking for.

As a matter of fact, all waterproof bags vary in terms of quality, style, design, durability, material or make, and many others!, a website dedicated to water sports and activities like diving, water sports, and other recreational activities listed the top waterproof bags in their opinion.

The list contained many different waterproof bag brands and companies. To give you a summary, the top all-around waterproof bags contained the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight, particularly less than one (1) pound
  • Has big capacity (more or less 40L)
  • Completely water and damage-resistant
  • Made with durable and versatile material

Boat Tote Bags

It’s like a tongue twister, but it’s actually a thing.

Figure 5 – A boat bag tote or waterproof tote bag

Boat bag totes are waterproof bags shaped and formed as a tote bag, of course. It’s pretty self-explanatory; you wouldn’t be lost in finding one because you’ll notice it to have nylon material on the outside while having another layer of protection on the inside.

People are likely to purchase these tote bags for boating in online shops and retail stores such as Shorebags, Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, and many more.

Do take note, though, that purchasing it from these retail stores and outlets would cost you more compared to wholesale. If you’re going to use it for business, the best way to go is to go directly to a waterproof bags manufacturer.

Can You Purchase Waterproof Beach Bags With Zipper?

Yes, in fact, many bag manufacturers produce and manufacturer waterproof beach bags with zippers. This is mostly offered for those who go on outdoor activities like beach volleyball, surfing, and many more!

What Are The Best Waterproof Tote Bags For Boating?

If there are waterproof beach bags, then there are waterproof tote bags for boating, too! Yes, you’ll be able to find most of them on craft websites like Etsy, as well as e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and many more!

You’ll find many different kinds of waterproof tote bags for boating; there are floating boat bags, waterproof boat bag for fishing, and the usual PVC dry bags!

Want custom waterproof tote bags for boating? Give us a quick call here at The One and we will be more than happy and glad to assist you! We can give you floor prices for the waterproof bags that you need!

Are Camera Bags Waterproof?

Figure 8 – An outdoor camera waterproof bag

Not all camera bags are waterproof, and actually, they don’t need to be!  

Those that you can purchase on various stores and shops that are less than $100 would most likely be penetrated by water. Even if they market it as waterproof, it might only be water-resistant, not waterproof.

Most of the time, the composition of waterproof bags would involve nylon on the outside and a polyurethane coating on the inside. This is the component that provides the waterproof barrier on the bag.

So, where can you find good-quality waterproof camera bags that aren’t that expensive?

The only place where you can purchase cheap and affordable waterproof camera bags would be from a Chinese waterproof bag supplier. There’s a catch – and that there’s a minimum order quantity (MoQ) for the bags, so, you need to consider that as well.

How Do I Keep My Camera Bag Dry?

Keeping your camera bags dry and free from moisture is not a tough or complex job. As a matter of fact, you just need to store it in the correct place where moisture wouldn’t be able to penetrate it.

Another alternative you can consider is to purchase a waterproof camera bag or a waterproof camera case. These things can help prevent moisture from going inside your bag, which can affect and reach the camera.

There are many different types of these bags and among the most common include waterproof camera sling bags, waterproof camera lens bags and carriers, and waterproof camera cases.

You will never find a shortage of it on e-commerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other websites!

Waterproof Storage Bags

Doesn’t it bother you when the storage bags you have at home get wet? It’s really annoying, and, oftentimes, it is something that spoils and ruins your clothes as well as some linen that you stored.

Figure 9 – A heavy-duty waterproof household store bag

What’s the solution? – The solution is to purchase waterproof storage bags. Waterproof household storage bags are the perfect answer to this problem of yours!

Other than the fact that you can use them to store whatever it is you need, it can keep them dry, too! You can expect it to never be penetrated by moisture regardless of the climate or the environment it is in.

You can find a ton of waterproof storage bags on Amazon and eBay! According to Home Depot’s list of the best waterproof bags, though, the best ones would be those that are from China!

They’re high quality, durable, and extremely versatile! You can even purchase waterproof storage bags for your outdoor cushions, too!

Can You Purchase Large Outdoor Waterproof Storage Bags?

Yes, in fact, many consumers choose purchasing outdoor waterproof storage bags that are big and large in size! Their goal is to be able to fit multiple items inside these large waterproof storage bags for a more convenient and a more efficient usage!

There’s nothing wrong in purchasing small waterproof bags, though, in fact, small to medium-sized waterproof bags are perfect for outdoor activities like going to the beach, hiking, trekking, swimming, and even mountaineering!

That brings us to the next common waterproof bag that people search for, which is…

Small Waterproof Bag

Figure 10 – Image of different-colored small waterproof or PVC dry bags

Don’t immediately judge and think that small waterproof bags are small enough that they wouldn’t be able to fit your things in.

As a matter of fact, if we look at Home Depot’s list of the top and best waterproof bags in the market, the vast majority of the list is comprised of small and medium-sized waterproof bags.

Some of the advantages of getting small waterproof bags instead of large outdoor waterproof bags include:

  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re easy to carry and transport
  • You can fit it in another bag when not in use
  • They’re cheaper and more affordable!

So, which waterproof bag manufacturer should you work with?

Why The One is the Best Waterproof Bag Manufacturer in China

For many years, The One has been known and considered as the best waterproof bag supplier in the country, not just because of the low requirement cost of our products, but also because of the quality and the style and design that we inculcate in the process.

Unlike other waterproof bag manufacturers, we here at The One always consider the thoughts and opinions of our clients. For instance, if they want a specific custom waterproof bag, we can give it to them for a low-cost without tampering with the quality!

What Are The Features of The One’s Waterproof Bags?

Other than those general pros and advantages, here are some of the more specific reasons why we’re known as the best waterproof bags manufacturing company:

  • We’re flexible with materials – we can create waterproof bags made from a wide variety of products!
  • The One is equipped and employed with some of the industry’s top experts
  • We’re skilled and experienced in producing custom waterproof bags!
  • Our minimum order quantity is low!



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