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Zippered Garment Bags Wholesale

We supply bulk cheap zippered garment bags with clear vinyl, PEVA, non woven, nylon polyester, etc.

The One can support the production of wholesale custom zippered garment bags, no matter what size, style, color, or form you want it to have. Our general size ruling fall within the ranges of 40 inches, 54 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and more!

  • We can help you if you need a direct Chinese manufacturer supply
  • All our custom zippered garment bags are AZO free
  • Quality assurance and testing processes are done before delivery
  • Screen printing and digital printing are both available

When you’re on the hunt for the best and highest quality of custom zippered garment bags, you can never go wrong in choosing The One. Being China’s most reliable custom zippered garment bags supplier, you will definitely get what you’re looking for with us.  

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Custom Zippered Garment Bags Wholesale

We support custom zippered garment bags wholesale, for black, pink, navy, red, etc. Size:40inch, 54inch, 60inch, 72inch, etc.

 Printing: Screen printing, gold stamp, etc.

What is a zippered garment bag?

A zippered garment bag is a type of storage bag designed to protect clothes during travel or storage. These bags typically have a zipper closure and are made from materials that are breathable and protective.

What types of clothing should be stored in zippered garment bags?

Zippered garment bags are ideal for storing delicate or expensive clothing items such as dresses, suits, and coats. They are also useful for seasonal storage of clothing items such as winter coats or summer dresses.

What are some benefits of using zippered garment bags?

Zippered garment bags offer several benefits, including protection from dust, dirt, and insects, as well as preventing clothes from wrinkling during travel. They also make it easier to organize and see clothing items without having to unpack everything.

Can zippered garment bags be used for other storage purposes?

Yes, zippered garment bags can be used for storing other items such as bedding, linens, and towels. They can also be used to protect items during moves or transport.

How do I clean a zippered garment bag?

Most zippered garment bags can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. If the bag is particularly dirty, it can be washed in cold water and hung to dry. Avoid using bleach or any harsh chemicals as they may damage the material.

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