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Top 15 Wine Bags Manufacturers

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You’ll find a ton of wine bag suppliers and manufacturers in the market. Since wine is produced somewhere in the far western side of Europe, you’d expect most of the manufacturing of their bags there, right? That is partly true. Why partly? – Because that thought didn’t just stay there.

Over time, the market for wine bags have scattered all throughout the globe – most of it was outsourced here in China. Nevertheless, you’ll still find a ton of wine bag manufacturers in the world.

So, in this list, I will be giving you the 15 best wine bag suppliers and manufacturers in the world, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as a supplier, so you can identify whether or not they’re a perfect fit for you.

Top 1: The One Packaging Solutions

Situated in the province of Jiangsu in China, The One Packaging Solutions is the all-in-one company you can work with if you are in need of different types and qualities of wine bags. Our footprint in the bag manufacturing industry has not been exclusive to a few types of businesses.

In fact, we have worked with many different types and kinds of companies in our time in the industry, and we can be your go-to manufacturer, too!

Our wine bags here at The One Packaging Solutions are considered by many as the best simply because of how they are structured, as well as the style, fashion, and the overall functionality of them, too.

We offer all different sorts of wine bags, whether you need jute wine bags, custom wine bags, reusable canvas wine bags, fabric wine bags, and many more!

Our offers aren’t also limited to the standard 2-bottle wine bags. We also have 4-bottle wine bags, as well as 6-bottle wine bags to offer as well.

Don’t worry about price and quality, because those are the two (2) things we never forget here at The One Packaging Solutions.

Runner-Up: WZ Bags

WZ bags or Longgang Yitian Bags Co., Ltd., akin to us at The One Packaging Solutions, is a company based in China. The company is based in the province of Zheijang,and has been in the industry since 2006.

Being a company known in the production of Eco bags, WZ bags transitioned and became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of different types of traditional, as well as modern and advanced wine bags.

You can never go wrong in choosing WZ bags as they have serviced and worked with multiple organizations and corporations worldwide. Reach out to them for high-quality, reusable, and ultimately reliable wine bags!

Black Forest Marketing

Black Forest Marketing is a company based on the United States, and is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of wine bags. Now, they’re most known for their “bag-in-a-box” type of bag, not the traditional 2-bottle, 4-bottle, or even 6-bottle wine bags that we know of.

Nevertheless, they’re considered by wine manufacturer sand producers as one of the best businesses when it comes to it.

If you’re eager to try out wine-in-a-box for your wine products, then you can absolutely be in business with Black Forest Marketing for it.

True Brands

True Brands is another shop that’s known to be an excellent provider/seller of wine bags, as well as other types of beverage and lifestyle accessories. They are situated in Seattle, Washington, and it is unknown whether they hold the production or manufacturing within the United States or not.

One thing is for sure, though, if you want a new sense or a new taste of wine bags and you don’t know where to find them, True Brands can absolutely be your go-to supplier.

Get retail and wholesale beverage accessories from True Brands! You can even wine tote bags from them, too!

NOTE: True Brands is a shop, but they started offering their own in-house designs and production as well.


If you’re on the hunt for the most exquisite, and the most unique wine bag totes you’ve never laid your eyes on, then HAMILO’s small collection of wine bags is the perfect view for you. Capitalizing on their idea of having excellent workmanship, as well as creativity, they’ve captured the market of those who want “a new” taste in their senses.

They have offices in Canada and South Korea, and they have incoming other projects, too!


From their name alone, PortoVino blurts out a lot when it comes to luxury, style, and fashion. They’re intriguingly popular because of many things, and one of those is because of their customer service reviews.

Besides that, though, PortoVino has been a haven for a bunch of clients, especially those who are looking for quality wine bags. Based on the U.S., this brand is all about different types of bags, purses, and pouches, and more often than not, they have a wide library of promotions, too, like the COVID series of bags and pouches they have!

So, if you need tote bags for your wines, purses, or other types of beverage accessories, you can get on with PortoVino and get it done straight!

