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Zippered Garment Bags

We supply bulk cheap zippered garment bags with clear vinyl, PEVA, non woven, nylon polyester, etc.

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Custom Zippered Garment Bags Wholesale

We support custom zippered garment bags wholesale, for black, pink, navy, red, etc. Size:40inch, 54inch, 60inch, 72inch, etc.

 Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

Best Zippered Garment Bags Styles

Clear Zippered Garment Bags

Garment Bags With Zippered Pockets

Clear Vinyl Zippered Garment Bags

Hanging Zippered Garment Bags

Plastic Zippered Garment Bags

Zippered Garment Protector Bags

Zippered Garment Storage Bags

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Custom Zippered Garment Bags

The One can support the production of wholesale custom zippered garment bags, no matter what size, style, color, or form you want it to have. Our general size ruling fall within the ranges of 40 inches, 54 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and more!

  • We can help you if you need a direct Chinese manufacturer supply
  • All our custom zippered garment bags are AZO free
  • Quality assurance and testing processes are done before delivery
  • Screen printing and digital printing are both available

When you’re on the hunt for the best and highest quality of custom zippered garment bags, you can never go wrong in choosing The One. Being China’s most reliable custom zippered garment bags supplier, you will definitely get what you’re looking for with us.  

Clear Zippered Garment Bags | PEVA Zippered Garment Bags | Vinyl Zippered Garment Bags

Want to be sure of the security and protection of your suits or gowns? With our clear PEVA plastic zippered garment bags, you don’t need to say more! Our expert craftsmen and bag making masters are skilled in producing these. They’re waterproof, durable, and ultimately – they’re flexible!

Garment Bags With Zippered Pockets

Other than PEVA plastic zippered garment bags, we here at The One can also produce garment bags with featured zippered pockets. They’re essential for the storing of suits that require other accessories such as flowers, handkerchiefs, and others.

Clear Vinyl Zippered Garment Bags

See through the garment bags without the need to open it, thanks to our clear vinyl garment bags. They’re perfect because they can deflect water and other liquids 100%. Never will you have any problems with it when it comes to functionality. With materials taken from the best suppliers in the supply chain, quality is guaranteed!

Hanging Zippered Garment Bags

Our hanging zippered garment bags feature many different styles, shapes, forms, and colors. In addition to that, they’re also extremely flexible and versatile that you would be able to use them for other types off clothing/apparel, too!

Zippered Garment Protector Bags

If you need garment bags that are equipped with security and protection features, get our zippered garment protector bags and you’ll never regret your decision. Our products are compact and are designed to withstand weathering, tear, and even water.

Zippered Garment Storage Bags

For a full load of garments, our zippered garment storage bags will absolutely be what you need. We have under our employ highly experienced bag making professionals that can produce custom garment storage bags with zippers, perfect for what you need!  

Zippered Garment Bags Styles

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