American Retail Supply

From the name of the company alone, you would already know what type of business they are and where they are located. To be more specific, the American Retail Supply is a supplier situated in the state of Washington, and is popular when it comes to the production of several types of bags, mostly paper bags.

American Retail Supply capitalizes in their expertise in the usage of Kraft paper, as well as reusable non-woven material.

As a matter of fact, they have a vast library of products from regular double bottle wine shopping bags, fabric wine bags, Kraft paper bags, and many more!


WineBags.com is a website dedicated to the manufacturer Wine Bag. They have multiple offices in the United States, while the most are in San Diego and in Los Angeles.

They were initially dedicated to the distribution and delivery of bags from different manufacturers, but, over time, they created their own line of production and started offering various types and kinds of wine bags, totes, and other types of glassware and barware.

You can also hit them up if you are looking for different types of promotional items for gifts and events!

Berlin Packaging

Germany is known for beers, and it’s one thing they take pride on. They consider themselves as a juggernaut in the boxing, bagging, and packaging industry, and they are yet to be beaten in this part of the world.

Starting their business in Germany, they’ve since transfigured and established multiple offices in different countries such as the United States, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, China, and many more!

Berlin Packaging is the perfect wine bag manufacturer if you are looking for the more classical and traditional way of producing and manufacturing wine bags. Other than wine bags, they’re also the perfect manufacturer if you are looking for beverage accessories, food, beers, as well as pharmaceutical and healthcare hardware.


Vinarmour is a brand that’s breeding of luxury and class. Known for multiple products all across the beveraging industry, they’ve produced some of the world’s most durable, most long-lasting, and most innovative wine bags.

Vinarmour is famous for their protective wine carrier bags that would ultimately save you puncture and leaking, while keeping your fine wine safe, full of spirit, flavour, and aroma.

They have a wide variety of offers from tote bags, traveling wine bags, as well as shoulder harness bags. Purchase them in either retail or wholesale and get the most out of your savings!

Sapphire Packaging Co., Ltd.

China and the United States aren’t the two countries that are popular for wine bags. As a matter of fact, Sapphire Packaging Co., Ltd., a Vietnamese company, is known in this industry, too. Sapphire VN is one of the leading Vietnamese wine bag manufacturers in the industry, leveraging various types of materials from polypropylene (PP) non-woven shopping bags, RPET, PP woven sacks, and many more!

They have 20+ years of experience in producing and manufacturing premium-quality wine bags, as well as other types of bags like cooler bags, polyester bags, RPET bags, sealing shopping bags, and many more.

They offer a whole wide library of wine bags from the usual 2-bottle wine bags you know, even up to a collective of 6-bottle wine bags, too!

Green Earth Products

The majority of wine bag manufacturers try their best to incline their business into the spectrum of being environmentally-friendly. However, out of all the suppliers in this list, Green Earth Products is the manufacturer or supplier that is an expert in the production and manufacturing of jute wine bags, organic cotton wine bags, and many more!

If you are looking for a manufacturer that can guarantee greener pastures both literally and metaphorically, Green Earth Products is the way to go.

Wenzhou Baixiangju Technology Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Baixiangju is a known manufacturer of wine bags situated in the province of Zheijang, China. They have a variety of products in their arsenal – them being the best and most trusted bag manufacturer in the province.

Similar to us here at The One Packaging Solutions, BAIXIANGJU is a prominent supplier of wine bags. Besides wine bags, though, they’re also accustomed to the production and provision of thermal insulation bags, waterproof lunch box bags, food insulation ice bags, canvas solid color dual tote backpacks, and many more!

Wine Enthusiast

When it comes to wine accessories, additives, and other related products, Wine Enthusiast is a manufacturer you can bank and rely on. Led and established by wine connoisseurs and experts, Wine Enthusiast is the perfect space if you are looking for different categories and classifications of wine gifts.

Whether you need personalized wine accessories, wine glasses, gifts for beer lovers, and other types of beverage accessories, you’ll never go wrong with Wine Enthusiast.

They provide luxury-derived items, and they can grant you the quality and the opportunity to own a luxurious piece of wine bag you never could have imagined.  

Femme Custom Promo

Femme Custom Promo is actually a shop that’s different out of all these manufacturers. While almost all suppliers in this list focus on one thing – wine and beverages, Femme Custom is a promotional manufacturing company, and their business doesn’t just revolve around wine bags, as well as other types of bags.

They are a custom promotional company, and their business revolves around personalizing or customizing orders for people. We placed them in this list because of the quality of the wine bags they offer their clients, as well as the speed of their delivery.

Their production is scattered, but they’re able to supply and manufacture products to several countries like the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and many others more!

These are the 15 best wine bag suppliers in the world. Take your pick, and make sure that you’ll only be getting the best quality of bags for your fine-aged wine!

Pros of Working With International Wine Bag Manufacturers

International wine bag manufacturers are great, in fact, here are some of the pros and advantages of working with one:

No Language Barriers

One of the primary advantages of not choosing a Chinese wine bag manufacturing company is the fact the communication between personnel and workers will be lighter, easier, and more convenient. The majority of people in other countries know English, unlike in China, where learning English is not an important thing to do.

Quality is Defined

Another pro would be that the quality of the products will be more defined. What this means is that all products would usually be taken from their land, and it will be natural and high-quality. While this is what the case is, it doesn’t mean that all products from China are low quality.

No Customer Service Problems

Last and most definitely not least is the fact there will be little-to-no problems with customer service because the personnel and workers of most companies will communicate using the English language. Moreover, they care and actually consider the satisfaction of customers rather than just delivering the products and orders purchased.

These are just three (3) of the best pros and advantages of getting wine bags from manufacturers and suppliers outside of China.

Cons of Working With International Wine Bag Manufacturers

On the contrary, there are a few factors you need to consider before you decide on going with wine bag manufacturers outside of China, and these include:

Higher Labor Costs

China is known to have the cheapest and most affordable labor costs in the world. This is the reason why most of the products you can purchase here have extremely shaved off rates and prices, and most of the time, this is part of the strongest selling points that they have.

Higher Production Costs

Another con of choosing a manufacturer that is not Chinese is that it’ll cost way more because raw products are usually sourced out from different manufacturers – sometimes even in different regions of the world, whereas in China, everything is treaded and sourced out from their own.

Not Many Manufacturers to Choose From

The limits of manufacturers is also a drawback that you might have to consider. Yes, quality will be there, but, of course, not all companies give out the same quality of products, especially when it comes to the production and assembly of wine bags.

Low-Volume Capacity

And lastly, the volume of production wouldn’t be as much as if you were to get your products from China. Chinese companies have innovated and transformed their manufacturing lines to become better, faster, more urgent, and more efficient.

Now, if you try and put these pros and cons side-by-side, you’ll absolutely think that working with an international manufacturer is a good idea. While it is, there are other factors you have to consider that will answer whether working with a Chinese manufacturer is better and more efficient.

Why The One Packaging Solutions is the Best

China’s most trusted and most relied on wine bag manufacturer is none other than us here at The One Packaging Solutions. We’ve been considered by many, if not all wine companies as their go-to when it comes to high-quality wine bags for years now, and never did we fail to meet, even exceed their expectations.

You can count on us no matter what type of classification of wine bag you need for your business!

  • All our products are OEM and are fully assessed before delivery
  • We’ve provided multiple clients with different types and qualities of wine bags
  • We are flexible with wine bag orders, we can get you everything you like
  • We guarantee excellent customer service
  • And many more!

We’ll get you the best and highest quality of wine bags without you asking for it. Work with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with what you need!

Not sure of how much budget you need? Don’t worry, we’ll send a free estimate over so you won’t have to guess the budget you’ll be needing for your wine bags!

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